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May 06, 2021, 07:29:08 pm

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Author Topic: Dark Fairytales (F looking for any)  (Read 642 times)

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Offline AmbrosiaPuddingTopic starter

Dark Fairytales (F looking for any)
« on: September 09, 2015, 03:47:02 pm »
I'll make this sweet and simple. I want a roleplay that is based around Disney stories/Fairytales. Though not your average run of the mill sweetness. I want darkness. I was twisted horrors, bondage, rape, non-con, knife play, the whole nine yards. Well, the whole seven yards at least. The plot of the story is simple. Four college students have been tasked with finding an impossible book. When they do find it though it's blank except for one line. A blood sacrifice is required to unlock my secrets. Inside there are many different drops of varying aged blood. Pricking each of their fingers they find themselves no longer in the courtyard beneath a tree, no, they find themselves in strange places, in strange bodies, with different agendas quickly forgetting who they are.

If you feel like this is something you might enjoy please pm me! We can discuss it further. I must implore you though. You will HAVE to be okay with playing male and female characters.

Little Mermaid Introduction Example
Heavy, like a leaded bowling ball, that’s how her head felt. Turning, wincing as soft petals of grass didn’t meet her face, hazel eyes opened. Only, they were hazel. They were azure, cerulean, and navy all swirled into one iris. They were the ocean in itself, with the tiniest flecks of sea form, and emerald. Sitting up, her limbs felt just as weighted as her head did. A nimble hand, with slim fingers ran through her hair. It was wet? What the hell? Looking up, seeing nothing but rolling cumulonimbus clouds, and a sky so blue it hurt, the confusion settled in. If it hadn’t rained, how had her hair gotten wet? She’d only been asleep for a few minutes, the book had been so boring.

The book!

Ocean eyes searched frantically for it, though the moment she looked down two things took priority in her mind. The first thing, that she no longer sat beneath the great oak tree but instead upon a winding beach with nothing in sight. The second thing, that where long legs had met a hairless perfect V, now lay a beautiful tail, obviously attached to her, in the most wonderful shades of green, sea foam, mint, emerald, even turquoise. Other than that, she was naked. Sitting on a strange beach, naked, with a fishtail instead of legs. 

“What the hell happened?” Unable to keep her thoughts within her mind, the girl spoke. The voice that she heard was not her usual, sensual alto tone but a beautiful bell like soprano. Her small hand darted to her throat, suddenly she felt like what she was, a fish out of water. The rough crashing of the waves on the sand before her seemed to call her name. Ariel. Wait. What? No. My name is Danielle! Ariel. There it was again.

“Come on boy! I think I heard something down here.” The masculine voice from up above drew her large eyes to the cliff above. There she could see what looked like a building. Though the hurried footsteps terrified her. She didn’t know where she was, she just knew that she had a fishtail. Her throat feeling more like someone had placed a scorching piece of sandpaper down the desert that was her esophagus pushed her. With one powerful leap she splashed into the welcoming cool salt water, quickly dipping beneath its surface, her body leading her down deeper. Though to what, she knew not.