The fall of Klimaja (F looking for M)

Started by sansa, September 08, 2015, 02:13:23 PM

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The fall of Klimaja (F looking for M)

It is cold here.. So unlike the world I'm used to where the sun was all the warmth I needed from and brush of wind.. There is peculiar white cotton on the ground as cold as the dead. I've never seen such strange beauty. Oh, allow me to introduce myself; my name is Alanna and I am from the fallen nation of Klimaja. We were a peaceful nation known for our wealth, beauty, and kindness. Why they announced war on us, I still do not know but that does not matter. I am the sole survivor of the Royal Kilmaja bloodline. My father and brothers stood tall with honor until their very last breath. My sister was very ill through out the war and died in her sleep before the capture.. Perhaps she was lucky? I know not yet... My mother, the Queen, was captured along with me but we were separated and I later found out she died during the travel... It is said the traveling made her ill and I also heard she had gone mad, but no one will speak to me with a definite answer.

I am a prisoner now and that is how I've been treated. My hands have been bound to my side as a rope knotted around my waist to hold my still. I look like a proper mess with my hair tousled around my pale face and my dress ripping about the seams. I often wondered if they cared whether I died on the travel as my mother did as the days went by, but when we entered the white lands and the temperature dropped, I was given a thick blanket to stay warm.

With that small act of kindness, I suspected I was wanted alive and this frightened me more then I can say...  I had heard stories of this land and its ruler but to come face to face with these stories forced me to find my courage. I am a princess, fallen or not. I must remember that.

Lost in my thoughts and becoming accustomed to silence, I hadn't noticed that the wagon I was stationed on had came to a halt. "Out you get princess" the guard who had been assigned to watch me had ordered. I had a special hatred for him... His name was Tir and he was the one that struck down my guards, killed my slave, and captured me. He knew I hated him and he seemed to take pride in that. Tir smiled as I gave him an iced stare filled with defiance. "I see you're growing accustomed to the cold. Best mind those looks in front of our ruler though."he warned me as he easily lifted me out of the wagon and onto the cold ground. Though i had slippers on, I couldn't help but jump at the cold wet ground. This seemed to amuse the guards. "Alanna, "The Fair", the sole surging princess of Klimaja and she is startled by snow." Someone mocked as they all joined in laughter.

With what little pride I had left, I straightened my stance and ignored their mockery... Following the guards lead, I was taken to the bath halls much to my surprise. I am to be washed? My surprise must have shown on my face as Tir chuckled "We can not present the prize looking like that."


And scene....
So when we are actually writing I won't be writing from her perspective but rather from third person. Just wanted to get the idea out on the table and hoping I can find a partner to flesh out the details with.

If interested, please message me or reply here. Thank you!
Hello E friends. For those who've role played with me, I disappeared for a while due to lack of access to a computer and personal issues. Life has calmed down and I now have access to E and inspiration has struck me again. :)