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Author Topic: Roleplayer partner wanted. (TG/CD explicit) *advice needed*  (Read 572 times)

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Offline Jennifer swallowsTopic starter

Roleplayer partner wanted. (TG/CD explicit) *advice needed*
« on: September 08, 2015, 03:31:40 AM »
Wanted to throw out a couple of idea's I've had running through my mind the last few days and see if anyone was interested in helping to flesh them out. In all suggested ideas, I would play the Transformed/dressed up male.

The first one is a classic Crossdressing tale involving a stage hypnosis act. I'm not sure if I would play the male character as arrogant or just humoring it to have a good time. But I do believe that after the first night of being hypnotized into believing he's a sexy girl, it will not be his last. Maybe I become the hypnotists sexy assistant?

Second idea involves a Succubus and a young man unknowingly being seduced by the demon. I like the idea of her not only "damning" Me, but taking away my manhood after the sexual act. Possibly lots of sexual frustration on my end? Endless torment sort of thing. Lots of room to discuss the idea and help it grow!

third idea is centered around a small village that is caught up in a large, on going war. I like the idea of being on the losing side of this war and being sent to the enemy king/sultan to decide my fate as a prisoner of war. It's deemed that I would be better suited as the "entertainment " and I'm made to become a harem girl. Cliched, but could be a lot of fun.

There's always more idea's to be had, but these are the ones floating around for me right now.
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Offline Jennifer swallowsTopic starter

Re: Roleplayer partner wanted. (TG/CD explicit)
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2015, 11:52:53 PM »
I had a couple of more ideas I wanted to throw out there, though I'm only able to add one more of these to my schedule. So, PM me if you want to discuss it.

The one i really, Really want to try out is a hybrid RPG roleplay, with stats and dice roles. It's still a TF, but the changes are controlled by the role of the dice and events in the game. I don't see this as a fantasy roleplay, but I'm also not entirely sure of the setting either. So, who know's? I have never done anything like this, but I really like the idea of becoming more feminine and getting into or out of situations, through the luck of the dice. If you're interested or have experience in this sort of thing, let me know!

The second idea I had is a Roleplay set in the future. I'm mostly writing this one down so I don't forget it, but hey, if you hit me up and things work out, maybe we can see if we can get it rolling. Anyway...

The story involves a future that is completely controlled by corporations. Everything in your life is based purely on what company is sponsoring you. So, when your born you are raised from birth, with the knowledge that you will work for this business that "sponsors" you. You would be extremely lucky if you were born into a company sponsorship that is extremely successful, other wise you would have to work VERY, VERY hard to get noticed and have your "contract" bought out by a successful company.

The TG element is introduced when the company my character works for is sold out to another company. A company that specializes in Women's clothing, makeup and accessories. As such, they require all employee's to model, use and sell the product in all aspects of their life. Basically, Walking, talking advertisements. They want nothing but women working for them, so some of the more manly men are fired or demoted. But my character is one of the few men who are "promoted" and used as a special kind of Advertisement. "If our products can make a man look this good, imagine what it can do for you?" sort of thing.
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Offline Jennifer swallowsTopic starter

Re: Roleplayer partner wanted. (TG/CD explicit) *advice needed*
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2015, 03:58:34 PM »
The corporation Idea has been taken and it will start soon.

The succubus idea has been taken, but is on hold for the time being.

I'm still open to the other ideas and possibly more. I also am still very interested in trying to cook up something that involves rolling dice to dictate the changes. If your interested in any thing you see above or have an idea of your own, send me a PM.

I'm also interested in giving some sort of bimbo tale a spin, though i have no idea outside of including a bimbo TF.
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Offline Jennifer swallowsTopic starter

Re: Roleplayer partner wanted. (TG/CD explicit) *advice needed*
« Reply #3 on: September 21, 2015, 02:02:41 AM »
Considering adding just one more roleplay request.

First, this roleplay is based on trisha's Alpha male club.

If you are interested in recreating what you read in those stories, (new characters, new setting, new plot, etc. ) Then feel free to contact me. Only thing I ask is that I am the one that loses in the roleplay and that anyone that takes an interest in the role play, is completely on board with degrading and humiliating me endlessly. heh.