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Author Topic: ~Minerva's Steamy Stories up for Grab~ [Closed]  (Read 3926 times)

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~Minerva's Steamy Stories up for Grab~ [Closed]
« on: September 07, 2015, 06:55:12 AM »
Forum - Open
Email - Open
PM - Not Available

I will be listing my ideas on this thread and if interested, please pm me to discuss further. I am open to writing my ideas with more than one partner until I grew sick of writing them.

What you need to know...
  • Please also note that I only write as a third party.
  • I am not a fan of bondage but I like dominant guys in bed.
  • I prefer someone who can match the length of my post and be descriptive in their response.
  • I don't care if you are a male or female as long as you can write for a male in my story.
  • A good reply is very much preferred to a fast reply.
  • I love visual with my stories. Often you will find me including pictures of what my characters are wearing and sometimes even the surrounding.
  • My timezone is GMT+8. Don't expect me to reply you in the middle of my night and accuse me of going missing when I am asleep.
  • I like to discuss in details about at least the first part of the story before starting it, so don't just pm me and say "I like your idea. Let's start it!" It's not gonna work for me.
  • Please read my O/Os
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Re: Minerva Seeking Smut Filled Fun
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2015, 07:35:49 PM »

The Pastor's Virgin Daughter
Keywords - Consensual, Virgin Girlfriend, Dominant Male, Romance

The Story
Layla had never dated a single guy in all her 25 years. With strict upbringing by her pastor father, she was told that sex before marriage is a sin. She is shy and could hardly strike up a conversation with a male.

One day, she met a guy who expressed deep interest in her and it wasn't long before she started dating him. However, a few months had passed and she still didn't allowed him to go any further than just holding her hands.

How can he convinced her to allow him to kiss and hug her and maybe more?

The Plot
So the idea here is that Layla wasn't completely uninterested in the whole kiss, hug and sex package, especially when her best friend had been telling her wonderful stories about her own experiences. She was merely afraid to go against her father. Mutual affection between the guy and her is required. He must be experienced and determined to get what he wants. Whether he seriously love her or not, its not a big deal for me. But she would be infatuated by him so it wouldn't be too difficult for him to convince her.

A few ideas in my mind of how they met are:
1. Online Dating
2. He goes to the church where her father was acting as a pastor
3. Co-worker
4. Met at a wedding

My Character - Layla

Who’s Fucking Me?
Keywords - Incest, Consensual, multiple characters

The Story
Little Ginny is already a grown up and yet her parents still think that she is the most innocent girl on earth. What they didn’t know was that Ginny had been sleeping with her uncle since she was 18 and the secret affair had lasted for a year without anymore discovering it.

Her uncle wanted someone to know and to share the pleasure he received from Ginny. One night, he blinded folded Ginny and tied her to the bed in his room, promising her new excitement for the night. She was highly aroused yet she couldn’t see but those eager those hands and lips were over her were driving her crazy.

It wasn’t until he entered her and suddenly the blindfold was removed and she realised that the person who was fucking her senseless was her father. He too was blindfolded and had thought that his brother wanted to share a special woman with her but when he felt the woman’s body turned stiff, he removed his blindfold and was shocked to find himself fucking his own daughter.

The Plot
There will be a moment of shock but the uncle might have a video of how much both of them were enjoying it when blindfolded, urging them to finish off what they had started.

Long term plot would be having him enjoyed the session so they will carried out a secret affair at home and maybe even meet up with the uncle for a threesome at times.

My Character - Ginny

An Afternoon Affair
Keywords - CON, Possibly Multi Characters, Affair 

The Story
Kathryn is a housewife married for 15 years had been feeling a bit empty in the past one year. Her husband haven’t had sex with her for a year and he was also cold towards her in general. She suspected that he is having an affair with someone in his work place but she was too timid to confront him.

Married to him since she was pregnant at the age of 19, she had no income of her own and without proper college education and all, she couldn’t survive on her own if she were to leave him.

A new neighbour moved in last month and just like her, the wife does not work but every afternoon, she would noticed that the wife left home dressed in some skimpy dress and will always be back before dinner time.

They happened to bump into each other at the supermarket on a Monday morning and she decide to chat up with her and soon they became friends. And that’s when she learnt the secret of her new neighbour, Patty.

Every afternoon at one, Patty will actually leave for a secret club which is a 30 minutes drive from where they lived. The club only admits married housewife who are below 40. The club is started by a group of successful businessman and politician who have more money than they could spent who would actually be willing to pay a lonely housewife who just needs some attention that their husband could not give them. The membership fee is not cheap but the way the club maintained high level of privacy of the member’s details and how much the housewife could earned back is all worth it.

The Plot
Kathryn would not be tempted initially since she felt wrong to carry out an affair on her husband. But when Patty decided to bring her there as a guest for a special party, she would be tempted to join after being showered with attention by the men at the party.

So the story could go where she became involve with a specific guy who can be a high profile politician or she could be there to just keep having affair with different guy or more than one guy at a time. Her first attempt would be shy and reserved so the man had to be in control. As time passed, she would discovered new things about herself that she didn’t even know she liked and would take up more initiative towards the man.

My Character - Kathryn

Mistaken Identity
Keywords - CON, affair

The Story
Grace had came to visit her sister, Betty, in New York over her summer vacation. Her sister is working as a paralegal and had transferred to the US office a year ago. In her final year in college, Grace is pursuing a degree in economics and was here to check out the local job market as she is hoping to join her sister here.

Unfortunately, Betty was suddenly called up for an oversea assignment and had to leave for the weekend. That left Grace all by herself in the pretty studio apartment (which she cannot believed her sister could afford such an expensive rental).

It was an extremely hot summer this year and even with the air conditioning blasting in the room, Grace could not take the heat. Thinking that she will be all alone by herself, she decided to strip off her clothes and take a nap. She soon fell into a deep sleep and did not hear the main door open.

He stood at the door and stare at the naked form on the bed. He had no idea that she was at home this afternoon and was planning to cook up a special dinner for her. He knew that she was still upset about him making out with that new girl in his office but he was drunk and the young girl was just too freaking hot. How could he refuse her when she practically threw herself at him that night?

Putting down the red wine bottle gently on the kitchen counter, he moved softly across the room and felt himself growing hard at the smooth back and the curvy bottom. Those long silky hair of hers flowing all over her face as she slept soundly. Did she get a new perm? Her hair seems to be more wavy than usual. Maybe he could wake up her with something special rather than dinner.

The Plot
The studio apartment I have in mind is something like this where one can see the whole room from all angle:

The male character is supposedly a huge playboy but he is rich and wealthy. Much older than the sister too. What Grace didn’t know is that her sister is actually living off his money. Her work is real but the main source of income is actually coming from this guy.

The two sisters are going to look alike in terms of size and height which led the boyfriend to mistaken her identity. He will began to fondle her and teasing her body without lifting those hair off her face. The sister who was sleeping will be reacting in her sleep and thinking she was dreaming. It wouldn’t be long before she suddenly jerk up right in bed and screamed at the stranger who had been touching her. He could get a shock too when he realized that this girl is not his girlfriend.

So when they realized that there was a mistake, the guy could not resist such a delicious human in front of him and knowing that Betty is not coming home anytime soon, he could sweet talk this young girl into some fun for the whole weekend.

While my character will be hesitant initially, she is no sweet young thing and the seduction of a job and money would make her give in easily to this charming man.

My Character - Grace

Business Trip
Keywords - CON, Alcohol Influence, Affair

The Story
Claire has been working as his secretary for almost a year and this is the first time he was bringing her along on a business trip. Her boss is a stern man of a few words but being a CFO in this huge MNC, it was no wonder why others tend to steer clear of his path. All she knew about him was that he is married with two kids and the wife is a professor in some college.

The discussion of the deal went well and they decided to head to the bar with the CEO and Project Manager for a quick drink. Claire sat together with the CEO’s secretary and it wasn’t long before she felt a little dizzy. She is not a good drinker and the vodka and martini were too strong for her.

Hours went by and soon the bosses were all drunk and making too much noise in the bar. They left and even though Claire wasn’t feeling up to it, she had to do her job by escorting her boss back to his own. But when he pinned her against the door and started kissing her, she found herself unable to push him away.

The Plot
The idea here is that she is too drunk to even refuse him and it felt so right when he pulled off her jacket and kissed her, his hands roaming over her body.

Whether it is a drunk boss just making a mistake or a boss who had been yearning for her, I will leave it up to my partner to decide.

The long term plot here is that they wake up the next morning and she will have a huge shock of her life when she found him staring down at her in his bed. He can asked her to forget everything that had happened or to persuade her into carrying out an affair at that moment.

My Character - Claire

An Affair with the Duke
Keywords - Dub-NC to CON, Affair, Virgin, Modern Regency, Coercion

The Story
Imagine if the Peerage still exist in modern days, where the title of a man and the family name of the lady are still what determines if they were worthy of a marriage. Where the virginity of a woman is viewed as very much important when offering her a marriage.

In this modern day setting, the daughter of an Earl, Marianne, fell in love with the Duke of Cornwall. He courted her and send her nothing but sweet compliments. Marianne is so sure that the Duke will offer her a marriage in time to come. She dreamt about him day and night, about the kisses that they had stolen in the garden when everyone else is dancing in the ballroom, how right his hands felt around her waist.

It didn’t took the Duke long to convince her to allow him to take her virginity, promising her that he will be responsible her future.

The shock came a week after she lost her virginity when she heard the news that the Duke of Cornwall is marrying the daughter of the Marquess of Bedford. She rushed his castle, only to be told that the Duke would no longer see her again.

She went home crying and spilling the beans to her mother who knew that she is ruined for a proper offer. They quickly marry her off to the bastard son of a Baron, a man who was known for his scandalous affairs with the ladies in the court.

Months flew by when she had a chance encounter with the Duke when she was on a vacation in Hawaii. Sparks flew and it wasn’t difficult to see that she clearly still had feelings for him.

The Plot
So the Duke is just playing with her all along in the beginning, never wanting to marry her. All he wanted is her virginity. The idea here is that she is considered a ruined woman so no proper gentleman would marry her and she was forced into an unhappy marriage with an unfaithful man.

The reunion with the Duke will start off an affair where he kept her as a mistress unknown to everyone else. They can steal kisses or sex when attending similar events, away from the crowd where the Duchess is socializing but her husband is fucking an old flame at the end of a dark hallway.

Long term plot could have her husband finding out about her affair and punishing her (not in the bids way…)

Or he could round up some of his bad peers and throw her to them as he watches.

My Character - Marianne

Father or Son?
Keywords - CON, Possible Threesome

The Story
Kelly came over to her boyfriend’s place to watch the soccer match with him and his father. Both of them were cuddling on the sofa and his father had brought out some beer. By the second half of the game, Kelly was already bored and decided to head off to bed alone. Switching off the lights and drawing the curtain, she flopped down onto the bed on top of the blanket, dozing off after a few minutes.

The father had been watching his son’s girlfriend. Her long legs propped up the coffee table, the skin over the top of her young breast and a bit of cleavage showing in her off shoulder top, and what’s most important is how long had it been since he had yearn for such a young girl. When she left the couch for the bed, it didn’t took him long to excuse himself for having a bad migraine and left the son alone in the living room while he headed off up the stairs to find what he was more interested in.

She was almost soundly asleep when she feel a hand running up her legs. Thinking its her boyfriend who had came to bed, she smiled and allowed him to. Loving the feel of his rough hands running over her legs. She will be dizzy from the sleep and didn’t realized that those hands and the form of the man hovering over her were slightly larger than what she was used to.

The Plot
So the idea here is that she will be thinking its her boyfriend and in the completely dark room, the father thought that she didn’t mind as she actually responded to his advances. So it can be that she didn’t realized the real identity of the guy and the father sneaked away after the event, or the son suddenly came in and found the father fucking his girlfriend who is moaning with great pleasure on his bed.

So possibility of a threesome can happened here depending on how my partner wants to portray the son.

My Character - Kelly

My Daughter’s Boyfriend
Keywords - CON, Incest, possible MFF/MMF

The Story
Suzy got pregnant when she was 14 years old and her then 19 years old boyfriend left for college and was never to be found. 20 years later, her daughter is now in college and had just had her first internship with a top lawyer firm. Being a single mother hasn’t been easy for her but she had brought her up well. Throughout the years, she had dated on and off but never finding someone she is serious in.

Today, her daughter is coming home from college and she had told her that her boyfriend would be visiting too. She decided to cook up a good meal for the two of them.

Crystal knew that her mum led a hard life. She had never questioned who her father was and where is he now. She had long decided that he is dead. Never trusting man because of what her mum had went through, it took her boyfriend some time to finally woo her and she believed that he will be a responsible man in the event what happened to her mother, fell on her. She decided to bring him back to introduce him formerly to her mother. This is the first time she ever brought a boyfriend home.

When the door opens, Suzy gave Crystal a big huge but her body tensed when her eyes looked up into the aged face of a man that she could never forget for the past 20 years.

The Plot
So the daughter’s boyfriend is actually her real father. A man 19 years her senior, successful lawyer who happened to be her mentor.

The story will go where the mother did not want to break her daughter’s heart here so she pretended to welcome them. That night when the daughter went to sleep, she will have a good talk to this irresponsible man. However the talk will soon be led off to some intimate moment shared between the two of them.

Permanent idea is that she cannot decide how to break the two of them apart and the man is now fucking both his ex-girlfriend and his daughter at the same time.

I will be playing both daughter and mother and they will be active characters in this story.

My Character - Suzy

My Character - Crystal

Keywords - CON, Affair, Subordinate x Director

The Story
Esther has been working in the company for 3 years. With no proper qualification nor putting in an extra mile at work, she was stuck in the post of an administrative assistant. Not that she mind the lowly paid job since she had another source of income that was much easier money than this.

Everyday after her day job, she will head straight home for her computer. She is an online stripper. Man paid tons of money just to see her naked body and watching her fingering herself according to their instruction until she come.

However, tonight her job was screwed up. She accidentally spilled coffee over a stack of important document for the Board Meeting tomorrow and the PA was furious and shouted at her until the whole office was staring at her. To make up for her mistake, she had to stay back in office to print copies of the 100 pages document, bind them and place them in the Boardroom before she can be dismissed for the day.

As night fall and it wasn’t the peak period in the office, she soon realized that she was the last one left and the only sound was the soft humming coming from the photocopier. That was when the idea struck her. She could do her night job right here! Nobody is going to know.

The Plot
So here the story will have her stripping down to her undergarments and walking before the camera of her office laptop when the director of any department walks into the office as he left something behind. Only to see a half naked woman posing seductively at her desk and not noticing his presence.

He can secretly take a video of her or approach her to tell her that he needs to give her a warning. The story can go two way here.
Threaten to report her to the HR. Request for sexual favour in return.
Inform her that he will request for disciplinary action on her. She will ask to give him a blowjob to keep her secret.

From here, the story will have the director keep thinking of her and maybe go online to pay her or keep on threatening her for more sex.

My Character - Esther

Just Tonight
Keywords - CON, Threesome, Random Hookup, Inter-Racial

The Story
Yoona had just attended the wedding of her ex-boyfriend. Not that she was stupid or anything but he was her superior and everyone in the office was invited. They were never a couple in public and it wasn’t until last month that she realized that he was engaged to the chairman’s daughter. Devastated by the news, she had asked for a transfer to the New York office and attending the wedding is the last event she went before leaving Korea.

Heading to a local pub after the wedding by herself. She found an empty booth and sat there with a bottle of whiskey, hoping to get drunk enough to forget everything that thad happened. It wasn’t long when two foreigner hit up on her and she ended up kissing them and heading back to their rented yacht. She woke up the next morning naked in bed and left before any of the two men were awake.

Two weeks later, she had finally settled down in a new city and reported to work. What shocked her was that one of the man she had randomly hooked up two weeks ago was the CEO of her New York Office.

The Plot
She is going to regret the next morning when she woke up but thinking that it was just for that one night and she is leaving so she didn’t want to bring it up again. The CEO will be interested to know that the wanton girl he had met is now working in the same building as him.

I will prefer to have the men she fucked to be one white and one black. They can be business partner or co-worker or even relatives. The CEO can be a bachelor who happens to be a womaniser or a married man.

So there will be lots of chances for threesome in future now that she is closer to him that she realized.

My Character - Yoona

What the movies do not teach you
Keywords - CON, Incest, Threesome

The Story
She is already in her mid 20s. Nobody knew her secrets. She had been secretly watching porn at home while everyone else is asleep. Being a virgin, she had no sexual experience and the porn movie actually intrigued her. Her favorite was always those where there are more than one partner in the scene. Sometimes she wondered how could she be so perverted when she hasn’t even had sex ever in her life.

She was staying over at her brother’s house this week since the pipe burst in her apartment and he only lived a few blocks away from her. Feeling an urge to watch the movie but yet afraid that someone would know, she tried to wait till everybody was asleep before she switched the on, turning the volume really low.

He was awakened by a noise in the next room. Getting up to check the house, he noticed the noise was coming from the room her sister was staying in tonight. It was late and she should be asleep already. Thinking that she had forgotten to turn off the TV, he opened the door and was shocked when he saw her pants off and a finger slide into herself.

The Plot
He will be shocked just like she will be embarrassed. She confide to him that she was very curious about sex but given her shy nature, she wasn’t able to go on a date so had remained a virgin to date. He decided to teach her what the movies do not show.

She will also tell him on his secret about her fantasy in threesome so he can get a friend or someone to join him in fucking his own sister.

My Character -

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Re: Minerva Seeking Smut Filled Fun
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2016, 10:44:10 AM »

Birthday GangBang
Keywords - GangBang, Drunken Sex, Dub-Con, Multiple Characters

The Story
Michelle always like to talk dirty to her peers and acted like a frivolous girl. Unknown to the rest of her friends, she only had one boyfriend back in high school and she had never slept with anyone aside from him. They broke up after entering college and she had been single for a while. She acted as if the broke up meant nothing to her and she flirted outrageously with the boys in class and dressed sexily just like her girl friends.

On her 21st birthday, the girls decided to throw her a huge birthday party. They danced and partied and got the birthday girl drunk. And then they delivered the planned birthday present to her. They got a group of boys to carry her into the open top convertible where they are going to take turn fucking her and giving her the best time of her life. They drove around the city showing everyone how she moaned and groaned as she got gang banged by them.

The Plot
She was going to be so drunk that she couldn't remember anything until she woke up with a sore pussy and headache. It was before someone in school teased her about what he had saw that night and wondering when she would be free to take a ride with him that she realized that something had happened.

Things can go a few way here. Either a one shot to end after she woke up and remembered nothing, or the boys can teased her and try to make her remember that night and how much she enjoyed it, turning her into their sex toy.

My Character

A Principal Affair
Keywords - Dub-NC, Affair, Parent & Teacher

The Story
Mandy had been called into the Principal office more than she could count on her 10 fingers. Her middle school son had been such a rebel that he just couldn't stop getting into trouble. The mentor had warned her that one more offence and they might just expel him. It didn't helped that she is a single parent since her then boyfriend was scared off after she had told him about her pregnancy. Now in her late 20s, she had been dating this one guy for a year and he care a lot for her boy. It seemed like he could be proposing to her anytime. However, since she started dating him, her boy had been getting from bad to worse.

Today, the teacher had called her up and informed her that Vincent had just thrown a chair at a classmate. And she was going to have to see the principal to discuss about the expulsion.   

The Plot
The story here is to have the principal offering to keep her son in exchange for some sexy favour from her. It could start by requesting a blowjob from her and then letting the son to continue causing trouble in school so that he could ask for even more sexual favour. It was going to be difficult to get her son into another school with the record so she will do anything to keep a spot for him here.

I am thinking along the line that she got engaged during this blackmail period and maybe even married but the affair continues until she became a willing party. The son could heard rumours about it or continue to know nothing about it.

Maybe even make the principal somehow related to her future husband.

My Character

A Good Time
Keywords - Dub-CON, Dominant Male, Possibly Multi Characters, Coercion 

The Story
She was send away from home when her parents decided to file for a divorce. They placed her in the home of a close friend and they were to decide at a later stage who would get the custody for her.

The close friend of her parents has a daughter who are of the same age as her. But their character are totally on the opposite end to each other. While she is a reserved and quiet girl, the other is wild and flirty. Hoping to show her a good time around town, the daughter of the close friend decided to dress her up and brought her along for a birthday party that she was attending.

The dress would not exactly something that she would have chosen for herself since it barely cover her butt and the neckline is too low that she had to keep tugging at it for fear that it might fell off.

The birthday party was a bigger shock to her. The music was too loud, there are practically no food except for a disfigured cakes and lots of booze around the room. Not wanting to dampen the mood nor to upset the girl who brought her here, she tried to act like she was enjoying herself when she actually wanted nothing but to go home.

It wasn’t long when someone laid an eye on her and decided to approach her.

The Plot
The plot is for the friend’s daughter to really want to give her a good time but not knowing that her definition of a good time is not exactly what she had in mind. So she will be there trying to be friendly and polite to those who approach her until a guy (your character) came in and used his charm on her. She will be swept off her feet not knowing that the only thought the guy had was to get her naked.

So a bit of booze and coercion will be required in this story to get her into the mood for sex and also a little bit of pressure about her going to spoil his mood and her friend’s intention for her to have a good time if she says no.

My Character

Sugar Daddy
Keywords - Dub-CON, Affair, Blackmail

The Story
Sophie is always the top student in class. When she graduated from her university with a first class honors, she was offered a job in one of the Top Investment company in the world. Placed under a jealous boss who cannot stand being outshone by this freshly graduated girl, she was framed and quickly outcasted by her team. It didn’t took her boss much effort to spread false rumour about her around the industry.

He is the CEO of the company that she is working in. He had noticed her since her first day at work. Her confident strides when she walked into the office, her outspoken character that wasn’t afraid to correct her manager and that delicious body that curves in all the right spot. If only he could crushed her underneath him..

If didn’t took him long to notice it when she began dragging her feet when she came into the office. Her lowered head, the murmurs and whispers around her whenever she walked past a group of colleagues. The rumors in the industry about how incapable she was at work and that she must have cheated in university for her honors.

He could helped her out of this situation but it definitely comes with a very high price tag.

The Plot
The idea is for him to offer her solution by firing her manager and promoting her to the role in return for a one night stand. He will secretly took a video of their night and used it to blackmail her into become his play toy. He wants her to become a little girl before him and calling him Daddy when he fucked her.

I would prefer him to be a married man in his late 40s with a fantasy of having sex with his daughter but morally he couldn’t do it so she is a substitute for it.

My Character - Sophie

Corrupt the Innocence
Keywords - Dub-NC, Affair

The Story
Yuri just moved into the neighbourhood with her husband. They were married for 2 years and have been living in Korea before moving to the States after her husband got a transfer. With her limited knowledge of the English Language, Yuri was having a tough time blending into the neighbourhood with the other housewives.

She decided to make some cakes to distribute to her neighbours to warm up the relationship. She was on her way to the house at the end of the street when there was suddenly a heavy downpour. Running to the porch quickly, she rang the bell hoping to get a towel to dry herself up when the door open.

He was off work today after a late night flight back from his business trip. His wife was off to the childcare. The sight of a drenched Asian woman standing on his porch surprised him as much as her. He quickly ushered her into the house for a warm cup of tea and a dry towel. His eyes soon strayed to her wet dress clinging onto her body like its another layer of her skin. The perfectly outlined curves. When she removed her cardigan, the sight of her cleavage and soft white skin was just too much for him to take it. He felt an arousal growing just looking at her.

He hugged her from the back tightly and began to kiss and molest her. She was shocked for a moment before struggling to be freed from his tight grasp. He didn’t stop but held on tighter. It didn’t took long for her body to turn weird and responding in a way she had never did to her husband. He noticed the change in her and took that for a yes for him to further his advances.

The Plot
The background is that she hasn’t real fucking good sex with her husband at all since both of them were virgin when they got married and they had never explore anything more than just the vanilla sex. She will be craving for more when she returned home and began feeling unsatisfied by her husband, hence making her into a willing party in the affair.

My Character - Yuri

The Tribute
Keywords - Historical, Dub-NC

The Story
It’s the King’s 50th birthday. Every year, the kingdom will have to pay a tribute to the King on his birthday by picking a girl aged between 16 to 22 to be his new wife. This tradition had been ongoing since the King had inherited the throne from his dead father at the age of 35.

The girls have gathered before the town square, all anxious not to be the one picked this year. Cecile was huddling close to her sister Rose, who was trembling with fear. At the age of 22, this is Cecile’s last year in the draw where Rose who is 16 is participating in it for the very first time. “Don’t worry. There are thousands of girls in the draw. Chances of us being picked are so slim” Cecile reassured her sister.

But when the announcer called out aloud “Rose Winterfield.” Cecile could do nothing but gasped aloud and everyone turned around to look at the pair of sisters. The guard immediately came forward and each caught an arm and marched Rose to the front. “Noooo!” Rose was crying loudly now with fear as she was dragged forward.

“Release her!” Cecile shouted aloud from her spot. “I will volunteer in place of her.”

The Plot
Inspired from hunger game but with a twist in the story. So Cecile would be brought to the palace instead and cleaned and dressed before being placed on the velvet couch in the King’s chamber. She has a spiteful personality and despite turning herself in willingly, she would be holding back and trying hard not to react to the King’s advances. The King will be fired up and determined to tame this hot temper girl.

My Character - Cecile

Job At Risk
Keywords - Dub-NC, Affair, Inter-racial, Blackmail

The Story
She came from a middle income family and fell in love with her senior in college. He made a promise to marry her once she graduated and she believed in her. However, he soon picked up a gambling habit after he graduated and joined a company with bad peer influence. He was in huge debt and begged her to help him.

To clear the debt, all she had to do was to sleep with the man who owns the Casino. That was all he requested since he first laid eyes on her when she came to picked him up after his game.

She had no choice but to say yes.

A year on, she had graduated and joined a hotel chain to be their floor manager. There was to be a huge seminar held that day and she was in charge of ushering the guest to their place. She looked forward to this day as her father would be coming with his colleagues and she wanted to do him proud by doing a good work.

When her father called out to her and she turned around to flash a big smile at him, she stilled. The man behind her father looks familiar from one year ago.

The Plot
Her father’s boss is going to be a man with multi business investment. Both legal and illegal businesses. He will be pleased to meet her again and when he realized that she happens to be the daughter of his employee, he began to blackmail her into being his kept woman if she doesn’t want her father to lose his job for no valid reason.

I’m looking for an inter-racial play here so the boss will be a black man.

My Character -

His Secret Plaything
Keywords - NC, Affair, Inter-Racial, Multiple partners

The Story
Her father passed away when she was 12 and her mother remarried to a wealthy black man. Unfortunately, her step sisters and brothers didn't take a liking to her pretty looks. She ended up having to work and sleep with the maids in the mansion.

As she grew older, she became more attractive and soon caught the attention of her step father. One day when her step father had a guest in his studies, he requested for her to serve them some coffee. When she entered the room, his guest suddenly locked the door and the men cornered her.

Her step father promised that he would give her a better life if she would become his little plaything in secret.

The Plot
She would be resistant initially but soon feel into the trap her step father laid out.

He began to use her as a barter trade for his business contract and also secretly fucking her in the house where nobody knows.

She will be helpless and couldn't reach out to anybody for help since she wasn't well liked in this household at all.

My Character -

My idea is inspired by this gif....

Keywords - Dub-NC, Affair

The Story
She had been working as the babysitter for this family for a year since she was 16. Over the last one year, she had grown and bloomed a lot. Her flat chest and suddenly became a C cup. From T shirt and jeans to camisole and shorts. Everything about her had changed. Nobody took notice of the change in her except for that man. That father of the kid that she was looking after.

One day, the wife was suddenly called away on an emergency (as she is working as a nurse) and since the husband was on a work trip, she asked the babysitter to stay for the night to look after the child. After putting the child to bed and it was already getting late, she changed into an oversize tank top and a pair of comfortable lounge shorts and was checking all the locks when the main door suddenly opened. The husband had a shock at the young girl in front of him late at night and she was embarrassed before him since she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The sight of her aroused him and he couldn’t help but grabbed her.

The Plot
The plot is going to start as a NC play with him couldn’t help but grabbing her and this is inspired by the gif below:

I want an exact scene of the above. The full clip of this actually shows the man grabbing her and pulling her top down to reveal her breast and them groping them before kneeling down to suck on them. His hands travelling down and down and she was helpless in this situation.

I haven’t thought of a long term plot for this so if you are interested, we can brainstorm together. Otherwise, I am fine for this to be a one short with him just fucking her on that night.

My Character -

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Re: Minerva Seeking Smut Filled Fun
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Keywords - CON, Multi-characters, Inter-racial

The Story
When Tiffany suggested going on a road trip to Las Vegas, Sarah wasn’t so keen as she had just broken up with her boyfriend and the idea of sticking around with Tiffany and her boyfriend for three days and two nights just doesn’t appealed to her.

Not wanting to be a spoilt sport, she went along with the idea and was surprised to find another guy standing by the car. It appears that Tiffany’s boyfriend had rounded up a friend of his and to rotate the role of the driver. She managed to chat up with him a bit when they are on the back seat but the display of affection between Tiffany and her guy was actually making the atmosphere in the car a little awkward.

When it was the friend’s turn to drive, it didn’t took long for Tiffany and her boyfriend to began making out at the backseat. Sarah had to yell at her to stop it but the two of them were too involved to hear anything besides their own moans and groans.

The Plot
Just to clarify on some of the race that I would prefer in this story, Tiffany is an Asian and her boyfriend will be a white man. The friend of Tiffany’s boyfriend will be a black man.

Here the story will have Tiffany and her boyfriend having sex in the backseat and when it was Sarah’s turn on the backseat again, she suddenly felt a hand on her lap. The black man was totally aroused by what had happened in the backseat earlier on and wanted a replay.

Sarah will not be able to move anywhere and with Tiffany drunken with love and cheering her on to get some sex after her dry spell of six months with her ex boyfriend, Sarah realized that she just could say no.

We can have them switch partner later and also Tiffany’s boyfriend joined in with his friend to give Sarah a threesome, without Tiffany knowing it.

The story will only last for the three days and two night road trip.

My Character - Tiffany

My Character - Sarah

Keywords - CON, Threesome

The Story
Renee is the top sales executive in her company. Recently, her manager is in negotiation with a foreign company for a big contract. Trusting her, he sent her for the job.

Renee invited both the President and the Vice President from the other company for a dinner at a local Chinese Restaurant. Throughout dinner, she dropped words hinting that she can offer them any sexual favours as long as they are willing to vote for her company during the tender.

The man couldn’t resist a sexy young Asian lady who is practically throwing herself at their feet. Immediately after the dinner, they took her back to their hotel.

The Plot
One important scene that i would like to have is for them to request for a hand job and blow job from her in the backseat of their limousine. Whether they want to fuck her before they reach the hotel or not, I’m fine.

So the tender could be days away so they will be busy meeting up with her and as long as they call for her, she will be there.

My Character - Renee

Lift Troubles
Name: Lift Troubles

Content: Dub-NC, Threesome

Scenario: She was on her way to work when the lift in her apartment broke down. She was trapped in it with two men. One black and one white. She was feeling afraid when the black man tried to calm her down by wrapping an arm around her shoulder. The bell isn’t working and it was going to take some time before someone realized that they were trapped in the lift.

The lift grew hotter and they suggested removing some outerwear. With her dressed down to just a thin white shirt that was getting wet from her sweat, the men couldn’t helped but got aroused at the see through top.

The black man’s hand started to stray, occasionally brushing accidentally against her chest and the white man came closer to her and his hand rested on her thigh explaining that he just wanted to give her support.

When she didn’t show signs of dislike, their action grew bolder….

Setting: Trapped in Lift

Requirements: Anyone

Other info: She will be dizzy from the lack of air in the lift and can’t fight these men. They will start to sweet talk her into having sex with them and fondled her against her wish. They won’t take her until she is extremely aroused by the foreplay and can’t say no to a cock or two.

I have the idea of one of them stripping her top off in this way:
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The Story
Allie is well trained yoga instructor. It is a very competitive environment where she was working at as the commission she earned are based on the number of classes she held and whether she get a slot for her class or not, it all depends on how many people would want to attend her class. The truth is, her classes are always full and half of them filled with men lusting after her sexy poses as she demonstrate it to them. She had to dress provocatively to attract those men to continue coming to her classes, irregardless of whether they are really interested in taking up Yoga.

The Plot
I like the idea of a sexy yoga instructor but I don’t really have a very good idea on how to role-play her. Would love to receive suggestion if you are interested in this.

My Character - Allie
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Re: ~Minerva's Steamy Stories up for Grab~ [Updated 26 Jun]
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Chat with Her
Keywords - Affair, Consensual

The Story
Beth has been stripping online to earn extra pocket money for a while. Every night she would locked herself up in her room and logged into her account and walked around the room in just her undergarments for the men online to watch. If they want her to strip, they would have to pay for it and then she will get them into a private session.

He chanced upon this site one night while he was on a business trip and was surprised to see his sister-in-law prancing before the screen half naked. However the sight of her hot body excites him and he couldn't helped but to pay and watch her stripped.

Every night he will be paying to watch her naked body and soon caught her attention. They exchanged flirtatious messages over emails and Skype but he had never requested for her to meet up with him. One day during a family gathering, he couldn't take his eyes off her and when everyone had went out to the garden for a drink and chat, he caught up with her in the kitchen and whispered into her ears that he knew her secrets.

The Plot
There will be some mutual attraction between them since he had her attention from before. They can make out that night in the bathroom or even meet up somewhere else for a deeper and more intimate night. And it wouldn't be long before the affairs kicked start.

My Character - Beth

A New Family Member
Keywords - Dub-NC, Threesome, Incest

The Story
Vivian’s mother had remarried to a white man a few years ago. She had never met her step-father since she stayed in Asia with her father after the divorce. A month ago, her father had passed away due to lung cancer and her mother had invited her to join her and her new family.

When she arrived, she noticed that not only her step-father was there, he actually have a son from his previous marriage. It wasn’t easy living with two men who are practically strangers to her. Although it didn’t help the man at all when a young girl suddenly moved into their house and the clothes she wore (even if they are loungewear) are just too much for them not to react to her.

When the mother went away on a vacation leaving her alone with the two men, they simply couldn’t resist themselves from approaching her.

The Plot
From here, they will most probably have to coerce or even force her into it. It’s gonna start as a NC roleplay and slowly corrupt her into a willing party.

We can consider looping the mother into it once the step-daughter get hooked onto the sex.

My Character - Vivian

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Re: ~Minerva's Steamy Stories up for Grab~ [Updated 30 Jun]
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2 new ideas added:
1. What the movies do not teach you (CON)
2. Lift Troubles (Dub-NC)