I want to play a victim...

Started by RogueLady, November 09, 2008, 02:02:26 PM

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...I don't know why, but I do. I'm in the mood for a victim/aggressor RP where I am the one who is in trouble. I would like it to be M/M, if possible, but M/F is okay (with me playin' the guy). If you read my Ons/Offs, you'll understand my own reasons for why I tire of playing a female character all the time. But, yes, I don't have any specific plot ideas at the moment.

I suppose it could be something as formulaic as the son of a rich tycoon is kidnapped and held for ransom. Or, if that's not what strikes your fancy how about switching it up just slightly. Or it could be the simple idea that someone in power generates a lot of enemies. Well, my character could be kidnapped by one of those enemies. A man (or woman) who simply wants to hurt my character's family by causing as much pain as possible and video taping it all.

If anyone else has any ideas, definitely let me know. PM or just reply in thread. I'm usually here off and on all day so I'll get it.

Hope this interests someone, I really do. *crosses fingers*