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Author Topic: Harlequinade's House of Ideas - Female seeking Male & Female Partners  (Read 508 times)

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Offline HarlequinadeTopic starter

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Make yourself comfortable!

First, let me start by saying hello, I'm Harlequinade and I am a female in her mid-20's who enjoys reading, writing, and cuddling cute animals. I first started here a few years back and have been roleplaying over 10 years, but am coming back from a long hiatus and am starting with a clean slate. If you previously worked with me on a story that we didn't finish and you'd like to resume, please message me.

I am married with a full time job, so I will not be active at some points during the day, I will mostly be active on Fridays and Saturdays. I have very little offs. I can be extreme, but I can also be delicate, so take a look at my Ons and Offs (which will be periodically updated) and PM me with any questions or if you think you'd like to work with me.

At this time, I am not available for any new stories and will have some going soon, but if this changes, I will make an edit to this post. With any inquiries, please do not reply to this thread and instead PM me. I prefer to discuss things in private, and also for the sake of keeping this thread organized.

Below are my ideas, please let me know if you find something you like!

A Position of Real Power*
President x Civilian
M x F or F x F - No preference
Light: Human Solos
Includes: Forbidden Romance, Drama, Consensual, Infidelity

After just being reelected for another 4 years in power, the President should feel on top of the world. Except one thing: He is bored of mundane world of politics. One night, he sneaks out and into the city. There, he runs into a civilian girl much younger than him, about age 25, who is free-spirited and shows him a new side of life. The two share an amazing, passionate night under the stars, and he leaves to go back to his life in the white house with his wife and children, but he never forgets her. A few months later, a new member of the cleaning staff catches his eye: it's the girl who showed him what it was like to live. A spark is created between them, which opens up a whole new world full of conspiracy.

Summer boy (or Summer girl)
Either can play whichever role
M x F  or  F x F - With a female preference
Light: Human Solos
Includes: Romance, Drama, Infidelity, Consensual, Possible Lesbian Scenarios

A summer romance between friends leaves the duo questioning their relationships with each other and their significant others. Both are previously involved in committed relationships, but because of the nature of their significant other's work, they are left alone for the summer (or at least part of it) which leaves them hungry for fun and love. The original agreement was that it was only for the summer, however, they grow to love and appreciate the other in a way they didn't before and have to decide whether to get together, or forget about the whole thing.

Artificial Lovers
Porn Star x Amateur
M x F or F x F - No preference
Light: Human Solos
Includes: Romance, Drama, Consensual

A girl finds herself struggling to pay her bills, even with a part-time job and a college education, so she is forced into the world of pornography. On the set, she is partnered with the hottest young porn star and through their adventures, they both fall in love. However, everything is against them when they pursue a relationship. It's a tale of jealousy and lust, and we see them trying to maintain a relationship, even though they have to work with other stars between them.

Whiter Shade of Pale
Spirit x Human
M x F or F x F - No preference
NC: Human Solos or Extreme: Human Solos
Includes: Drama, Non-Consensual, Rape, Violence, Supernatural, Possible NC Bondage

One day, a family moves to an old house that was put on the market for 1/3 of the price it should have been. It's in a fantastic neighborhood, it's spacious, and even has an exquisite pool in the back yard surrounded by a beautiful garden. There's just one problem; the house already has a family living within it's walls. The leader of the spirit pack, the head of the household, sets it's sights on the family's teenage daughter (17 or 18) and begins to terrorize her. It rapes her, abuses her, whatever it feels it wants to do to her. Her parents don't believe her when she tells them, and instead tries to get her some mental help. The torture continues to get worse until she is forced to kill herself, where she realizes that she has only made it easier for it to target her.

Satanic Beauty*
Human x Human
M x F
Extreme: Human Solos
Includes: Romance, Drama, Intense Gore (Blood and Violence), Rape, Murder, Consensual (main plot), Possible Non-Consensual (sub plots), Bondage/Sadism, and potentially other discussed acts.

"The Devil is real. And he's not a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful. Because he's a fallen angel, and he used to be God's favorite." - American Horror Story: Murder House, Episode: Piggy, Piggy

The Devil in this sense is metaphorical, but the quote captured my imagination. This is the story of the most beautiful man in the world, but he holds a dark secret. He likes to brutally rape, torture, and murder people in the most sadistic and painful ways ever known to mankind. He has even earned himself the honor of being one of the country's most feared and respected murderers of all time (but his identity remains a mystery, still). There are books and tv movies about him, and he's only been doing it for 10 years, since he turned 18. (Age negotiable, but I'd like to keep it under 30) Most people think he's the Antichrist, maybe he is! One day, a woman finds herself attracted to him so much that she just has to has him, and she attempts to pursue a relationship with him. He denies her, but he soon realizes he doesn't want to deny her affections and that she intrigues him. However, he knows in his heart that the relationship would end with her in a coffin. For as long as he can, he keeps her at arms length at all times, then they begin a sexual relationship, which over time becomes more passionate and kinky. He struggles inwardly, trying to overcome all the demons that make him who he is.

Special Notes: I would like to explore some of his murders and would be incredibly happy to RP as his victims. I would like to make sure my partner is committed for a longterm arrangement, as this will require someone willing to put in a lot of work, as I am prepared to do in return for you.

Note: Those marked with an asterisk are the ones I really crave, and the characters in bold are who I would prefer to play.
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