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December 08, 2016, 11:49:45 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking Dom Male (Humanoid or Beast) for Mpreg/Egg/Transformation RP  (Read 306 times)

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Offline syrupyTopic starter

Hullo! This thread is a bit similar to my general 'non-human/pregnancy' thread that's also floating around, but this one has some themes that the other doesn't touch on.... So I thought I'd make a separate one. I'm really feeling this idea again, more along the lines of the consensual ideas below.

Please email or PM if interested :D

My Character
Yarrow is a member of a unique and rare race of creatures that resemble fawns a bit (but had no fur past their ears and tail) who have amazing breeding and fertility capabilities. Through magic or genetics they can breed with nearly any creature - regardless of it's type or even it's size. Yarrow specifically has a pale purple skin tone and fluffy white hair, usually kept cropped around his shoulders. His horns, ears and tail are similar to a long or floppy eared goat. Yarrow is one of the few creatures of his race who prefers to wear a human glamour quite often, as he's taken to a life of a traveling merchant and academic - and much of his life is spent around or passing through the civilized world. Needless to say, that would be complicated by constantly appearing as a beautiful, androgynous, magical-fertility creature. For the most part he is more concerned with his studies and his business ventures than sexual pleasure, but if excited (or because of a heat-like state) he becomes overwhelmed and insatiable. His body is also a bit different than his fellows, while he is completely male most of the time, when partaking in sexual activities with other males, his body will respond to the act and begin a kind of physical transformation which will allow him to become pregnant. An opening similar to a female's will open behind his male genitals (they will not be lost - but they could perhaps grow smaller to accommodate spacial needs) and internally a womb will develop. He may also grow breasts.

What I am looking for from you:
-A male (humanoid or not) to play opposite him. In either a non-con or a consensual setting. YC could also be aware or unaware of his transformation/fertile capabilities. The former would probably lend itself better for a N/C story where YC captures him or hunts him down (or reveals his true form in public if we want to do a public/humiliation scene) specifically to use him for breeding. Whereas the latter might serve more for a consensual relationship.

Kinks I am fond of/Looking for:
-Risk of Pregnancy
-Eggs/Oviparous Pregnancy
-Multiple Partners/Gang-bang
-Size Difference
-Non-human partners
-Non-human cocks/Large cocks
-Breast Growth/Lactation

Hard Nopes
-Overt physical violence/Character Snuff
-Scat/Bathroom play in general
-N/C or Humiliation (if NOT okay'd in OOC conversation)

Updates and Additions
Coming off of the Easter holidays a few just a bit ago, this idea has me thinking specifically about bunny characters and eggs. So if you'd rather play around with the idea of a bunny/rabbit character with some of the above-listed transformational abilities, I'd be VERY keen.

If there is something you would like to try or use as a kink/theme that is NOT on either list, feel free to ask. By no means is my Kink list complete.
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Offline syrupyTopic starter

Re: Seeking Dom Male (Humanoid or Beast) for Mpreg/Egg/Transformation RP
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2016, 05:59:35 PM »
Update: Looking also to play bunny-type characters, same kind of dealio though.