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Author Topic: Daniel Becomes the New Office Girl - A feminization story set in the 1960s!  (Read 398 times)

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Offline MsCJPTopic starter

~I am in love with words. Words that touch. They may hurt, but they touch. That's what counts.~

"Ohhh ...," Daniel moaned.

He couldn't believe what was happening to him. Never in his wildest imagination would he have envisioned this. He was lying on his back on Miss Kate's large, oak desk. His knee length skirt was pushed up around his hips and his satin panties hung around his knees. His high heels made little circles in the air as he moved backwards and forward. If he sat up on his elbows he could see the entire New York skyline out the tall windows.

He looked down. Miss Kate was pressing her firm hands against the back of his thighs so that his knees were bent, causing his garters to pull taut. He watched as her ruby red lips sucked sweetly on his hairless member. He whimpered again as he held onto the desk with his manicured fingers.

God, it looked so damn small in her mouth. What had she called it? Cute?

He pinched his eyes shut and tried to remember how he got here ...

~Six months earlier -- October 9th, 1961~

"Daniel," Mr. Robison said. "When Madame Kate arrives I'd like you to give her a tour of the office and see to it that she is taken care of during her time here."

He wouldn't know until later how much those words had sealed his fate. The other junior execs had tittered with laughter at his latest assignment. Daniel always found himself getting the grunt work or the 'shit' jobs as he was often reminded. It'd been frustratingly hard to get respect within Mr. Robison's "fraternity." It didn't help that most of them were college educated. Daniel hadn't been able to afford it, although he considered himself a very bright man. In fact, his intelligence had carried him far for most of his life. If he really was being honest with himself he'd admit that it was his shy, quiet demeanor that often held him back. He wasn't capable of being the brash, arrogant type like most of the other men he worked with. His wife, Doris, had liked his "soft" ways as she called it, but Daniel couldn't help but notice how she'd often stare at the other men in his office on the rare days that she visited.

He'd had no idea who this 'Madame Kate' was, but the entire office was buzzing with the news -- especially among the secretarial pool. Daniel was shocked to learn that this Kate woman owned not one, but several agencies throughout New York City and was flying in early from her vacation in France to see about purchasing Gellar & Howell. Daniel had never heard of a woman having that type of business poise. It was a rarity, for sure and the thought had made his stomach oily with nerves. He found himself ... well, a bit jealous that a woman had achieved so much more than him. That's not how it was supposed to work.

Later, he'd remember her stepping off the elevator in a dress that made her blonde hair and red lips pop. His eyes had landed over her tall, busty frame, and when she drew near he thought she had to be an actress -- a model maybe. But what really startled him was how young she was. He'd been expecting a woman in her fifties. Daniel had felt his breath stolen right out of him, so forceful he almost collapsed.

They say that life changing moments happen in a blink of an eye and Daniel believed that too. If he had to guess he'd say that the moment occurred the minute that Miss Kate took his small hand into her own and smiled at him with those bright, fluttering eyes. What chance did he even have after that?

Thanks so much for reading all that. I do appreciate it. I hope it inspired you and gives you an idea of my style. This is a story prompt that has been near and dear to me for a while so I'm going to be a bit picky with potential partners because I really want to make it special. I also want to point out that this is a period piece, but things do not need to be 100% accurate. I very much look forward to your replies!

Offline Grizzly

Re: Daniel Becomes the New Office Girl - A feminization story set in the 1960s!
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2015, 05:05:33 PM »
I looked over some of your ideas and I'd be willing to work with you on them.

Offline Adrian999


I don't know if this storyline is still open but, if it is, I would love to discuss it with you.  It is a million miles from any RP I have ever done (although I have done hundreds of others) and for me, there is nothing to beat the thrill of something totally new.  So many role-plays use ideas that have been worked to death but this is something new - well to me it is.  If this story is no longer available, then please keep me in mind if you consider something similar in the future. 

If you are interested, I can meet almost any stipulation for size and frequency of posts and am more than happy to discuss how you wish the RP to progress.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.