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May 27, 2018, 12:36:13 AM

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Author Topic: ChicagoOkie's Looking (M for F characters)  (Read 259 times)

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ChicagoOkie's Looking (M for F characters)
« on: September 04, 2015, 05:43:19 PM »
So, I've never done an ad before. Mostly I just answer ads or do something with someone I meet in the social thread.

I'm currently looking for one or two more RPs. Please PM me and don't reply to this thread, thanks.

A Quick bit about me:  I'm a male and I play males, mostly. I have played female characters, but am much more comfortable playing males. I only play opposite female characters. I don't care what the sex of the writer is. I tend to be more dominant than submissive, but I also am okay with a relationship where both people are equal. My major offs include:  Gore, vore, watersports, potty play, MxM, serious pain, and bestiality.

Anything else can be found in my O/O's. They are much more detailed.

This is what I'm currently craving, but I am willing to discuss other ideas. I am really craving the Sword Art Online one and the image right now.

RP Ideas and Cravings

Sword Art Online

So I don't really do fandoms, but I've been watching the Sword Art Online anime. I was thinking it would be interesting to do something similar. Characters trapped in a game. It would definitely be one of those games where players can have sex in game. I feel like the game would be a place where you feel everything, both pleasure and pain. For this I would probably be looking for more a romance type story. Or, it could be a situation where I or the other player is sort of a GM and running the game. If anyone has ideas I would love to hear them.

Supervillain Bounty Hunters  In Talks

I got this idea from the cartoon Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

In a world of good and evil, superheroes and supervillains, epic battles and daring rescues; there exists those that are in between. Those who don’t care about which side is right. They only care about one thing, money. Some call them mercenaries or assassins, but most prefer to be called bounty hunters. If a government or individual has enough money, they will bring in the baddest supervillains (or superheroes for that matter).

I see this going a few ways.

  • My character and your character are rivals. They are forced to team up for a big payday. Maybe the target is a particularly bad baddie.
  • One of the two is a veteran and the other is rookie.
  • One of the two is a veteran and the other is rookie.

The content and setting for this would be up for discussion. Though the other character would need to be a strong female, and able to stand toe to toe with any male super.

The Hero's Prize

Her village was being harassed by monsters for months. People were taken and killed. Everything from food to valuables were stolen. The village wouldn't survive this for much longer. So, the village decided to hire a hero. Someone to take care of the problem. He was an adventurer, some would say a mercenary. He preferred to think of himself as a problem solver. He saved the village, but they had no money to pay him. The village leader decided to give him a wife.

That's just a rough layout. Some people may remember this plot from the Firefly episode that contained the awesome quote "Touch that steel, and I swear by my flower bonnet I will end you." For this I am seeing a fantasy setting. We could run this a couple of ways.

  • The plot could go similar to the Firefly episode. The woman turns out to be some kind of thief and leads him into a trap.
  • She could actually be the willing wife. She is just happy to leave the small village and live a life of adventure. Could be that he doesn't want her. She might slow him down, or some other reason.
  • Or if you can come up with a better way to run it, I am always up for discussion.

The Scarlet Order

A twist on Red Riding Hood. Red is a member of a secret society, who wear red hoods or capes. The societies sole purpose is to hunt down and eradicate the werewolf menace. The setting could be just about anything from modern to future or post apocalyptic. Red would obviously be a female character who is hunting a male werewolf. As far as the rest of the plot goes that can be discussed.

General Cravings

Something Sci Fi
D&Desque Setting -- I've been wanting to do a fantasy setting with elements of adventure and romance. I see a pair (or more) of adventurers who probably don't get along at first, but eventually fall for each other.

Image Cravings

I need this.

I see her as some kind of seductress. Not sure.

I love this picture.
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