female seeking dominant male or female for some lab fun.

Started by Rayne Bluestone, September 04, 2015, 03:38:54 AM

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Rayne Bluestone

A research scientist gets a new intern, someone that can work late into the night alongside them after everyone else has gone home. The intern they pick up is clumsy and only took the job to try and make ends meet, she is just not that good a work and her outside life reflects that as it is falling apart. Getting more and more fed up with the girl the Lab lead starts punishing the intern, getting more and more sexual and dominating in nature the longer it goes.  Even forcing her to be part of some of the experiments.  Further details of what could happen and be looking for with anyone interested can be discussed in pm.  I would be wanting to play as the intern.


very interesting..  I'd love to chat more about that :)