Aliens, demons and angels, oh my!!! Roleplay search. :)

Started by wingedwolfy120, September 03, 2015, 07:07:28 PM

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I have found a few pictures that I would like to make a roleplay or two based on them.

I also had this idea of a girl who's used in this reproduction experiment. These scientists send in one new alien a day to fuck her and see if they got her pregnant. They keep the babies for other experiments and keep using her. After awhile, She gets excited when a new alien comes in every day. But she does however have a favorite alien and he comes in twice a week because of how she responds to him, they even let them stay in the same cage once a week. I know it's a weird idea for a romance and all but I really want to do it. So if anyone wants to do this with me, you'll be loved forever!!!
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