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Author Topic: Wiggles' Whims! (FxM, FxF)  (Read 4642 times)

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Offline wigglebiscuitTopic starter

Wiggles' Whims! (FxM, FxF)
« on: January 30, 2015, 07:34:35 am »
I'm back with two brand new RPs. See below for details!

Let's get right to it, shall we?

Necessary bits:
Mutual respect. Don't poof, don't get shiny. If you want to drop from an RP with me, just say so. If you're gonna be away for a spell, lemme know. I'll do the same.

Quality writing. I'm not a grammar nazi, but seriously people, at least try. Spell check is your friend. If I was a dude, lazy writing would make me flaccid, and flaccid is not what this site is about, is it?

Post length? Meh. Whatever suits the story, but again, don't get lazy on me.

Post frequency. I prefer three to five solid posts a week. Weekends are optional. If you're a once a week kinda person, thanks but no thanks.

Story "Location" I do not RP over PM or email. I will correspond via PM, but I will not RP over PM. If you want to RP with me, it must be on this site, in the appropriate forum. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Story vs. Smut. I'm a story-whore, people. If you're looking for a quick jerk-and-go, please move along. Yes, we will bump and grind, but story is what makes me hot and bothered.

On/Offs. They're in my sig. Check 'em out. No, seriously. Check 'em out. I'll, I try not to be rigid, I will bend a bit here and there, and I'd appreciate it if you do the same. Respectfully, of course. For example, I will not do incest. Incest is ew. But, I would consider a step-sibling scenario, just because I am awesome like that and a pleaser at heart.

Contacting me. This is important. Do NOT post here. If you see a story you like, PM me. Savvy?

Respecting the rules. It isn't hard, people, and this is a must. If it's not in the ToS, don't even go there with me. I like my account and the admins are good to us.

I am NOT my character. I play dirty, broken, sexually mercurial characters. Please do not confuse them with me. And no, I will not talk to you irl via any medium, so don't ask.

Is there something else I've forgotten? Prolly. Meantime, let's get right to the goods in the next post...

Ads: (see below for details)
Note: Check my kinks in my sig to whet your appetite and get an idea of what you can expect from an RP with me. You'll like what you find!
NEW! The Apprentice's Familiar. Open!
NEW! The Lonely Ghost! Open!
A Seven Inch "Oops". Status: Closed!
Honey, I shrank the Babysitter! Status: Closed!
Broken Girl. Status: Open!
A Cool Drink of Water. Status: Open! (both ideas)
A Ritual Gone Wrong. Status: Open!
Levers, Everybody has Them. Status: Closed!
The Dungeon of Depravity. Status: Closed.
Southpaw. Status: Closed!
The Sequacious Maiden. Status: Closed!

Ongoing RPs (to check my mad writing skillz):
The Dungeon of Depravity - Frostrose's run. 98 replies.
Over a Barrel. 68 replies.
A Counter Offer She Couldn't Refuse. 35 replies.
Monster Hunter Live!. 39 replies.
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Offline wigglebiscuitTopic starter

Current Cravings!
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2015, 07:49:05 am »
I realize Student x Teacher pairings may be well trod ground here, but not for me. (Except once, IRL, but that's a different story.)

I have two idea centering around this cool drink of
. All ideas and elements therin are open for negotiation.

Idea One
Story/Smut Ratio: 70/30
Concept: A nubile young thing becomes obsessed with a teacher. Despite her lack of experience, she sets about trying to seduce the object of her desire. YC will take the role of a new male teacher in school. The idea isn't just to explore the taboo relationship, but the fallout that results, the guilt (on the part of the teacher), the awkwardness and insecurity (on the part of the student), and so on.
In addition to the primary roles, we will take the roles of lesser characters as well. Friends on either side who encourage or discourage the liaison, people the characters turn to for advice, and so on. The idea is to craft a story, not just set up scenes to bump and grind.
Forbidden Fruit
Secret Crushes
High School Awkwardness
Stolen Kisses
Short Skirts
Light Sub/Dom themes
Idea Two
The second idea takes us from the picture of the girl above to
Story/Smut Ration: 50/50. Less at the start, more toward the end.
Concept: YC is a teacher at a prominent private high school. MC is the student. This is a very different girl from the one in Story One. She appears nubile and innocent, but looks are deceiving. She enjoys manipulation, and she always gets what she wants.
And just like Lola, she wants you.

In this story, MC teases YC until he can't stand it. In a fit of passion, he kidnaps her over a long weekend. He now has three days to break her down, or his life is over.
Or does she break him down?
Who will dominate whom? Let the contest of wills begin!
Light footplay
and so on.

As always, PM me if you're interested. Please do not post here.
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Re: Wiggles' Whims! (FxM, FxF)
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2015, 08:15:59 am »
Levers, everybody has them...

For six years Special Anna Anisimova has tracked the rapist who calls himself
Ronin,and she is no closer to finding him today than when she started.
Ronin never kills. Nor does he force himself on his victims. No, he pulls their
levers, and they give themselves to him.
And Ronin always knows what lever to pull.

His first victim's lever, Lisa Hadley, was simple. He had video proof of an office
affair. The simple threat of revealing her dirty secret to her husband was more
than enough to get her to willingly submit to his every whim. Little did she
know that he recorded every deed...and sent the videos to her husband.

Kesley Weaver was a game of risk and reward: reveal a little skin, get enough
water for the day. Smile for the camera, earn a meal. Each day, the stakes
were upped. In six weeks, she gave the best blow job of her young life in
exchange for her freedom.

Two dozen victims. Not a single break. Not one solid lead. Anna has seen every
photo. Every video. Ronin has taunted, mocked her, toyed with her.
And now, it is her turn. She pulls back the covers, sets her sidearm on the
nightstand, and closes her eyes.

When she wakes up, she is naked, lying on a bare cot. Sitting on the counter is
an unopened bottle of water. A camera peers down at her from the corner
of the room. She knows this room. She has seen it dozens of times before.

Ronin has her, and one thought cycles through Anna Anisimova's mind:
What's my lever?

Themes: Psychological manipulation. Kidnapping. Coercion. Light non-con. Exhibitionism. Stockholm Syndrome. Moments of helplessness.
Pairings: MxF, FxF
Notes: I will take the role of Ronin in this scenario. I must also insist the the role of Anna be taken by a person who identifies as female. The point of this one isn't the sex, but of a contest of wills. The end has not been predetermined. Expect to be forced to make hard choices. This is not an RP about violence or physical torture, though some "BDSM" themes may come into play. This is about finding a person's weak spot, and breaking them down. Ronin won't force Anna to do anything. He will pull her lever, and she will dance.
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Re: Wiggles' Whims! (FxM, FxF)
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2015, 09:39:06 am »
The Dungeon of Depravity

It starts with the misfortune of being born a woman.
It continues with the extraordinary misfortune of being a beautiful one.

At sixteen, you, and all the other beautiful girls in your province,
are registered for the lottery.

You are all virgins. Not because you don't want boyfriends
and aren't curious about how those things work and maybe
even a little eager to experiment yourself, but because you
were born beautiful.

Had you been born fat, or with a hairy mole on your nose,
or mottled skin, it wouldn't be an issue, and you could lay
whomever you wished. But you weren't, and if you lose the
lottery, your feet will go in the stirrups and a Judge will
have herself a peek, and if she doesn't see a maidenhead
well...your already poor family will be impoverished and you
will be hanged as an example. Nothing like the fear of public
execution to put a damper on a budding sex life.

Oh, and don't even think of using backdoor as an easy alternative.
Remember the girl from Crystal Glen? You don't even want to
think about how they knew, but they did.

You gather for the lottery and your name gets drawn from the pot.


The next year is a rush, and it isn't so bad. The round you up and
haul you off to the capitol. Not your provincial capitol, THE capitol.

You meet elves, and wonder why they take any breed but them.
You meet orcs, and wonder why they bother at all.
You meet drow, and wonder how they kept their virginity at all.

You train. Melee combat. Ranged combat. Trap detection. Survival instincts. Sexual endurance. Yeah, that, too. How long can you sit in a chair that stimulates your naughty bits before you come? That's life and death in the Dungeon.

And the eyebots. Godsdammit if they don't catch everything. You'd better get used to them, though. They'll be seeing a lot of you in the Dungeon.

At the end of the year, you're as ready as you'll ever be. They dress you in leathers, strap a compass to your wrist, and haul you off to the arena level.

When that gong sounds, haul ass. Get yourself to a Counselor. Yeah, it sucks losing your virginity to the Iron Golem or the Shadow King, but that beats the hell out of losing your soul to the Void.

If you're quick, smart, and lucky, you might just make the reaping levels.

Themes: Equal parts Tombraider, the Hunger Games and The Story of O, with a bit of Labyrinth and classic D&D thrown in for good measure. Deflowering, non-con, sexual corruption, competition, pulp action.
Pairings: MxF, FxF, anthro, futa
Notes: You can read more about the Dungeon here. I am looking for contestants. Girls, 17 years old, or equivalent age of an alternate race. The basic setting is steampunk fantasy.
Though this is freeform, but I'd like to include a simple dice mechanic based on The Window, but I'm not ready for that just yet. If you'd like to help out, lemme know.
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Offline wigglebiscuitTopic starter

Re: Wiggles' Whims! (FxM, FxF)
« Reply #4 on: February 26, 2015, 08:17:50 am »
Southpaw... never see it coming

She is forbidden fruit. Your student. Your best friend's daughter. Your intern. Whomever she is, she's off-limits. Going there could cost you everthing. Everything. And you know it.

She just so happens to live next door to you. You can see her sunbathing from your upstairs window. Her bedroom just happens to face yours. Sometimes you see her sitting on her bed, face lit by the glow of her cellphone.

You can't go there, it's too risky. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. But she is so supple. So nubile. Just a little flirting won't hurt, right? A testing of the waters...

You can't believe it when she reciprocates. It's innocent enough--a wink here, a flash of cleavage there, just enough to let you know it's safe to proceed.

And you do, buying her things, things she is only too happy to model for you. A new pair of shoes. New jewelry. New swimsuits. Not overtly, of course. No, that's not how she plays, but she makes sure you see her wearing your gifts.

Then you up the ante. A look becomes a touch. A touch becomes a kiss. You're heady with lust. Drunk with fear. This could go so wrong, but it's too late now, you're too close to turn back.

And then she calls your bluff. She's waiting for you when you get home, wearing nothing but your dress shirt...

You don't remember much after that. A bottle of wine. Limbs intertwined. Your mouth on hers. Why can't you remember anything?

Then she sends you the video. You're savagely fucking her. She's begging you to stop. You don't.

The hook is set. She owns you now. One phone call, one email, and your life is over. Now she teaches you a new definition of desire. You're a toy. A tool. A distraction.

Do you have the wherewithal to endure the abuse she heaps upon you long enough to unravel the mystery? To peel back the layers and discover what makes her tick? Can you help her heal her wounds, even as she wounds you?

Themes:Forbidden Lust. Lolitas. Blackmail. Coercion. Broken love. Dominance. Desperation. Forced orgasm. Humiliation. Maybe, just maybe, love.
Pairings: MxF
Notes: This is a long term roleplay. The story is told in three parts: the crush, the hook, and the way out. Post requirements are three significant posts a week. Minimum. If you cannot maintain this, please move along.
Still interested? Shoot me a PM and we'll see where it goes.
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Re: Wiggles' Whims! (FxM, FxF)
« Reply #5 on: February 27, 2015, 11:56:29 am »
The Sequacious Maiden (FxM/F)

Emily Dubane is more than an ordinary beauty. Some might say she's touched by the gods. They wouldn't be far from the truth. Emily is a Paragon—the pinnacle of a human quality—in this case, beauty.

And her beauty hasn't escaped notice.

Victor Krieus Arimus is a man who appreciates the finer things in life: art, music, literature, beautiful women. He is also one of the most powerful wizards in the realm. None are more striking than Emily Dubane, and he knows it.

He crafts an artifact—a magic item of singular power. In this case, a specially attuned amulet, an amulet keyed only to Emily. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, he will complete the ritual that will forever link Emily's free will to the amulet. Whomever holds it can command her to do whatever they wish, and she will be unable to deny or resist them.

With her father, Conrad, in failing health, Emily is forced to visit the eccentric wizard in the ramshackle manor on the far side of town. The price he demands for the health of her beloved father  chills her to the core: a single ritual, performed on the eve of her birthday, three days hence. But she cannot sit idle while her father wastes away. With all other options exhausted, Emily agrees, and unwittingly trades her free will for the health of her father.

Themes: Loss of Free Will. Non-Con. Intrigue. Romance. Manipulation. Moments of Despair.
Pairings: MxF, FxF
Notes: If Ella Enchanted, 50 Shades and Downton Abbey had a drug-induced orgy, this would be the resultant love child. I can't claim responsibility for this; I read the beginnings of this story on a different site years ago, and it stuck with me.
Applicants will need to agree to my posting requirements above. This is a long-term RP, and will extend beyond Emily's relationship with Arimus. Therefore, applicants must be willing to take on the roles of both males and females.
Story development will be collaborative. The smut ratio will be relatively low, but when it happens, the kid-gloves are off. After all, Emily literally cannot say no.
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Victims, aren't we all?
« Reply #6 on: March 04, 2015, 08:02:25 am »
Broken Dolls
I want to play an RP based off of this video:

I don't have much more than that atm, but you can see from the video that she is hurting and masking her pain by living the life.
If you have any ideas, hit me up with a PM. This can be FxM or FxF, long term or short term. We can work out the details over PM.
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A Ritual Gone Wrong
« Reply #7 on: April 24, 2015, 01:34:42 pm »
A Ritual Gone Wrong
Status: Open!
Story/Smut Ratio: 80/20
Concept: Based loosely off of the character Bilquis from Neil Gaimen's excellent American Gods, a young woman is kidnapped and a dark ritual is performed on her summons a succubus into her mortal coil. Only something goes wrong. The ritual is only partially complete. The woman is robbed of her memories, but the succubus doesn't gain full control over her mind and body. Now the two are locked in a struggle for control.
Dark Rituals
Secret Societies
Sexual Addiction
Soul-Consuming Sex
Feelings of Worthlessness

To whet your appetite, let's take a two-step visual journey. Start
and end

I will take the role of the young woman. You will take a role similar to that of a traditional GM, handling the various characters she deals with. Don't fret about carrying the creative burden alone, however, I have plenty of ideas for this little gem.

Here are a few more inspirational pics:
Lost in the woods:

On the prowl:

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Honey, I shrank the Babysitter!
« Reply #8 on: April 27, 2015, 09:08:06 am »
This one is based on the films of a similar name, which I loved growing up. Obviously it's for all you MACRO/micro fans out there...

There are six people in the Henderson household:

Doug Henderson, inventor and Radio-Shack store manager. Doug is a nice guy, and totally brilliant. He is building a I.S.R. (Incredible Shrinking Ray!) in the basement. He's a good guy at heart, but what will he do with this helpless, nubile thing?

Susie Henderson, the supportive wife. Susie is overall a nice woman, but she is jealous of Cas' good looks. When Cas is only five inches tall, what will Susie do with her?

Aaron Henderson, 16, the crushing teenager. Aaron has it bad for Cas. Who wouldn't? He has a hot, older girl living across the hall from him. Too bad she is oblivious to his heart-ache. Now that Cas is pocket-sized, all his fantasies can finally come true!

Jessica "Jez" Henderson
, 17, the angry one. There is one in every house. She's the dark one. The one who is misunderstood. She's also the reason Doug and Susie need a stranger from another country to babysit their youngest when they go out for the night. What will Jez do when she gets her hands on a miniaturized Cas? What cruelties can she inflict on poor Cas?

Betsy Henderson, 8, the innocent one. Obviously, she won't come into the story much, except maybe to play barbies with Cas and dress her up like a princess.

"Cas" Petrova, 19, the exotic exchange student and sometime-babysitter. While babysitting Betsy one Friday night, Cas runs afoul of Doug's ISR! and is shrunk down to a mere five inches! Once she is miniaturized, she finds that her metabolism has skyrocketed, and how will she ever stay warm? Once she discovers how high in calories the love-juices of her adoptive family is, she finally can stave off the constant hunger!

This one is a more light-hearted, whimsical tale. Something goes wrong, Cas gets shrunk. Hijinks ensue. Since she is from another country, there is no real danger of her folks find out. What do the various members of the house do with this attractive-yet-tiny woman?

I will take the role of Cas. You will take the role of the various members of the household. Plotlines and kinks are all negotiable. PM me if you're interested in pursuing this.

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A seven inch "oops"
« Reply #9 on: June 02, 2015, 04:55:14 pm »
A Seven Inch "Oops"

Futa/M, Futa/F, multiple characters
long term, heavy smut

The basis for this RP is this pic:

Despite what the picture implies, this is a modern RP, as my mind works better that way.
MC is a grad student, majoring in biochemistry. Her focus is on a creating female version of Viagra. She says this is because she has female family members who, post-menopause, suffer from a declining libido, but the truth is that she is the one who suffers. She's never had an orgasm from sex, and rarely experiences arousal, despite wanting to.

To explain the picture, she works at a medieval-themed pub where the employees dress and talk as if they are from Medieval England.

YC(s) will be her instructor, and the various other characters (male and female) she interacts with.

The accident that causes her transformation can be her fault, her instructor's fault, or a combination.

After the transformation, her libido skyrockets, and she is soon chasing after multiple partners, trying to slake her insatiable lust. Expect moments of public
as well as
. And lots and lots of sex.

The mood should be equal parts horror, drama, and light horror.

PM me if you are interested.
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Re: Wiggles' Whims! (FxM, FxF)
« Reply #10 on: July 22, 2015, 02:24:23 pm »
The Lonely Ghost
Elements: Futa/m/f
Smut level: high
Plot: A lonely little ghost girl has been cooped up in an empty house for far too long. But then a family moves in, and finally she has an outlet for her boredom.
She doesn't want to hurt anyone, and she's so very confused.
It won't hurt just to play, right? Right?

This is a light-hearted romp.
I play the ghost, you play the different members of the family: Mom, Dad, Daughter.
What happens when a ghost starts poking around?

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Re: Wiggles' Whims! (FxM, FxF)
« Reply #11 on: August 03, 2015, 02:06:24 pm »
The Apprentice's Familiar
Elements: M/F, F/F

Smut level: Medium

Plotting: What happens when a young apprentice tries to summon a harmless familiar and the conjuring goes horribly wrong?

He summons a succubus, that's what. And not the sweet, submissive kind.

It's not as bad as all that, though. She can't kill him, not now that she's bound to him as his familiar. But she doesn't have to do what he says, either.

What follows after the summoning is a contest of wills is as each tries to get the upper hand over the other. No pressure, though. She's just an drop-dead gorgeous immortal dead set on corrupting your soul and leaving you quivering at her feet.

Think you can handle her?

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Words that Squick Me Out
« Reply #12 on: August 06, 2015, 01:02:16 pm »
This post is going to be the home of words I hate to see when I'm writing sexy time.

Some words or phrases just kill the mood. These are mine.

Cunt. Sometimes this word is appropriate. When YC is trying to insult or demean mine, go ahead, use it. Exactly that will happen. When you are trying to describe something sexually arousing, please do not. It has the opposite effect on me.

Jizz. Just, no.

Creampie(s). Again, no. If you want to make sex revolting to me, use this word.

Flesh Rod. If you want me to laugh hysterically at your flesh rod, to point and giggle and lose all desire for you, use this phrase or something similar.

Splooge. I didn't think there was a word more gag-inducing than jizz. And then this word came along.

Fleshlight. I don't know what this is, but those words should never be paired.

Spunk. See splooge, above.

Leaking juice like a faucet. If my vagina ever leaks anything like a faucet, please take me to the hospital. Yes, sex is messy, and yes, I will need to excuse myself to the restroom afterward because what goes in will come out, but nothing gushes out of me like an untapped spigot.
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Re: Wiggles' Whims! (FxM, FxF)
« Reply #13 on: September 03, 2015, 05:01:14 pm »
Just a monthly bump