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Author Topic: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread  (Read 5511 times)

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Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #50 on: September 10, 2015, 07:32:04 PM »
REAL NAME:Samuel Guthrie
SEXUAL ORIENTATION:Heterosexual (His O/Os are not mine...)
AFFILIATION:New Mutants; X-Men: X.S.E; Mutant Liberation Front,; X-Corporation; X-Force; Hellions; Hellfire Club


New Mutants          X-Men (2)             X-Force                  X-Men         X-Force (2)


Face Claim: Ryan Kwanten

Height:  6'

Weight: 181 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue-Grey

POWERS/ABILITIES: Cannonball possesses the ability to bodily generate thermo-chemical energy and release it through his skin. Accompanied by smoke, flame, and condensation, the equal and opposite reaction to this energy release propels his body through the air like a human rocket. Originally, Cannonball was unable to stop the propulsion until his immediate store of energy was depleted or until he hit an object of sufficient mass to stop him. With practice, however, Cannonball can now cut off his propulsive power at will. As a side effect of forming the thermo-chemical energies over the surface of his body, Cannonball is rendered virtually invulnerable while in flight. Accompanying the release of energy is a half-inch thick energy field that channels the explosion and protects his skin from the direct effects of the blast. It also negates momentum and related effects, thereby cushioning his body from any impact up to a half-minute from the depletion of his energy. Cannonball's "blast field" extends to any person or object with which he is in physical contact, and he can extend it further by concentrating to form a protective shield, even while standing still. Cannonball is also able to absorb kinetic energy through the field he generates and use it to either strengthen his field or redirect it as concussive force. Cannonball once recovered from mortal injuries that left him seemingly dead. It has been theorized that Cannonball's recovery was an indication that he was an External, one of a group of immortal mutants. However, since it has subsequently been demonstrated that even Externals can be permanently killed, doubt has been cast on his alleged immortality.

WEAKNESSES: Blast Energy can be depleted, leaving him temporarily powerless.

HISTORY: History: Sam Guthrie is a mutant whose superhuman powers first emerged when he was trapped with co-workers in a coal mine collapse. His emerging powers allowed them to escape. He was then recruited by Donald Pierce, a renegade member of the Hellfire Club, to use as a tool to destroy other young mustants he had discovered, and Professor Charles Xavier, who had also discovered these mutants, new recruits of Xavier’s. However, during the battle, Guthrie refused Pierce’s order to kill them, and Pierce tried to kill him in retaliation. Xavier saved the entire group by defeating Pierce.

Xavier realized that Guthrie was not evil, and invited him to join his newly formed training group, The New Mutants. With the NM, Guthrie had many adventures, including trips to the future and past, to alternate worlds, to Asgard, and into deep space. Guthrie quickly rose to the position of co-leader of the group. He was with the group up until they disbanded and became X-Force under the leadership of Cable.

As X-Force, the group continued to adventure, but demonstrated considerable growth, both in character and ability. The group had ’grown up‘, and finally took the reins away from their adult leaders to strike out on their own. Sam became the group’s leader in every way until he was “graduated” to the X-Men by Professor X.

Sam spent only a short time with the X-Men, eventually returning to his friends in X-Force after Operation: Zero Tolerance, once more becoming that group’s mainstay. Recently the group has undergone a dramatic change, and has placed Pete Wisdom, the British Black Air agent, as it’s overall leader. Sam has experienced some subtle changes to his abilities, as he has discovered some more subtle (and not so subtle) uses.

In their first mission, however, Wisdom was killed by the mad geneticist, Nilas Roman. X-Force continued to operate without him for many months, even faking their own deaths and acting as a pro-mutant terrorism group, going so far as to kill groups and companies that abused and killed mutants. To avoid recognition, Sam dyed his hair and beard black, which led to him looking quite a lot like the late Pete Wisdom. After a disastrous encounter with Wisdom’s sister, Romany, however, X- Force broke up and went their separate ways, though they still got into a fight with the new media-friendly X-Force (now X-Statix) over the team’s name.

Sam eventually joined the European branch of the X-Corporation, operating out of Paris, France with some former X-Force and Generation X members, as well as some new faces. The mutants were lured into a trap in the tunnel connecting Paris and Great Britain by the Weapon Plus project - an incident that cost dozens of lives among the humans and the life of another member of X-Corporation.

After helping with the relief work, Sam decided to retire from the world of mutant affairs. He happened across his old flame, Lila Cheney, and spent some time travelling the galaxy with her rock band. Eventually returning to Earth, the couple, back together again, took up residence in Paris. Cannonball kept himself updated on the various adventures and mishaps the diverse X-teams were facing and finally decided he could not hide from his old life anymore. He contacted Storm and signed on as a member of her outsider group of X-Men, as he figured that their dream of making sure that humans and mutants played nice with each other was right up his alley.

PERSONALITY: Cannonball is the only remaining original member of the original New Mutants squad. Though he often seems a hayseed farm-boy overly supplied with naivete, he has a plethora of otherwordly experience, has been to space and other dimensions, and has been a (short-lived) member of the X-Men. His determination in the face of overwhelming odds never wavers, and he remains his generation’s staunchest supporter of Xavier’s Dream.

Sam was a country boy who saw the world through the veil of his own naivete, but who had dreams of something bigger, ala Luke Skywalker. And just like Luke, the dreams came true bigger than he expected. But he has grown into what may be called a soldier for the Dream. He has been influenced by many different mentors and friends, from Cable to Xavier to Magneto, and his world view encompasses almost everything he has seen and done. To consider him Cyclops, Jr. is not far off the mark.

Sam is brave, gentlemanly, considerate, loyal to his friends, unassuming, unpretentious, and so on. Because he has seen that life is too short and too precious for anything but your best.

Sam has been best friends with former teammate Roberto DaCosta (Sunspot), and until recently had a romantic relationship going with Tabitha Smith (Meltdown).

EQUIPMENT: Uniform, pair of cyber-sunglasses that functioned as a wireless broadband computer network linked with other similar glasses

KNOWN ENEMIES: Too many to list

Offline eternaldarkness

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #51 on: September 10, 2015, 09:38:48 PM »
I'm going to bow out of this one. Sentry is out and Pym is open again. Happy gaming, guys.

Offline vatovie

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #52 on: September 10, 2015, 10:15:03 PM »
Upside is Quicksilver is so close to being done. Just can't decide what picture to use. Any preferences from anyone?

Offline HarleyGirl

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Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #53 on: September 11, 2015, 12:39:20 AM »
REAL NAME: Anna Marie
AGE: 27
AFFILIATION: X men, Avengers


APPEARANCE WITHOUT COSTUME: Well now...that ain't for just anyone's eyes Sugah. You gotta earn such a treat. ;)

Power absorption: Can absorb and mimick the genetic structure of others. Therefore taking their powers momentarily. Rogue is a mutant who posesses the ability to absorb the memories, abilities, personality, and outward physical characteristics of other beings through skin-to-skin contact. Such transfers lasted for 60 times longer than the contact time, with extended contact resulting in the possibility of permanent absorption. No upper limit had been determined for the number of beings Rogue could simultaneously imprint. Upon prolonged exposure to rogue, a beings powers can be permanently taken, with grave results to the victim. (Coma, or death.)

Supersonic Flight

Super Strength

A Winning Smile.

WEAKNESSES: Her powers are her strength and her curse. It is useful yes, but as a result of them she can hardly keep contact without killing or harming some one. She can't be touched and as a result feels very isolated from the rest of humanity...or mutany? ;)

Emotional?: Upon absorbing another's memories, Rogue also gained any number of associated emotional responses. Rogue was typically able to control such emotions, however absorbing psyches more powerful than her own resulted in Rogue’s psyche being supplanted. Thus her power can be a danger to whom she really is, if she takes the risk to permanently absorb another's powers and personality. As seen in one version of Rogue, with permanently absorbing Ms Marvel's powers. Or results of absorbing a Skrull's powers. These things not only had consequences on her victim, which in the case of Ms Marvel had haunted Rogue for years to come. But also held incredibly unpredictable mental reactions. As seen in the Deadpool game, where absorbing Deadpools healing factor, also momentarily degraded her sanity down to his level.

Raised by her Aunt Carrie after tragedy befell her parents, young Anna Marie ran away from home and was taken in by Mystique and Destiny (Irene Adler), whom Rogue came to regard as her surrogate parents. Rogue's mutant power first manifested in her early teens when she kissed Cody Robbins. Her mind filled with his memories, and he fell into a permanent coma. Eventually realizing she could never safely live among normal people, Rogue began participating in her foster mother's criminal endeavors and came to join Mystique's terrorist Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

On her first mission, the inexperienced Rogue clashed with Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) and permanently absorbed the hero's memories and powers, including super-strength and flight. Distraught over her lack of control, Rogue turned to her enemies, the X-Men. Convinced of her sincerity, Professor Xavier accepted her onto the team; however, it wasn't until Rogue risked her own life to save Wolverine's at the time fiancée, Mariko Yashida, that she began to gain her teammates' trust. A few years later, her now mentor Charles Xavier saved the women, who's life Rogue had stolen. Retrieving, and giving Carol back her memories. The women woke up from her coma. Things were some what frosty between Ms Danvers and Anna, but she did forgive Rogue, even if the sweet girl didnt forgive herself.

Now, not only has Apocalypse returned, but her long time friend and mentor Wolverine has been taken into the maniacs clutches. Warped into one of his, riders of the apocalypse. Rogue comes onto the scene, more then a hero seeking to defend others. But a friend, trying to save some one she cares for. If not save, then stop him from doing the unthinkable to others.

PERSONALITY: Sarcastic, witty, southern belle with a heart bigger than Dolly's endowment.

EQUIPMENT: Gloves to keep her powers from harming others, unless she wishes to harm them...then there is no where to hide.

KNOWN ENEMIES: Mystique, Magneto,

Gigantic thanks to Garuss for the template and lion's share of the text on this one.  :-*
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Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #54 on: September 14, 2015, 09:14:24 AM »
Ready to start, im working on my opening post today.

When the Game starts Wolverine, Spiderman, Hulk and Scarlet Witch have been missing for a week.

Steve Rogers calls an emergency meeting at Stark tower.

Meanwhile the X-men Rogue, Cannonball, X 23, Chamber and Deadpool are conducting an investigation of there own.

When the first attack happened in the heart of New York City.

Everyone ok with that?

Offline HarleyGirl

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Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #55 on: September 14, 2015, 10:09:21 AM »
Sure thing Sugah.   :-)

Offline Irishfire87

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #56 on: September 14, 2015, 12:02:53 PM »
I feel very stupid for missing this.  Definitely interested as Surge or the Dazzler but am curious which would be more useful.

Offline Sasquatch421

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #57 on: September 14, 2015, 12:56:09 PM »
Sounds good to me, though still playing with a Hollow idea...

Offline TamaRose

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #58 on: September 14, 2015, 01:40:20 PM »
That's fine.

Offline vatovie

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #59 on: September 14, 2015, 08:39:26 PM »
REAL NAME: Pietro Maximoff
AGE: 28
AFFILIATION: Avengers, Brotherhood



Super speed: He is capable of running at super sonic speeds.

Made for speed: His body and mind can take the challenges of moving so quickly. He doesn't worry as much about friction or a lack of air or running into something and becoming a stain on a wall. But his metabolism is much much faster than normal and his mind works at about twice human speed. Doesn't make him and smarter but makes his reflexes much better and makes him very bored usually.

While he is harder to injure he is far from indestructible and if you can immobilize him he's basically done for.

HISTORY: Up until that Marriage bit because then his story gets a little crazy

PERSONALITY: Pietro is charismatic and personable. At least he tries to be but when the world seems to moving in slow motion you do get bored some times. HE tries not to let it show though and tries to get along with others. He's quick to emotion of any kind though so if you make him hate you it's fairly sudden and you'll probably realize quickly.

EQUIPMENT: No necessary equipment.

KNOWN ENEMIES: Magneto and anyone who treats him poorly

Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #60 on: September 14, 2015, 09:33:16 PM »
Ah have to agree with Miss Rogue.  Ah'm thinkin' that your plan is a good one.

Offline persephone325

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Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #61 on: September 14, 2015, 11:42:07 PM »
I'm good with that.

Offline eternaldarkness

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #62 on: September 15, 2015, 01:39:28 AM »
Here we go - I've always liked the Immortal Weapons, especially Dog Brother, so I made Sihing's successor. Part unknown z-lister, part OC, all ninja assassin.

Character Name: Dog Brother #1
Real Name: Carter
Age: Early 20's
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Affiliation: Immortal Weapons, Avengers


Without Costume

The warrior known as Dog Brother #1 is the immortal weapon and ruler of the fabled Under-City, a refuge for the orphans and strays of the world. He protects and saves the lost, but in order to be found by him, one must truly be lost.  He is accompanied on his travels by a pack of stray dogs and orphans, with whom he shares an empathic connection.
Dog Brother #1 is not one man, but a succession of lone warriors who pass with each age. Dog Brother #1 knows when he has rescued his lost successor and that it is time. His sword is passed on, and he submits himself to be beheaded. Upon his death, his powerful chi passes on to the next Dog Brother #1. 

The current Dog Brother #1 is a black American man known only as Carter. His predecessor Sihing found him as a child in a Detroit drug house and spirited him away to the Undercity to begin training him long before the time when he would become the next Dog Brother, and it was only recently that Sihing passed on the chi and weapons of Dog Brother to him. He came to New York following the call of numerous lost souls that were sent into a state of turmoil with the rise of Apocalypse, and has joined the Avengers in battling the ancient mutant in hopes of avoiding the mass destruction Apocalypse wound surely cause if apocalypse was victorious and preventing the creation of many more orphans and lost souls.

Dog Brother Chi: Carter is the posessor of the Dog Brother chi, which gives him all of the Martial Arts skills of every dog brother who came before him and a mystical empathic link with canines and orphans that grants him the power to summon packs of canine and orphan spirits to assist him and the ability to assume the appearance of himself as a child while retaining his adult physical attributes.

Carter can also sense the direction to anyone or anything that is truly lost, and is able to channel his chi into his body and weapons to enhance his strength, speed, agility reaction times and healing capabilities to low superhuman levels temporarily and allow his body and weapons to damage even incorporeal, phased or superhuman beings.

The spirits constantly surrounding him also warn him of danger, making him very difficult to surprise or hide from unless he faces an opponent the spirits cannot detect.

Dog Brother #1 is a master tactician, martial artist and swordsman, and has nearly unparalleled skill with all manner of melee weaponry thanks to his training with Sihing and having inherited the skills of all his predecessors. He has very little formal education, but is incredibly street smart and trained in stealth and deception techniques taught in the undercity. His signature move is the East Side Handshake.

Even with his chi enhancements Carter is still very mortal and can be killed by normal means.

Move List
Aroma of the Golden Knuckle 
Bite of the Rabid Fang 
Blood-Hunger's Blade
Choking Wind 
Cobra's Last Bite
Cut of Lex Talionis
Double Lotus Strike
East Side Handshake
The Exquisite Twin Cut of Buddha's Breath 
The Judgment of Solomon
Razor Dervish Attack
Standard Issue Punch
The Unforgiving Blade
Volcano of Blood
White Crane Swift Kick

Carter is a prankster with a well-developed sense of humor like all the Dog Brothers before him, even though his humor is the morbid kind. Although he is very much a hardened killer, Carter prefers to teach those who victimize others a lesson in nonlethal (if humiliating) ways first, but if that fails he won't hesitate to kill an abuser that cannot be corrected nonviolently.

Carter wears the dog brother armor and usually carries a pair of long chinese straight swords. He favors bladed weapons, but he can make any object into a weapon thanks to his martial arts skill and his ability to empower objects with chi.

Known Enemies: Hydra, the Hand, every criminal organization ever
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Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #63 on: September 16, 2015, 07:25:20 AM »

Ive started us off.

Avengers are in one post and the X-men in the other.

Soon they will come together in a joint conflict.

I had to take Pyslocke as my second char to help move the action along.

Il start considering second characters from you guys if you so want them.

Lets get posting.

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #64 on: September 16, 2015, 07:30:54 AM »

Offline Crowe

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #65 on: September 18, 2015, 05:47:02 PM »
If its possible, I'd be interested in playing Jean Grey. I'm fine with keeping the Phoenix disconnected from her so that she's not overpowered, but I'm open to exploring that if the need arises. After all, the enemy has some pretty powerful foes of their own. But I would start things simple without the cosmic-level powers.

Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #66 on: September 18, 2015, 07:30:23 PM »
I think a lot of the characters are meant to be at the high end of the power scale or certainly in the hard/near impossible to kill range.

Offline Vorian

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #67 on: September 18, 2015, 07:40:21 PM »
Doesn't look like I'll have time for this for now.

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #68 on: September 18, 2015, 09:54:34 PM »
Jean Grey is a NPC she is too powerful im afraid

Offline Sasquatch421

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #69 on: September 19, 2015, 03:19:39 AM »
Been doing some thinking and while I was tempted to make Hollow or the fun Nocturne might be (just imagine T.J. introducing herself to Quicksilver who would just happen to be an alternate reality uncle!) I'm thinking not doing a second mutant styled character and trying out someone new namely Phyla-Vell.

Offline Garuss Vakarian

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #70 on: September 19, 2015, 06:44:34 AM »
CHARACTER NAME: Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel
REAL NAME: Carol Danvers
AGE: 28
AFFILIATION: Avengers (Has worked with the X men on occasion.)



Super sonic flight

Super Strength

Minor Molecular Control: She can use absorbed energy to transform her regular clothing into her costume and vice-versa.

Flash Precognition: Part of her original power set as Ms. Marvel, Carol was subconsciously able to anticipate the moves of her opponents, though this power was not exactly reliable and activated randomly. After Rogue robbed her of her powers, she was subsequently transformed into Binary. After these powers faded, it seems that Carol's Seventh Sense has returned.

Contaminant Immunity: Carol possesses an amalgamated human/alien Kree physiology that granted her a degree of immunity to toxins and poisons.

Photonic Blasts: Carol can fire powerful concussion blasts of photon and stellar light energy from her hands and fingertips.

Energy Absorption: Her body is capable of absorbing various types of energy for the purpose of temporarily enhancing her own physical attributes. She can augment her strength and energy projection up to the force of an exploding nuclear weapon. If empowered by enough energy, she can assume her Binary form again temporarily.

Binary Form: When Carol absorbs enough energy, her Binary powers manifest once more. Her connection to the White hole renewed for a short period of time.  Binary can tap the energy of a white hole, that region of space which is the exit-point of a point singularity's ultimate inward collapse out of this universe and into another. (A black hole is a slightly more massive star than Earth's sun that has aged to the point that its fusion reaction has burned most of its hydrogen fuel and can no longer balance the weight of its outer layers with stellar flame. When the imbalance reaches a critical point, the outer layers collapse inward, producing depending on the original mass of star, a neutron star, black hole, or point singularity. A point singularity is such an extreme distortion of the space/time fabric of our universe that it extends into another universe. Under some circumstances, the extension is able to loop back into our space/time at some distance. This re entrance into our universe is a white hole.) This inter-dimensional breach is the 'weak" point at which Binary is able to divert small portions of cosmic energies into mentally activated disturbances of the space/time continuum around her. She is able to shape these disturbances into various lenses that focus or diffuse these relatively vast energies for a number of star-like effects. Binary is able to radiate heat, light, and the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum as well as gravity. Presumably the total amount of energy she can manifest is related to the cross-section, or "'window" she allows to open between universes. For example, an 8-inch diameter "hole" in the surface of a point singularity would let out a torrent of various energies. Binary is apparently able to apply a mental filter to these energies, allowing only the energies she chooses to pass through. Binary has a steady flux of cold "pseudo flames" coruscating in small spheres around her head and hands that represent the greatest regions of her concentration

Experienced Spy: Carol is an experienced spy, having worked various undercover operations for NASA.

Multilingual: Carol is fluent in English, Russian, and another unknown Earth language, as well as Kree, and Shi'ar languages. She speaks passable Rajaki and has a limited vocabulary in many other languages.

Expert Pilot: Carol is an accomplished pilot, having extensive experience with USAF planes as well as with Kree, Shi'ar and other alien starships.

Expert Combatant: She is extensively trained in armed and unarmed combat through Military Combative's.

Talented Journalist: Carol is a talented journalist excelling as a freelance writer and magazine editor.

WEAKNESSES:  She has a bit of a weakness to magic and she does not have a constant source of power, so if she uses them too much she will be drained for a while, until she can charge up.

HISTORY: Carol Danvers grew up as the oldest child of three in a traditional Boston home, with a contractor father who believed in the merits of hard work. Carol always tried to work as hard as her brothers, tried to show she was just as capable as they were. But her fathers values in hard work wouldnt extend to her, becouse he could never believe a women can do as a man can. Even when their familly's finances can only pay for one child to go to college, her father chose the middle child, her brother, over her. Despite her superior grades. This just would not do. Carol was a dreamer, a women that looked to the stars, literally. Dreaming to become an astronaut. After high school, she joined the military in spite of her father. Using her service to go to college, and joining the airforce as she dreamed. The only time she ever went home, was when her brother Steve died. Even then, she never felt accepted by her father, the women drifting even farther apart. Estranging herself from her family once more, but this time for good.

She quickly rose to the top of her Air Force class and was recruited into military intelligence (Special Operations) and trained as a spy. She accomplished many different missions and worked with other figures such as Logan (later Wolverine) and Benjamin Grimm (later the Thing), while oppressing others such as Victor Creed (later Sabretooth), and Natalia Shostakova (later the Black Widow). NASA eventually requested her for an open position as head of security which she accepted, resigning from the Air Force bumping her to full Colonel at retirement. Becoming the youngest security captain in NASA's history, she became embroiled in the schemes of the interstellar alien Kree Empire. It was during this time that she met and eventually befriended the Kree soldier Mar-Vell whose enemies would soon be responsible for her future transformation.

Caught a midst a battle between the Kree, Yon-Rogg, and the Kree hero, Mar-Vel. (Captain Marvel).  She was knocked into a damaged Kree Psyche-Magnitron, a powerful device which could turn imagination into reality. Due to her constant failures to handle alien escursions, she was demoted from her role in Nasa, to a mere security guard. Seeing her plummeting career, and what Nasa had done to her, she left, making a book exposing the secrets behind what happened. Burning bridges with Nasa like that helped her greatly, the women becoming a temporary celebrity due to her best selling novel. And effectively getting a high paying job, in a Womens magazine, ran by the Daily Bugle.

However, her powers began to manifest, in a uncontrollable alter ego. She wold black out, her mind shifting to the personality of a Kree Warrior. However she eventually became aware of how her black outs would transpire. Naming her alter ego, after the Kree warrior she knew. Ms Marvel, after the Kree, Mar-Vel.

Much happened in her life. Once being drained into a coma by Rogue, eventually awakening from it without her powers. She forgave Rogue, but the incident has still put somewhat of a coldness between them. (Doesnt hate her, things are just awkward.) But by helping the X men, she eventually become the hero Binary for a short time.  Drawing on the power of a cosmic phenomenon called a white hole, Danvers becomes capable of generating the power of a star. As Binary, Carol has a number of encounters with the X-Men. Eventually, she lost her connection to the white hole she drew her powers from, reverting to the use of the original Ms. Marvel powers, but retaining the energy manipulation and absorption powers she had as Binary, albeit on a smaller scale.

PERSONALITY: A confident, smart, strong and driven women. She has nothing to prove to any one, and is happy being self sufficient. She finds it hard to accept help from others, especially men, but will not turn help away.


KNOWN ENEMIES: Mystique, Dr Doom and Cru

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Offline Crowe

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #71 on: September 19, 2015, 09:21:50 AM »
Jean Grey is a NPC she is too powerful im afraid

Oh, I see, sorry to hear that. Well, thanks anyway and have fun :-)

Offline Sasquatch421

Re: Marvel Apocalypse Rpg: Interest Thread
« Reply #72 on: September 19, 2015, 06:00:30 PM »
CHARACTER NAME: Quasar formerly Captain Marvel
REAL NAME: Phyla-Vell
AGE: Unknown appears to be in her 30's

AFFILIATION: Guardians of the Galaxy; formerly United Front, Kree, and Titans

RELATIVES: Elysius (mother), Genis-Vell (brother), Mar-vell (father), Mar-Vell's mother (grandmother), Teddy Altman/Dorrek VIII (Hulkling, half-brother)


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 103 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: White


   Superhuman Strength: Phyla is an Eternal/Kree hybrid that is capable of lifting between 25 to 50 tons.

   Flight: Quantum can fly at incredible speeds, but using the Quantum Bands allows her to fly in the Quantum Slipstream which goes beyond the speed of light. She can also teleport with others through the Quantum dimension. Though the teleportation and using the Quantum Slipstream uses energy from the Quantum Bands.

   Energy Projection and Absorbtion: She also acts like an "energy sponge," absorbing any energy attacks directed at her and returning them as energy blasts. Phyla can also fire off energy blasts of her own without absorbing any.

   Cosmic Awareness:

Abilities: Highly skilled hand to hand combatant and sword fighter.
WEAKNESSES: The Quantum bands can run out of energy if used too much, then will need to be recharged.


Some years ago, Elysius, the genetically engineered woman beloved by the late Captain Mar-Vell, conceived a son, Genis-Vell, from Mar-Vell’s D.N.A. and artificially accelerated him to young adulthood with implanted memories of growing up on Titan. After Elysius was slain by the Negative Zone denizen Lord Syphonn, Genis took the identity and heroic mission of Captain Marvel as his own, eventually helping the cosmic entities Entropy and Epiphany re-create the universe. In the process, a future action of Genis’s, the resurrection of Elysius, was realigned into contemporary reality so that, as far as recent history was concerned, Elysius had been resurrected shortly after she had died, or possibly had never died at all. In this altered reality, Elysius again underwent artificial pregnancy and bore a daughter, Phyla-Vell, whom she similarly aged to young adulthood with implanted memories. However, because Genis’s cosmic awareness had overwhelmed him during the reality crisis, his memories were only altered on a subconscious level, so on some level he still believed his mother had perished and he was an only child.

Driven mad by his cosmic awareness, Genis rampaged across the universe. Elysius and her longtime friend Starfox pursued him to Titan, where Phyla, feeling Genis had disgraced the name of Captain Marvel, now claimed the title as her own. Upon arriving, Genis, already questioning his perceptions of reality, grew more confused as he fought a sister whom he remembered, yet felt had never existed. When Elysius and Starfox intervened, Genis opened a portal to Nth Space, a dimension which existed primarily in potentiality alone, and forced the three into it, but Phyla pulled him along. As Genis underwent a bizarre illusion scenario, Elysius and Starfox were able to overcome his insanity, and all four Titanians returned to Titan.
Phyla remained convinced she should bear the name Captain Marvel, but an argument with Genis on the subject was interrupted by an attacking alternate future version of Marlo Jones, wife of Genis’s friend Rick. Genis investigated the timeline that had resulted in the attack, trusting Phyla to protect the contemporary Marlo, whom she rescued from an abduction attempt by the Magus, ally of the alternate Marlo and Ely-Vell, Genis’s son of that future era. Phyla then brought Marlo to Titan to better protect her, but her departure from Earth left Marlo’s female companion Moondragon open to attack by the Magus. When Genis returned from the future, Phyla was concerned by his obvious distress, unaware he had resolved to kill his own yet-to-be-conceived son to prevent the catastrophe Ely would cause later in life.

Soon afterward, Moondragon lied to Marlo about the feelings between them and ended their romantic relationship, believing Marlo would be happier with Rick. Phyla was drawn to Moondragon by her selflessness, and a mutual romantic interest arose between the two, who departed together to investigate an unidentified portal, possibly proceeding afterward to view a spiral nebula near Renault VII. Recently, Moondragon was abducted by Thanos, and Phyla pursued him into the crisis known as the Annihilation Wave, already the center of conflict for many powerful space travelers. During the catastrophic battle with Annihilus and his insectoid forces, Phlya gained the powerful Quantum Bands from Wendell Vaughn (Quasar) the appointed protector of the universe. Phyla sought the help of Moondragon’s father Drax the Destroyer, to rescue her from Thanos. Drax was eventually successful in rescuing Moondragon and taking the life of Thanos in the process.

Reunited with her lover, Phyla went right back into cosmic chaos, Phyla and Moondragon found themselves on a dire mission to save the Kree race from immanent destruction, which was being caused by the techno-organic invaders known as the Phalanx. The two women warriors sought to find a powerful wizard that possessed the power to defeat the Phalanx. Before they could get off to a decent start on their quest, the woman adventurers were confronted by the Super-Adaptoid, who had been transformed into a Phalanx Select. Although the Adaptoid was viciously aggressive and cunning he was easily defeated. Phyla eventually found a cocoon that possessed the rejuvenating body of Adam Warlock, the phalanx were also in search of the Warlock and a battle ensued that eventually ended with Warlock being awakened prematurely and in a mentally unstable state. Phyla, Warlock and Moondragon managed to escape to a secret laboratory occupied by the High Evolutionary. There Phalanx attackers tracked them to the laboratory and Moondragon was slain by their leader Ultron. In a rage of passion Phyla lunged into battle, although she was persuaded by the High Evolutionary to retreat. Ultron and the Phalanx were eventually defeated and Phyla joined a new peace keeping teamed formed by Star-Lord. The team would later take on the name of the Guardians of the Galaxy and they utilized Knowhere as their base of operations.

Although the team was led by Star-Lord, it was guided by the mystical insight of Adam Warlock, whose primary purpose seemed to be to prevent the collapse of fissure anomalies. On their first mission Phyla and the team clashed with followers of the mighty Universal Church of Truth, an intolerant and zealous religious empire. Believing the Guardians to be anti-church heretics, the UTC has decreed Phyla and her teammates to be enemies of the faith. The team’s strategy is to keep whatever is on the other side of the fabric of reality out of their reality, which is the 616 universe. To fulfill their goal Rocket Raccoon blew up the Temple Ship while Phyla and Adam absorbed the released energy and used it to drive the unknown predator back through the fissure.

Now she comes to Earth to tell Moondragon's former Avenger team mates her fate, and a voice comes through the Quantum Bands telling Phyla-Vell that she might be needed for other things on Earth as well.

PERSONALITY: She has been shown to have the tendency to come off as cocky and overconfident because of her extensive training.


   Quantum Bands: Phyla had possession of the Quantum Bands that were designed by Eon, and worn by her appointed protector universe Quasar (Wendell Vaughn). They enhanced her speed and energy manipulating abilities as well as boosting her cosmic awareness. With the Bands she can mentally create hard light constructs and energy blasts which she can use with devastating effects. With the bands the wearer had the ability to use the quantum stream for hyper-space travel, make quantum jumps throughout the universe, and teleport others into the Quantum Zone. The bands were also used as communication devices to contact Eon and Epoch.

   Quantum Sword: She uses her bands to manifest a sword made from Quantum Energy.

KNOWN ENEMIES: Annihilus, Ultron, Thanos, the Phalanx

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"Moooom!  for Christmas I want a Quantum Sword like the lady!"

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" I won't."

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How this for a second character.   One of the immortal elemental gods.