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Author Topic: ❈QuietMisfit❈Looking for MxM❈  (Read 630 times)

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❈QuietMisfit❈Looking for MxM❈
« on: August 30, 2015, 10:19:03 PM »
Hello there, and welcome to my escape from insanity!
Hello there, and welcome to my escape from insanity!

All the information you could ever want about me!

About Me! [Misfit]:

This one is more of a warning for people: I say i'm patient, but in reality I am not. It's not like i'm going to constantly pester you, i'd never say a word to you about if you're going to reply. I will just sit like a sad kitten and constantly check. So if I say i'm patient, that's what I mean.

1. I am 100% female.
2. I work on weekdays only.
3. I have no life so I should be able to reply often. If I don't reply pretty fast, don't think it's just because I don't like the roleplay. Some are just harder for me to write a reply about, and working on another persons normally helps get the juices flowing.
4. We can chat if you want, but i'm not really the best at conversations, but i'd love to try with you!

Okay, for people that are like me... and stalk their partners, here's how my weekdays work.(Another type of warning to how I am)
I have a sleeping issue, it is not Insomnia, I just randomly wake up in the middle of the night, so at 3AM my time you might get my reply.

I wake up between 5:30-6:00AM.
If I wake up at 5:30AM I have until 6:10AM to reply.
If it's 6:00AM I have until 6:45AM to reply.
I start work at either 6:30AM or  7:20AM.
Then at random times in the day I may be able to get a reply out.
I can get out between 2:30PM, or 4:45PM.
Then normally I stay home so from that until I sleep.
So.. Maybe 9-11PM.

Roleplay Information!

What I enjoy In Roleplay.

The type I enjoy the most is a fantasy type of roleplay. This could mean we take place anywhere that the mind could think of. Or maybe a place just like here, just containing mythical creatures! I think my favorite is a modern fantasy.
The next thing I enjoy is horror. I like being scared, or scaring another. Maybe something filled with murders, non-con... Darker themes don't scare me, I promise. Want something more touchy, I can do that! Makes it more fun in my opinion.
I do like modern, but it has to be an interesting plot behind it. Otherwise i'll just loose interest within a few posts and want to drop out. This means no full smut incest, that's just boring.
Anime! I know this probably isn't a genre, but it's something I enjoy to roleplay. There will be more information about that down below.

Humans. Obviously! It's what we are, and I wouldn't mind playing as what I am.
Elementals. Hehe, I love the ability to have my hands pulse out columns of fire into a forest! Hehe~
Vampires. I haven't played them much myself, but I think I like it most when it's either a newer vampire, an elder... or a savage one.
Werewolves. I know people ca be very specific about these, and I don't know exactly everything about them. If you don't mind, teach me! I love wolves...
Demons/Angels. I have played these A LOT. I have taken all my angel/demons/mixes and made them into a family tree... so it's most likely my characters are related. This line started about three years ago with my very first roleplay. So they hold a special place in my heart.
Neko. For my a neko is just a human with animal like ears, tail, eyes, teeth/nails. Though I know Neko means cat... but that's what I mean when I say neko.
Furry/Anthro. What's the difference? Is there one, or do people just like using different names? I'm also okay with these! I have no played them much.

Random Things!
I enjoy fighting. Physical or verbal.
Sad/Mature themes. Suicidal characters, abuse victims, rape, and so on.
Flawed characters. Most of my characters are fucked up.

What I Don't Enjoy In A Roleplay.

I have never tried Sci-fi, and I honestly don't want to. I'm not all into the future/robots, time travel or overly scientific things.
Another thing I don't like is historical. Taking place in a place in the past and needing to know specific facts. I'm not the smartest gal, and I don't want to mess things up by my lack of attention of History class in high school.

Robots. I'm not all into the scientific things.
Aliens. I'm also not into slimy, tentacle covered, or scaly creatures.

Random Things!
Helpless Characters... My characters have a backbone. They might have issues and seem skittish but can burst if pushed.
Vanilla sex. That's boring. Clawing, biting, teasing! Anything but just straight sex.

My Sexual Information!

I'm a kinky person when it comes to smut, and i'm embarrassed to say what I actual like. None of this is needed, it's just what I like when someone asks me what I like.

'Normal' Kinks.
Biting/Clawing! Receiving/Giving. It could break skin. Licking/Sucking blood doesn't bother me.
Pinning! Receiving. I think this might be one of my biggest ones. Being held down to a bed, wall, ground.. between someone else.
Hair Pulling! Receiving/Giving.
Choking! Receiving. Kind of explains itself, breath control.
Playful Struggling! This means my character wants it, but wants to play a little hard to get.
Humiliation! Receiving. Another big one I enjoy.

Are these weird? Kinks.

Saliva. I don't mean drool all over me... like trails coming from lips, or cock. Drooling is good as well, just not slobbering I guess.
Pre-cum. I like things that drip I guess you could say? And it's fun to see boy get as wet as a girl can.
Cum. Not an excessive amount, but i'd rather have it in my mouth and squirted all over my body.
Food play. I don't mean force feed me. Like a Popsicle or a long lollipop... drips and saliva.

Turn off kinks.
Extreme bondage.
Overly Hairy Bodies.

Things I don't care about.
Urine. If you want me to piss on myself or in my clothes i'm fine with that. Though i'm not okay with someone pissing on me, or making me swallow it.
Femboys. If I play it.

What I play as.

I normally play a submissive or a switch.
I will play a dominate. This is hard for me to explain because I just figured out i'm alright playing a dominate. I will only play a dominate if the other character is also a dominate type. What I don't want to do is be a dominate fucking a complete submissive that i'm two times bigger than. So close to the same strength/size.

Anime Information! [Fandom]:

My Rules/Thing You Should Know:
1. I will most likely not play a character that is in the show. I like using an OC better.
2. Some are plot based, some are smut based.
3. Some plots might ask you to play a cannon.
4. I am not a complete master on any of these, so don't expect me to know every little detail. I will however look up information, or ask you if i'm not sure about something.

1. Attack On Titan.
2. Vampire Knight.
3. Blue Exorcist.
4. Seraph of The End.
5. K-Project.
6. Tokyo Ghoul.

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Re: ❈QuietMisfit❈Looking for MxM or MxF❈
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2016, 03:39:45 PM »
I've decided to play my plots here!
Red colored character = Mine.

Original Plot Based Ideas!

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Re: ❈QuietMisfit❈Looking for MxM❈
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2016, 01:52:51 PM »
***I deleted the characters I had on here by accident.
Very Fun.***

Welcome to where my favorite characters will be placed!
My Rainbow Sipping Queers.

Characters will start from youngest to oldest.
These characters can also be side/secondary characters if so desired.
Some characters will be related to each other.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(If you looked at my plots, yes, I used the same picture for one of my characters.)
Soria Rose Crosser.

"I have to get out of this place... This isn't for someone like me."

Basic Information​
Full Name: Soria Rose Crosser.
Reason For Name: He was given such a feminine name because they believed they were having a daughter, but on the special day Soria turned out to be a male. Even if his name is very feminine he loves it with every ounce of his heart. The name was so important and was kept despite the gender mix up because of the meaning behind it. Soria was a woman in his family who had brought the family to Kalso, specifically Orsay City where they started to build their business. It's why they are here now, well off and happy.

That business is called 'Crosser Care.'
Crosser Care is a Pokemon center, hospital, and therapy center put into one large building. It's their job to make others happy, healthy, and have a safe continuing.
Nickname: Sora.
Age: Eighteen.
Sex: Male.
Species: Human.
Sexuality: Unsure.
Roleplays: Pokemon, obviously.

Likes: Pokemon, Quiet, Open Spaces, His Family.
Dislikes: Humans, Strangers, Yelling, and Death.
Fears: Never finding a proper purpose in life.
Strengths: His knowledge of medicine for both humans and pokemon. Connections with his partners.
Weakness: His emotions. Memories. Lack of trust in others.

Personality: Soria is a rather excitable person with lots of pent up energy as most of the day he's sitting behind a desk or going through a checklist of chores. He has a sweet soul that everyone seems to enjoy when he's around. He does have a temper that will normally only be pushed if his family, or pokemon were in danger. He could not stand it when something he cared about wasn't okay. He can be shy, or skittish around new people.. this is because he is locked in Crosser Care so much he doesn't get to see many people besides patients, and they rarely talk to him.

Mother: Nancy Crosser. Alive.
Father: Grayson Crosser. Dead.
Brother: N/A.
Sister: N/A.
Grandmother: Bea Crosser. Alive.

Background: Soria was born in a place that he'd be trapped in for the rest of his life. His family business, Crosser Care. He would be the only child born from his mother, as that is how tradition went. A crosser would have one child, and that one child would take responsibility of Crosser Care. That is how it worked for many generations. Now Soria would need to take care of the business, and be sure to have a child to take care of Crosser Care when he was no longer giving.

By the age of five he was sent to pre-school. This is where he decided he enjoyed the company of pokemon far more than humans. He was a rather mute child, and awefully shy. He remembers kids asking if he was deaf, or knew how to speak sometimes. He had nothing to say, that was all. Pokemon didn't need words to understand him, why couldn't humans be the same? During pre-school is where he met his first pokemon. After a few third graders decided to throw a pokemon egg around like a ball Soria stopped being so mute and started screaming and crying. They ended up handing him the egg, and he took it straight home to his mother. When it hatched it was a Mawile.

At Age ten his father was brought home from his travels, though not in the way the family had wanted. He was brought to the hospital unit of Crosser Care. With nurses working desperately on him Soria managed to slip through. A team of bad people had stolen his fathers pokemon and did something to his chest. Through the struggling his father handed him the only pokeball he had left. It was an Arcanine named Chi. He was told to take care of her, and she'd take care of him. He ended up dying that night from blood loss. He promised himself he'd go out and adventure, to look for those who killed his father, and get his pokemon back.

At age twelve Soria was given an egg by his grandmother. It was an egg to their two family Lucarios. During the same year he met a Zoura that an elderly woman gave to Crosser Care to be a comfort animal for those sad/sick. The two grew to like each other quickly with cuddles and nuzzles! The egg had hatched after long months of waiting, and Soria was amazed at the little one, she was so graceful, and fast. He named her Gracelynn.

Now he was eighteen years old, and sick of being locked up in Crosser Care.


Nickname: Jaws. Soria was little, and the first thing he noticed was his Jaws. "Jaws!" And the pokemon responded to like it was his name, so it stuck.
Type: Fairy/Steel.
Number: 303

Level: 10.
Moves: Growl (Level 1.)​
Play Rough (Level 1.)
Bite (Level 9.)
Ice Fang. (Egg Move.)

Background: Jaws was found by Soria when he was an egg. He was just starting in his schooling and he saw of the two older kids throwing around an egg like it was a toy ball. Being overly protective about Pokemon the young child ran up to the boys and started screaming and crying about how there's a Pokemon in there. That is had feelings just like they did. In the end the kids ended up throwing the egg to Soria and walked away laughing like it was a joke. He took it straight to his mother, telling her the story they took proper care of it until one day it hatched. A Mawile! Soria took special care of his new friend from that day on, their bond strong.​

Nickname: Chi. Blood. When found she was killing multiple pokemon and it seemed Sorias father was the only one able to calm the enraged Pokemon.
Type: Fire.
Number: 59

Level: 65.
Moves: Thunder Fang (Level 1.)​
Extreme Speed (Level 34.)
Fire Fang (Level 1.)
Double Team. (TM No. 32.)

Background: Chi originally was his fathers pokemon. His father had recently passed due to a new team that had popped up, he was hurt so badly they couldn't help him. They stole all of his pokemon besides Chi. His father gave him Chi, knowing she liked Soria as she was a growlithe when he was born and helped protect him like a guard puppy. She is rather sad now as her trainer has passed, and Soria does his best to get her through the tough time.​

Nickname: Nycto. Nobody really knows why the woman would call him night.
Type: Dark.
Number: 570

Level: 5.
Moves: Leer (Level 1.)​
Scratch (Level 1.)

Background: Nycto is the centers comfort animal, he was originally brought by an elderly woman who could no longer care for the Zoura. He was soon seen next to Soria who was sniffling on the ground because he slammed his toe into the front desk. Nycto went over and cuddled and nuzzled with the little Soria who started giggling and playing with Nycto. Though he is still not over his old trainer, he doesn't seem to mind the attention in the center.​

Nickname: Gracelynn. For her Graceful nature.
Type: Fighting.
Number: 447

Level: 7.
Moves: Quick Attack (Level 1.)​
Iron Defense (Egg Move.)
Crunch (Egg Move.)

Background: Riolu was given to Soria as an egg after her mother refused it from her grandmother. She believed a young pokemon should be with a young boy so they could play. The egg came from the two family Lucario's, they have been in the family for as long as many could remember. They were protections of the Crosser Care while it was being built so they're precious to the family, and Soria was excited to meet their child.​

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Amon Harley Bixen.
I see a pattern of more feminine looking white haired characters.
"You're a disgusting excuse of a demon, do you have no control! Pathetic."

Basic Information.​
Full Name: Amon Harley Bixen.
Nickname: Girly.
Age: Six Hundred. (Looks Eighteen)
Sex: Male.
Species: Horned Reaper Demon.
Sexuality: Closet Gay.
Roleplays: Involves Demons, and Angels.

Occupation: A reaper. Takes souls from the dying, or kills those who need to be dead. He takes their souls as the choice will be made if they go to heaven or hell, or if they became a demon or angel.

Likes: Fighting, Blood, and Gold.
Dislikes: Humans, and Demons.
Fears: Gaining a strong bond with someone and seeing them wither overtime.

Personality: A no filter type of guy. He will openly tell you what he's thinking about you so bluntly. He cares very little about others feeling. But he always takes what other say about him seriously when he clearly shouldn't give a damn. He shows little emotions to other besides his anger, annoyance, or stonewall. He is seen to be more shy/skittish around older, and more intimidating demons.

Mother: Margret-Jane Bixen. Dead.
Father: Timmy Bixen. Dead.
Brother: Adam Bixen. Dead.
Sister: Alice Bixen. Dead. April Bixen. Dead.
Lover: Sebastian Yilla. Dead.

Background: Amon was once a human boy, a very long time ago back when the world was different. He was born the youngest of four children. They had an odd pattern going with the children's names, they all started with 'A'. Though his was the most out of place name in the family, it didn't sound very normal. Though he had love from all of his family, he felt like the most lucky boy with the happiest family in the world.

One day he became terribly sick, and the medicine wasn't as advanced as it was now. He never recovered from this and was left to die in his family home with all the tears that surrounded him. The last thing he heard was their sobs, their cries. He was taken away to what seemed like nowhere, a white box with a man in front of him. His face was colorless, emotionless... but his eyes were the most beautiful shade of green. He never knew death could be so beautiful, and that's what he said. "I never knew death could be such a beautiful shade of green. Life must have the dullest color of them all." The demon did not take his soul like he was meant to, he took the boy. Took him to hell with him, and he was transformed into a reaper demon just like him. This demons name was Sebastian Yilla.

Amon became Sebastian's student, learning how to be a proper reaper demon. How to use a scythe, how to collect souls. Soon the two gained feelings for each other while they worked along side each other. He watched his family from the shadows, see them get old and grey. He watched them die, and he was the one who took their souls. A hello and a goodbye. It was the same for all of them. Lots of tears of joy, but what surprised Amon was that they weren't scared of him or that he would be the one sending them to heaven or hell. They accepted it.

A hundred years later Amon had gotten into a fight with the wrong Incubus demon who was about three hundred years older than him. He was trying to stop him from killing a young child, which was out of line of him, but he couldn't bare to watch such a sight. A fight broke out between the two of them and Amon's scythe shattered into dust from the first blow... He knew he was going to die and Sebastian would have to know he died trying to protect a child. Instead of death he felt blood start to splatter on his face, when he opened his eyes he saw Sebastian standing over him with a hand through his chest. He had such a happy look on his face, the incubus had died within of seconds of his scythe slicing through his body. Sebastian was thousands of years old.

It ended with them kissing, Amon crying his little reaper heart out, and clinging desperately to his dead lover. He was alone... he had watched anyone he had ever cared for die. That was five hundred years ago.