Reverse Cuckhold [M lf F (with roles for others), Light-to-Bon, NSFW Pics]

Started by TheVillain, August 30, 2015, 09:14:44 PM

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A couple story ideas that have come to mind, both a bit on the naughty side. :P

Basic idea behind each is that they are twists and reversals on the classic Cuckholding Fetish. Let me know if you're interested.

Feeling Neighborly - [Swinging]

Darrin Thornton has had a rough month. Finally finishing up a messy divorce, at least he got to keep the house. Good with the neighbors, things were finally coming down to something approaching stability and peace once again. The shockwaves of the Thornton divorce are going to be felt for years but at least things will calm down now, relatively.

Except now it's going to become something better. It's the Romeros that are bringing him in on the neighborhood's dirty little secret. A seedy undercurrent that he never realized was there before, something the neighbors collectively got together and decided to help cheer him up.

Because it seems that a surprising roster of their neighbors have a bit of a cuckholding kink, and if it would help him get over Jeannette and the divorce a few of them would happily let him fuck their wives and girlfriends - as long as they got to watch...

Queen of the Castle - [Cuckqueaning]

Cheryl Fletcher noticed a while back that she tended to gravitate toward porn novels, but recently she's realized that she's been moving further and further along a certain kind of fetish. A fetish she didn't realize even had a name until recently, but now that she knows the name it makes sense. Even with her married life, her husband Julian was admitted that before they got together he "played the field" and even cheated on some previous partners. She knew she should be outraged at that, way more then she was.

Now it makes sense though, everything has fallen into place.

Now she's pretty sure she has a Cuckqueaning fetish, the female version of the Cuckholding fetish - so how does she tell Julian that she actually wants him to go out and bring home other women for sex, and she'd get off tremendously if he fucked them while she got to watch...

The Bastard - [Light-to-Med Infidelity]

She always knew that her career would be tough on a marriage. A high-powered corporate lawyer, she has to take frequent business trips for clients around the planet. He would of been a stay at home dad if she ever got pregnant but this lifestyle isn't quite conducive too that.

But then she starts getting mysterious emails, someone is sending her evidence and footage showing that her husband frequently has sex with other women whenever a business trip takes her out of the country and rarely the same woman twice. She knows she should be furious, and on some level she is - but why is she also a little turned on? And whose sending her this stuff anyway?

Conference Call - [Light Infidelity]

As he's heading out for an out-of-state week-long job conference, a married man is surprised to find in his luggage a note from his wife giving him permission to have sex with other women as long as it only happens once per new partner. While he tries to figure out what this is all about, he can't help but pay more attention to the various conference attendees and presenters now...

Vegas Nights

The only reason she was even in Vegas at all was to help a friend that just went through a messy divorce. Apparently there had been too much alcohol going around as well, enough that she doesn't exactly remember a lot of last night. And apparently she's not the only one, as she's shocked to wake up next too her favorite male porn star. Apparently he also had a little too much to drink last night, and originally he was willing to let that be that.

But later it's discovered that the two of them had actually gotten legally married. Heading back to Vegas to annul the drunken mistake, his producer has another idea - stay married, let them film the drama for a reality series, and she'll be paid a lot of money for it. But can she handle being married to a man that not only does but his job actually requires him to have sex with other women?
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Update - Apologies to all my partners, real life is exploding and I've gotten far behind.


My O/O's / My A/A's / My Ideas
Update - Apologies to all my partners, real life is exploding and I've gotten far behind.


My O/O's / My A/A's / My Ideas
Update - Apologies to all my partners, real life is exploding and I've gotten far behind.