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Author Topic: A few of my ideas M/F  (Read 590 times)

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A few of my ideas M/F
« on: August 30, 2015, 12:20:15 PM »
Hello, thank you for taking the time to look at this thread, this is a thread based on ideas which are romantic in nature. They are M/F ideas and all of them can be changed and or edited to fit the needs of the person who I am rping with. . For my rps, I rp on thread or pm, that is all. I also don't do M/M. Anyhow here are some of my ideas. As a note, is very common for me to put up new ideas. I hope you enjoy and find something you like.

1. Demon Hunters
The two of them had been working to fight the forces of the darkness for a good while, but somehow they had never ran into the other. He just moved into town, and while fighting demons he ran into her. Of course he was surprised that she was a demon warrior too, but there was something about her that he fell for. He decided to work with your character, and as they worked saving the world, they fell for each other

2.Failure of a Hero?
My character has always been told that he wouldn't be able to make it as a hero, but he is going to try anyway, as he went out, he went to vanquish a powerful demon princess. Yet, it turns out that demon princess is your character, a young woman who doesn't like fighting. Yet, she decides to help out our hero traveling with him, as she tricked him to think she is just some wondering lady, and not the princess he is after. Over time will this odd couple fall in love despite the natural differences

3. Midnight Melody
Your character has been forced to go to a ball she doesn't want to go too. She thinks she know everyone there, but then she sees him. The mystery man, the one man in the room, she doesn't know and has to learn about. They dance, they enjoy each others company, but then when the night comes to an end, he disapears no one having seen him but her. She things it is a dream till he appears a couple nights later, what is up, what is his secret that he is keeping

4. Lost Angel
He was a lost angel, not seeing the purpose of his duty. He ended up on earth for a year to learn his lesson, and to be mortal, but as he lives his life, he finds that he keeps running into your character who somehow ended up as his roommate. How will the year go, will he want to return after the year, and will she find out his secret

5. The Beauty and the Bodyguard
he had bad luck with women, nothing he did ever really worked, he just got flustered. So his friends decided to fix this problem and have him guard the most elegable woman they knew. They figured by putting the two close they would end up helping both deal with their nervousness around the other gender, but how will well their plan work, perhaps to well

6. Figher's Love
As two of the most powerful fighters ont he world, neither thought they would find anyone who would understand them. That was till fate took a hand and force them together in a dire situation. The situation which will bring the two together and make them understand that there is someone who gets them

7. The princess and the theif
She was a wild young woman wanting to go on adventures, but this time she got into trouble. He was an theif who had a noble streak and a certain code he lived by. He would find the princess in trouble and save her. Of course he won't know that she is who she says she is. So she decides to continue her travels with her, but what will happen when he finds out the truth of who she is and how long will she hide it

8.Zelda's Holiday
You are Princess Zelda, and for once the world isn't falling down around you. You have decided to spend sometime with your hero, Link. You two finally will have the time to actually get to know each other, and perhaps fall in love

9. Lost Hearts
Two people are taken away from their worlds by magic and dumped into a new world, first they have to figure out what happened, and how to get back. As they search they find each other, and work together. By the end of their journey will they both want to return home or will they want to remain together

10. Magic Night
Your character and mine have been friends for a long time. This night however is special, it is the night of the fireflies, the first night of the year that the fireflies show up. Now my character is hoping to make it more special by attempting his feelings, will things work for him or just fall apart

11. Fireworks
Your character and mine have known each other a long time, but mine recently moved away to go to a rather fancy school a half a year before. They stopped seeing each other and both were some what lost without the other around. Then he returns to see his family for the holiday, and they spent time around each other. They both realize they have feelings for the other. Yet, neither talks, perhaps on the night of the fireworks a breakthrough will finally happen

12. A Fire Emblem RP: Lucina/Robin
Lucinia came from a dark world where she lost everything and her one chance was to go back in time and save the future. She wants to save her father, but she can't reveal who she is. As she searches, she finds his father has a new adviser. She stays around and keeps tabs, but she notices that he keeps track of her. Will she be able to keep her secret hidden. Will she discover in her future timeline it is Robin who kills her father. More importantly what will she do when she starts to have feelings for the white haired genius

13. The King and the Captive
Your character is the daughter of a prisoner, who was born while her mother was in captivity. Your mother was released by the king, but before you could be released, the king died. The little son of the king took over, but the regent was in charge. He didn't send the baby girl back when he found out her mother was murdered when she returned home. So she grew up treated well and grew up to the age of 18. The older king now in charge of the country has spent many years around your character. He was your mentor when you were a teen. Now, you want to help him find a queen, but what happens when you realize you have extremely deep feelings for the King yourself

14. Return from war
Your character is a young woman who has been worried sick for many years about the fate of your best friend. While he was gone, you worried that he might of been killed on many nights. Now that the war is over, and he is returning will sparks fly between you two.

15. A fair exchange
your character is popular but isn't that good at school, so you look for a tutor to help you pass your freshman level college classes. You find a junior who is very smart but not good at dealing with people. What happens when you put these two opposites together, will perhaps they bridge the gap of differences and something spark between these two

16. The maid
your character has been assigned to her first job as a maid, she works for a recluse who was at one time famous for whatever reason. As you work, you spend time around him and learn that he isn't as bad as it was rumored that he was, and you slowly grow closer perhaps till you two can overcome the status difference between you two

17. Overcoming differences
your a angel who has been sent to earth, there you deal with a older angel who has fallen. You want more then anything to save him. You see, he once was very close to you before something terrible happened, which caused his fall. Now your own your own little mission to save him while keeping yourself from falling just like he did

18. Serving him
you were born a servant, perhaps a slave. You were raised learning to help people, learning to be ready for the day you were sold off. That day, you were sold off to a great general, instead of keeping you, he gave you to his best most promising knight. Now it is your role to work for him. How will this work, when he doesn't act at all like you expect him to and isn't at all what you imagined, will you fall for the man you serve?

19. A working relationship
Your character is a new star or will be soon, your character is talented, beautiful and has a great voice. You have been discovered by a young man who is a new agent. He puts his focus on helping you secede. You grow closer as you work together, will things heat up, or will you out grow him and find a bigger agency to work with.

20. The arranged alliance
Your character is the daughter of a powerful king. Yet, even a powerful king needs allies. So he arranged for you to marry the new king of the kingdom nearby, there you will have to deal with the young king and see if you two can get along despite never having meet each other

21. Classmates, Neighbors, more?
Your character and mine have been neighbors since they were kids, they know each other extremely well, but for some reason they haven't noticed each how each has grown up. How will things change between them when they come to the realization they are attracted to the other

22. Love Across Universes
Two warriors from different universe are forced together. It could be into one of their universes or a new one all together. The two of them have to work together to survive and defeat the big baddy. As the two work together, the two of them fall in love, what effect will that have in their adventures and their futures, will they even want to go back home after they defeat the big baddy

23. The Curse
A young prince spent his days without a purpose until his peaceful kingdom was attacked by demons. The prince proved his bravery that day, but he was also cursed by a powerful demon. The curse will kill him if he doesn't kill the demon in a set period of time. The prince heads out to try to defeat the demon and avenge the deaths of his men. As he leaves, his best friend (whatever rank we want for her) comes along to make sure he is okay and to help him on said quest.

24. A odd pair
The new king was without a wife, he had no prospects either as of the moment. He went in search of a wife, but as he traveled, he meet a young woman, who was different, a woman of a different culture from himself. He agrees to take her with him when he finds out that she is to be killed if she doesn't find a husband by her family. He agrees to marry her to save her, her not knowing his status or her parents who just think he is a random stranger, will the two be able to get along. Will they work out or are their cultures to different from each other.

25. A traveler from the past
He was a knight from a kingdom, he was a great brave leader and capable, but he was in love with a woman who he couldn't have. He saved a woman's life and was given a odd gift, as he was sent into the future to modern day. In modern day, he will have to get used to society, he will have to find his place in the world, and maybe he gets help to adjust.

26. Sensei
A man was a martial arts master, able to teach and learn multiple fighting arts, he was able to teach, but refused to. Now, there was one woman who wanted to learn form him more then anything. She wanted to learn for her own reasons(which can be decided before the start of the rp) she is turned down, but later on, he accept her to give her some training work, but still refuses her as her student. She is a determined young woman, and the two slowly grow closer over time, despite his refusal to teach her. She figures she can learn just being around him.

27. The Jedi
He was a exiled jedi who had been kicked out of the order during the clone wars, he was off the list of jedi when things went sour and all the Jedi were killed at the end of the war, or a majority were. He ends up on the outter realm, where he lives a quiet life till something happens, and he has to safe a young woman who gains his attention. From this point forward, his live becomes less quiet as he has trouble hiding from the world and the problems that causes for him.

28. A reporter's story
A newspaper report has seen a lot in his day, he has been to a lot of places, but he is given what seems like a simple case about a death of a old woman, and things turn crazy, he learns about the gate hidden world, just outside of his own, a world where mystical creatures of all time live, a world where their are no humans just mystical peoples some who want to find a way to find the entrance the man came though and go into the human world for bad intentions, as well as those who are curious about what a human is and wish to learn more about him. Again this is another idea with many possibilities to it

29. Act of Kindness
a young man lives alone he comes from a well off family who is always away on trips to different places. He tends to spend most of his time alone, and is skilled in a number of things. As a senior in high school he is looking at going anywhere he wants to for college. Still the loneliness is hard for the young man but that changes when he finds a abandoned cat at his doorstep. He takes the cat in and gives it a home. Little does he know that the cat is really a Nero. The next morning he goes to feed the cat to find it transformed to a beautiful female neko.

30. Pokeboy Adventure
For my idea I would figure my character would be a pokeboy one who lived out in the country. He lives a in nature after the death of his first trainer. He is headstrong and determined anything but a weak boned pokeboy. He meets and helps your character cause she reminds him of his first trainer and wants to help her cause if this reason alone. He helps her in her goal to be the best while finding other pokeboys to work with her to give her a powerful enough team to be the champion. None will be backboneless and will have different reasons got helping you character. They will make a unlikely but powerful team who all have the common desire to support you character.

31. Pokegirl adventure
similar to 30 but with me playing the trainer and you playing his female pokegirls

32. Sekirei RP
You are one of the special Sekirei, there are 108 of you, each with your own special power that you can uses. Sadly, the power doesn't become active till you find your Ashikabi, a special male who is destined to bond with you. When you find him and kiss him your powers become active, and the stronger your connect the stronger your powers. You will need them cause you will be in a fight as all 110 of you fight it out to be the last one and have a prize said to of been directly from the gods. Could combine this idea with other fighting series if you want.

33. Way out West
They were two people who were both after a treasure, together they worked, as partners to try to find this great mythical treasure in the mountains of the southwest. Will they be able to work together to find the great wealth or will temptation of getting rich cause the amazing couple to split

34. Partners in War, and Peace?
The two of them battled together as knights of the realm for years, the two of them were the best, but that was during war time, now that the war was over, how will they adapt to peace and will the feelings that were hidden between the two during the war, bloom during the peace

35. Finding the right queen
The King was a good man, but his skills in leadership and his apitude for being the leader of the kingdom were questionable. His best adviser came up with a plan, he went in seach of a woman who would be able to work with their king and be the guiding hand to inspire him to be a better man and keep the kingdom on track.

36. West meets East
A man from the frontier who had been a gunslinger in the west makes a trip across the ocean to Japan during a time of great upheaval. How will this man adapt to the new world he is entering, what will happen when he is hired by a important family to help them out. A damiyo who happens to have a daughter who has turned herself into a samurai, and warrior

Fandoms I would like to try:
 Yu Yu Hakusho
 Black Cat

 Warriors Series
 Final Fantasy Series
 Persona 4 (would love one of these)
 Dragon Quest 8
 A large number of other JRPG
 Most Nintendo games

Other pictures that I would be up for turning into a rp, none currently have ideas

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