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Author Topic: Seeking Long term RP partner :)  (Read 1142 times)

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Seeking Long term RP partner :)
« on: August 29, 2015, 12:33:13 PM »
I have some fandom Ideas I'd like to run by you guys.  first of all yes several ideas are OCxCanon.  However, I am happy to double up, so if You are willing for example, to play Severus Snape for me, I'd be willing to play Draco Malfoy for you (not limited to Draco of course) or if your a male player and wish me to play Say Black Widow for your OC While you play Bruce Banner for mine I can do that :) 

Are you still here? awesome, After reviewing my plots please just PM me with your request.  Plots are up for discussion, and if you have a fandom paring in Mind, or a canon character you particularly want to play or want me to play, that you don't see here, Just ask, I love when people approach me with new ideas :)

On to the plots! :D


Severus Snape (AU)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It's a new year at Hogwarts and Severus snape, Under orders is stuck as resident potions master... again...

It had been a surprise to everyone when After saving Draco from Voldemort wrath Harry Potter stepped forward to defend his most despised teacher. the man who had even killed Dumbledore.  but in his own way Harry got him back, now forced to keep teaching dunderhead students Severus is wondering if Facing Voldemort wouldn't have been a better option. This year however has a surprise in store for the man when an old school mate is hired on as the defense professor. A woman he barely remembers but, who insist they had once been close friends.  When Memories prove difficult to pull forward and no evidence of her can be found in his Pensive Severus ponders that someone may have meddled with his mind, and if so, why in regards to one, silly woman?

Severus Snape (AU Plot 2)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
As he's left to slowly die in the shrieking Shack Severus thinks that the devil has come for him when in his fading vision he sees demonic golden eyes slink out of the shadows to approach him.

So no one was more surprised then him to wake, Alive and, well mostly whole, in a dark room wrapped up and bound by his ankles to a wrought Iron bed base.  in a chair next to the bed a woman sit watching him closely, stupidly long dark hair almost hiding her in the shadows. she reminds him of someone, but he can't place who.  before he can speak she points a wand at him

"Severus Snape I saved you from death.  Your masters are dead, and unless you wish to join them You will serve me until your debt is paid." she says clearly her voice commanding, then it hits him, this woman is very much like a particularly vindictive and violent death eater, nothing short of a mad man.

"What do you want?" he asks finally managing to find his weakened voice.  the woman's expression never changes "You will help me Kill My brother and any other death eater that still lives."

Severus Snape Maruaders era
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  What is wrong with this girl!

This is what Snape thinks every time he catches sight of the wide eyed blond who stands and watches him so often.  it's creepy!  she's probably just making fun of him like everyone else, well hell he wasn't some punching bag! so he continues to dismiss her, until after a bad run in with Sirius Black she's there "I'll tell!  People like you now but no one will like you if people find out you tried killing somebody! and I bet the teachers will hate you even more! go away!"

And he was gone, fluffy blond hair and big green eyes stared at him as she crouched "Are you ok?" she asks honestly, there is not pity but worry in those stupid eyes, there's real concern in that annoying voice. there's gentle warmth in the hesitant healing touch.

"Y-yeah..."  despite himself, he speaks, and slowly gets to know the girl whose bothered him for so long.

Siris Black (AU after murauders seventh year)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  What do you do when the new teacher of the defense aginst the dark arts is Astonishingly beautiful?

Well for Sirius Black Flirting is something that comes just naturally, after all who wouldn't with such a beautiful powerful women that spent time with them every day (even if she was a teacher)  Despite his effort however she seems completely unmoved by him, it's well frustrating! and despite his attempts by the end of the year he gets nothing from her, but the night of graduation in a bid of frustration more then anything he asks her to dance with him... and she agrees!

The dance goes well despite the initial hiccups caused by his disbelief.  but she says something as the dance ends, she'll no longer be at Hogwarts, she was only there for the year.  intrigued he question but she dose not elaborate leaving him curious.  Almost a year later a newly added member of the order He and his four friends attend their very first meeting and to his shock His former professor is at the table and on seeing him offers only the second real smile he's ever seen from her


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Gotham's underground has had a rash of Burglaries!  Batman heard from informants that several crime families have been robbed, Anything from Gambling dens, to seemingly legitimate clubs have been targets, the only things tying them? all of them are run by one of the Gothams Main crime families.  Well that and a strange butterfly shaped card with the words 'Thank you' in scrawling script.  While no one knows whose doing it it hasn't stopped the families putting a price on this Papillon Thief particularly since the money being stolen seems to be resurfacing, in the hands of Various charity organizations under anonymous cash donations!  While the Syndicates have their own people, they don't have 'the worlds greatest detective' on their side. With his resources Batman discovers the thief, but can he stop her before she flutters right into a trap?

The Riddler
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
After The irritating Dark Knight manages to free himself from another of the Riddlers Traps, the Puzzle Master flees content to fight another day. But in his escape there is an accident,  now usually there would be no reason to stop after all, he hardly wanted to end up in Arkham again!  However a chance glance back to see if Batman is following leads him to see who crashed, it's a jolt to realize the woman unconscious behind the wheel in former coworker Ellie Grey. Enthusiastic if not to bright she was always willing to try and answer his riddles, even though most of the time she didn't know the answers.  in a spur of the moment decision Nigma pulls the woman from the burning car and brings her with him.  rationalizing that if he is caught by the caped crusader he could always use her as a bargaining chip for freedom.  However when Ellie awakens and recognizes him What can he do? presented with a woman who had always accepted him? Will he try to keep his identity as a criminal mastermind a secret or will he Use this woman for his own gain?

The Joker
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  He hated her... He loved her.  He wanted to peel the skin off her face like an apple, he wanted to caress that skin soft and supple and keep it for his own.  That was the basis of insanity was it not?  the contradiction of desiers and actions?  For the last two weeks Jokers had found himself confused by a creature he can't explain.  Now this isn't right! He has an explination for everyone, even old Batsy has his neat little slot in jokers wild mind,  but this thing that he sees in the halls won't fit anywhere.  It was enough to drive a man mad. hehe

She's always there, Standing at the end of the hallway watching him, drifting past his doorway at an hour when everyone is locked in.  Watching him from across the yard.  She always seems to be there, and finds him unerringly.  Harley has vanished, perhapse it's time to make himself a new playmate for a while?  or maybe he'll kill her?  who knows, but He would figure out how She seemed to always be there, even if it meant breaking her untill He had only a head left to watch and laugh at.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Harvey Dent, Formally Known as Two Face seems to have turned over a new leaf.  With the help of extensive plastic surgery, therapy, and support from close friend Bruce Wayne, Harvey has finally been freed of his demons.  But not everyone is convinced and when the court appoint him a new Parole Officer, a specialist whose meant o be with him pretty much 24/7 he's not pleased, But then again Neither is she.  Cecilia 'Cece' Evans would be more then happy for Two Face to give her an excuse to shoot him.  She's been given leave to use force to detain him if he shows any signs of turning.  Baring scars of his past Cece wars with herself, alternating between being more then happy to just shoot him in his stupid face.  And following the letter of the law,  Maybe hoping he can turn himself around, and give Cece some reason to have hope in humanity and not take a final leap that no one knows she considers with the end of each job.

Red Hood
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Reports have been coming all all over Gotham of a fire wielding woman killing criminals.  when during news coverage of a hostage negation one of the hostages suddenly ignite her hands and murders their captor the woman emerges and point to the camera

"I come bearing the fires of hell,  The batman has failed, allowing real scum to live and costing many more lives with his hubris, and so it is my mission now, and so For my first target I declare war on the Vile in this city!"

With this declaration the woman bursts with a hot white flash leaving only a scorch mark as a bright light streaks off into the sky.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A wraith has been seen in Gotham.  No one knows where it came from but reports are flooding in, a white figure with stupidly long white hair has been rescuing Women.  but unlike the other vigilantes of the night, this creature does not leave attackers alive.  Statement account that the creature Seems to streak in with the speed of an Olympian and with that very hair strangles Attackers.  those who got the best looks claime the creature is a woman in a broken straight jacket, while originally considered to be an arkham escapee this theory was quickly debunked as Arkham resident are clothed in orange prison style jumpsuits, and no such woman is on record., Who ever she is, she seems t have no motive, no pattern, no residence and no identity, just a wraith moving through Gotham and killing those that some think, are better off dead anyway.  Is she and angel, or a devil?  who knows, and who will come across her next?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Bruce Wayne has been acting Batman for a few years now and his villains are mostly established and well known from the Joker to the Penguin, from the Riddler, to Bane.  Bat girl has come and gone,  as has robin.  But there’s another creature stalking the night.  His first impression was that it might have been man bat, but to everyone’s surprise new stories begin coming out of an angel rescuing people in Gotham.  These kitschy little stories turn into major front page news when a wing woman is seen battling and defeating the criminal know as two face as well as his two minions.

The problem is Bruce isn’t the only one interested in this winged woman…


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'm hoping to do a Roleplay set in the marvel universe. 

I don't mind if your a boy or girl, I love the idea of more then one set of characters, I don't mind if you want the second pairing to be M/M or F/F or Hat/Gloves *eyebrow wiggle*

While the character I play across from Bruce will be an OC I am totally willing to also play a character you like for you IE say You have a thing for Tony Stark/Black Widow?  Yep I'll Play him/her for you as well as my OC! :) 

In fact I like playing lots of characters cause it builds a bigger world with bigger stories and I LOVE a good story, I mean don't get me wrong theirs nothing wrong with smut, but a game with just smut dissolves pretty fast :(  and that's super sad (at least in my experience)

Now heres the hard part, This is a fly by the seat of your pants roleplay! meaning we get to make it up as we go!  we set a basic starting plot and just build.  Can it be done?  Yes, My longest role play which was played almost everyday consistently lasted for Five years!  our character managed through four generations, basically our starting characters (An OC, Wolveriene, HankMcoy and my friends OC) Had children, who had children, who had children! :D and since it's marvel very rarely would an of our characters stay dead, by then end we had two clones, a 'zombie', a living doll whose consciousness had been place into the body of a brain dead coma patient, and aliens! (cause aliens are awesome) Oh and deadpool, because seriously you can't have a Marvel game with out a deadpool being awesome and deadpooly

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Following a SHIELD investigation into a suspicious company that supposedly sold Genetically 'perfect' pets to affluent clients. It is discovered that a select range of pets made for exclusive client, are actually specifically bread and modified mutants to be kept, for defense, pleasure, or as actual pets.  Dismantling the facility SHIELD is left with little information and only One remaining clue. 

A left behind pet.

Rei-ki, a failed experiment, is crippled in a fight and detained. After discovering the genetic manipulation that's gone into her literal construction, and several attempts at interrogation Rei-ki is given to the hands of the Avengers. in hopes that if she ca't provide information, she can at least be a useful soldier.

This is the initial plot to start what I hope to be a long term expansive roleplay :)

I would play Rei-ki but I would also play any other character you like, I've played every avenger, Fury, Hill, and Loki, so I'm more then happy to play anyone you like :)  My aim here is a long fun story we both enjoy.  Obviously this plot is just a way to get the story going, after that we get to build the story and the world, bring in plot ideas other characters, I think it'll be fun :)


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
so yep exactly as it says Been on a Disney film binge and Boy are there some amazingly well written baddies in their collection, and some of them are rather Delicious in their own way. (Jafar has such a twisty beard!)

So while I understand this isn't going to be romantic there's no reason not to try I like stories that evolve so we're looking long term, plenty of plots, wing it stories exploring what ever (except peeing or pooping on people, Sorry I gotta draw the line there.)

So what are we looking at?

Has Jafars Lamp found it's way into the hand of a princess of another kingdom?

Has Persephone pushed her way into Hades life having developed a crush after his attempt to take over Olympus?

Has Captain Hook Kidnapped a girl mistaking her for peters new 'friend' only to find he accidentally captured a grown woman?

These are just a couple ideas but I am more then welcome to other ideas  Hit me up with a PM and we can talk :) hoping to hear from you

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Re: A few Fandom plot Ideas (Male or female) ((In the mood for Joker Plot))
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2015, 04:02:19 PM »
Le bump

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Re: A few Fandom plot Ideas (Male or female) ((added new plots))
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2015, 11:38:20 AM »

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Re: A few Fandom plot Ideas (Male or female) ((added new plots))
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2015, 02:39:55 PM »

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a bump of the bumpy kind And I added a plot for A marvel game
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Re: My Fandom Plots! (F Seeking any)
« Reply #6 on: May 15, 2017, 04:03:39 PM »
Updated with new Plots, A cleaned up Lay out, Some new details on my play style, and a new title :)

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Re: Seeking Long term RP partner :)
« Reply #7 on: June 23, 2017, 12:56:09 PM »
I have updated the title

I keep forgetting. 

All the plots are open again just send me a PM if your interested in any of them.  I am also taking Ideas so if you have an idea and don't see it PM me and I might be up for it :)
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