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January 17, 2022, 04:31:00 am

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Author Topic: "A Crossdressing Love Story" ~ Seeking longterm partner  (Read 747 times)

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"A Crossdressing Love Story" ~ Seeking longterm partner
« on: August 29, 2015, 11:00:43 am »
Daniel Ross had been in love with Kellyn Fischer from the day he met her.

They'd been in the same sociology class Freshman year and had been partnered up to work on an assignment together. Her warm smile was what ensnared him first. Then it was her laugh, and the soft touches she'd give his arm when they talked. She was the first girl he truly felt comfortable around and he thought one day he might tell her his big secret. Daniel was often intimidated by girls. He was shy, introspective, and short. He had soft features and delicate eyes. Because of this he was often bullied and picked on. Lee Zanuck was the worst. He towered over Daniel and was built like a heavyweight fighter. Lee would call Daniel 'Fag-boy' or 'Queer-eye' just to get under his skin.

Over the next two years Daniel and Kellyn grew closer. Kellyn was very open with him and they got to know each other quite well. At first it bothered him when she'd talk about guys she was interested in because it meant that he wasn't even on her radar, but after a while that feeling faded and he was just glad to be in her company.

However, two events took place senior year that would push the two of them apart.

The first was when Kellyn had stopped by unannounced to his dorm room and caught him fully done up in hair, makeup, heels and a blouse and skirt. It was a side of himself that he'd never shared with anyone -- let alone Kellyn. This was his big secret and he never wanted her to find out like this. He stared at her with crimson cheeks as her jaw hung open. He tried to explain, but she fled from the room. Much later was when the second event happened. He'd gone to her off-campus apartment to talk to her. Before he could even exit his car he looked up into her apartment window and to his horror he saw her on her bed with Lee Zanuck on top thrusting into her.

They didn't talk the rest of senior year. Although he never stopped harboring a flame for his dream girl. Daniel graduated, moved away, got a low paying entry level job and married a wallflower of a girl named Becca. Kellyn was still there though, and he lived vicariously through her status updates on Facebook as she rose up the corporate ladder. When the economy tanked he found himself out of work and very soon out of a marriage. It was amicable for the most part. He'd never loved Becca the way that he'd loved Kellyn.

After the divorce he moved back to the city and tried to find work. Fate works in very mysterious ways. While on the phone one day with a job recruiter he was looking over the list of potential employers who would hire temps. He saw that the recruiter had put the name 'Ms. Kellyn Fischer' in the 'Don't Call' List. Just seeing her name there on the paper caused a hot sensation to move through his chest. He asked the recruiter why he was not to reach out to her.

"She only hires female assistants," the recruiter said. "I doubt you'd even get an interview."

A light switch turned on in Daniel's mind then. Perhaps the universe was giving him a sign. It's been a long time since he'd dressed as his female alias, but he's confident that he can still pull it off. He hangs up with the recruiter and works on creating a resume for a young woman named Danielle.

Happy Saturday! If you made it this far I humbly thank you and hope that it's because my prompt caught your attention. I think this is a very unique tale, but one with a lot of possibility. It's a story that hit me today that I felt the desire to want to write and tell with someone.

My niche is stories with strong sensual and erotic moments that are balanced by subtle moments as well. I'm a girl who loves romance as much as I love the hot & steamy sexual scenes. This story will be a slow burn that develops and unfolds elegantly as our two characters become entwined.

If you're interested please reach out. Let's work out some backstory and avatars and all that fun stuff

Please be a solid, quality writer. That above anything is what I desire. Someone who knows how to convey character feelings and emotions. I want to know what you're thinking and feeling as you portray Daniel.

Let's have some fun with this! Hope to hear from you soon!
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