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Author Topic: Open World Adventure (Star Wars, GM For Players.)  (Read 844 times)

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Open World Adventure (Star Wars, GM For Players.)
« on: August 29, 2015, 02:33:15 AM »
2016 Edit: I am back after a brief absence and am wanting to try this again! I am really only going to be looking into one or two partners this time though.hope to hear back from you!

Hello! I hope you are doing very well! If you are reading this than I am sure you already have some general idea of what kind of roleplay I am going to be describing here.

However I would appreciate if everyone would read fully through this, just to make sure that we are on the same page.

I am currently looking for a couple players who would enjoy taking a character of their creation and bringing it into a universe I craft for them. This isn’t going to be some sort of pre-generated cookie cutter world I have set up already. I am going to put work into this. Craft this world into something you will enjoy. I want to build this around your likes, dislikes, desires, kinks, everything. This will be a world specifically made for you, and the character you decide to create.

Also I am not opposed to playing in a game like this if someone prefers a gm role.

Some of you may know the lovely MishaLeeA posted a similar thread not too long ago. She was actually the one that inspired me to put up this advertisement myself. I love world building and the thought of doing this excites me greatly. A couple quick things with this though.

I have a deep love for Star War so I mostly am looking mostly to do something in that general universe. We wouldn’t follow any of the plots or characters. But we would use the lore for a basic template. I am no opposed to another setting at all. If you really desire another setting, I am more than happy to hear any ideas.

This will most likely use a system. I am attaching a basic Star Wars system that works fairly well. I am also familiar with most RPG systems if you have another preference.

I have a pretty open plate now with RPs so I do have some free time. However this is going to be a decent amount of effort and time on my part. I really am trying to make a unique experience for everyone who is playing and this will take some work to balance everything and keep a plan for all the stories. So as a result I really am only looking for two, MAYBE three more people. With the story I already have going I don’t think I could manage any more than this. So if you show interest in this and I am unable to do something with you at this time, I do truly apologize.

Also this is meant to be a longer term thing. This is going to be an ongoing world where you decisions and choices will mater. So because of this, I am looking for someone who can commit to this and not someone who is going to disappear after a week. That would just be mean.

Communication is obviously going to be big with this too. I love talking with my partners out of character as the game goes. I also want to know how you are feeling, what you like, what you don’t, what you want to see more or less of, and so on.

I know I am throwing a lot out here so let’s get to the important part, what I need from you.  Lots of information. What do you want to play as? Why? What kind of theme? Is there something you have a strong affinity towards in your roleplaying session? What do you dislike greatly? What exactly is your character, why, and what motivation? What kind of kinks are you looking for? These sort of things help me gaining a first impression of you, as well as being able to, hopefully, give an interesting reply back at you.

The Ideal Application and Feedback
((I am kind of stealing this. But, it fits very well what I am looking for from you.)
I've decided to add this part to the entire advert here on Elliquiy, feeling that it might help some of you make the right choice, and hopefully, improve the application you send my way, so here goes!

What I mean by ideal application, is an application sent towards, the GM, that is easy to understand, showing exactly what you want, and why, by you, the PLAYER. So what exactly DOES make an ideal application?

1. Come forward with what you like! Don't be shy if there's something you find weird or somehow unusual. We're all adults here, and it can all be talked over nicely. It makes it that much easier to get to know you as a player if you're willing to come up front with what you'd like to see within the roleplay itself kinkwise.

2. Potential past expereince that you've had with roleplaying and erotic roleplaying. This is definitely not a must by any means, and is simply something some people like to do. It'll help me paint a clear picture of your patterns, who you are, and what you may like.

3-4. No need to rush your application, I'm not running anywhere. I've had my share of bad, decent and really awesome applications sent my way, and while I am honored that this entire idea is given so much attention, you also need to take a deep breath, relax, and write a proper application. Between all the amazing feedback and replies I've been getting, there's also been quite a lot of "One liners", which clearly liked the idea, but hadn't read through the entire thread at all.
Again, in the ideal application, I do not expect you to write a memoir of your entire life. Showing that you're energetic/excited/genuinely interested in the idea as a whole will get you a long way. Sending me a message that you're interested makes me very glad, trust me, but it leaves me with none of the information about you that I can actually use.

5. I advice you not to over complicate your application too much. Some of the applicants have been WAY too thorough with their applies. As stated previously, this roleplay is ment to be completely free-form, focusing on your character. If you work too much on your character, building up his/her legacy, as well as her entire adventureing career, then where exactly does my job as a GM come in, if the character has already reached the peak? I know people do it with good intentions, because they want an advanced and multi-dimensional character that comes off as interesting, and it will get to become that through the course of the adventure. All I'm asking is that you do not plan every move for the roleplay in advance, and then expect me to roleplay it out like a reader, rather than GM.

6. A conversation will most likely go back and forth between us once you've applied, with me giving you feedback. If I take some time to reply, don't worry, I'll try to reach you eventually, and there's no need to send me several messages. On a side note, if your entire application contains: "Are you still taking applicants?", it will simply be ignored. I'm glad that people are curious, but if I weren't seeking more partners, I'd let you know with red letters on this very thread.

This is my first go at this post so I am sure it will change over time.

But this is what I have for now.
Love you all!

Star Wars System
Star Wars: The Old Republic RPG-style (Domination, humiliation, plot options)

This is from a friend I was going to this RP with and he never responded to get it going.

Star Wars.  Can be either in the Empire or the Republic.

This system is mostly for a female character. I can make a male version.

There are a lot of races in Star Wars - but I really want to focus on a few.  At least for the main female character.  If you want something more here include that in your message.
Here are three races for the Submissive female role I can think of now, (again, message me if you have another idea):
Twi’lek (“hair” is called lekku)
Miraluka (largely humans, but without eyes, see through the force and always cover their eyes)

Possible Kinks:
Various kinks that can be included either as a focus or as an occasional instance.
+Bondage  -  Light to medium.  No total restriction of movement please, but restriction of the arms, chained to an object with one limb, all good.  Some exceptions, but briefly.
+Torture  -  no broken bones, no severe wounds.  I'm thinking more clean torture, stretching, choking, striking... blood only used lightly, something like whipping or spitting blood
+Sex games  -  Toying with someone sexually, having someone participate in a game that sexual stimulates either as desired or punishment
+Sex toys  -  Some device or object used in a sexual way.  Collars, leashes, vibrators, strap-ons for female dominators... more imaginitive devices.
+Sex torture  -  Torture based on sex instead of pain or fear.  Not only rape.  More - triangle horses and the like.
+Slave breaking  -  The act or "training" someone who is desired to become a slave.  Involves breaking the spirit and often various kinds of abuse.
+Verbal abuse  -  fairly obvious.  Insistently insulting someone, harsh tones, coupled with more direct domination is common.
+Kidnapping  -  more of a plot element.  The act of kidnapping someone and imprisoning them for your own purpose.  You want them, you take them.  There is no choice.
+Cages/Chains  -  a method of keeping her where you want her.  To inflict fear or to simply trap them.

An optional kink that deserves it's own section.  Involves abuse that is humiliating, often because others are witnessing it.  Some plot ideas come with this.
+Cage fighting - slaves dress in Hutt slave outfits and battle for the amusement of others.  Wrestling is how it starts.  The winner humiliates the loser in the middle of the ring.
+Slave sports - sports other than the one previously mentioned.  Perhaps a survivalist game, or throwing a slave in a pit with a horny or hungry monster.
+Public sex torture - Sex torture, but in public.  Maybe people pay to see it, maybe it is simply to humiliate her.  Can be slave, revenge, or simply lust oriented.
+"Pay to abuse" - She is placed in a room where people who pay can have their way with her however they see fit.  Can be public or private.
+Blackmail - A less specific plot element, something is done to her and then used to blackmail against her.

Extra Assorted elements:
+Orgasm controller: A device that uses electrical impulses to force an orgasm with the push of a button.  Works like a slave collar, but more of an implant.  May be various settings if desired to force orgasms, hold them back, or to only instill a certain amount of stimulation.
+Hymen regenerator: A device that reverses the effects of sex essentially restoring virginity in females.  Removes the pain of sex, but also makes each time hurt as much as the first.

RPG style rules
As I said - these rules can be followed loosely or strictly.  At minimum - I will require a character sheet with stats.  We may never look at them again, but they will help me (or you) decide when a player is successful at a certain action, and how much to reveal to them through the RP.

Stats are grouped in three types.  Body, Mind, and Allure.
Body Stats affect physical prowess and fitness.   They affect kinetic skills.
Mind Stats affect awareness and intuition.  They affect observation and instinctive skills.
Allure Stats affect how appealing the character is.  These scores are reversed in the sense that higher scores are less desirable.

Body Stats:
Strength: How strong she is and how much force she can put into an action.  Affects melee damage, struggling, and wrestling.
Vitality: How tough she is and how much damage she can take.  Affects how much HP she has and how much a single strike stuns her.
Stamina: How fit she is  Stamina lets her fight longer and harder without weakening.  Affects how much Endurance she has and how quickly she recovers.

*HP = 50 x Vitality score
*Endurance = 10 x Stamina score

Mind Stats:
Perception: How alert and vigilant she is  Helps her make observations, perceive reality, and detect traps and ambushes.
Instinct: How intuitive she is.  Helps her see through lies and bluffs, sense danger, and perceive someone's pure or ill intent.
Willpower: How determined she is.  Helps her resist negative effects and torture.  Also resists "Force" abilities (if applicable).

Allure Stats:
Vulnerability: How vulnerable she appears.  A high stat here encourages others to take advantage of her.
Pheromones: How lustful she makes others.  A high stat here makes more people want to abuse her body and affects how much they want to abuse it.
Desire: How much her body craves pleasure.  A high stat here makes her body more easily react to pleasure.  She may not want it, but her body wants to give in.

Stat Recap:


You allocate numbers by selecting a spread and placing those numbers in the stats you desire.  Some spreads are more balanced than others.
You select 2 spreads.  A Body/Mind spread, which can be used in the Body/Mind stats.  And an Allure spread, which is for the Allure stats exclusively.  Spreads run horizontally.

Body/Mind Spreads
8    8    8    8   6    4
10  10  10  6   4    2
14  14  8    8   4    4
16  12  10  6   2    2
18  14  8    4   2    2
18  12  10  4   2    2
16  16  6    4   2    2
12  12  10  4   2    2
10  8    6    4   4    2

Allure Spreads         
12  12  12
14  12  10
16  10  8
18  8    6
20  6    4
14  14  4
16  14  2
20  16  14
40  2    2

Affect our characters and potentially the plot.  Logically should probably have mentioned this first - but there are stat bonuses and requirements that wouldn't make sense without the explanation of stats.  Requirements always are a single stat value of 8.  If a stat bonus is +2 Body, it affects all three Body Stats.  Same goes for Mind and Allure.  There is a natural stat bonus, and a choice of stats for each character class.

Dancer - Dancing is her life, either as a slave or as a freelance dancer.  Dancing is a dangerous world, hopefully her friends outweigh her enemies.
Dancers can dance for a long time and can be very... persuasive, but her body is very desirable to all who see her.  It makes others want to protect her (usually for their own profit), abuse her, or own her.  Either try to survive as a slave, or struggle for freedom as a freelance danger.
Requirement: 8 Stamina
Stat bonuses: +4 Stamina, +4 Allure
Choice of Stat bonus: + 4 Pheromones, or +4 Vulnerability
Perk: She is more likely to charm someone to do what she wants

Gladiator - She is a warrior who battles for fun or because she is a slave.  She is very physically capable, but lives in constant danger.
Gladiators are trained to fight, either for survival or for sport.  She may try to escape her predicament, or she may fight to be champion.
Requirement: 8 Vitality
Stat bonus: +2 Body, +2 Allure
Stat choice: +2 Strength, or +2 Stamina
Perk: She does more physical damage with melee attacks.

Slave - She is the property of another.  A Hutt, a sith lord, a mercenary.  She is not her own master, will she give in or fight back?
Slaves are born or captured by slavers early.  Who bought or purchased her and why?  Is she behaving to receive bonuses or thought only as an object?
Requirement: None
Stat Bonus: -1 Mind, +8 Desire
Choose Stat: +8 Vulnerability, or +8 Pheromones
Perk: Her master may abuse her, but they protect her too.  It may be enough to discourage others from abusing her.

Princess - She is well known and has some power.  That power can be a gift and a curse.
She might want to change something politically.  She might be the target to be ransomed or simply kidnapped.  Others might see her as a prize.  Imagine a slave who was once a princess but broken.  Such slaves are highly desirable.
Requirement: None.
Stat Bonus: -Body, +4 Pheromones
Stat Choice: +8 Vulnerability, or +8 Pheromones, or +6 Vulnerability and +6 Pheromones
Perk: More people want to please her, and more people want to see her on her back screaming.

Jedi Knight/Master/Padawan or Sith Apprentice/Warrior/Lord - She is a powerful wielder of the force with the intimidating lightsaber.  Her power is great, but so are her enemies.
Her destiny greatly depends on her rank.  Either way, she will have a mission or goal but others will be working against her.
Requirement: 8 Willpower
Stat Boost Jedi: +2 Mind, +2 Instinct, +2 Allure
Stat Boost Sith: +2 Mind, +2 Willpower, +1 Allure, +6 Desire
Stat Choice: +4 Will, or +4 Instinct
Perk: She can use the force.

Scoundrel - A smuggler or thief, she works outside the law.
She might work on her own, or have close allies.  She may have become caught, either to be punished by the Sith or made a deal to work with Republic or Empire.
Requirement: 8 Instinct
Stat Bonus: +4 Instinct, +2 Allure
Stat Choice: +4 Perception, or +1 Mind
Perk: Can avoid detection more easily, better at picking pockets or moving silently

Soldier - She fights on the front lines or in tactical missions.  She is powerful, but always in danger.
She can be on a mission, or captured and punished by the enemy.  Perhaps her own allies betrayed her, or a spy captured her for themselves.  She could be kidnapped by slavers, or kidnapped by a sect of warriors to bend her to their own missions or games.  She would make prime slave sport material...
Requirements: 8 Strength
Stat Bonus: +2 Body, +8 Pheromones
Stat Choice: +4 Vitality, or +4 Strength
Perk: Recovers HP and from stun at a faster rate.

Bounty Hunter - She works for the Empire and is equipped with various weapons.  She works on her own, or closely with the Empire.
She captures, kills, and punishes.  Others want to capture, kill, and punish her.  Will she be triumphant?  Will one missions failure cost her her freedom?  Will the Empire forgive failure even if she walks away?
Requirement: 8 Stamina
Stat Bonus: +4 Body, +2 Mind, +2 Allure
Stat Choice: +12 Pheromones, or +12 Desire
Perk: She can handle all sorts of weaponry and hack all sorts of devices.

Bonus Perks:
These Perks will further help customize your character.  Select as many as you want, or none.

Hot bod           +2 Body, +4 Allure
Sex Appeal       +10 Pheromones
Intellectual       +2 Mind, -2 Body, +4 Vulnerability, +4 Pheromones
Experienced     +2 Mind, +10 Desire
Kinky                +10 Desire
Timid                +4 Vulnerability, -4 Pheromones
Resistant           -4 Desire, -4 Vulnerability, +10 Pheromones
Submissive      +4 Vulnerability, +4 Desire
Virgin               +4 Allure

Preference kinks:
Affect how the game works.  Further customizes the character and affects the game.

Secretly Wants It       Sweats and hot temperature more easily
Sensitive                      Discharges more easily
Puddles of Pleasure   You produce excessive fluids
Spirited                      Struggling doesn’t cost endurance
Masochist                  0 HP results in a massive orgasm and not a game over (system game only)

Body Mods:
Physical attributes with real stat changes.  If you want to be tall or have small breasts, look here.  Stat changes based on race are also here.

Large Breasts          +4 Pheromones
Small Breasts           +4 Pheromones
Sensitive Skin           +4 Desire
Sensitive Nipples      +4 Desire
Long Legged            +2 Stamina, +6 Phermones
Tall                           +4 Pheromones
Short                        +4 Vulnerability
Fast Metabolism       +4 Stamina, +2 Allure
Twi’lek                      +4 Stamina, +10 Pheromones, +6 Vulnerability, +4 Desire, -2 Vitality
Miraluka                    +10 Perception, +2 Instinct, +4 Pheromones, -4 Strength

Status Effects:
Not sure how much I'll get into these, but they are here in case someone wants to use a more system-like game.

Whipped           -4 Mind, +10 Vulnerability
Sweating            +2 Pheromones
Discharged       +5 Pheromones
Wet                  +8 Pheromones, +8 Vulnerability
Hot                   +2 Allure
Just Pleasured  -10 Desire, +10 Vulnerability
Exhausted        Body=0, Mind /2
Orgasming        +25 Desire
Oversensitive   +10 Desire
Broken             +10 Allure

Choose Class
Assign Stats (remember prerequisite stat has to be at least 8)
Choose Perks and Body Mods
If a stat is negative or zero, set that stat to 1.

If you are interested!
Message me!
With your response please include the following:

Tell me what you would want to do!
Plot                  Do you like one of my plots?  Do you have your own? 
Characters       Who do I play, who do you play? 
Kinks                Also tell me or link me to your ons/offs OR tell me which kinks and possible dom and themes you would like for this one RP.
Post Length     Tell me what you think about post length.

Just tell me your stat boosts and i will add them all up for you. Add a picture if you'd like and if you are interested but are confused how to make a sheet just pm me and i will help you. It really is nothing fancy i promise. Just list the race, class, bonuses as many as you want, and the basic stats you chose.
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Re: Open World Adventure (Star Wars, GM For Players.)
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2015, 11:32:21 AM »
Also please make sure that you private message me here if you are interested. I am mobile most days and will not see any sort of messenger chat until fairly late unless I know to look. So it is much easier for us to discuss things here and move to chat if that is what is preferred.

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Re: Open World Adventure (Star Wars, GM For Players.)
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2015, 01:13:50 AM »
If anyone has reached out to me and did not receive a reply, I accidentally cleared my whole inbox when trying to delete some sent items. So, chances are I might have deleted your PM by accident.

Feel free to send it my way again or at least give me a nudge to see if that is what happened!

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Re: Open World Adventure (Star Wars, GM For Players.)
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2016, 01:51:12 AM »

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Re: Open World Adventure (Star Wars, GM For Players.)
« Reply #4 on: September 20, 2016, 12:11:55 AM »
Got room for one!