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February 19, 2019, 02:35:58 AM

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Author Topic: More Precious Than Rubies (Main Roles Cast, Looking for Wives/Students)  (Read 8003 times)

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Offline MaeveTopic starter

Women are nearly extinct, the same methods that saved the planet have caused the females of the human species to dip to just one million souls. They are the worlds greatest resource. Too great to be allowed to care for themselves, no matter what the Feral Wimin may say. For those who have not escaped civilization it is a structured life from secluded schools to training facilities to position of wife or concubine.

Carlotta is one of the few women to be independently powerful in this new world. She is the widow of one of the creators of the female schools, where girls are kept chaste and educated until they come of age. At such point they gather the knowledge needed to serve their new husbands. Some of their methods are considered a touch extreme, especially if they happen to capture of those wild female creatures. This year she has three star pupils and one very rich buyer.

What, did you think they did this as a charity?

Lord Lycan is a billionaire, a senator and one of the most gallant men about town. Every three years he shows off another wife or harem girl, each prettier than the last. It's been a good year for him, he's just been re-elected on a platform dedicated to catching the last of the Feral Wimin and returning them to the loving arms of civilization and his investments have been more than profitable. Time to buy himself a treat. Three treats precisely. A new wife and a new consort. However the law that he upholds states that you can only have two within the space of three years. Carlotta, the understanding soul that she is allows him to take all three, to let him decide who fits best into his household and he may return the one that doesn't.

Fawn, Pansy and Chiclet know what that means. The one returned will no longer be considered pure and therefore sent to the block, to be auctioned to the highest bidder: no courtship, no say, no gentlemen to be found. They have a choice before them, fight among themselves for the highest position of wife or the conciliatory prize of concubine or stick together and find a way to escape their fate.

I have four characters outlined for this, I will be playing Carlotta in a GM capacity, however that does not mean they are the only characters available. Want to play a Feral Wimin? Go for it. A business partner of Lord Lycan? Aces. One of his other wives or members of his harem? May sweetmeats rain down upon you. All I ask is that you keep all characters legal age and that no story line takes too much attention away from the main thread.

Carlotta -

Upon her husbands death, she let none of his power fall to another man. She runs the most prestigious of schools and produces the wives and harlots of the elite. In return she just has oodles of money, and that treasure provides her with the best of everything. That being said, she is not unsympathetic to her charges. If she is unkind it's for their own good. Better to belong to a rich man, than take your chances being offered up at the block.

Pansy -

The wild child of her class, Pansy knew more than she should from an early age. She never believed that story about the stork or Prince Charming, but she does believe in Carlotta's diamonds and furs. She wants the good life and she doesn't care who she has to hurt to get it.

Fawn -

The star pupil and the good girl. Fawn has never said an unkind word, nor been anything but proper.

Chiclet -

The others were born in captivity. She's the only one who lived for a time in the forest with her mother and her aunts. She still dreams of being free.

Lord Lycan -

This man has never been anything except rich and powerful. The women he collects are status symbols for his virility and success. In private they are his only comfort in an otherwise strained and demanding life. 
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Offline DizzyIsabella

I would adore to play Pansy!!

Offline AndyZ

Got anyone for Lord Lycan yet?

Offline MaeveTopic starter

Dizzy Isabella - I would adore for you to play Pansy. The face model is Makia Monroe unless you find someone more appropriate.

Offline MaeveTopic starter

AndyZ - I have not found anyone to play him yet, are you interested?

Offline AndyZ

Yep ^_^ Sign me up.

I imagine him as sort of a "women are delicate flowers" kind of sexist, where he just can't believe that they're mentally or emotionally competent except as pets.  He's tricked a number of Feral Wimin into getting pregnant so that they couldn't fend for themselves and had to be brought back into society, and stuff like that.  Does that fit the kind of personality you were thinking?

Offline MaeveTopic starter

Not so much the Feral Wimin stuff. I'm rather imagining them as straight up Amazons, fierce, independent and able to care for themselves. When they're caught I'm thinking it's with nets and hounds.

The rest of it, right on the mark. Perhaps with a touch of the obsessive collector about him. He likes showing off his new brides, he likes having the prettiest girl on his arm...despite all his power and accomplishments this is how he proves he's great.

Maybe too the only time he can really relax is around his women. Since he thinks they're inferior they prove no threat.

Glad to have you aboard.

Like I said to Dizzy, if you find a more appropriate face model you are more than welcome to change it.

Offline AndyZ

Gotcha.  He probably just thinks they're completely insane, then.  Explains the word Feral.

I'm not all that great at finding male pictures, so it helps that you already have one picked ^_^

Offline MaeveTopic starter

Excellent. Just let me know if you need more. Here's hoping we find a Fawn and Chiclet soon.

Offline AndyZ

I guess my other big question would be whether further pregnancy rates produce equal amounts of females or the usual off-kilter numbers.  Granted, either answer would put a lot of females into breeding in order to try to replenish the numbers (unless they're deliberately kept low for some reason), but it's good to know.

Offline MaeveTopic starter

That's a good question. Maybe whatever took them out in the first place is still wrecking havoc with their numbers or the birth rates are kept low so that men who have women can continue to lord their power or those who don't.

Offline AndyZ

I would imagine that brothels have become ubiquitously legalized as well, albeit much more expensive.  Sex-selective abortions might well be a thing, either to remove the males in hopes of getting a rare female or to keep the female population low.

If it is deliberately done to keep female numbers deliberately low now, I imagine that conspiracies run rampant about it but the general public and media all laugh the idea off.  Honestly, that may happen even if it's not deliberately done.

Offline MaeveTopic starter

Pleasure houses are rampant. It's what happens to widows, Ferals, pretty boys and might just be the fate of any girl that is offered up at the block.

As to the children, they're definitely an element of the story but not the main focus. I think there's more a understanding that the world in general is over populated, so everyone is taking a break. The rich have many women to keep them safe from the wretched mass of common men.

I like the conspiracy theory angle.

Offline Murvoen

I'd be interested in playing Chiclet :)

Offline MaeveTopic starter

Wonderful! So now all we need is for Fawn to show up.

Offline Murvoen

Awesome ^^

Offline DizzyIsabella

Sorry! I was asleep!

So happy this has filled up!

I'll have a look for a different model, but if I can't find one, I'll use her.

I'm assuming the 'legal age' is 18. If it's 16, I'd like to play her 18, and as she's quite wild and feisty, it's taken them longer to straighten her out.

I also think it would suit her to be quite jealous, to hate sharing Lycan.

Offline Murvoen

I forgot to mention earlier, that I'm thinking since Chiclet had spent time in the forest and knows what it is to be free to make her own decisions she won't be as willing to do as she's told. No doubt she'd have tried to run away a few times early on, and has no desire being made a rich man's bride or sold at the block as a concubine.

Offline AndyZ

Legal age of 18 sounds fantastic to me.  16 has always felt a little young.

As far as Chiclet misbehaving, I'll have to think on stuff.  I can't see Lycan actually ever striking a woman to discipline her (though I can try to have him do so in a fit of rage if it's somebody's On), but he might also let each girl do various things as rewards when they're good.

Offline Murvoen

Fair enough, I will say though that while being hit isn't my thing, I do enjoy spanking and hair pulling, and I have no objections to being treated roughly; and the rewards sound like a good idea ^^

Offline DizzyIsabella

We just need a Fawn now.

Offline AndyZ

Oh, spankings are doable ^_^ Hair pulling can happen if he's angry enough.  Paddle or bare hand?

Offline Murvoen

Either one ^^ Just no bruises

Offline AndyZ

Then it'll depend on how bad she is.  Really bad and she has to fetch the paddle herself.

Dizzy, any preferences I should know beyond what's on your O/Os?

Offline Murvoen

Sounds good to me.