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Author Topic: ***Justric's Wishes & Wants*** (CLOSED)  (Read 1327 times)

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***Justric's Wishes & Wants*** (CLOSED)
« on: August 27, 2015, 09:04:57 PM »
Subject to change without notice at the whim of mercurial moods...

I ask that folks don't post in this thread just so I can try to keep it neat and tidy.  Thanks!!

Hello! So, welcome to my Interest Check thread. Feel free to look around, see if anything catches your eye!
If you're looking for my Ons and Offs Thread, which contains information about me, my writing style, and writing samples, try HERE.
You can also see my Preferences over HERE.
And just for fun HERE is my initial introductory post.
I've also go some inspirational picture threads you might want to gander at: Circus stuff, Vintage sexiness
, and Freckles.

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« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2016, 06:42:32 AM »
Index of Ideas
Roles marked by an asterisk (*) are ones I would prefer to play.
Stories that are highlighted orange are ones I'm dying to play!
Stories that are highlighted green are taken.
Click on the categories to get a full description of the premises.

One Shots
  • Predicament (Dubious Consent) - Self-bondage Enthusiast & *Unexpected Guest*
  • The Hysterical Truth (Historical Romance) - *Victorian Doctor* & Frustrated Lady
  • Her Brother's Keeper (Domme/sub, Incest) - Domme Little Sister & *Sub Older Brother*
  • A Piece Of Cake (Domme/sub, Bondage) - Jaded Dominatrix & *Worldly Gentleman*
  • Can We Cuddle? (Horror) - Cruel Lover & *Sacrificial Victim*

  • Have A Heart (Repo! The Genetic Opera) - Female Repo agent & *Smuggler*
  • Yes, My Heart Belongs To Daddy (BioShock) - "Unethical" scientist & *Her latest guinea pig*
  • When I Get To The Border (Bordertown) - B-Town girlfriend & *Aged Boyfriend*
  • The Grinding Of The Gears (Wormtooth Nation) - A Woman & *A Man* with no memories
  • A Tranquil End (Dragon Age) - Two apprentice mages in love in Kirkwall Circle
  • Lonely Song (Robotech/Macross) - Human & *Micronized Zentradi*

  • A Stolen Heart (Colonial America) - Accused Witch & *Preacher's Son*
  • The Highwayman (Regency England) - Innkeeper's Daughter & *Highwayman*
  • Do You Hear The People Sing? (French June Rebellion) - Lady Spy & *Revolutionary*
  • Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels (Prohibition) - Speakeasy Owner & *Gambler*

  • When A Cold Wind Blows (Folktale) - Jealous Ghost & *Jilted Lover*
  • My Jolly Sailor Bold (Folktale) - Mermaid/Siren & *Deaf Scholar*
  • Blurred Lines (Furry) - Neko Princess & *Human Woodsman*
  • The Child Ballads (Folk Songs of Great Britiain) - Various

Science Fiction
  • The Beast That Is Man (FemDom) - Hiker & *Survivalist*

  • Heart's Blood (Medical Fetish) - Obsessed Doctor/Nurse & *Betrayed Boyfriend*

Inspired By Other Writers
  • Without Consent (NonCon, Horror) - Cruel Mistress & *Vengeful Ghost*
  • Growing Pains (NonCon, Cuckholding, Cuckqueaning) - Wife/Cuckcake & *Husband/Bull*

Inspirational Images
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« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2016, 11:23:44 PM »
Predicament -TAKEN
Self-Bondage Enthusiast & *Unexpected Guest*

She had a dirty little secret. Since her last relationship had failed horribly, she'd needed something new and different to give her that missing thrill, and she'd found it: self-bondage. Whenever her roommate was gone for more than a day, she'd indulge herself. It had started simply enough, but as time went on she became more and more adventurous with her experiments until she was not only hogtying herself but finding ways to use various toys, too. The struggles alone could bring her to orgasm, but she loved the variation. Plus, there was always the remote chance that someone might walk in on her, which added a spark of humiliation to the ordeal. Sometimes she would order things online just so she could be tied-up when the delivery man came by, just for that extra shameful thrill of knowing someone was right outside the door who could potentially come in. So when her roommate leaves a note saying that she'd be gone for a week, it's time to cut loose. Or rather, bind tight.  Sadly, she never turned the note over, so she never saw the warning that her roommate's brother, a man she hardly knows, would be crashing in her room for a few days. Only what happens when he walks in on her might not be quite what she expects.

Variations might include playing some other role than the roommate's brother such as a boyfriend or father, or swapping the genders so that it's the male character who is into self-bondage and a sister who walks in on him.

Some passing knowledge of self-bondage techniques and releases is appreciated.


The Hysterical Truth
Frustrated Lady & *Victorian Doctor*

A certain lord of the Empire is having difficulties with his wife (or daughter). She's waspish if not outright shrewish, and she often suffers from sudden shifts in mood going from ennui to positively glowing in the blink of an eye. When asked, the lady merely waves away any concern, blaming it on poor health. So is it any wonder that eventually the lord calls in a physician known for specializing in the ailments of the distaff, a man who has studied both the female mind and body to such a degree that he has become one of the leading authorities in such cases. A fine, respected member of the medical establishment, he's even willing to make house calls!  Of course, being so well-versed in such matters, he knows things about his patients that their husbands and fathers would never guess. And he's become VERY popular with his existing patients...

Variations might include opening this to a third person to play the role of the doctor's assistant (male or female) and doing an alt-history role reversal where men are the ones regarded as being in “hysterics” and a woman physician attends to a recalcitrant lord.


Her Brother's Keeper
Domme Little Sister & *Sub Older Brother*

Of four siblings, they're the ones in the middle. On one end of the spectrum, they've got the perfect oldest brother that the family constantly praises and on the other there's the baby sister that everyone dotes in. But the second brother and the first sister are trapped by their families expectations, constantly being compared to either the eldest or youngest. He's eighteen, she's seventeen, and while they love their family it often feels as though they only have each other. They don't think twice about casually touching each other or holding hands. During thunderstorms, she's known to crawl into his bed for comfort. But when a relative makes an off-color joke, it starts them both thinking. And the next time there's a storm, she decides to see if her brother is thinking the same sorts of thoughts she's starting to have.

This story would have a slight D/s edge to it, with the sister seducing her brother. Willing to turn this into a more longterm RP with the right partner!

A Piece of Cake
Jaded Dominatrix & *Worldly Gentleman*

She's been part of the local scene for years, and she's starting to wonder if she's losing her edge. Lately, it's been tiring. The same old people, the usual faces, no one new. The only passing amusement are the young bucks who insist they're tough enough to take anything she can dish out but then run off terrified even before she pushes them to their limits. He's looking for... something. He doesn't know what. A series of relationships over the years have led him to believe that he's missing something in his life, something that a “conventional” lover just hasn't been able to provide; moreover, he wants to be able to -trust- someone again. So when fate intervenes (a mutual friend, a dating site or app, a chance encounter, what-have-you), will they both find what they're looking for?

Willing to turn this into a more longterm RP with the right partner!

Can We Cuddle? -TAKEN (as "Bookwyrm")
Cruel Lover & *Sacrifical Victim*

"Can we cuddle? In just our underwear, so our skin can touch? Can I hold you while you wrap yourself around me? I’ll play with your hair and drag my fingertips across your skin. I’ll peck at your neck while you giggle and tell me to stop. We could whisper sweet things to each other over pillows that no one could hear. We’d just stare in each others eyes until a smile cracked the silence of our lips…. Then you'd pull out your hunting knife and sacrifice me to the mighty dark lord while chanting sacrificial hymns."

Just something I found on the 'net.
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« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2016, 11:23:58 PM »
Have A Heart (Repo! The Genetic Opera)
Female Repo Agent & *Smuggler*

By the year 2056, a pandemic of organ failures has nearly wiped out humanity. Garbage trucks patrol the streets, collecting bodies. Amid the chaos arose GeneCo, a mega-corporation that provides for life-saving organ transplants… at a cost.  Should you default on your payments, you don’t get a letter or a phone call; instead, you are hunted down by one of GeneCo’s Repo Men, legal assassins who live secret lives and are tasked with fatally repossessing the purchased organs. But it’s not well known that not all of GeneCo’s Repo Men are, in fact, men. And when a woman is saved from thugs by a man dedicated to hiding hunted debtors, is it the start of a romance?  Or is it the beginnings of betrayal? Set before the events in the movie, this horror story focuses on two people with some very dark secrets, two people on opposing sides who discover that neither “legal” or “fair” are necessarily the same as “good.”

Some familiarity with the setting may be required.
WARNING: Repo: The Genetic Opera was directed by the same guy who did the Saw movies!

Inspiration: (Not For Faint Of Heart!!)

Yes, My Heart Belongs To Daddy (BioShock: Rapture) -TAKEN
"Unethical Scientist & *Her Latest Guinea Pig*

Set in 1958, the story takes place just a year before the civil war that engulfed Rapture and two years before the events of the first BioShock game. The Big Daddies (as they later were called) were created by Ryan Industries; man grafted into suits and genetically altered, they served as Rapture’s maintenance and repair crews. But Frank Fontaine was a man of vision, and he saw the advantage of having such man-machine hybrids of his own as bodyguards… or soldiers.  So began the Hector Initiative, a secret program of Fontaine’s dedicated to creating Big Daddies specifically designed to be warriors instead of just protectors. As a covert project, however, Fontaine cannot get “candidates” through the normal channels, and so his researchers have to collect their own unsuspecting subjects. So when one of the scientists comes across a down-and-out gambler on the run, she can’t believe her luck! He seems like the perfect candidate for this new program… if he can survive the conversion process.  But how long can she keep him in the dark before he realizes that something isn’t right? And what happens when they start to develop feelings for one another?

Some familiarity with the setting may be required.


When I Get To The Border (Terri Windling's Bordertown Series)
B-Town girlfriend & *Aged Boyfriend*

Bordertown. Where magic meets rock and roll.  It’s the city that lies between the human’s Real World and The Realm of the elves, where neither magic nor technology work quite the way they’re supposed to.  It’s the city where runaways who don’t fit in their own worlds run to. But it’s not what they expect.  There’s the magic, sure enough, and there’s elves, but don’t call them fairies if you value your life.  The gangs run most of B-Town, and where they don’t runaways aren’t welcomed.  Some can make their living by trading though, and trips back to the mortal world to sell genuine Bordertown artifacts can be profitable. Then one day?  The pathways into and out of town disappear.  For those in Bordertown, it only lasts for a week.  For those in The Realm?  Who knows how much time passes?  But for those in the mortal world, Bordertown vanishes and is presumed lost to the ages until it appears thirteen years later. So what happens when a seventeen year old who left his young girlfriend behind to do some trading returns as a thirty year old man?  From her point of view, he’s only been gone seven days, while for him it’s been thirteen long years. Can she accept the changes in him, physically and emotionally?  Can he re-adjust to life in Bordertown as an adult? And what happens when the one you love is no longer the person you remember?

Some familiarity with the setting may be required. Characters can be Human, Elf ("True Blood"), or Halfie.


The Grinding of the Gears (Wormtooth Nation)
A Woman & *A Man* with no memories

“Welcome to The City. Here in this underground complex reside the last remnants of the human world. How we came here or why are questions that no longer have answers.” Deep in the earth the last of humanity struggles in the darkness to survive. The Surface is a fabled rumor, and many inhabitants doubt it ever existed at all. Over countless time, however, the City has fallen into disrepair, and there are few if any who recall all of its functions and secrets.  There are disasters, accidents, murders, but the real danger is Wormy Gas.  There is no smell, no color, no perceptible difference from the regular air that everyone breaths, but should you wander into a pocket of it you lose all of your memories. You are a blank canvas, remembering only how to speak and (maybe) write. Countless relationships have been destroyed by Wormy Gas, and just as many schemes have come to fruition because of it. How is a couple supposed to survive?  Especially when one of the partners is not whom they say they are?

Some familiarity with the setting may be required.


A Tranquil End (Dragon Age)
Two Apprentice Mages in Kirkwall Circle

In 9:26 Dragon, a few years before the beginning of the Fifth Blight, living conditions for the mages and Tranquil within Kirkwall's Circle of Magi have become stricter. Mages are locked in their rooms, denied legal rights, and made Tranquil for the least of crimes even if they've completed their Harrowing. Mages and Tranquil alike are abused by their Templar guardians. Under Knight-Commander Meredith and her Lieutenants, the mages live such miserable lives that suicides are not uncommon. The new First Enchanter, Orsino, is trying to do his best to improve their lot, only the Templars in Kirkwall have become callous and uncaring. There's even talk of having all of the mages in the Circle made Tranquil! So when two mages (or a mage and a templar) are discovered to be in a relationship, a forbidden thing in any Circle, the male mage is to undergo the Rite of Tranquility. Cut off from the Fade, from dreams, and from any emotion, he will be left as a pliable, unresisting servant. But there may be ways to save him! If only those methods were not all to tempting... and damning. Attempt escape? Rebel? Make the sort of bargain that could all too easily lead to possession? Or in the end is it better to forget love and simply accept a tranquil end.

Some familiarity with the setting may be required.


Lonely Melody (Robotech/Macross)
Human & *Micronized Zentradi*

2011. It is a year after the war ended. With the Earth devastated and the vast might of Lord Dolza's fleet destroyed, the survivors have begun to rebuild with the help of their Zentradi allies. Plans for celebrations are underway to observe the anniversary of the last battle, honoring those who fought and remembering the billions who died. But some old hatreds die hard. There are humans who hate the Zentradi for what they have done to the home world, regardless of which side they fought on during the war. During reconstruction, there are protests and riots. There are those Zentradi who start to become alienated and disillusioned by “Micronian” culture; these giants who were created for war are ripe for recruitment by those forces still intent on wiping out the humans and returning to their masters. And yet, when a micronized Zentradi and a human start to fall in love, who can say who is right and who is wrong? And what happens when the Zentradi soldier must confess their true nature to their angry human lover?

Some familiarity with the setting may be required. Also open to stories set during the New Generation/Genesis Climber Mospeada timeline.

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« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2016, 11:24:10 PM »
A Stolen Heart (Colonial America)
Accused Witch & *Preacher’s Son*

Orphaned at an early age in Puritanical New England, she ends up the ward of the town’s judge and betrothed to his odious son. Rumors of witchcraft abound and everyone is on edge. But when the aging preacher’s son returns from his studies abroad to take his father’s place, something is obviously wrong; he’s not quite as she remembers him from their childhood days. Yet no one else seems to notice! His stoic behavior is explained away as having developed a serious and sober mind dedicated to God, and the wealth that he pays off his father’s debts with is accepted as having come from prudent investments, frugality, and hard work while attending the seminary. While the others may not realize that this charismatic and stern young man is not all that he seems to be, she does. And the question remains for her to discover — if she can see there is something different about him, can he see that there is something different about her?

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter
The Salem Witchcraft Trials

The Highwayman(Regency Era)
Innkeeper’s Daughter & *Highwayman*

She’s the beautiful black-eyed daughter of a rural innkeeper. He’s a curiously well-cultured highwayman with an agenda. When pursued one night by angry guards after a botched robbery, he comes upon her in the forest outside of her home. It’s the start of a dangerous and secretive relationship between them. Not only must they learn to trust one another, the pair must also deal with her oppressive father, a jealous ostler, and the militia officer intent on hunting him down. It’s a story of love, trust, betrayal, and death. If you know the poem upon which this is based, it’s not a happy ending… but it is a good one. For more depth, there is also a secondary story of the militia colonel and his wife; traumatized by events he witnessed during the Rebellion of the Thirteen Colonies and dealing with how British society shuns him for the military’s failures, he has retreated to the countryside where his beleaguered and loving wife tries to draw him out again.

Alfred Noyes’ The Highwayman -

Do You Hear The People Sing? (The June Rebellion)
Elegant Spy & *Revolutionary*

In the days before the Paris Uprising of 1832, France is in chaos. Food shortages and cholera ravage the ranks of the lower class while the republicans organize refugees and the tradesmen in preparation for rebellion against King Louis-Philippe. Secret societies such as the Society for the Rights of Man smuggle in weapons and powder.  Amid the chaos of the fermenting uprising, a German university student fervently joins the cause of liberty and freedom.  When he becomes infatuated with a beautiful woman often seen at meetings and rallying points, he starts to wonder about his choices. But is she truly what she seems to be?  Or is there something more sinister going on?

Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables
Les Misérables the musical (but no singing, please)

Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels (Prohibition)
Speakeasy Owner & *Gambler*

It’s 1928, and the Roaring Twenties are in full swing!  Well, not for everyone.  Competition among speakeasies and bootleggers is cut-throat in the most literal sense, and some independent operators are suffering worse than others. There’s the bigger syndicates and gangs to deal with, city officials to keep amused, cops to be bribed, loansharks to pay off… the list is seemingly endless!  So what’s a woman who recently came into ownership of an illegal watering hole supposed to do when all the problems come knocking at once? The timely arrival of an out-of-town con man might just be the best thing to happen to her.  It could also be the worst.

Boardwalk Empire -
Lackadaisy -
Writings of Damon Runyon
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« Reply #5 on: November 23, 2016, 11:24:27 PM »
When A Cold Wind Blows
Jealous Ghost & *Jilted Lover*

Having been betrayed by his fiance, a young man falls asleep in a cemetery after drowning his sorrows in whiskey.  As he sleeps, he dreams that he confesses his woes to the ghost of the young woman whose grave he sleeps upon, a young woman who had died after suffering a similar fate.  The next day, he heads home, forgetting the dream in the haze of his hangover.  Not long after, while attending a local fair, he sees a young woman whose face looks hauntingly familiar, a face that smiles brightly when their eyes meet…  Based loosely on a cross The Corpse Bride (the original tale, not the movie) and the song “She Moved Through The Fair”, this is a dark romance where death may not be the barrier that it seems to be when it comes to love and infatuation.  Whether or not that’s a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.


My Jolly Sailor Bold
Mermaid/Siren & *Deaf Scholar*

A period piece set in the early 1800s, a well-to-do scholar has lost everything that was dear to him: his wife, his child, his parents, his job, and then his hearing. Unable to stand being in society anymore, he charters a ship with the sole purpose of marooning himself on the most distant island possible so that he might die in a natural paradise. Only the atoll upon which the captain leaves him is not as uninhabited as he might think. With the deep lagoon a pod of mermaids dwells, sheltering from the storms and currents of the oceans. For them, the intrusion in an unwelcome one. And so one of their number is to judge whether or not the man  upon their shores might be useful as an obedient slave, or whether he would better serve as food. There is only one slight problem: she finds to her surprise and horror that she is unable to charm him since he can not hear her song! Meanwhile, the isolation is starting to wear on the scholar's nerves. And the sighting of a beautiful woman time and time again where none could possibly be is starting to make him question his sanity.


Blurred Lines
Neko Princess & *Human Woodsman*

It was supposed to be a marriage of alliance between the human kingdom and the furry empire, but something went horribly wrong in this medieval fantasy setting. The lord she was to wed betrays her. Now the princess, a neko, is on the run in a world that she doesn’t understand.  When she becomes lost in a forest without her retainers, far from her lands, it is a human wood cutter who becomes her reluctant savior. While he's not big on the idea of slavery, the only way he can think of to smuggle her back to her own kingdom is disguise her as his slave. Only how long can they keep the pretense up? And what happens when it seems to be less and less of pretense as her first heat approaches? Not to mention that once back among her people, he might have to play at being her slave in order to keep her safe from palace intrigue!


The Child Ballads

Less of a solid idea and more of a general desire, this would be a story (or series of stories) based on Francis James Child's The English and Scottish Popular Ballads.  (Although almost any European folk ballad could be used!) Favorites include: "Fause Knight On The Road", "The Bonnie Banks o Fordie", "Thomas The Rhymer", "Tam Lin", "The Daemon Lover", and "Get Up And Bar The Door." The RP could be an actual retelling or a modern variant of the premise.

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« Reply #6 on: November 23, 2016, 11:24:40 PM »
The Beast That Is Man
Female Hiker & *Male Survivalist*

Human males have been dying off. There were cries of biological warfare, Nature taking its revenge, experiments gone wrong, and even alien intervention, but regardless of the cause the male population of the world was rapidly decreasing. Not even boys were safe, and the number of viable male fetuses reaching term in any given year anywhere in the world could be counted in the low hundreds. Living, fertile men who were immune to the disease became natural assets to be protected and cultivated, leading to a loss of their personal freedoms and human rights. While well taken care of, surviving men were strictly guarded and ruled over. Research into cloning and genetic manipulation, as well as creating embryos from the cells of two females were all proven technology but were incredibly expensive.  A few short generations later, the belief that men were beasts who couldn't take care of themselves arose, leading to even worse conditions in the facilities where they were kept. 

While out hiking in the deepest pockets of a state forest, a young woman comes across a man who has been hiding out on his own for years. Initially he captures her to prevent her from revealing his existence. Over time, she discovers that while socially awkward, he is highly intelligent and even somewhat cultured. They become close. In time, she convinces him that the treatment of men in modern society is not as bad as he envisions; perhaps she even believes that. Reluctantly, he eventually agrees to accompany her back to into the world... Where things are just as bad if not worse than he feared. He is quickly captured and installed into one of the facilities where men are basically farmed. Despite his intelligence, he is treated as a dumb beast to be broken and used for the good of the world. As the one who brought him in, the woman gets the bounty: a hefty monetary reward and unlimited access to him any time she wants. Only what will she do when she finds out that what the 'protected' men endure is far more terrible than even she expected?

This is a story of love, trust, betrayal, and reconciliation. It may not, however, have a happy ending. One variation is the  trope of a man left in suspended animation for centuries, waking to find how much the world has changed and that everyone he knew is long gone.
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« Reply #7 on: November 23, 2016, 11:24:56 PM »
Heart's Blood
Obsessed Doctor/Nurse & *Betrayed Boyfriend*

She will improve you. She has a plan. You will be transformed into something greater than being merely human, and when she is done you will be perfect, her opus. Both her pet and her pet project, she will help you transcend all that you are until you are no longer recognizable to those who knew you, your faults stripped away and your best attributes augmented. Some additions may be required, too. Just as well since your permission isn't. Nor is anesthetic. But she promises you that her love for you will see you through! She holds your heart, after all. Literally. And she promises you that the first eight attempts before you meant nothing to her, nothing at all, although some of their parts may come in useful later. So take a deep breath. Try not to struggle too much against the restraints (it causes unsightly bruises and makes it harder for her to concentrate since you look so sexy writhing like that!) And remember! She's doing this because she loves you, you love her, and you want to make her happy! Or at least, she's sure that's what you -would- say... if she took the gag out...

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« Reply #8 on: November 23, 2016, 11:25:41 PM »
Without Consent
Cruel Mistress & *Vengeful Ghost*

He was yours. By means fair or foul, you made him your slave, denied him any rights save the right to serve and suffer at your whims. Maybe you drugged him. Or you bought him. Or tricked him. He was your captive plaything, and in your lusts you made him amuse you; even the “rewards” that you gave him were a form of torment meant to keep him off balance and under your cruel thumb. He ranted and screamed at first; you punished him so he would "learn". He begged you for release, and you laughed at him as he started to break. After a while, he begged for death, but his life was yours to hold in your hands and you delighted in that power. You probably firmly believed that you were just showing him his true nature, that he was born to be submissive. In time, you made him your perfect little slave. In your own way you cared for him, and he became such a needy and obedient thrall. Or so you thought. There remained one hidden kernel, one inch left of resistance that you hadn't crushed, and when the right moment came he killed himself rather than suffer through your selfish desires any longer. He committed suicide, preferring death over you and gladly so. How did you react? Did you feel the least bit of remorse for having driven him to his death? Did you feel any shock or guilt at all for what you had done? Any shame for betraying his trust? Did you experience any sense of loss at all? Or was he just another broken toy to be quietly discarded as you immediately began to look for a replacement? Either way, it didn't take long before the feeling of being watched raised the hairs on the back of your neck. Then came the distant whispers, fragments of dreams, flashes of light seen only from the corners of your eyes, things moving about on their own when you aren't looking. Bit by bit you start to realize that he isn't gone at all, and the problems are becoming worse. You wanted him? You have him.  For all of eternity.  Too bad you never really learned to love him.

This story is one that would be told from beginning to end, with the mistress obtaining her slave right at the start and ending... Well, that's all going to depend, now, isn't it? Also open to doing this a small group.

Those Non-Con stories and roleplays where you wonder how the enslaved characters can possibly keep their sanity and not kill themselves at the first available opportunity. Please note: This is not any sort of condemnation of fantasy non-con, rather just an idea inspired by some of the posts that I have read.

Growing Pains
Wife/Cuckcake & *Husband*/*Bull*

With Credit To Fury Aphrodisia & Gman001

A struggling marriage. Over time, they've drifted apart, both regretting the loss of what they once had. But he's harried with his job and tired, while she's been obsessed with her fitness and health. On the advice of a friend, she decides to make a change to try and liven up their marriage once again, to bring back some of the old spark that they once shared, and maybe even start a family! She attempts to rile him up, teasing and taunting him into the beast that he once was. And when that fails, she attempt the desperate: bringing in outside help. A challenge, the wife figures, that's what her husband needs. A challenge and reminder of what it was that she loved about him while also getting what she wants. She probably should have discussed matters with him first. Or at least warned him before she tied him up. Because cuckolding in his own bedroom without any warning was perhaps not the best way to about things, especially when her bull takes charge. In the end, what's good for the goose may be what's also needed for the gander to make things right.

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Re: ***Justric's Wishes & Wants*** (OPEN)
« Reply #10 on: November 24, 2016, 01:14:16 PM »
Thanks for stopping by!!
Subject to change without notice at the whim of mercurial moods...
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