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Author Topic: Tokyo Nightcrawler [Maybe EX, mostly Freeform]  (Read 273 times)

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Offline NoisekickTopic starter

Tokyo Nightcrawler [Maybe EX, mostly Freeform]
« on: August 26, 2015, 10:49:19 AM »
Tokyo is a large metropolis with 9 million within the city and 50 million within the region. The large amount of people are perfect to hide in and prey on for vampires. Local vampires have been here for about 1000 years but other vampires came here about 100 years ago. While conflicts between the local vampires and the new vampires are rare, they still happen. The conflicts mostly happen because they are two separate clans and the old clan still does not take the presence of the new vampires well. The vampires are normally out and about at night and can fit in well with the humans. They mostly act covertly or have voluntary "cattle" who are people who donate blood to the clan in turn for things like job security, protection or some cash.

But recently the vampires of Tokyo have become worried as two old enemies have reemerged: The vampire hunters and the bestial vampires.

The vampire hunters were mostly active under the catholic church up until about 150 years ago when their tradition almost died out and the became independent from the church. However they reappeared in Europe just half a century ago and have expanded to Asia.

The bestial vampires are dangerous enemies of average vampires. They were once regarded as the barbarians among vampires: total brutes and uncultured, however more versatile and immune to ultraviolet rays (however still tan very easily). The lack of incidents after their appearance lets vampires either suspect that they had grown more timid or that they had managed to become more cultured and intelligent somehow. Among the bestial vampires, the latter seems to be true as a leader of the bestial vampires had made education compulsory to raise their chances of survival nowadays and be able to adapt within the ever expanding human society. They have pretty much turned from gut-ripping brutes to intellgent gut-ripping brutes.

The four factions have their bases in different parts of Tokyo. The old vampires have their headquarters in the old town Asakusa in Taito. The new vampires are to be found in Shinjuku. The vampire hunters are in Ikebukuro. The bestial vampires tend to hang around Chiyoda.


Old vampires are of Japanese ethnicity. They appear to be similar to the local populace with the exception of brown-reddish eye color and fangs. Older members tend to wear traditional clothing while younger member tend to have a more yakuza kind of attire (mostly suits).

New vampires are of European origin and tend to be pale, have red eye color and fangs. They are sort of elitist and sometimes dress in a flamboyant way. Some may say sort of old fashioned or hipsterish. Mostly suits and clothes with an aristocratic touch.

Vampire hunters are of different ethnicities and are human. Within daily life they seem to fit in with the populace. Their battle attire tends to have a lot of leather and metallic parts on the attire are made of silver as an attempt to damage vampires if touched.

Bestial vampires are heterogenous. They tend to not qualm over ethnicity. However common traits are large and often muscular males while females just tend to be tall. Their eye color varies but red, silver, ice blue and green tend to be most common. Their fangs are not as long as that of other vampires as they are more for tearing than biting. They naturally have heightened strength. Clothing wise, they tend to be more casual and some do wear suits without ties.

Character sheet:

Faction (One of the four mentioned or civilian which is just human)
Appearance (please no pics of celebrities. Illustrations and/or descriptions are desired)
Likes/Dislikes (optional)

My rules are simple:

1. Refrain from godmoding or powerplaying.
2. I request a 100 word minimum per post. It is not much but I find it sufficient.
3. You can make up to three characters.
4. You can't play the boss of any faction.
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Offline Kokaine

Re: Tokyo Nightcrawler [Maybe EX, mostly Freeform]
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2015, 11:36:28 AM »
Tentatively interested.