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Author Topic: DotA's Various Vampiric Plots (FxM FxF)  (Read 255 times)

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DotA's Various Vampiric Plots (FxM FxF)
« on: August 24, 2015, 11:46:46 PM »
Hello! I have a few ideas for vampire plots that I's like to perhaps get something going, preferably with you (hopefully) playing said vampire! Please check my O/O's for more details, because I'm just going to jump right into them. Why waste time right? Just PM me with ideas and/inquiries!

The Bite
(Lesbian, but could be adapted for Hetero)
The two girls have always been friends, sharing everything from clothes to secrets. But two secrets were never shared. One of them was recently turned into a vampire, hiding amongst humans to escape persecution and she was deeply in love with her human friend. The human girl comes to the other, one day, with some bad news. She's moving far away. The vampire couldn't have that! In an act of desperation, she bites the human. Not enough to kill, just to turn her. But something strange happens. Instead of turning, she falls into a coma, and sent to the hospital. Now terrified she was going to be discovered, she kidnaps her friend from the hospital, so she could be there to explain what happened...

My Neighbor is a Nosferatu!
(MxF;Names subject to change)
Isabelle was just a regular girl living in the heights in her parents' big house. She had her circle of six friends who all perpetuated that myth that the creepy guy living at the end of the street was a monster, since nobody ever saw him. But suddenly, he started coming out. And he was handsome. Older (early 30s) but still quite a looker, especially to a pack of teenage girls.

But when the boys in the neighborhood start disappearing, almost immediately, the girls pin the man down the street as the culprit. That he was kidnapping them and eating them (because the boys never came back). But when Isabelle's brother, Edward, gets taken, she gathers her courage and matches her friends down to the house to confront the man. No response.

Then the other girls start disappearing too. Now it's been three years since all the boys in the subdivision have all gone away. Isabelle is a striking 20 year old woman into amateur journalism. And when her childhood friends go away, she thinks they all went to college. But their parents say they just disappeared from their beds.

Once again, she rounds up the remaining friends and goes to the house down the street. This time he does answer. And he hadn't aged a day in a decade. He's charming. Handsome. Suave. Charismatic. And he convinces Isabelle he had no idea anyone went missing. He also convinces her to come alone for tea sometime soon.

Totally smitten, Isabelle blindly agrees and shows up promptly. Sure she has questions, but those get answered immediately when she sees the fangs. He tells her he did take all those people. And that they're dead. But he doesn't just want to feed off Isabelle. He wants to grant her immortality with the caveat that she give him a try as a lover. And if she turns out not liking him, she can just go her own way.

But you don't really think she'll leave do you?

A Different Kind of Lady of the Night
Hookers are easy prey. It's a simple fact. Easy to lure with money, willing to do almost anything, often times nobody misses them. Quick, easy, painless... right? Not always. One particular woman sells as an Exquisite and Marvelous Young Escort. And she most certainly is that: Beautiful, like she could model but got in the wrong business. Of course, beauty comes with a price, and more than just on the pocketbook. How could one let such a creature be wasted as just another meal? Why of course, turn her into your own!

As you could imagine, her pimp might not like this. Not one bit. Taking his prize cash cow? Why it's practically sacrilege! Maybe some goons come your way. Maybe more than goons, but threats of mercenary hits. A little extreme don't you think?

Please PM me with vampire ideas if these don't tickle your fancy, I'm dying to do one!