A lesson learned (M/m or F/m) [Mul]

Started by RogueLady, November 07, 2008, 01:53:27 PM

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Christopher Tammet was walking home from school on a chilly fall afternoon. He was a carelessly handsome young man, with warm hazel eyes and tousled blonde hair that was long enough to be called shaggy. He had his uniform jacket slung over one arm and his tie was undone and hanging around his neck. The first couple buttons of his dress shirt had been undone because he fancied that it looked good and judging from the appreciative stares of the female gender, he fancied right.

Chris was one of the type that was cockily aware of how good looking he was and how just a quick glance from him could affect the opposite gender, hell, it could affect his own gender, as well. And Chris, being an easy kind of guy, wasn’t too good to do a little flirting with whoever suited his purposes.

He couldn’t count how many bad grades he’d flirted his way out of. The teachers were surprisingly easy to manipulate that way. Just an insincere apology and a few smiles were enough to, if not get the grade changed, at least get a second chance. It was usually a make-up assignment or test that was much easier then the original had been.

He’d done it just the week before. The teacher had been a new one so Chris had to work a little harder to get what he wanted, but in the end he walked out of the room with a two week extension for the project. Two weeks was more then enough time to find someone to do the work for him …

What he didn’t know was that the teacher realized what had happened. They knew that they’d been manipulated into giving that extension and they didn’t like it. Neither did they like cocky little bastards like Chris who figured that they could walk all over everyone around them with no thought to consequences. The teacher began to form a plan to teach Chris a lesson and perhaps knock him down a few pegs. It would be good practice for the ‘real world’ where not everyone was going to bend over to kiss his ass.

((Maybe it's the dark, gloomy weather ... but I'm in the mood for a dark, kinky RP. Seeing as my lady-muse is AWOL right now, I'd like to play Chris. I'm looking for someone to play the teacher. Gender of the teacher is open to whoever who plays them. It could be a female teacher, or a male. Whichever is more appealing. I don't know exactly what the RP will entail but I think it could go anywhere, really. There could be elements of non-con and bondage and humiliation. Basically, the teacher wants to show Chris that he can't simply use everyone around him without repercussions. In fact, the teacher can be as mean as they want to be. That's the kind of RP I'm looking for.

As always, real life gender is absolutely of no issue. Girl playing guy, guy playing girl ... whatever a person feels comfortable doing is okay by me! So, yeah, drop me a PM or reply to the thread. I'm pretty much around all day so I'll see it either way. Hope to find someone!))


Hey, I read your m/m thread and i would like to rp. My character, Sunny, is a young artist who graduated from college early and owns his own studio and art business. He is 22 years old, 5'11, medium length hair and slender and toned. He is a kind person, some find him to be very mature and down to earth but that doesnt mean he doesnt like to have fun. He is only interested in men, he is a dom type but doesnt really go for the helpless type. To get with this man you have to be smart and have personality. Maybe he could play Ryan's reflection. Want to play?
Come and play with me.