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Author Topic: Red Requires X-Men! (X-Gals, specifically)  (Read 345 times)

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Red Requires X-Men! (X-Gals, specifically)
« on: August 24, 2015, 08:50:45 PM »
Hello there! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm here today, craving a specific set of scenes along the same vein: My favorite comic series, X-Men! I've been dying to set up one or more good RPs in this universe, so I thought it warranted it's own thread. I do have a general request thread, available in my signature, so feel free to check it out! Hopefully, though, you're here to see the ideas specific to this thread. As you might discover from my other thread, I'm a literate male, have years of role playing experience, and like story-driven scenes with plenty of smut. I value description and detail, and shall do my best to excite and entertain with my posts.

From a partner, I only have one thing I'm picky about: Literacy. Well, two things. Literacy and detail. But mostly literacy. If you make frequent spelling and grammar errors, my OCD is going to drive me insane, and I probably will not be able to keep going. Occasional typos and the like are fine, and I fully expect to make them myself from time to time, but frequent enough errors will completely drive me crazy. Detail is also pretty essential to my enjoyment of any RP, and I'll be more than happy to reciprocate it. Other than that, I'm pretty flexible! I have no concerns over RL gender, though I do prefer to play male characters, opposite (your) female characters.

I should also point out that none of these scenes actually require total knowledge of the X-Men universe. The stories and character backgrounds are impossibly confusing anyway. Just a general knowledge of the world would be great. If you've seen the movies, animated series, or anything like that, you'll be fine. Canon characters are also enjoyed, but not required. Even putting your own spin on an existing character could be fun!

My availability fluctuates, but, is pretty good these days! I expect to be able to post pretty frequently.

All that said and done, let's get on to the more fun parts!


Rough Play – I do like to get a bit rough. Biting, scratching, hair pulling, some spanking and smacking around… It’s just showing affection!
Domination – I pretty much always play dominant.
Dirty Talk – Possibly mixed with humiliation and name calling.
Messy Sex – Lots of saliva, cum, juices, etc. Hot, wet and sticky.
Breeding – Not necessary, but adored. Nothing like leaving a womb full of hot seed.
Bondage – Sometimes a girl needs a little help to stay still.
Sexy Outfits – One of the many benefits to super hero settings!
Exotic Appearances - Unusual features, skin colors, etc.
Romance – Adored, and always welcome.
Canon Characters – Not at all required, but, if you want to play an X-Girl, or even take a unique spin on one, I’d love it!
Harems – Finally, the big one. I love playing opposite a group (large or small) of women. Not necessarily all at once, but, I adore having variety. It’s a tough one, but anyone willing to give it a shot will be loved and appreciated for all time.


Bathroom stuff
General ickiness

The Ideas

(Slowly adding writing and picture prompts. These are just samples, the scenes and characters do not need to be anything like this.)

Mutants on the Run

Probably my most craved scene! The world here is not kind to mutants, with hate groups everywhere, fearful neighbors and friends, even your own family possibly turning against you if you develop powers. There are few safe havens in the world, and the roads to them are full of fanatical Purifier zealots, government goons wanting to draft you in to experimental programs, ignorant mobs, and giant mutant-hunting Sentinel robots. This RP would focus on a pair (or even more deliciously, a small group) of young (teenage, probably) mutants on the run. Having fled their homes for safety, they are on a dangerous road trip across the country, fighting and fleeing from aggressors, trying to find a safe place to call home.

Plenty of room for action, adventure and romance in this one! They could be heading for the Xavier Institute, Genosha, or some similar (rumored) haven for their kind. The road won't be a kind one, but, at least they'll have each other!

Writing Prompt
It was amazing how quickly your life could change. One minute, you’re going to classes, worrying about how you’re going to work up the courage to ask out that pretty redhead from your history class, trying to save up money for a new Xbox, and then all of a sudden there’s a literal giant robot chasing you. Such was life for those who developed mutant powers, and not all of them were as lucky as Alex had been. There had been warning signs, of course. Strange incidents, strange sensations, strange things happening to him and around him… Mutant had been pretty low on his list of probable causes. Insanity had been higher. Or aliens. Not so, unfortunately. One accidental public display of his new powers had been all it took. The school was in a panic. Then the whole town. Everyone thought he was dangerous, even though he hadn’t really hurt anybody. Not on purpose, anyway. Even his own family had been looking at him like he was some kind of monster.

It didn’t take long for the police to get involved. They wanted to arrest him, take him in to custody. For his own protection, they said, but half a dozen of them outside the house had their guns drawn. For his protection, of course. The crowd of angry parents behind them didn’t seem like they’d mind if the cops used those guns. His parents, arguing at the door, didn’t seem too keen on the idea of trying to keep him from the police. So, out the back window he went, deciding not to bother waiting to see how things turned out. One quick trip back to grab a bag of his things, a handful of cash and his parents car (it was the least they could do), and he was on the road.

That had been a week ago. As it turned out, living on the road wasn’t easy, especially with the police and worse looking for you. Worse being the giant robot that had nearly crushed him when he had stopped to try and hide out in a city. Perhaps worse still were the government-looking types in suits. He had no idea what they wanted, but was pretty sure he didn’t want to find out. Money ran out quickly when you needed food and gas to keep moving, and there never seemed to be a safe place to park for the night when the police knew your car.

All this had led to a small clearing outside a small town, where Alex was listening to the radio and digging through his bag, looking at what food he had left. He didn’t really even know where he was going; He had heard there was a school somewhere, for people like him, but had no idea how to get there. There were groups like that all over, it seemed. An island somewhere? And some church? All of these possible safe havens seemed a million miles away, with all kinds of dangers between them, not the least of which was the pressing need to find a new car that the police wouldn’t know.

On the bright side, the reports on the radio, as well as the occasional chaos he witnessed in the streets, let him know he wasn’t the only one. It seemed that mutants were popping up all over, and not all of them had the same luck getting away that he did. Pausing from his search through his bags, he looked up as red and blue lights flashed in the distance, sirens filling the air. The police seemed to be out in force… But looking for him, or someone else?

Weapon X

The government sure does love questionably ethical secret programs. Mutants, while dangerous, also present a valuable opportunity to the military: Whoever has the most powerful superhumans is ostensibly the most powerful nation. Thus, a program was implemented to kidnap young mutants, and turn them in to perfect weapons through a combination of torture, surgery, experimentation and brainwashing. It's not a very good deal for the mutants involved.

This RP could involve a pair (or small group) of mutants drafted in to the program, or one or more of them being rescued by someone from outside, and having to re-adapt to normal life after a hellish upbringing.

A Dark Future

There are several cool, alternate future takes on X-Men, including Days of Future Past, and Age of Apocalypse. These dystopian futures are rife with conflict and opportunity for adventure. Perhaps mutants are all but exterminated, and the remaining few must live on the run? Perhaps some bizarre society is in place where clans of mutants rule over the humans? Perhaps one or more characters even comes back in time to try and fix things. Plenty of possiblity!

Institute for Higher Learning

Ah, the Xavier Institute. Haven for mutants, school for sexy teens with superpowers. Temptation abound for teachers. This could either be played out as a teacher/student (or students... *drool*) scene, or a student/student scene where a couple of young mutants are growing up, learning to harness their powers, and trying to learn to be heroes. A teacher/student(s) scene could be played similarly, but with more illicit relationships as the teacher does his best to try and raise the young mutants in to valuable members of society, and proper heroes... While trying (and failing) to resist the temptation of sexy teens with superpowers.

Writing Prompt
The morning bell rang to bring some semblance of order to the chaos that was the Xavier Institute. It was bad enough having so many energetic young people rushing around, but it became impossible to control when you gave them all super powers. How anyone could hope to wrangle them in to classrooms and get them to pay attention long enough to learn something valuable was anyone’s guess. It was necessary, of course; The world wasn’t kind to mutants, and anyone losing control of, or misusing their powers could bring the delicate balance crashing down. Such was the duty of the instructors at the Institute; To give the young folk there a chance to lead normal lives, and to teach them the importance of controlling their powers, and using them for good. It was more successful with some than others.

Standing at the front of the small classroom, Grant, or Professor McKay, sighed wearily as he looked over the students in his class. A few of them were good. A few. The rest were still chattering excitedly, and of course there were a few that hadn’t bothered to show up yet. As usual, he was just about to begin the days instruction when the door opened and one of his more problematic students strode in nonchalantly. A stunning young blonde, Emma was from a family of serious means. She was used to getting what she wanted even before her telepathy had developed, and it showed in her attitude. Her clothes were tight, revealing, and her blue makeup was expertly applied. She smiled prettily at him, sipping at her latte in a manner that could only be described as seductive. She gave a purring apology for her tardiness and slipped in to her seat. She liked to push her boundaries and see what she could get away with, and despite the fact that she wasn’t supposed to use her telepathy without permission, she knew exactly what kind of affect she had on him. He wasn’t sure if it was teasing, or manipulation, or something else.

Shaking his head, he tried to begin again only to have a small fire erupt at the back of the classroom as a pair of students got in to a squabble over something. Wincing and rubbing his temples, he marched to the back of the class to diffuse the situation, and the fire, only to find another problem student filtering in during the chaos, silently taking a seat near the back. Laura was dark and brooding as usual, dressed in much too-tight black leather. He knew there was no point in chastising her, so, he simply held back another weary sigh and marched back up to the front of the room.

“Now then. If we can get started, you all know we’re planning our wilderness training camp. I expect all of you to be on your best behavior when” He was interrupted again by one of the students at the back crying out as her shirt caught on fire, a couple of other students snickering as she struggled to put it out. Grant rubbed his temples again. Maybe he could lose them all in the woods. Or at least most of them.


So there we go! Thanks for sticking around this far. If any of the above interest you, or you have your own take on X-Men scenes, please let me know! Anyone who wishes to contact me, please get in touch via PMs, so this thread can stay clear for my own bumping purposes and such.

Look forward to hearing from you, and if not, happy hunting!
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Re: Red Requires X-Men! (X-Gals, specifically)
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2015, 06:26:05 PM »
Been fleshing out ideas, working on some writing prompts to give an idea of what I might be after. Still looking!