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Author Topic: When Harem Queen is ensnared in her own web (Sub X Seeker619)  (Read 313 times)

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When Harem Queen is ensnared in her own web (Sub X Seeker619)
« on: August 24, 2015, 03:06:20 PM »
Abigail Reed was a beautiful woman by anyone's standards.  At least if the beauty was in reference to her perfectly soft angelic facial features.  High cheekbones, and her Ivory white skin completely devoid of any blemishes set up the perfect frame for her deep penetrating blue eyes and her long dark hair which contrasted perfectly against her pale features.  The affect was such that none of her features alone were responsible for her natural beauty as her bold beautiful eyes seemingly filled with innocence could not quite have had that affect if the eyes were not made more beautiful by her raven dark hair that lit them up like precious gems which were suddenly given some electric heat which made those eyes a magical luminescence that made you think each eye was being lit from behind by an electric current which burned the color into your eyes.  Her child like freckles that crossed the bridge of her nose had a very sexually charged affect especially on the rare occassions she wore makeup and her thick pouting lips were coated with just the perfect shade of red. 

The most amazing thing about Abigail however was niether her beauty nor was her amazing sexual appetite.  What was a amazing was that instead of kidnapping all of these men she could have gotten an even better looking group of men who would pay her if it meant they would be ordered to please her like she ordered her slaves to do.  She was that fucking beautiful.  However that was before a certain slave fell asleep on his bed with a smoke falling from his hands onto the mattress.  Having just recived his dose it hit him more than usual as when she found the smoke and the fire that caused it she was unable to wake him.  She went into his room and began to smother the flames and may have been successful in putting the fire out and then simply walking out and closing the door when she left.  Instead one of the blankets licking flames up ever higher finally reached the curtains covering the windows and from this point the room had too much smoke to allow her to see clearly.  She was now fumbling for the bed fumbling for anythinhg that might give her a clue as to which way she need run to find clean air to breathe and see.  She was not getting either any time soon and then the sprinkler system kicked in dousing the room she was in with water along with all of the rooms that housed her slaves.  However they were not choking on smoke and they could see but she was not going to ever ask a man for help.  The day she NEEDED help from a man was the day she should end it all she thought.....

I was standing in line waiting for my dose when I saw Abigail finish injecting her last slave when she tried to slam down a gliding steel door that locked her precious mind control drugs from the laves.  of course nne of us suspected we were slaves.  We just all adored doing whatever she told us to do.  I was now alone in the makeshift first aid station where we werre drugged each morning.

I was the newest one I know as last night she talked to me telling me how much she looks forward to being served by me and making it very clear what she expected and what would happen when she did not get it.  "Each man in here serves some specific purpose and you will all have an opportunity to serve but you will only anger me and in the process force me to hurt you if you do not follow directions and folloow them exactly.

It had now been completely quiet in the "Circle of pleasure"  and by that she referred to the rooms that the slaves occupied which alll  lined the outer perimeter of the room so that if you looked around you would see a an almost empty round room with a counter in the middle and a three room sick bay should it be needed after one of her slaves disregarded a rule she laid out and had to endure the punishment she obviously wanted to do from the start and simply confused the slave enough to have him make a mistake and as a result leave him throwing out any scenario they thought might please her and the one that usually pleased her most was what caused the most humiliation to the slave or the most pain.

I finally realized that this building was now in lock down.  All of the slaves were locked in there cells and I was the only one not in a room.  I went over the counter after pushing up the steel door