Chikan/Grope Story F looking for M

Started by Miss Sykes, August 23, 2015, 11:13:49 PM

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Miss Sykes

Hi All,

Thank you for visiting my thread I hope you will enjoy your stay and please feel free to try the cookies!

More to the point I am searching for a story focussing on Chikan the idea being that my girl will be groped by your character somewhere, perhaps on the train, or a pervy teacher at school, or the bus or anywhere else we decide. This will start off slowly with your character just copping a feel, perhaps undoing her top a bit or sliding a hand into her panties and will steadily become more and more bold as time goes on. This could lead to her eventually becoming a sex slave or just continued grope and fuck in public or anything else you decide I'll leave that up to you.

A little about me and what I'm looking for in a partner. Let me be clear that this is not a romance story and no this is not negotiable, she is not being groped because he is too shy to talk to her or anything like that he is a sexual predator and she is the target.

I am a lover of bondage and non con as well as orgasm denial and forced orgasm. I am accepting of practically everything but just discuss with me first and we can talk it out. Besides that I ask that you be open to discussing ideas as we move along and we can include new things or kinks as we go along