Lab Rattata [NC-E]

Started by Mabmoro, November 07, 2008, 09:22:48 AM

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Scenario: A female trainer is kidnapped and placed into a laboratory hidden somewhere in Kanto. Every day, she's put through a series of tests and challenges that force her to act like a common lab rattata, all ending with a run through a maze. At the end of the maze is a hunk of cheese and a large mirror that shows her that she's slowly becoming a rattata...

Setting: Pokemon World, a secret lab somewhere. Rocket run?

Requirements: Anyone that likes both Pokemon and Transformation. I'd prefer the TF to be the focus of the game.

Other info: I'd like the TF to be nice and slow, and well-described. I can post daily, often multiple times. However, Im not too good at extremely long posts.