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Author Topic: Aysande's Cravings (LF Male Characters)  (Read 593 times)

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Aysande's Cravings (LF Male Characters)
« on: August 23, 2015, 10:02:48 AM »

So I have this thread with all of my ideas on it, but I've decided to narrow the selection to those that I really crave and see if they could get a bite or two.

Please contact me by PM


For us to work well together, I have a few requirements and they are as follows:
  • Only M/F pairings, with me writing F.
  • Gender of the writer doesn't bother me; we're writing a story not cybering.
  • Be creative. Bring ideas to the story.
  • At least 3 good paragraph per post.
  • Answer within a week of my post, and I'll do the same
  • Communicate if something goes wrong or bothers you
  • No godmoding
  • A good story/smut balance as the plot calls for
Ons & Offs

A short version of my ons & Offs, the longer version is on my wiki.

  • Public Sex
  • Taken out of comfort zone
  • Dubious consent/reluctant
  • Oral sex
  • Light bondage
  • Vanilla sex
  • Foreplay
  • Athletic, muscular guys
  • Size difference
  • Above average cock (not monstruous)
  • Pain (include spanking)
  • Anal sex (Unless it's in DP)
  • Pregnancy
  • Incest
  • Toilet stuff
  • Excessive fluids
  • Feet/footplay
  • No total mind control or rape
  • Cuckhold & Adultery
I am a switch, more dominant than submissive.  Either way I like to keep it light.


Body Snatcher
Setting: Modern Fantasy
Story/Smut: 90/10
Length: Long term
Pairing: Human Medium, Ghost
Note: Very low smut content,
no N/C

He was once a renowned demon hunter among the circle. A demon got the best of him, but it left them both in a pitiful state. The human is dying, and finds himself accepting a deal. For 5 years, the demon would have full possession of his body. In exchange, the demon hunter would be alive. 5 years passed, then 6, and then 7... and the demon isn't holding its part of the bargain. It has grown comfortable wearing the human's body like a glove. The demon hunter is stuck in the form of a soul, a ghost but one that cannot go over unless his body dies or the connection severed.

She is oblivious to her gifts. She's always felt different but could never figure what was out with her. She's a medium, she's hypersensitive to vibes. Only she was raised in a house where ghosts don't exist, and where mediums are frauds. So what happens when she goes at the library and runs into him as if he was corporeal rather than to do like everyone else and run through him like he wasn't there? She can touch him, hear him, see him. She's the first in almost 8 years...
Demon's toy
Setting: Post Apocalyptic
Story/Smut: 50/50
Length: Long term
Pairing: Human/Demon


Story started with someone who disappeared off the face of E. Looking to write this story with a new partner. I am not against a gender reversal here, where I play a dominant female demon, and my partner play a vanilla/submissive male human.

Someone, somewhere, toyed with something dangerous and opened a doorway between our world and another dimension. Demons came pouring in, having found what they consider has paradise. They have overpowered the human race through sins and temptations. Now, humankind is enslaved, with no hope to turn the tide.

She has escaped capture for a while but it only delayed the inevitable. When she is caught by the slaver, she learns that she fits a special request from the Greater Demon that rules over the territory (body size, body shape, hair color, virginity, whatever we decide) and so she go belong to him. He's a shapeshifting lust demon. He can take the form of what his victim desires most, but can change at will. He makes one thing clear to her: he feeds off her sexual pleasure, and he doesn't need to be the one providing.

What I am seeking for this story is to explore sex with strange creatures (imp, demons) and strange body shapes (strange cocks, a pair of cock on one individual, an extra set of arms, tail, etc.) but also to build a relationship with a demon that feels love for the first time and doesn't know how to deal with it. His glorified sex toy, which  he takes pleasure feeding off of by passing himself as other demons, is growing on him. So when he comes to her with the intent of taking the form that she desires most and he finds out that it is his natural form... how will he deal with it?
Demon Sword
Setting: High Fantasy
Story/Smut: 90/10
Length: Long term
Pairing: Prince/Female knight 
Note: Must enjoy reading inner
dialogue, as Sword and
sword-bearer will talk.

Long ago, a powerful wizard and a powerful demon came head to head. After a long and harsh battle that left both enemies weakened. In a last attempt at killing his enemy, the wizard imprisoned the essence of the demon into the blade, and cast the blade into the abyss. The blade fell into legend and legend became myth, until the blade found a host again.

Blood-thirsty, Zordak the demon-blade took over the mind of the adventurer who found it, untouched by rust in spite of centuries under the weather, and still sharp, it drove the adventurer mad. The sword, who could drive the wielder into a blood lust, or in simple lust to feed itself, passed from hand to hand after the death of its wielder. The sword, however, doesn't only takes, it also gives. The wielder heals quickly, is stronger and faster than the average though not so much that it's obviously supernatural.

The heir to the throne has delivered and signed a peace treaty in an enemy country. On his way back, he is ambushed and the wielder of the sword is the only member of the honor guard still alive. With her, he has to return to his homeland, but the most traditional routes are too dangerous for him. As they take the long way around, Zordak perceive her unwillingness to harm the prince, and tortures her mercilessly. What happens when Zordak threatens to send her into a blood lust that would cost the life of the prince? Or into lust, so that she feels compelled to have sex with the prince?
Setting: Dystopian Futuristic
Story/Smut: 60/40
Length: Long term
Pairing: Human 
Note: Arranged Marriage.

The rulers have decided that people are not getting married fast enough, and that love is a thing of fiction. Thus, teens are tested by the government for skills and compatibility. As soon as the age of 18, they are matched together, the woman to take care of the home and the couple's children. The man has to provide for his family. She is 18, it is her first marriage, but it isn't his.

His first wife cheated on him, rebelled against the government's match and the tyrannical government has executed her. He's almost in his mid-thirties and get this gorgeous young woman who has a troubled past (abusive home, where the man believed that since woman and children belonged to him, he could do as he please with them like smack them around). She's jumpy, scared of him, nervous on their honeymoon night, but she's endearing to him and they grow fond of one another... Until they learn that she's sterile, useless to society, and thus shall be executed too...
Fallen Star 
Setting: Modern
Story/Smut: 80/20
Length: Long term
Pairing: Human
Note: From dark to light, Romance

10 years ago, he was THE thing. His albums hit the top of the charts, the movies that he starred in set record ticket sales. He had everything: women, money, a job that was his passion. He met a woman, one of countless others but whose face somehow stuck with him. He had spent a wonderful evening with her, slept with her and parted ways in the morning as the tour moved on to the next city. Everything was perfect, but she haunted his thoughts. Something happens, a plane crash, a car accident, something that leaves him with a nasty scar. Fame is fickle, the rumor mill relentless, and soon accusations are flying that he is somehow responsible, that he was stone or drunk when it happened. By the time that he is out of the hospital, people have moved on. Contracts aren't coming anymore and his heart isn't in it.

He decides to move away, and he thinks of her... He knew in which small suburban city she lived, and maybe if he could find her again. He buys an old mansion in a remote corner of the area with the intention of restoring it. Months go by, and he grows to live like a hermit focusing on the work on the house rather than on finding her; he has nothing but her first name and her face. Not much to go on. As time goes by, he grows bitter over what he has lost and what he can't have, but the work on the house is well on its way. He figures that if he can build things just fine, picking colors and flooring, and even furniture isn't is forte; he needs someone who knows interior design. Wait. Wasn't that what she said her job was?

She's a single mom with a one year old baby. She has never forgotten the night spent with him, night that led her to have a wonderful son. She has tried to reach him when she learned that she was pregnant, if only to let him know that he was going to be a father. She wasn't after his money or his fame; she felt a connection to him after spending an evening an a night with him. Money is tight, and her last contract's pay is almost spent when she receives a phone call. She thinks that she recognizes the voice, but dares not to hope. He requests a meeting to see what she can do for him, she agrees and thinks that there's some truth to the rumors that he has come to live here, but she dares not to believe it's because of her. If rumors are to be believed, he's secretly married, or a total drunk, or addicted to narcotics...

What will happen when they meet again? [/size][/font]
Future King
Setting: High Fantasy
Story/Smut: 90/10
Length: Long term
Pairing: King/Ward
Note: Looking for a partner to
possibly play 2 males, one main,
one secondary. No Incest. 

The King and his two sons were on their way to the Debutante ball of the Archduke's daughter. They were ambushed and although far from defenseless, they would have been overrun if not for the help of a young priestess and her escorts. The King recognizes her as the archduke's daughter, but they part ways. He tells his sons that the throne will be given to the one of them who will win her heart.

For the world's magic, it would be based off this group game that never got off the ground. She would be a Light elemental. I would prefer for one of the brothers to be fire. I would not be opposed to play the least favorite of the brothers, though it could get a bit awkward as he would hit on my character too.
King's Ward
Setting: High or Low Fantasy
Story/Smut: 80/20
Length: Long term
Pairing: Human 
Note: Van. Dubious consent. Light.

Written here as King and Ward, but could be played as King's Son and the Ward.

She was twelve when the enemy kingdom conquered her father's. The ruler, imprisoned and later judged for its tyrannical ways by the conqueror, was killed. Innocent child, having lived a cushioned life until then, the princess is taken as the King's ward. It was made clear that she would never have a claim to the throne. Fiercely loyal to her father, the teenage princess became so troublesome that the King have her care to a handful of nannies and tutors toward which she held no grudge. She was a good student, and grew up to be a beautiful woman. It's been seven years since the fall of her father. With the help of her teachers she has learned to become a very decent wizard, she has a good head on her shoulders but also all of her grudge toward the conqueror has been bundled away so that the few time they meet she's civilized.

He was about 20 when the war killed his own father and made him head of state, and twenty two when he finally made the tyrant fall. He took pity on the child who had nothing to do with the war, but could not stand her defiant, rebellious presence. Years passed and he grew comfortable in his new throne and fortress, caught glimpses of his ward every now and then, but had regular reports from her tutors. It isn't before she turned sixteen that her beauty began to slowly ensnare him. If only the shadow of her father's memory did not loom over them, he could sway her. The alliance would have several benefit; those loyal to the dead king would see their hope for the "rightful heir" to take the throne satisfied. Another year passed and the King finds himself going out of his way to catch glimpses of her. Each attempt to make contact is met with cold resistance, but it's already better than the kicking and screaming of the beginning. Now that she's turned of age to be married, he takes the decision to take her as his bride. He's been patient enough.

Lost Memory
Setting: Modern
Story/Smut: 80/20
Length: Long term
Pairing: Human 
Note: Romance, light 

He has a small business, it's good enough to afford him a comfortable life. He works in the home of some rich celebrity as a repairman or a gardener. Simple, happy life... Until now. He messed up. He is in this star's home, a woman notable for being single and dating rather important men, and he made the mistake of watching in on her as she showered and changed. She got everything on camera and threaten to ruin his life for intruding on her privacy this way. If she gets the word out, his business is over; no one will trust him into their home, their private place without paparazzi.

He decides that he wants to talk things out with her, but the bitch just doesn't want to hear a thing. So when she leaves him in the parking, with the recording on a flash drive, he goes after her and witnesses a big car accident. Being a decent human being, he goes to her rescue and he is mistaken for her boyfriend/husband at the hospital. He is in on everything that's wrong with her. Basically, she has a head trauma, and has lost much of her memories. Including the whole incident with him going peeping Tom on her. He could let it lie, right?

He decides to take her, keep the charade as being her boyfriend. He has a cabin by a lake, somewhere secluded where she could recover. The doctor advise for familiar, quiet surroundings to help with her memory, but he wants to teach her a lesson. He wants to show her what it is to live like a normal person. How to clean on her own, cook on her own, to shop for groceries on her own. The cabin keeps her away from eyes that would recognize her... and unfamiliar surroundings might help that she never remembers what he did. As she learns who he created her to be, she believes that he was her boyfriend and look into him to find what made her love him, only to really fall in love with him. So what happens when she does remember?
Stepfather's Son
Setting: Modern
Story/Smut: 60/40
Length: Long or Short term
Pairing: Human
Note: Mild D/s, dubious consent,
blackmail, turning tables...

Her mom and his dad met through an online dating site. That they lived on opposite sides of the country didn't matter. After a few meetings, the two adults decided to take it to the next level. They wanted to be together and thus, the two women packed their things and moved. College there had a better reputation and they both welcomed the change of scenery anyway. What the daughter didn't know was that the man's son, who is 2 or 3 years older than her would also live on the property, in the guest house in the back. He's instantly crazy about her.

He discovers quickly that when she thinks she's alone, she enjoys walking naked. She keeps a dress at hand so that if she needs to get dressed quick, she doesn't have to run to her room. He watches her, might even think that she's way out of his league (which she wouldn't believe herself to be) so he doesn't make a move on her. After an afternoon spending time together, he realizes that the chemistry is great, but he's firmly planted in the friendzone. Then the parents go out for a movie, she goes around naked. He comes in, she jumps on her dress, behaves as if she had not been naked only a moment before he could see her, but he know. He just knows that she's naked underneath. He presses against her back while she continues the dishes and whispers to her. He's got pics of her naked, all over the house, and if she doesn't do as he says, they will be plastered all over the net.

At first, she "suffers" him and his requests, but she comes to realize somehow that 1. he doesn't have naked pictures and 2. he really, really likes her. That's when she turns table on him.
The Traveler's daughter
Setting: Low Fantasy
Story/Smut: 75/25
Length: Long term
Pairing: Human 
Note: Prehistory times 
Light, Romance


Could be played in an altered prehistoric setting, or in an all original world.

The last of the Neanderthal are gathered in small groups, away from the new generation of humans. The new generation of humans have gathered in clans, further developed the use of tools and managed to make life comfortable if not simple. Our characters are members of a clan. He has grown up in that clan, and now that he's a grown man, there are pressures for him to take a concubine, but none in the clan are acceptable to him.

In comes a traveling pair: a father and his daughter. They are from a clan that lived several miles upriver. Their clan was raided and destroyed, and they are the only survivors. They have traveled for months trying to find another clan. The father is a skilled flintknapper, but it's the daughter that catches the attention. They have been on the road so long, just the two of them, that she has past the age of being made a woman. The father refused to do the deed himself for decency's sake. He's looking for his daughter's first man.

The daughter is beautiful, she is smart, and she's a skilled seamstress. She has all the body features of a woman made for motherhood. More than anything, she catches your character's eye, but the father made it rather obvious that he intends to keep on traveling, and his daughter with him. Could your character convince her to stay and take him as mate?
Setting: Modern Fantasy
Story/Smut: 70/30
Length: Long term
Pairing: Human/Half-angel
Note: Emphasis on sense of touch

How difficult is it to live with only four of the five senses? Whether you ask someone who is blind or deaf, they will simply tell you that you have to adapt, that other senses make up for it. What if the sense that one couldn't have was to feel. Never feel the cold or the warmth, the touch of a loved one or the toe that just met with a corner without warning? What happens then, when she touches him and for the first time in his life, he feels it? She knows why he can feel her, because her touch is magical, but how can she tell him what she is?
Witness Protection
Setting: Modern
Story/Smut: 70/30
Length: Medium/long term
Pairing: Human
Note: Can have werewolves and/or

She's an accountant who has discovered an irregularity in the head of the firm's expenses and in the company finance. She's discovered that he's skimming money and transferring it somewhere untouchable. She's a whistleblower, but within a week of reporting her boss to the white collar crimes, someone tried to kill her twice. The money that he skimmed was meant to finance an important violent group and they are pissed. She accepts to testify in court if she's put into the witness protection program and brought somewhere to be safe.

She lived someone else's life for a while but her cover was blown, a mole managed to put their hands on the information only weeks before the  trials and the attempts on her life have resumed. A new Marshall is assigned to her case and decides to take her away from everything while his partner works out who the mole is and tries to send the hunter off her scent. The place is off the beaten path, it could be a hunting cabin with no electricity, no telephone, etc. During the couple of days that they're there, they get bored and notice each other, but he's her Marshall and ethics are in the way...

I am not against making her a pornstar working for a mobster and who has turned on him, as long as it isn't some excuse to hump her fast. I am also not against making this modern fantasy, where the one who's after her is some kind of monster (demon/Vampire) and or the Marshall is one of the good guys (Werewolf, Angel, etc)
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Re: Aysande's Cravings (LF Male Characters)
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2015, 10:03:25 AM »
Seeking Partners Within Groups

Aquarius & Caleen

Game Setting: Aquarius is a matriarchal Queendom, let by women with men enslaved. Caleen is the opposite, a patriarchal Kingdom with its female enslaved. Each side sends their low violence criminal to the other for slavery as punishment. In the middle is the Neutral Trade Area, where they can meet without risk of being enslaved by the other country, but also where a gladiator arena stands.


Neutral Trade Area, possibly Caleen
Accused of treason for speaking against the slavery of men, Nereida was sentenced to service. She's got a backbone, but would be a good slave to a master who doesn't want to constantly look over his slave's shoulder

Possible plot:
I don't really have a plot for her. If they stay in the Neutral Trade Area, she could be put to work in the arena. I know that I am not looking for a harsh, heavy-handed dominant


Healer, kind and gentle

Possible plot:
Buying a criminal from Caleen and ease him into his new position. Resistance would be expected, but he would know that even as a slave, his life is better than in Caleen's dungeons where he would never see the light of day and most likely never come out of alive.
Buying a man who has had a very harsh mistress, possibly one who has lost her right to own a slave due to her horrible treatment. She would show the man another kind of ownership, one that while not being lax, is much gentler and agreeable.


Caretaker, soft-spoken and soft-tempered but not without spine

Possible plot:
She has been used solely as a caretaker so far, with an occasional use of her body for quick release. Now that her charge has died of old age and that her first master as no use for her anymore, she finds herself being sold again. She's hoping that if she is bought as a caretaker again, the man of the house will see her as a companion as well. The sex that she has known is more of the "being used" kind. She has no clue what it is to have pleasure during intimacy.


OOC & Game information

Game Setting: A geneticist with endless resources has played god. The result is a campus filled with people who have mutations.

Adalyn Mary Roberts

19 years old
Adaptive muscle memory & Enhanced Metabolism
She's got a rough tongue and an attitude, coupled with a low tolerance for bullshit but she can be civil and she's not unapproachable. She's a go-getter kind of person, loves to tease and joke, and hook up once in a while...

Possible plot:
Maybe a friendship with benefit could evolve into more?
A person that she helped "retrieve" and bring back to the campus bonds with her in some inexplicable way?


OOC & Game information

Game Setting: Modern fantasy, with vampires, shapeshifters, witches, slayers, time-jumpers and other magical creatures. This is basically our world with a twist, and the game allows to play the characters at any point during their long life, anywhere in the world. Absolute historical accuracy not required of anyone, including me (the GM).

Caera Norris
Good witch
20th and 21st Century available for play
Caera is kind and soft spoken, generally unassuming. She dislikes being the center of attention, and would easily give into self-deprecation if she feels the praises are undeserved. She is very sociable and has a store in the Underground city, where all the supernatural can gather and be themselves.

Possible plot:
I am looking for a familiar for her. The familiar could be either a shapeshifter or an elemental

The White Tower

OOC & Game information

Game Setting: Based off the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan, the game revolves around the social interactions within the White Tower and the surrounding city of Tar Valon about a decade after the Aiel war.

Kimika Togita

Mistress of Novice, yellow Ajah
Kimika has had one warder before, and lost him to the Aiel war. Now she is mistress of novice, but she still has healing at heart and is constantly looking for a way to cure things, and that includes Saidin, bondloss, or the lack of will to live after being gentled/stilled. I would see her bonding a damaged man, one who has lost his bondmate or who has been gentled and help them get back to normal, back to wanting to live.

Nasha al'Maena

Sister, Brown Ajah
Nasha studies angreal, ter'angreal and sa'angreal. She is, however, completely open to any sort of knowledge old or new. She would have to have a reason to bond, like him having an old talent of sort like a wolfbrother or a dreamer, so that she could use the bond to study what he does. The bond would not have to be platonic, but could be.

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Re: Aysande's Cravings (LF Male Characters)
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2015, 08:03:26 PM »
2 new stories!

Fallen Star
Witness protection