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Author Topic: Kitten is looking for a Dom Male  (Read 441 times)

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Kitten is looking for a Dom Male
« on: August 21, 2015, 03:51:40 AM »
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WARNING The following section contains spoilers related to the film Dark Knight Rises. Please only read if you don't mind spoilers or have seen the movie. Thank you
I'm looking for someone to play the Bane from the latest movie but with a few twists.  This is not cannon. The basic plot will remain the same with a few major exceptions. Bruce Wayne, knowing he will not always be able to fight for Gotham, has adopted and trained a protege. This young orphan has become proficient in armed and unarmed combat and has never adopted Waynes refusal to kill. The second deviation is a simple one, Bruce Wayne dies in the foreign  prison. His protege, Matilda, realizes shortly after his disappearance that she must step forward. She bids her time and works closely with Commissioner Gorden as they try to find and disarm the bomb.
The third and possibly the biggest deviation is the final battle. The police are defeated and the bomb detonates. However, Miranda Tate and Bane have escaped with most of their army.  Bane has brought with him Wayne's defeated protege.

I'd like to start the roleplay at the beginning of the final battle with the villains believing Wayne has escaped and returned to do battle. Bane unmasks the Batman, wishing to see his face as he dies. Seeing the young woman, he decides to take her.
Plot beyond that will need to be discussed.

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Caesar has led his legion across the desert, putting all under his control. A few towns have bought their freedom with yearly tributes in the form of gold, goods and livestock.Caesar allows this, as long as the towns follow a strict moral code. After all, this way he gets all the benefits of controlling the territory without any of the drawbacks. This works for many years, until one town has had enough. Caesar has bled them dry, each year he leaves them with close to nothing. When he arrives for the next tribute, the gates are closed and his legion is looking down the barrels of guns. Caesar is not pleased.
My character is the town teacher. She's pretty, knowledgeable and fiercely protective of the children in her care. How far will she go to keep those children safe? What payments will Caesar require from her?

His New Slave
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The island country of Jerarquía was set in the Indian ocean a equal distance from India and Australia it was based on a semi British, contemporary Indian and Spanish history. There was only  three major cities in a population of 832,211, the eastern capital of the country holding the only public airport. A country with a thriving market of new technologies. Many technologies that never left the country's borders. A country based off of series of local, regional, and national elections, but based more so off of laws of status. Hierarchy of daily life was straight out of medieval times.

The highest on the daily totem pole being any man with a slave, and women were the slaves. Upon her 18th's birthday a woman could either pay the ever escalating female freedom fees (fff), or be registered as the slave to a male. Most women were sold far too quickly to be retained by their own family, but those men able to retain the higher fees to purchase their own sister, mother, aunt, niece or whatever were highly regarded. Seen as protectors of their families, and their blood line. The initial registry in these cases was often very high....but when the women in question were foreign tot he land, no a previous young citizen of Jerarquía, the fee was a few hundred dollars.

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Timber Falls is located high in the mountain range, far beyond the normal hiking trails. Its considered deserted, since its so difficult to reach. I play a beautiful hiker who's traveling with her boyfriend. Some how we become lost and wander off the trails, we keep traveling, hiking towards the sound of water. We find the falls and a lone cabin. Its in good condition, well kept and cared for but no ones home. We decide to spend the night there, to wait for someone to come home.
Your character has lived his entire life up on that mountain, cut off from civilization. You live with your father and your mother and this is the only life you've ever known. Your parents have promised you that god will provide a bride for you. When you find me sleeping in your bed you believe that I am that bride. My boyfriend is killed in front of me and I go to my wedding gaged and bound.
*NOTE* I intend for this role play to be incredibly creepy. I see your character as wanting me and wanting to be gentle but not understanding how I can resist. To you god's word is every thing and you and your parents have taken it upon yourselves to teach me to be a good god fearing wife.

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Re: Kitten is looking for a Dom Male
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2015, 03:56:25 AM »
Still looking!