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Author Topic: ~ The Slave in the Spider's Web ~ (Closed!)  (Read 1436 times)

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~ The Slave in the Spider's Web ~ (Closed!)
« on: August 19, 2015, 06:53:42 PM »
Hi all. This is Farfetched, here again after a long hiatus. Now that I'm back, I've decided to start looking for a new RP that I might really sink my teeth into. Hopefully, one of you might be interested too. Enjoy~

Who I am looking for:

The only thing I really desire in a partner is an ability to make 2 paragraph+ posts at a rhythm of at least 1 response every two days or so.  A Good grasp of grammar is a must, but I don't have any issue with partners going back and fixing any of their own mistakes they may find.

General Setting and Content:

The RP takes place in a high fantasy environment, with few constraints. Your character could be of any race and personality that suits your desire. Due to the nature of the setting, this RP will likely be heavily sex oriented- in accordance to an underlying and progressing story. Most kinks in this story will be centered around BDSM, and may include Rape, multiple partners, body modification, mind games, torture and public exposure, usually with a magical, high fantasy undertone.

The general theme of this story would be trained towards your character's breaking, indoctrination, and eventual servitude to my character. Even after breaking, I have several ideas that might prove interesting for your character later in the story.

The Plot:

You can't remember how long you've been walking, or how long it had been since those black shadows had taken you unawares. With the black strip of leather drawn tight against your eyes, it was easy to lose track of time. They had taken your clothes and replaced them with with a filthy, knotted cloth gag and heavy iron shackles to chain your arms and legs. Your bare feet felt sore and bruised from the walking, each stumbling step forced along by the tug of a noose-like leash. There was no mercy for tripping, and each fall earned you the bite of what could only be a whip against your exposed flesh. There was no choice but to go forward, and downward.


Your path took you on an ever-downward slope, leading you deeper and deeper underground. You longed for the kiss of the sun's warmth again, but it seemed so far away. Rests on your descent were short, and your captors barely fed you enough to keep you alive. Before long, every step became struggle to overcome, and more lashes from a whip came, as your slowness was met with harsh punishment.

When your body finally began to reach its limits, your legs threatening to give out right under you, you heard a cheer arise from lips of your slavers. You had finally arrived. But where?

The blindfold was finally removed, torn off with a cruel laugh from your captor. Through blurry eyes, a sight greeted you that could have defined despair.

You had reached the grand city of Menzoberranzan, the dark capital of the Drow. Stories of torture, suffering, and sacrificial tribute surrounded this place like moths about an open flame. To be taken here was considered a fate worse than death.

Your captors- drow men bearing black, spiked armor- Led you into the city's streets. Before long, you were immersed in a throng of people. Many were drow, but there were others; Goblins, spiders, and all manner of monster who scampered, skittered, and lurched their respective way through the crowds unfettered. Pocketed among passerby were the slaves at work. Most wore only rags as clothing, struggling to preform manual labor at the behest of sadistic overseers with spiked whips. Others were dressed more appropriately, looking from shop stalls with painfully happy smiles. Still more wore almost nothing and stood outside brothels, each with a price hung over their head. Regardless of their occupation, all bore a thick iron collar about their neck, marking their status as mere objects.

You were led you into a large building. Inside, a silver stage adorned with black curtains, and embossed with images of skulls and spiders. On the platform stood an elven man, bound and kneeling in front of the audience. It sounded as if he was being auctioned for a meager price indeed. You hadn't long to look; no sooner did you enter than you found yourself being dragged behind the curtains, where they began cleaning, rebinding, and preparing you for sale. What would they expose do to sell your body? What would become of you after? Such was unknown, but one thing was clear.

This was only the start of your decent.

((Essentially, Our RP would begin with your character going up for sale in an auction house, exposed in any manner you think would best show off her features. My character would then purchase you, and RP would progress from there.))

The Prospective Owner:

~Matron Nathune Aleviir~
Status: Looking for a new slave to break and use. Something fun, with a tender, abusable body.
Description:  Matron Nathune is a woman of power within Menzoberranzan. As a Matron, she is head of her clan, and leads them in their service to the Dark Goddess Lloth. The Aleviir clan in specific are known for their cruelty and hedonism; Their indulgences of the flesh are countered only by their iron grip over a large portion of the city, where they have been in power for hundreds of years. Down these streets, the Matron's favor is the only true law. Matron Nathune did not come to power easily, but in the last fifty years her control of the clan has become absolute. To cross her is to know unending pain.
Appearance: Dressed in only the finest silk and blackest leather, Matron Nathune is an athletic-looking drow, standing in at an overbearing six-foot-four. Being a hedonist by nature, her garb always accentuates her generous assets, and seem to draw the eye by their nature. Her Ashy brown skin is smooth and unfettered, as if chiseled from the stone itself. The armor she wears is revealing, but the enchantments that line the gilded vestment is more than adequate.

Feel free to send me a PM, or post here if interested. I'm very flexible, and would love to hear about any character you might have in mind for this story.
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Re: ~ The Slave in the Spider's Web ~ (Seeking sub for FxF!)
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2015, 06:24:27 PM »
Concept Art (NSFW):
The Goddess Lloth, Queen of Spiders
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Standard Drow
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Drow Priestess
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Drow Slave-Mistress
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Riding Lizards
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High-Class Drow Slave
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A Drider Servant of Lloth
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