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May 22, 2022, 05:15:08 am

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Author Topic: Distractions in the Deep || (Sci-Fi/Modern/Futuristic) || F 4 Dom Natured Male  (Read 807 times)

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It's me again, with another character and some new ideas!

-- Post Rate: Daily -- Average Post Reply Time: 24-48 hours--
** WHEN MESSAGING MEplease be kind enough to tell me  the character(s) and scenario(s) you're interested in, even if it's something of your own making!

  • Paragraph RP wanted, this means detail, you can find more of what I mean by detail HERE PLEASE take a moment to look it over to see if we're compatible.
  • Other characters and ideas can be found HERE
  • I play in the third-person, and would prefer if you did too.
  • ALL Male Characters/Counterparts-- regardless of the female I'm playing, should be of a dominant nature. Ask if you're not sure.
  • If you have an idea for a character/scenario I didn't list, please ask about it!
  • If you read any of my threads, requests or posts and get inspiration for a concept to play-- PM me, I might be interested!!
  • I like to make every post count; I will aim them at making you giddy to write back, full of mixed sensations to tickle your/your character's mind and body.
  • Since I am looking for sexual tension and possibly smutt/erotica, here's a quick link to some GIF's. xD -- Please be sure to scroll to the post below it for details on "Sexual Positions & What I think of them"
    • We're here to have fun, so come have some fun with me? Questions and curiosities welcome!

    Ishta Redding (DeepSea Diver/Alien)
    CLICK FOR ishta's INFO
    Name::- Ishta Redding
    Age::- 18*
    Height::- 5' 2"
    Weight::- 108 lbs
    Hair color::- Ultra Blonde/White
    Eye color::- Silvery Gold
    *she's not actually 18 human years old, but has acquired the necessary paperwork to prove that she is...

    General Demeanor/Personality = Usually avoids human contact (yet craves it;) loves the water; loves to dance and cook; curious; exploratory; indulgent; shameless; can be intensely passionate; very hard to anger; spontaneous; compassionate; kind, but untrusting; thoughtful; (more may be added later)
    Quirks = Cannot spend more than 3 days without at least 1 hr of total body submersion; requires living near a clean body of water; sensitive to sunlight and UV radiation; has an extreme phobia to fire; eats a LOT of fish; has no pores visible to the naked eye; has a second set of eye-lids; often uses non-verbal communication; (more may be added later)
    Best Skills = swimming of all kinds; deep sea diving; underwater construction and welding (deep sea included); reading currents; underwater navigation; fishing; cooking; thinking on her feet; coming up with innovative solutions; avoiding personal conversations; finding a place to sleep & water (more may be added later)
    General Skills = running; sewing; gardening; canoeing; kayaking; jet skiing; sailing; surfing; skim boarding; treasure hunting; deep sea salvage; lying; distracting others; some computer know how; (more may be added later)

    • Second eyelids protect her eyes during deep sea submersion
    • Her skin takes a blue hue and adapts to protect her internal organs against the increased pressure of the deep
    • also as a protective/adaptive measure, she can change the nature of her body from warm-blooded, to cold-blooded to accommodate the depth she's swimming
    • While many assume her silvery-gold eyes to be contacts, they're not and can adjust to allow her to see in the pitch black of the deepest parts of the ocean
    • Her lungs are capable of breathing the oxygen from water as well as expelling the water to breath air (though sometimes the adjustment can be harsh)
    • When submerged, she can extend thin muscles-- like flaps of skin, from between her fingers and toes which act as webbing for better movement through the water
    • her muscles operate at a higher efficiency than humans, allowing her to tread through deep water with relative ease, despite the resistance of increase pressure
    • Her ears also have internal protection for deep sea diving that also allows her to hear underwater up to frequencies used by whales and other oceanic creatures
    • she's naturally empathetic and can feel the emotions and sensations of other living things when in close proximity (two feet or less)

    General Bio = Ishta was born to an alien race that actually lives within the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean. They do not age or mature at the same rate as humans, and as such, she's quite young by human standards, but of middle age to her own kind. Born of a rare and dying bloodline capable of ascending from the depths, Ishta chose to use this ability to go her own way and live a life of her own choosing. With superior brain function to most humans, Ishta had little problem learning and adapting to human life, enough so she took the identity of a dead mans, equally dead daughter, to become an underwater construction contractor. She advertises it as a "family" business, and rarely lets the clients know she'll be the one doing the job until it's too late for them to change their minds. Because of this, there are mixed rumors about the business "Redding Water Works" also being run as a shell company for illegal acts. Even so, there's little debate to the reputation of success when it comes to deep sea construction in tight spots, of which her small stature have become most valuable.
    SL IDEAS FOR ishta
    * all scenarios have the possibility for intimacy/smutt, but it's dependent on character/RP chemistry.
    #1 - DELAYED
    Setting::- Modern/Sci-Fi, Furturisti/Sci-Fi -- in either case the general public has no real idea aliens exist, or that they've been living in the deepest parts of the ocean for millennia; 20,000 feet or more below sea level; an under construction under water research facility/bunker; the only currently working living space designed for one; (more details can be discussed!)
    Scenario::- Your character showed up months ago to do some work on the facility (electrical, moving large parts into place, drilling/carving out canyon rock for the next part of construction.. etc, you choose!) which was going great until some earth quakes elsewhere caused some heavy currents which made work impossible for two weeks or more. As such, he's had to stay behind and finish what he started. Ishta was scheduled to come in right after him, assuming he'd finished on time. It was agreed, and in her contract, that she have the bunk to herself while she was there working-- unfortunately for her, no one told her the previous contractor hadn't yet vacated, due to current delays, so she swims down there with her gear and no proper deep-sea diving equipment on her persons, expecting to show up to an empty dive room and equally empty bunk-- but she was wrong. (We can talk about the details of how you'd like them to first meet!)
    The Guy::- ((#1)) Loner. 35-45 years old. He's chosen to live alone most of his life because people tend to be a wide variety of disappointment. He enjoys the quiet of the deep and the solitude that comes with it. He might even go as far as to say he loaths people and being around them, which also means he hasn't spent much time with any women recently, though not necessarily for lack of desire, just lack of opportunity and patience with the whole process of "hooking up." He came from a big family himself, and as such, has little interest in a family of his own; which is why he does what he does, spending six months or more at a time down in the deep.
    ((#2)) Family Man. 38-48 years old. He's in it for the money, plain and simple. He has a wife with the hope of having children soon, but they haven't had any luck for the last two years. Fertility treatments cost money and tension between his wife and he have prompted him to take the six-month solo job working on a private facility willing to shell out big bucks to keep it hush-hush, even though he considered himself retired from this line of work years ago. He's not entirely happy about it, but it's given him time away from his wife to clear his head, and the money to make things happen when he gets back.
    (Yes, in this one I do want you to play into his conflict of wanting Ishta, but not wanting to cheat on his wife. We can discuss the possibility of pregnancy to confirm it's not him who can't conceive, but I do not play pregnancies to term.)

    Setting::- Modern/Sci-Fi, Furturisti/Sci-Fi -- in either case the general public has no real idea aliens exist, or that they've been living in the deepest parts of the ocean for millennia; 20,000 feet or more below sea level; an under construction under-water research facility/bunker; the only currently working living space designed for one; (more details can be discussed!)
    Scenario::- Ishta is pulling her six-month rotation in the facility she's working on, welding everything from chairs to the floor to bulkheads; especially the places only someone as small as her could fit. While down there, she picks up a MAYDAY call from a treasure hunter in a submersible, being attacked by something-- he's reluctant to say what, but she already knows because the attackers are doing it to draw her out, knowing her compassion wont let her leave him to die at their mercy. So, armed with a pocket knife, Ishta swims to his rescue, having no option but to allow him to watch the underwater battle take place as she's forced to kill two of her own... and since his submersible was damaged, she likewise has little choice but to haul it and him, back to the bunk for repair.
    The Guy::- ((#1)) Legit Treasure Hunter -- 28-48 years old. He lives to salvage old wrecks and find treasures, even those others don't consider to be worth much. It's more about the hunt and discovery than making money, because money he has. His adventurous side was what brought him out so far from any easy-to-reach help, and the selfish desire to enjoy it without having to live up to other peoples expectations or answer to their desires, he went the journey alone, as he often did; never having more trouble than a few busted seals or foggy camera lens.
    ((#2)) Not really a Treasure Hunter -- 38-45 years old. Former military making it big in the private sector as a lone contractor willing to take those crazy jobs no one expects you to come back from. Not really a "ladies man" though he could be if he wanted to, he's a the sort who has two, maybe three women who willingly take him into their bed any time he wants, which is usually just after a rough or particularly long job. This one was a retrieval job, picking up and securing a safe that had been dropped into the bottom of the ocean to keep it out of unwanted hands. Nothing he couldn't handle... or so he thought, until things started getting strange.
    (For this guy, please play into his military background and perhaps the fact he's seen a lot of weird shit, but maybe this takes the cake.)

    * also, open to ideas for her! It doesn't HAVE to be deep sea either:
    • .. could be as simple as her being hired as a dive instructor on a private yacht that runs into a bad storm-- a shipwreck kind of thing, or perhaps she doesn't find out, until the last minute, the only other person on board is the client who's also the captain of the yacht.
    • .. maybe Ishta was out swimming in the deep, far enough out she didn't think there would be any people, but a man on a small fishing boat has gone out for some late night deep-sea fishing, and accidentally hooks her or nets her, reels her in thinking he got a shark or something..
    • .. Ishta goes to a club because she needs some extra cash and they're looking for under-water dancers, could be a nude club-- your choice. Normally the owner doesn't pay the dancers any mind, but this one's grace and ability to "hold her breath" under water catches his eye.. maybe enough for a private showing..
    • .. washed ashore... we could discuss why, but for whatever reason, a naked or half-naked Ishta washes up on your characters private beach.. could be an Island or just a remote location of some kind..
    • ... house on a lake, it's owned by his family and often rented by tourists though this summer, your character has decided to spend his time there to work on (whatever project) in assumed seclusion. What he doesn't know, is that Ishta has taken up residence in a tiny little cabin on the other side of the lake.. but he finds out when he sees her during an extended swim..
    • .. a private investigator has been hired by a private firm looking to find out how Ishta can do some jobs in the time she does it when it seems impossible, because it requires deep see investigation, they have to hire a former Navy who's not afraid of the darker more dangerous depths of the ocean. Maybe use this one with the above setting, or we can discuss a place for him to spy on her and confront her when he sees for himself!
    • .. for hire-- tests required, your guy is responsible for hiring someone for a special deep-sea job, but it's not the kind of job they're willing to accept resume's for.. so all applicants are required to show up and complete tests to prove their abilities.. some tests have a risk of death and thus liability waivers must be signed.. when the allegedly 18 year old Isha comes up, he wants to oversee the tests himself..
    • .. vacation cruise, he's there to take the money of the wealthy and intoxicated, but when he keeps crossing the path of the fair skinned, fair haired little Ishta, all over the ship, he gets curious enough to follow her to one of the private pools only the wealthy can afford..
    • .. toss me an idea of your own!

    Additional Notes
    • We can discuss how old she ACTUALLY is if you're interested in playing with her!
    • Yes, this is another age/play request though obviously with a bit of a twist... and yes I also enjoy size-differences in these scenarios!
    • When I say "Dominant Natured Man" I simply mean being dominant comes natural or is a desire of yours to play; men who are alphas even if not a leader type, I also prefer protective of women over possessive, but reading his desire to have her as his and only his is of course very hot. 
    • I'm very selective of my BJ scenes, but yes, this is a character I would consider playing an underwater BJ scene with, AFTER they've been sexually engaged-- when she'd naturally have the desire to surprise and pleasure him.
    • For those who like a bit of fantasy.. I'm willing to play her as a princess of her people, and bring that into the RP if desired!
    • Regardless of what you want to play, even if there will be NPC's involved, I want to keep the scenes and scenarios to small closed spaces, or places of solitude please!
    • If you have questions about her, or would like to request she have an additional ability, let me know vis PM!

    Again, when you message me, whether it's about Ishta or another character or someone you'd like me to make... PLEASE, PLEASE do me the favor of being up-front about your interests! I also strongly encourage you to take the time to at-least skim my O/O page, though know I like to discuss preferences and boundaries specific to each character and scenario we come up with. Likewise, don't be afraid to take a look at my recent posts to get an idea of the length and detail I play with-- know I like to read much of the same!

    Compliments are great, but RP prospects are better.  ;D