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January 19, 2019, 02:31:48 PM

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Author Topic: Pokemon!  (Read 387 times)

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« on: August 18, 2015, 04:51:08 PM »
I'm seeking a partner for a plot-heavy pokemon roleplay. I want the story to eventually lead to pairings, but it has to get there, first. I love to write smut, truly I do, but I need to work up to it. I have found that if I try to just jump right in with a partner I've never written with before, it always falls flat. I'm a huge fan of character and story development, so I'm looking for someone who is much the same way. I'm also looking for someone who is comfortable playing multiple characters...and that brings me to my request:

I am looking for someone to play Dragon Master Lance, Indigo League Elite and Champion of the Johto region, as an opposite to my OC main character.
I would be very happy to play an official character of my partner's choice to play opposite of an OC of theirs. (So if you have an OC you've been dying to throw into the pokemon universe, now's your chance!)

My Main Character:

Name: Charity

Age: 16

Appearance: Dark brown, curly hair usually kept tied back in a ponytail. Her skin is a pale olive-brown that tans dark in the sun. She has liquid brown eyes and full lips. She is very tall, at 5'11" and slender, but she tends to wear boyish clothes, preferring t-shirts and jeans to dresses and skirts. She wears top-rimmed glasses with a bronze finish, and her shoes of choice are sneakers.

Personality: Introverted and task-oriented. She may seem shy or even stuck up at first because she does not warm up to people quickly. She prefers to watch and learn from situations and other people's mistakes rather than making mistakes herself. She is a fast learner, readily adaptable, and very intelligent, but she can also be critical of others and is a very jealous personality type. She is terrified of change, and is sometimes emotional, but she also has a deep inner courage that allows her to overcome her fears and move forward with what some may perceive as grim, unshakable determination. Once she warms up to you, she can be sarcastic and has a slightly mean sense of humor, but she would never truly hurt anyone. She is a lover of monsters, and works well with them, as she seems to connect more deeply to them than she does to most people.

My secondary character will be an official character, whether it be a gym leader, elite 4 member, champion, or otherwise to play an opposite to your OC.

The Plot

First off, I'd like to say that plot development is something that I enjoy, and as such, the plot is open to input from my partner. There is, however, a backbone around which the plot will form:

Charity has challenged Dragon Master Lance, who, at the time, is about 18 years old. She loses to him in the Indigo League Championship Tournament. But where most challengers would leave and try again next year, she actually approaches Lance brazenly after the award ceremony and insists that he train her to become more powerful than him. How Lance responds to the situation is entirely up to you, but in the course of things, the two of them wind up working side by side as partners, along with your OC and my secondary character, traveling through Johto to unearth secret organizations, track legends, and solve curious mysteries about an ancient evil.

I read through past posts to determine if you are a good match for me or not, and I encourage you to read through mine. I am an experienced writer, so I have a low tolerance for grammatical errors (barring mistakes that everyone makes as humans). I tend to write posts between one and five paragraphs long, but they may go longer if my muse has stricken me.

I tend to post once or twice a day, except on my weekends. My weekends I may post substantially more.

Let me know if this game is something that you would like to pursue!