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May 25, 2018, 07:42:10 AM

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Author Topic: Looking for a sci-fi or historical story *New idea added* (M for F)  (Read 498 times)

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Offline BlueEyedBardTopic starter

Hello everyone,

It's been awhile since I've enjoyed a good RP and I'm ready to get immersed in a good story with a good share of smut to keep things steamy.

I usually post once or twice a day, depending on life and all I may have to skip a day here and there, and I would appreciate at least a similar level of commitment. Sometimes I will be able to post more frequently and I understand and appreciate that real life can get in the way, just staying in the loop is all I ask.

I tend to post a good three paragraphs on average, of course that varies depending on what I get to work off of and vice versa.

We can talk about on and offs, I don't have many offs beyond excrement and extreme pain. Once sgain, this is something that can be discussed ahead of time.

Now then, some rolls I have in mind:

A Caring Hand in an Enemy Land
This story takes place in Vietnam, in a north Vietnam village close to the boarder, in the year 1970. The story follows a young man drafted into a war that he doesn't understand or believe in, and a young Vietnamese woman left on her own while the men are away fighting off the American invaders.
Their paths cross while she is harvesting in a rice field where a recent battle took place, the main reason why field was empty. Going about her work like any other day she happens upon the American soldier, wounded and bleeding out in the water.
Her duty to her country says she should end the man's life, or at least find a soldier who will.
But something compels her to take him in and bandage his wound instead. Maybe loneliness or just a refusal to see someone she doesn't know as an enemy.

This is a long term story that will be based around her taking care of him and their connection and romance that develops during their time together, all while a war wages not far away. There would not be much in the way of sex at first, he will be far to weak to do much of anything to begin with, but there can be plenty of teasingly tantalizing moments before that, like sleeping nude together to share body warmth, things like this may lead to kissing or things more provocative until they are both ready for the big moment. But the majority of this should revolve around their relationship.

It can be up to you if the girl is younger and it is her father and brothers who are away fighting or if it is her husband that she is waiting for, but at some point I think the man of the household will come home to find them leading to a very heated situation.

Eventually we will have to see if there will be a happy ending where they can both escape the war torn land and go to America or Europe. Or a sad ending where he has to leave her behind with nothing more than a black and white photograph.

Law of the Jungle
Time Period: Mid to late 1800's
If you have seen or read Tarzan, then you know the background of this story. A young scholar and her team man an expedition to an uncharted island with the intent to study the many exotic forms of wildlife that lives there. But she has no idea just how shocking her finds may be, or if she will be able to share her findings with the rest of the world.

In this story the wildman will be more of a cross between Tarzan and Mowgli from Jungle Book. He will have been raised by apes but left that family when he became older, realizing that he couldn't keep up in the same way as them, and learned to befriend and communicate with many animals (mind you not in a Disney way, the animals don't speak perfect english and sing to him. It's more like he learned to communicate somewhat using body language and sounds).

I also thought that the two's meeting and interactions at first may not be so... romantic. Maybe it will develop into that,  or maybe the wildman will choose to just keep the only other human he has ever seen, until her crew leaves her for dead on the island.

The Explorer and the Human Sacrifice (Early to mid 1800's)

Pretty simple set up, a rich and experienced explorer, sort of a Allan Quartermain from King Solomons Mines or Cornelius Fog from Around the world in 80 days, travels to an uncharted land filled with mystery and danger in search of a lost treasure.

But during the quest he discovers a tribe of indigenous people performing a ritual of blood that will end with a young virgin's heart beating for the last time in the high priest's hand and her head rolling down blood covreed steps along with the light of the dawn.

The civilized westerner can't let such an act of savagery take place so he rescues the would be victim before the dawn of her demise. But will she see the man as a savior sent by the gods or will she hate the man for kidnapping her from the privilege of being a gift to the gods, not to mention the punishment her people will receive because of her disappearance.

This will also be interesting because the two will not speak the same language so they may have to struggle to communicate.

The Wild West

I am in the mood for a western story but I don't have any specifics in mind st the moment. If you have any feel free to shoot me the idea and we can toss it back and fourth to see what we come up with. If I come up with any soon I will put them here.

Star Trek

I am in the mood for something in this universe, around the time of the original series or Next Gen. I'm not interested in cannon characters though and we would not be interacting with the crew of the Enterprise.

If you are interested in a story like this just shoot me a message.  I can come up with something, I just don't have it in my head at the moment. Or if I think of something in particular I will post it here.

That's what I have for now. Of course all of these ideas can be played with, and if I come up with anything else they will be placed here. And I am always open to suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Offline BlueEyedBardTopic starter

Bumping this back from the dead.

Primarily looking to start the human sacrifice story. But any are still available except the Tarzan concept.

Or if anyone else has any ideas that you would like me to join you on, shoot me a message I'm easy....and I have cookies!

Offline BlueEyedBardTopic starter

Re: Looking for a sci-fi or historical story *New idea added* (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2016, 06:01:49 PM »
Just added a new story set in war time Vietnam. Highly interested in this one right now.