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Author Topic: Plots Galore, Action and Smut In Store!(Seeking M and F)  (Read 1262 times)

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Plots Galore, Action and Smut In Store!(Seeking M and F)
« on: March 10, 2015, 10:25:25 PM »
Hello, Ladies, Gentlemen, and others. My name is The Musician, TM, or even just Muse if you like.

What I Am Looking For, And Why I Am Here

Why I Am Here: I have a few games running right now that I really enjoy, but the pace is very calm in terms of replies. This is good because it allows me a great deal of time for other roleplays. I've gotten more free-time to myself at the time of this post than I've had in a little while, so I'd like to add a few games to my Bookmarks list, hopefully with someone reading this right now!

What I Am Looking For: I am looking for a literate, well-spoken partner for a roleplay. If you want to partner up with me, however, you need to understand some things. One, what I have listed as Never and Dislike on my O/O's? Those are subjects that I am difficult to convince to use or that I will not budge on. If you respect my boundaries, I will respect yours just as much.

And two, I have to admit I have some pet peeves. Disappearing without warning for, like, a month, is one of those. If things are busy, tell me. If you don't want to be partners anymore after we get started, TELL ME. I will not swear and whine at you if you lose interest. All I ask is fair warning that you may not/will not reply. Also, character god-modding, be it my character or yours, is a HUGE peeve. Please, please do not try to play my character for me. It is a turn-off and it makes me lose interest if it becomes common. And do not make your character invincible: I like realistic characters, thank you! Want an example of my writing? Here!

Silence. That was the first thing that came to mind as Yin remained crouched behind a large, snarled oak tree. Her heart pounded in her chest as she hid, her weapon encased in a bundle of bandages on her back, and a small shark tooth pendant held tight in her grip. She couldn't hear her pursuer, nor could she see or even smell him. Heightened senses and training seemed to mean nothing against this particular enemy. She had been tracking it for days, staying in the treetops to avoid the risk of it finding her on the ground as she slept. But she had slipped up, and now the Huntress had become the hunted. She hadn't meant to stray from the city in her hunt, but her prey had moved. And she couldn't let it go. So now,she hid. Yin breathed deeply, feeling calm fall over her body. She peeked out from behind the trees.

And then heard a deep, guttural growl behind her.

So, that was a thing. Aaaanywaaaay!

I have gotten some more free-time lately, and can afford more roleplay time. That said, I would like at least one reply a week, if possible. Again, warn me if you do not have time to reply, and will be replying late or if you have lost interest. I don't bite or scratch.....unless you want me to~

Now that you've read through all of that, on to ideas and plots! Mind, I am open to gender pairing, but know that I am infinitely more comfortable with playing F/F and M/F relationships. I'm just not good for M/M. Also, any additions to current plots posted here or changes are welcome as discussion. PM if interested. Some have set character pairings, however. Plots that have no preference tied to them will have no indicator. Plots with a preferred pairing will have parentheses with the preferred pairing inside. Again, if the pairing is only preferred, it is up for debate. I'm not too hard to win over, either.  ;D

Serious/Non-smut Plots:(Sex may be included, but is not the main point of the game)

Talented Hands (Modern MMA Championship)(Open)(Preferably M/F but negotiable)
-When you met her at the coffee house, you never thought she could possibly be the next champion. Until you find her at your gym, strutting the ring like she owns it. She has talent, but talent isn't enough. Meanwhile, you're the best trainer there is in the country, and this talented rookie needs a mentor to turn their raw potential into a pair of Talented hands. Will it be you?

Program Is Corrupt3d(Open)
-The system was supposed to be perfect, flawless in every way. But in a city run by technology that runs on only cold, calculated logic and reason, can the morally right choices be made? By soulless machines, at that? As civil war erupts between man and computer, a partnership will form. But as a leader of the resistance, can you trust someone that, while human, has always been part of the Program?

What We've Done(Open)
-15 years after it began...We learned what it meant to survive. To survive meant to keep one's heart beating, no matter the cost. But to live is different ; it is to experience what life can offer. In post-apocalyptic London, that might not be an option. With a mysterious quasi-military group attacking people across London's forested outskirts and vegetated streets, and the undead howling at every step and corner, can two totally different survivors find a way to live?

Back From The Edge(Open)(F/F)
Five years. Five years she served her family, her state, her country.....and for what? To come back to an empty home, her girlfriend gone?  No job, no friends who will listen, and a family that doesn't want her. Alex never thought this would be her. She fell into all the demons she could; booze, drugs, sex, and fights. One arrest could change it all. Because as much as she hates to admit it, she thinks she's falling for her Probation Officer/Therapist. Could this be it? Is she coming back from the edge?

Raven Feather(Open)(Preferably F/F but negotiable)
Maddie has no legal name, no legal address, no official record of birth, and nowhere to go. She is an experiment, a human gifted with the DNA of another species. She had never expected the company that funded her home to shut them down. So she slipped out of the facility, Sanctuary, and quickly became lost. The teen managed to make her way to New York City after nearly a week of travel, and she can't get enough of the sights. But a rival organization wants her. After narrowly escaping them, Maddie sneaks into an apartment and quickly falls asleep, hardly even thinking to nurse her wounds. When she awakes, she finds that she isn't alone. And boy does she have some explaining to do.....

Code DARK: Human(Open)
For years, people all over the world sought the ultimate weapon. And for just as many years, you've spent your time in the field, making those who would try to acquire it disappear. But now, you're given a new assignment; protect the weapon at all costs. So imagine the surprise when you discover the weapon is not just the one you protect, but you, yourself? Blood, Love, and Betrayal, and Truth. But will any of it matter, in the end?

RWBY: A Year of VNDL's (Open)
Ten years after team RWBY's graduation from Beacon Academy, a new star team is just starting their second year. And what do you know, the Vytal tournament is right around the corner! With tensions high and stress through the roof, can the two new transfer students to team VNDL keep from getting on each other's nerves?

Invasion: Atellum Traxis(Open)(Preferably M/F)
Earth had long since been exhausted. And so, humanity looked to the stars for their salvation. They had built great Arks to bring them elsewhere, so that time and scientific research could heal their former home world. Humanity hoped to be able to return, but undoing the damage of the past was proving to be a great challenge. They needed time. They needed a new home. And they knew just where to find one. Atellum Traxis, a planet not but a few warp jumps from Earth. What they did not expect to find was a world inhabited by intelligent humanoid beings, and monstrous wildlife. But this would be their new home. Even if they had to take it by force.....

Sexy/Smut Plots/Ideas:

A Little Tied Up At The Moment...(BON)(Open)(Preferably M/F, but negotiable)
-She hadn't ever considered actually doing it. They had just been fantasies, idle thoughts she could use to masturbate. But then she met him...the man who drove her wild, who made her hot,  who shared that particular little kink. And she couldn't help but submit to his advances. Just a few days later, the phone rang as she was on her knees, her hands tied behind her back, her cheek pressed against the soft carpet, and her butt raised in the air. He picked up, smiling at her as she lay bound and helpless, and oh so willing."I'm afraid she can't come to the phone right now, she's a little tied up."

Moving Up In The World(VAN)(Open)
-It should have been so easy. Impressing the boss with a new business proposal would be a sure fire way to get you to the top! And then you catch your boss masturbating in the office. You always thought the boss was hot, and after taking some video, you've got all the ammo you need to make sure you get that promotion; and the boss in bed, of course. Not that you need it anyway, because your boss wants you. And he/she is gonna make sure you move up in the world.

Summer Camp Is Hot(BON)(TAKEN)
-You never expected to find your high school crush working at the same camp as you over the summer. Just a few days in, and you're going at it bare back in the woods, just close enough to camp to make it a hot little experience. And you both want it to continue.....all summer long. Spying at the pool, skinny dipping, sneaky quickies, and bondage, oh my! Guess what counselor; you're gonna wanna learn how to tie a good knot before the summer is over.

Rent late, college tuition almost impossible to pay, and credit card maxed out. What is a girl to do? I'll tell you what; sell herself into slavery to a wealthy thirty-something for a year. A beautiful, teasing, dominating, and altogether infuriating human being. And to the college girl deep in debt and desperate for cash.....that person's name is Master.

Dating Game(Open)
Life is stressful. Annoying. Boring. Did I mention stressful? Sometimes you just need to take some time to enjoy it.....perhaps some romantic, exciting sex on the beach? Secret rendezvous between two rival CEO's as they do their best to manage the businesses they've inherited/built. Not to mention the simple agreement of no strings attached sex becoming....something more?

Again, if none of these interest you, PM me with a suggestion! I will also only accept one person for each of these stories at a time. If it's taken, it's taken.
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Re: Plots Galore, Action and Smut In Store!(Seeking M and F)
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2015, 10:28:45 PM »

Added "Learning Curve" Smut/Sexy Plot,

Added Serious/Story Plots for,

"Back From The Edge"


"Saints of Ostreihnsburg"

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Re: Plots Galore, Action and Smut In Store!(Seeking M and F)
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2015, 09:52:37 PM »

Added Serious Story Plot,

"Raven Feather"

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Re: Plots Galore, Action and Smut In Store!(Seeking M and F)
« Reply #3 on: March 23, 2015, 06:25:47 PM »

Added Story Plot:

"The Wild Hunt"

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Re: Plots Galore, Action and Smut In Store!(Seeking M and F)
« Reply #4 on: April 13, 2015, 09:37:05 PM »

Story Plot-
Lies and Mystery In Aeon

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Re: Plots Galore, Action and Smut In Store!(Seeking M and F)
« Reply #5 on: May 03, 2015, 12:31:43 PM »

Removed Lies and Mystery in Aeon

Added Story Plot:


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Re: Plots Galore, Action and Smut In Store!(Seeking M and F)
« Reply #6 on: May 17, 2015, 05:17:53 PM »

Added Sample Writing

Added Story Plot:

The Mark: Black Rose

Added Smut Plot:

Dating Game

Edited some minor details in the thread.

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Re: Plots Galore, Action and Smut In Store!(Seeking M and F)
« Reply #7 on: May 27, 2015, 08:38:39 PM »

Removed Story plot:

The Mark: Black Rose

Added Story Plot:

Code DARK: Human

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Re: Plots Galore, Action and Smut In Store!(Seeking M and F)
« Reply #8 on: August 16, 2015, 04:24:12 PM »

Removed: Game Idea: The Wild Hunt(Taken)

Added: RWBY: A Year of VNDL's(Open)
Added: Invasion: Atellum Traxis(Open)