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May 27, 2018, 07:18:51 AM

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Author Topic: Looking for a few more partners before classes start  (Read 277 times)

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Offline Cathreen DawinterTopic starter

Looking for a few more partners before classes start
« on: August 16, 2015, 09:40:08 AM »
I am looking to grab a few more rp partners before classes start up again. First I will tell you a little of how I rp. I tend to do about three paragraphs if the story is going good. I do ask that my partner try to give me at least two lengthy paragraphs. The more you give me to work with the better the story and the better the post you will get from me. I love plotting out ideas and story lines. The ones submitted below are not set in stone. When classes start up again I will probably drop down to about a post a week but I will always try to respond. I understand sometimes you start an rp and it just isn't working out. We have all been there and there is no harm in it. If you do want to leave the rp all I ask if you let me know and let me know if there was any way I could have improved it. I am willing to double if I know the character but there is one major request that I make and it is a HUGE one for me. If we do double I am a strong believer that both players characters should get equal response in a post. Pretty much I won't make my post all about my character and ask that you don't make your post all about your character. All this being said I am friendly and flexible so I do hope to hear from you all.

Lord of the Rings idea

During the War of the Last Alliance her ancestors lost their Kingdom. There where a race with no place for which they could call their own. So in their wanderings they settled into the forests of Harad which with to the east and south of Mordor. When they arrived they found the lands where hard to settle and many of their kind passed before their leader Lisast called out to the ancient spirits that lived deep in the woods to spare his people. They offered him a deal. They intrusted Lisast with a blade that could judge the hears to men depending on what was asked of them. For example if you where to ask if the person was loyal to you and stabbed them with the blade if they where loyal then it wouldn't harm them. If they where not it would kill them. Lisast was ordered to judge his people to see who wished for peace. Those that passed where given the gift of changing skins when their wold would come to them. The blade became a mark of leadership among them. As the years of men passed their numbers grew as did fear of the blade. They finally locked the blade away intrusting the key to the family of high stewards. Falens heart was dark and twisted from the start wanting recognition and power. He desired the power of the blade knowing that nothing can be hidden from it. As such he conspired with wicked men and they descended down in the dark of night smiting all in their path. Asea's father Karos was wiser then most suspecting something was brewing. He intrusted the key to Asea and hid her away from their kind. When Asea returned her people lay dead their spirits forbidden to pass one until they where avenged so they linger with in the boarders of their lands. This was something that left a deep scare on Asea's mind and she soon forced herself to forget. As she left those lands her wolf came to her. Vorw was already older her heart filled with much anger as Asea's over the slaughter of her people. She joined with her promising her that she would help the child survive the wilds alone. Asea came to rely solely on Vrow as the creature helped her survive. It was only by chance that she ventured into the lands of Lord Elrond. By that time she had come to rely on the beastly nature that rested in her to the point that wild. Lord Elrond recognized the girls blood line and brought her back to Rivendale. Arwen worked with her helping her regain some of her civilized behavior though there is still more wild in her nature. Elrond took the skin walker in hopes of removing the darkness that rested in her. After her sixteenth winder she left their lands starting her hunt for Falen as Falen had been hunting her since learning she held the key. The two have been hunting each other since that day. The elven lands where enough to protect her but something drives her to hunt him. Given her reckless nature it has led her to more then a few close encounters. We could pick it up around this point. She would be about 25ish at this point or we could pick it up at any point during her history.

Cannon characters I would love to be played in this idea

Bard the bowmen

Oc Males
A ranger from the north
An elf
Basically just about any male prone to adventures

Avengers Ideas

The character I had in mind for the Avengers rp would be the following. Her people are space faring living on massive city ships rather then on a planet. She was born third in line to what would have been akin to the royal family. She had a older sister who was being groomed for the throne and a older brother who was going into their form of religious service. Her first memories where running around the ship with her brother. For the most part her younger years where happy up until the day they came across a asteroid which was rich with natural resources. The asteroid was almost completely mined out the last party there became victim to a parasitical life form that had been sealed away. It took control and returned to the ship undetected. Naturally the creature wasn't content simply being on the bottom. It slowly worked its way up jumping from host to host tell it was finally able to take over her father. That was the day her life took a change for the worst. Her father went from peaceful and loving to war like and cruel. He started personally training and brain washing her to be his right hand weapon. The training he put her through would be considered sadistic to even the meanest of people. As the years rolled she was forged into a highly skilled warrior and cold as the deep space that surrounded them. The only thing that even brought out some form of humanity to her was her brother who by this time was married. They where starting wars with almost every race they came across.

With her fathers change people started to turn against him wanting the almost constant war and fighting to stop. A resistance movement started among the people and she was charged with rutting it out. Naturally after so long under her fathers influence she didn't think twice or question the orders even when it meant holding public killing. Eventually rumors started to speak that there was a member of the royal family was supporting the resistance. Her father started suspecting all his children. The eldest daughter died under mysterious circumstances. He send her and her brother on a mission where he hand the whole group slaughtered. She only just survived and was taken in by the resistance where she learned that her brother had been supporting them and that her father had ordered her and her brother killed. Naturally this turned her world upside down as she recovered from her wounds. When she had she lead a single strike force against her father. She was the only one to make it to her father and she killed him. The way she had hit him slightly injured the parasite that came out when her father died. Before she could stop it the parasite had squirmed its way in. It was then she found that the injured parasite could only try to influenced her and that her fathers actions hadn't been his own. She knew that she couldn't stay among her people so she fled and started looking for a cure. It was later she found that if she is knocked unconscious and hasn't been hurt too bad it can take over her. She later finds herself on earth cast in the role of either villain or somewhat unwilling sheild operative.

A few other ideas which are a bit less developed.

Fire and Ice (Loki x Phoenix like character)
Arranged marriage

Loki (would love this since most seem to disappear on me)
Iron Man

Oc- would have to talk about it.