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Author Topic: Salt and Pepper - M seeking FMF.  (Read 352 times)

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Salt and Pepper - M seeking FMF.
« on: August 15, 2015, 10:23:12 PM »
This is a 4 player story that can take two twists, but undergoes the same premise and plays upon the Salt and Pepper Trope.
Salt and Pepper: Bad Spice
Themes: Comedy, Action
Detectives Salt, and Investigator Pepper have been partners, inseparable from child birth. The two are like day and night, quite well reflected by their ethnicities, but together they form an unstoppable crime fighting duo. Generally, the two make a fairly good team if they can work out the personality clashes, with the strengths of one covering for the weaknesses of the other. This episode, they're on their hottest case yet: a bank robbery job ran by a foxy mastermind under the alias of Ginger, along with her partner in crime, Cinnamon.

Can our boys bring these femme fatales to justice? Find out in this episode of Salt and Pepper: Bad Spice!

In this scenario, the two male roleplayers will be playing the protagonists of the story, an odd couple, mixed race duo. One player will play Detective Salt, the white man, and the other will handle the mantle of Investigator Pepper, the black man. The two have a clashing of personalities and styles - think good cop and bad cop. One's the Ying to the other's Yang.

The two female roleplayers, in contrast, will play the antagonists, the Bad Spices, Ginger, and Cinnamon. The ladies will also be in charge of GMing the more action-based scenes, and will have the largest say in regards to the plot's direction since, of course, it is their caper. They can contrast like the detectives too, all for discussion.

Sex scenes would likely come about from tension, and can come about in a couple of ways - we could have one guy and one girl pair up, or we could have the detectives "interrogate" one upon capture, and then the other, and then them both. All up for discussion. This is mostly a feel good roleplay in that regard - plot comes before smut here.

A Pinch of Salt & a Dash of Pepper
Themes: Cuckoldry, Adultery

Inspector Salt and Investigator Pepper have hit a rough patch. The black and white partners in crime haven't been operating as smoothly as before. Salt has been getting condescending to his partner, what with him getting promotion after promotion, and Pepper feels like he's in a rut. The two had been friends for years, so they thought of something bold - the two would share each other's lovers.

Unfortunately for Inspector Salt, he hadn't quite counted for - Pepper just so happened to be very, very well armed, and played the old stereotype well. Mrs Salt tasted black, and she wasn't going back.

This scenario is a run-of-the-mill interracial cuckold story. One male will play Inspector Salt, the older and superior ranked white lawbringer, while the other steals his thunder with Investigator Pepper, the private eye who's sexual ability is overwhelmingly superior.

One female will play the role of Inspector Salt's wife, who during the swap gets hooked on the BBC and Pepper's ability to please her, going out of her way to become his squeeze on the side, while the second female player will be Pepper's girlfriend, who is needless to say unimpressed with Salt's style.

The story will centre around the power dynamic shifting from the old Salt to the young Pepper. The ladies will of course be in the centre of it all and enjoying the ride. One swinging session becomes more frequent, and before you know it, Pepper and his lady move into the Salt residence where Mrs Salt can have a delicious big black cock at convenience, all at Inspector Salt's expense - smut comes before plot here.
The story played will be decided by poll. As the host, I'll break ties.

If you have any enquiries let me know!
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