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Author Topic: Aurai's Most Wanted! (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) (F/M or F/F)  (Read 739 times)

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Aurai's Most Wanted! (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) (F/M or F/F)
« on: August 14, 2015, 10:14:23 AM »


For more information about me, my writing style, favourite genres/pairings and what makes me go OOH! (and EWW!) please see my ONs & OFFs. I will RP via e-mail (preferred) or forum.

I crave someone with a similar outlook. I'm looking for articulate, literate and creative partners who like to build stories and character relationships that have the potential to be memorable.

The Aurora Dissent - TAKEN
Centuries ago, the Deos, the most scientifically advanced society in the known universe, created a race of what could arguably be called "super" humans. Known as the Ashayin (Asha, for short), they are very similar in physical appearance to human beings, although some noted aesthetic differences include colouring and impressive stature and size. While they are classified as humanoid and bipedal, the biological and medical differences, however, are much more extensive.*

They are a race of warriors and peacekeepers, and are currently forced to share their homeworld with a colony of humans.** For the last fifty years humans have been segregated from the Ashayin, under their "protection", living in gated communities and initially rarely mixing, until very recently. Despite their complete mistrust of the humans, the Ashayin have begun allowing small concessions, including human representatives on various councils and relaxing some of their laws with regard to planetary and system trading, travel, etc. For some, it's a welcome change, but for others, it's too little, too late. From the beginning there has been dissension and discontent within the human colonies. Unused to such foreign rule and restrictions, various sects of what the Ashayin consider to be "terrorists" have emerged. One such group, known as Aurora, have been responsible for various attacks on the Ashayin capitol. They have promised vengeance and a last, decisive blow against their oppressors.

Your character (Ashayin) has been tasked with stopping this from happening; before his people are forced into actions that could mean the extinction of mankind on their planet. My character (human) is a semi-legitimate business owner in the colonies, with former ties to Aurora. At most, she is suspected of involvement. At least, she has information your character will need.

He must take her in and question her. If they can work together they may just be able to forge a future for their people.

Needed: Someone to play the Ashayin investigator. He can be a detective, one of their peacekeepers, or even a warrior of high repute and political connections. Following a lead from intelligence he's received he will apprehend my human character and bring her in for some thorough questioning. Eventually they will have to pool their intel and resources in order to put a stop to planned biological warfare. I have an image of what the Ashayin look like in my hyperactive brain, but I am completely open to discussion and change. I am hesitant to label them as "exotic", however, as they are essentially Humans 2.0.

Notes: I've had this story and setting floating around in my head for ages now, and I'm dying to try it out. I have a lot of cultural background that can be provided to anyone who might be interested, and essentially I'm looking for someone with the vision and imagination to help me flesh out this world. I need a collaborator and someone who can commit to the story. This isn't quick-shot insta-sexy time, so if you're just looking for some easy smut, this is not for you.

This pair will initially hate each other. They will eventually come to respect each other, and perhaps even develop a friendship. All the while though, your character's biology will be working some magic on mine, due to various hormones and pheromones that Ashayin naturally produce and release when in the prolonged company of a biologically perfect match. It will hopefully be quite intense, but a slow burn and build-up. There will be plenty of highly-charged moments (I hope), but the sexy pay-off will be gradual. I really, really want this to read like a story, and not just literotica.

Ideally, as well as being the imaginative sort, I'd like someone comfortable with banter (witty repartee, please!), and someone comfortable playing something of an alpha male anti-hero character, while also used to playing alongside a strong, independent female.

* Further details on the Ashayin's physiological differences can be provided or discussed.
** Further details of the human exodus from Earth and their subsequent arrival on the new planet can be provided or discussed.

Thief - TAKEN
She's a master thief, living an invisible life until a job goes terribly wrong. Suddenly she's on the run, hiding from hunters and mercenaries looking to collect the sizeable bounty on her head. He's a bounty hunter; the best in the business. He chases her across the galaxy, from planet to planet, and she engages him in a deadly game of cat and mouse. When her luck runs out and he finally catches up with her he is left with a decision to make. Will he hand her over and cash in quickly, or will he entertain her offer to make him rich beyond his wildest imaginings?

Needed: Someone to play the bounty hunter. Alternatively he can be an assassin or a mercenary or even some sort of law enforcement. Completely up to you.

Notes: This idea isn't at all fleshed out other than the brief outline I have in my head. I can tell you that my character will do absolutely anything and everything in order to ensure her survival, including seduction and deception. Naturally, there will be smut (although plot comes first), and I foresee perhaps a little light bondage (she will be his captive, after all), some possible D/S play (each fighting for control, although this will depend on your character's personality) and some general vanilla/rough and tumble. Aside from the vague plot blurb above, I am very much open to discussion on this one.

The End Of The World As We Know It (WT. SCI-FI/SURVIVAL - Alien ATTACK!) - TAKEN


It began when everyone got the flu. At least, it was something that presented just like the flu, at first. It was pandemic of massive, global proportions, and the world's population halved in the space of one month. The delivery system of the virus was major water supplies; something that hadn't been determined until it was too late. Contagion was spread through direct contact and was fatal within five days. The outbreak quickly grew beyond the control of the World Health Organisation, and as governmental bodies and world leaders fell to the illness, so too did the infrastructure of society. There was widespread panic, riots, looting and violence. With no sight of a cure the population continued to dwindle rapidly, until the human race faced an extinction event. Late studies estimated that a mere approximate of 0.214% of human beings were immune. There were those who had the foresight to bunker down and wait out the infection, but even at that, our species was on the way out. We'd been softened up.

That's when they came.

They appeared one morning over the populated cities and areas and fired their electromagnetic pulses. We had no power, no transportation, no way to defend ourselves. Once it was established that we were sitting ducks, they descended.

They can be killed. I'm telling you that we can fight back. Without their advanced tech they're even squishier than us. Aim for the head and steel your heart, because they're not getting our planet without a fight.


Needed: This is wide open. MC will be a biology student. She'll be smart as a whip but not at all your typical hero. Aside from self-defence classes she took as a teenager and an affinity for yoga, she'll start out this experience completely untrained and green. She'll be pretty nerdy, and while very easy on the eyes, may also be somewhat socially inexperienced. She's survived because of a combination of early warning (from a father who happens to be a prominent virologist) and sheer dumb luck. You can play anyone you like, though it might be a good idea for YC to have some sort of weapons training, possibly former military.

Notes: I just love this idea. I have some more information and detail if you'd like it, but essentially I'm looking for a partner on this, someone who really wants to get involved in this world and help me build. We can start the story at any point; the beginning of the outbreak, the violent aftermath, the arrival of the mysterious aliens, or afterward when what remains of humanity scrambles to survive. I'd like to focus on story, and specifically, on the tempestuous relationships that form as a result of waking up every day knowing it could be your last. I like to throw very different people together under life and death circumstances and see what happens. I'm open to a lot in that regard (it is the end of the world, after all), but I'd rather avoid any NC elements between our two characters. If you'd like to play with that concept within this environment it can be implied or NPCed.

Ideally, my partner in this would be comfortable writing science fiction, survival or horror. Must be literate, must agree that PLOT > SMUT (although there will be smut, no doubt), should be accustomed to writing fight scenes (or willing to try) and enjoy a little occasional humour sprinkled into the action. If this tickles your fancy, please PM!

P.I. Power (WT. Possible Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Mystery
I have no set ideas for this whatsoever, other than the fact that I'd like to play around with a "Private Eye" premise. I've been binging on Jessica Jones and had a thought that it might be a lot of fun to give a P.I. story a whirl. It would of course be open to any fandom or original setting within the realms of science fiction or fantasy, though preferably not within the Marvel 'verse. OC only.

Needed: Someone to hash this idea out with me. Would prefer M/F pairing for this one.

Notes: YC could be the hardened private investigator that MC comes to with troubles, and a case. Or we can play it the other way around. I'd love something dark and seedy with fantastical elements.

This Means War
Ares, the indomitable God of War, has sired many offspring throughout the aeons of his existence, and he largely ignores the majority of them, seeing all as useless half-breeds. That is until a resourceful young woman snares his attention. His Irish daughter is wilful and aggressive and with her wicked temper and sharp tongue he sees in her a reflection of himself; and a well of untapped potential. She, however, refuses to be dominated, refuses to succumb and bend the knee. Ares will employ his considerable forces of persuasion and charm, but it will be to no avail. He's willing to go as far as he needs to in order to ensure she submits. He will own her - mind, body and soul. He must dominate.

Needed: Looking for someone to play Ares.

Notes: This story will contain intense verbal sparring, as well as the odd physical altercation. Must be comfortable writing a dominant character, as Ares completely embodies this. NC elements (initially), possible bondage, control, possessiveness, general rough and tumble. Their relationship dynamic will be unusual, to say the least. It's also worth noting that this is the only setting I'd ever really consider playing with an incest theme, so I am willing to replace daughter with an unrelated woman/mythical creature should any interested party be uncomfortable with said theme but keen on participating otherwise. This is all very much up for discussion.

  • Star Wars - I'm really craving SW of late. Perhaps something to do with the complexities of a Master/Padawan relationship, or maybe a little corruption? Also enjoy plots with characters of an independent nature (mercs, smugglers, etc). - *CRAVING*
  • Survive... OR DIE! - Yay, survival and horror! I'm looking for some dystopian fun. This can be a simple zombie apocalypse scenario, or the aftermath of war, or the death of the Earth. Or even out among the stars on a scientific, military or passenger vessel that's lost all power and has been boarded by some insidious, blood-thirsty aliens. - ***REALLY CRAVING***

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Re: Aurai's Most Wanted! (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2015, 10:26:18 AM »
UPDATED: Taken and still available ideas.
ADDED: Thief.

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Re: Aurai's Most Wanted! (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) (F/M or F/F)
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2015, 02:22:39 PM »
UPDATED: Taken ideas.
ADDED: The End Of The World As We Know It.

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Re: Aurai's Most Wanted! (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) (F/M or F/F)
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2015, 11:51:56 PM »
UPDATED: Taken ideas.
ADDED: P.I. Power. Fandom snippets.