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Author Topic: Interest Check - Wolves of Fortune - Werewolves - Historical Fantasy - Sandbox  (Read 3669 times)

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Aurel mutters about untrustworthy generals and eyes everywhere!

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I'll finish up making my char later this afternoon. For meow....IT'S FOOTBALL TIIIMMME!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey everyone! Newcomer here. If you haven't already started the thread on this, mind if I leave this here for consideration?

Writer Name: Jarthkebil

Character name: Brother Marcus "The Silver Blade"

Face Model/Physical Description: One brown eye, one gray eye, brown hair, average height and build, not too intimidating or imposing until after werewolf transformation.

Age: 26

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: Quiet, reserved, devoted to God but questioning of the Vatican's true motivations, conflicted, torn between his loyalty to the Church and his compassion for non-hostile Werewolves and werewolf victims.

History: To the outside world, there is nothing unusual about Brother Marcus, a young, reserved but kind priest, outside his unusual eye color perhaps. But then, not a lot of people know who, or what, Marcus really is.

He was raised in the Church his whole life by the kindly Brother Antonio after being abandoned at birth by his mother. The note left behind explained that the baby was a product of an "undesired Union" with a werewolf, but since she couldn't bring herself to kill the child she instead went to the church and left him there, asking them to deal with him as they pleased. Antonio, who was a gentle soul, found some way to convince the church to not kill him, but instead let him raise the child as his own in secret until he came of age. He named the child Marcus and did his best to raise him lovingly, despite his monstrous heritage. He assured the boy that being a werewolf didn't have anything to do with what kind of a person you are, and reasoned that, "If God really wanted every monster that walked the face of the earth dead, none of us would be I've today."

He he turned 18, Marcus was taken to Rome in order to serve the Vatican, particularly in a secret task force known as God's Bloodhounds, or simply Hunters. This division in the Church was made up entirely of Werewolves hand-picked by the Vatican and trained specifically to hunt and kill other Werewolves. Marcus was told that he would be doing God's work, that most Werewolves don't share his good-hearted nature and actively seek out innocents to slaughter and devour, and that it was God's will for him to bring them to justice.

Over the years Marcus became quite skilled as a Hunter and earned the nickname "The Silver Blade," as his weapons of choice were a broadsword and a large knife, both made from pure silver and routinely washed with holy water. He rose through the Bloodhound ranks and soon became a top tier fighter, a talented warrior of the Church. But alas, it didn't always sit well with him.

Although he gladly cut down every werewolf who embraced their killer instinct, Marcus soon came to realize that most of the ones being targeted by the Church were not mindless murderers, but rather terrified victims who hate what they've becomand desperately needed help. So, in secret, Marcus would help smuggle them to places where they can run off and start a new life, away from those who could get hurt.

For years Marcus lived this sort of double life, hunting Werewolves he deemed evil while secretly helping others escape from under the Churchs' noses, and has managed to make sure that the Church is none the wiser for it. But now the Church is beginning to ask questions, and on top of rumors of the infamous Lupi di Fortuna in Europe spreading far and wide, Marcus' duel loyalties might prove to be more trouble than he had originally bargained for...

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!
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Offline MaeveTopic starter

I like it. Think it would add an interesting twist to the tale. What would he consider the Wolves of Fortune?