Magical Girl Ideas (F for M)

Started by Sampais Wrath, August 13, 2015, 09:12:38 PM

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Sampais Wrath

Puella Magi time! For those who don't know it is an anime where girls are offered one wish of their choice in exchange for becoming magical girls, fighting horrible entities known as witches and more or less saving the world. The creature offering is a small cat like critter known as Kyubey, an odd creature with many powers of his own. Their power comes from a gem called a soul gem and each one is unique. SPOILER ALERT! 
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little do they know the soul gem is literally their soul ripped out of their bodies. If it is overcome with despair they turn into witches.
. If the gem is broken they die. They have to be careful to keep it clean as well. If it becomes too polluted with despair it will cloud, shatter and see spoiler above if you want to know what happens next. To get rid of pollution they need a grief seed which is dropped by witches. Kyubey can dispose of these seeds before they become too dangerous. Of course there is competition for them which leads to magical girls fighting each other, sometimes to the death.

I'd like to play as one of these magical girls and need a partner. It is up for discussion whether you want to be a human she protects or another magical person. If you want to be a human perhaps being a close friend or the usual secret crush often found in these animes. If you wish to be another magical person maybe we would be partners...or rivals fighting over a large territory.

Another idea just came to mind! Blackmail! The dangers of this world need to be kept a secret after all!
Pm me if you are interested in playing.
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