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Author Topic: Andronica's Tantalized Muse: Fantasy, Historic & Fandom Cravings [ F x A ♥︎ ]  (Read 18443 times)

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Offline AndronicaTopic starter

【 tell me a story 】

Welcome, dear writer, to my den of desires. Call me Andro or Alex.

I'm seeking enthusiastic partners of any gender who will help me develop an exciting story that we'll both love! Feedback is wonderful whether we have friendly chats or keep it strictly business. My best RP experiences are with partners who tell me what they like and where they see our story going; plus the flexibility to discuss changes when things fall flat. For that reason, weekly replies at minimum are ideal to keep the story moving. Quality writing is also a big On for me so I gravitate toward partners who put effort into characterization, description, and proper grammar.

When it comes to erotica, I enjoy the full spectrum of vanilla-ish kinks which I encourage you to read on my O/O page. If we're a good match then message me with ideas you're interested in (mine or yours), or something new you want to brainstorm together! Please avoid vague messages like 'X sounds cool, want to rp?' because they don't give me anything to work with. Instead, I would greatly appreciate reading your input on the idea(s) you like and what your tastes are as a writer in general so we have a starting point for the discussion.

【 prompts & plots 】

  • A warlock/witch tries their hand at summoning a familiar but gets a lot more than they bargained for
  • Hades and Persephone retold. I want something volatile and passionate. Dark and perhaps dangerous. Twisted in its romance, yet oh so satisfying. And no matter the consequences, despite knowing better or trying to resist, they can't help but feel that overwhelming draw to one another again and again.
  • Being offered as a sacrifice to the god of the mountain - a dragon, a demi god? Neither?
  • What happens when a forbidden romance sparks between a noble elf and her unlikely orc lover?
  • Re-telling Beauty and the Beast in any setting with transformation, Stockholm syndrome, and all that good stuff
  • A woman disguises herself as a male soldier and ends up being captured by the enemy
  • The spoiled daughter of a crime lord has a rude awakening when she's suddenly given a bodyguard
  • An upscale organization supplies the most wealthy clientele with exotic companions
  • When a young betrothed woman arrives to find her husband-to-be missing, she finds companionship from an unexpected source. Alternatively, her fiance could be a cross dresser and, not realizing his identity, she takes a liking to his "sister" or "maid".
  • At the onset of spring, a bright and full golden moon can be seen in the sky for three consecutive nights. The people of Tolvar gather for a fertility festival and on the final night, unattached villagers don the likeness of the forest gods. When the sun sets they all embark on a sensual mockery of the hunt to find their mate by the time the moon is full...

Science Fiction

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Genetic mods - Taboo relationship - Role reversal

In a dystopian future, the genetically modified 1% no longer fear disease or death. They rule over the rest of the population similarly to how Lords of old had vassals, while vying for power among each other to attain prestige. Maybe one of these 'perfect' women falls for a man she shouldn't? A grounder whose been framed for a crime and hauled up to the white tower to be made a spectacle of. Maybe a mysterious affluent stranger appears one day and sweeps her off her feet, but he spent his life under the oppressive heels of her caste until he found a way to erase his previous identity and created a new one for revenge. However, the plan becomes complicated when she turns out to be very different from what he imagined and it's not so easy for him to hate.

TTaken - aming the Aphrodite[
Space frontier - Culture clash - Inspired by The Expanse
In 2500AE (After Expansion), Earth tempered its overpopulation and pollution problems by expanding to nearby planets and moons, but Aphrodite is so far the most ambitious project the UNE has taken on since expansion began. Haven is a massive luxury spacecraft bound for the new colony, Aphrodite, in the outer rim of the 'verse. A lengthy recruitment process was put into place for the project with thorough background checks and psych evals for all participants. Out of several thousand hopeful volunteers under a thousand were selected to embark on this journey estimated to take months, which for some was the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

The catch is that the program involves a match making system for a select few participants. So when our intrepid adventurers are paired up for this experiment, the decision is met with surprise - to put it mildly.

Our characters probably wouldn't have met under normal circumstances due to their conflicting lifestyles or status differences. Perhaps a slightly grizzled soldier who's a bit too quick on the trigger and a botanist who prefers studying in the quiet of a biome-sphere, or some other pair that approach this colonization project with different points of view. To spice things up, maybe one of the characters has a dark secret that puts them both in jeopardy, or the ship could be attacked by a rogue vessel on the way to the frontier, among other problems (space pirates? ship damage?). This can be a more slow burn relationship as they get to know each other during travel or a fiery relationship as their physical attraction overrides the clash of their personalities.

Neon Dreams - Taken
Cyberpunk - Crime drama - Synthetic / Human

He was never particularly social after the death of his partner. He started to drink, making it easier for his buddies to distance themselves from him both on and off duty. Jaded from years on the force with fewer happy endings than not, the detective finds himself with the urge to simply... vent. One night, as much as he'd rather not admit it to himself, he desires a connection, a distraction. People are too complicated though, so what better place to find company than at a brothel specializing in android lovers? Among the alluring synths he finds one that peaks his interest and takes her to the back.

This slowly becomes their routine and he finds himself enjoying her company just as much as her talent in bed. Although one night after divulging a little about his past, the synth reveals a clue to his partner's not-so-accidental death. Soon enough, they're both in way over their heads uncovering an insidious plot connected to one of the city's gangs.

Welcome to Necropolis
Steamrpunk - Adventure - Magic
Metal and magic are harmoniously blended together. Steam power is our lifeblood, pushing us upward into large urban cities that still retain some charm from a time before the war. The aptly named city of Necropolis was built on the bones and ash of the old World where lost souls were never truly able to find peace. There, a new type of magic was coaxed into being: necromancy.

Archons who wielded the decrepit magic most efficiently soon rose to power as a terrifying oligarchy. The New World Council was created to meet it and rebels fought against their would-be Masters with the help of an artefact that was lost soon after their victory. The Council quickly declared necromancy and all related dark magic illegal. Years after this uprising, Necropolis has thus become the underbelly of the world, home to alchemists, demon hunters, and other people who are keen to learn about this forbidden knowledge and unlock its secrets.

The Smuggler's Prize
Space western - Courtesan x Smuggler - Revolution

Everything the Captain does is for the money. Not for a good cause, not for every bleeding heart that needs charity, but cold hard credits. Once, a long time ago, their soft spot was exploited and now the Captain is truly playing both sides to keep their crew afloat.

Now, the steely smuggler's resolve is tested for the first time when they're tasked with escorting a beautiful companion into the hands of a man who desires nothing short of perfection. On the surface this sort of job has been run a dozen times over, yet the expensive companion isn't just a pretty face and she makes that known. Will the smuggler's loyalties be swayed by her charm and the cause of the Rebellion she supports?

[/size][Taken - Skin Job[/size]
Tech noir - Detective x Cyborg - Corruption
The AI rebellion of 2126 was put down ten years ago by Oshin Industries. They destroyed all the remaining AI models and started from scratch to ensure obedience. The new generation now holds various roles in the bustling mega cities ranging from manual labour to pleasure, but they are looked down upon as second class citizens.

In the heart of the bustling city, a seemingly simple murder case fall into the lap of a detective. The nature of the murder obviously points at black market modifications going awry. These hocked cybernetic implants have a slim chance of making the users go insane and unleashing their baser urges, so it's an open and shut case... they think. To avoid any more human casualties, the local PD enlists an AI to assist - this could be an older model which was kept in secret for testing purposes, or a new model that should follow orders. The pair have to team up to find the perpetrator and resolve the case before more humans are killed, but who can the detective trust?

I really want to explore both the game of cat and mouse between the killer and detective(s), as well as how their relationship evolves with the AI having to tackle some existential issues.

Fantasy - Craving

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Psalm of Silver
Light bondage - Size difference? - Corruption of morals - Transformation

A paladin renowned for hunting monsters faces a new challenge when he becomes the very thing he was raised to hate. The paladin could be slowly succumbing to the taint of a dark magical curse, or bitten by a monster which leaves his transformation nigh, and seeks to purge the darkness with help from an unlikely ally: the witch who lives in the forest. Along the way, does the paladin come to embrace these changes? Or does the paladin continue to find a cure by any means necessary? (Other variations could include reversed genders/roles or pairing the paladin with a monster).

Valley of the Wolf Queen
Norse myth - Druidic magic - Power play and politics

Generations ago a chieftain made a pact with a goddess of the hunt to grant his warriors unmatched ferocity on the battlefield. Little did he know that this pact came at a great cost and the goddess needed something in return. When their enemies were defeated, he wanted more. His appetites grew so that his conquests left him awash in blood, and more gold and slaves than all of his longboats could carry. With the very purpose of his plea forgotten, the displeased goddess unleashed the dire consequence. His already dwindling homeland was transformed into a frozen landscape that has become nigh uninhabitable. The chieftain didn't escape punishment either: he and his line were cursed to live as beasts.

The Wolf Jarl's prosperous line dwindled and his tale is regarded as legend, though a cruel Jarl claiming to be his heir has sat upon the throne for some time. Perhaps a warrior still remains who can break the goddess' frozen grip on the land and overthrow the wicked Jarl? Though, it may take the help of a druid recently captured during a raid abroad, whose latent magic caused a stirring to whisper through the Silver Vales...

The Eye of Set-Anhur
Concubine x Sellsword - Adventure - Arabic aesthetic - Mind control

The prince's haughty younger brother of the has returned to his homeland after some years away as a sellsword. However, he returns to find his homeland much changed under the yolk of war with a nation that was once their ally, turned against them for unknown reasons. And what is more, his brother is ailing beyond any aid he can provide. In hopes of saving his home land, the sellsword is advised to embark on a journey to uncover a powerful relic that the Mystics, a band of seers very few in number, have been spotted searching for in nearby lands. Before departure he receives an offer of assistance by a wilful woman who insists on joining him - a concubine from the palace, a roving mercenary? Even with help, their travels are not easy.

Their journey seemed hopeless until a terrible sandstorm reveals a previously hidden ancient ruin. An even older surprise awaits them inside: the priest of a long dead order who is still alive through insidious dark magic and a very small surviving cult of worshippers. The snake-tongued priest tries to negotiate for his freedom in exchange for using the power of his bound relics against the enemies encroaching on the land. Their desperation allows his ploy to work and he tricks the pair into taking part in a ritual. The result binds him to a corporeal form and, true to his treacherous nature, he disappears leaving the adventurers behind in the crumbling ruins to die there.

Despite being at odds more often than not, the unlikely duo have to band together to rectify their mistake before it brings about the downfall of the entire Empire. And the question remains: where did the priest go?

A Tale of Silk and Steel
Demons - Revenge - Magic - Feudal Japan
A ronin is on a journey to regain his honour after a tragic event leaves him disgraced. Along the way, he meets a mysterious noblewoman who exudes grace and beauty. She commissions him to rise up against a Daimyo who is rumoured to have become possessed by a demon, and his people are growing increasingly wary and afraid. The ronin, eager for his retribution, travels to the Daimyo's court with the intention of infiltrating it for answers. Upon his arrival, his past is unknown to them and he is welcomed into the palace with ease - though he can sense there are many eyes on him and tension is thick in the air.

Within the confines of the palace he meets a concubine, one of many ladies brought there for entertainment and to show respect to the Daimyo. She is supposedly a prisoner of war whose own father had to give her up in exchange for keeping his village safe. However, her capture may have been intentional, and perhaps the concubine is more than she seems when it comes to her dealings with the Demon Daimyo.

Is the Daimyo their mutual enemy or is someone else pulling the strings? Will they trust each other or form a rivalry as they each want to be the one to land the killing blow?

Dark elf x ?? - Indentured Servitude - Fantasy raceplay

Varon, the city of dark elves, felt and heard of the orc invasion sweep across the realm above them. The brutes invaded the surface dwellers lands in a terrifying and sudden wave, and the resulting war caused heavy casualties to the dark elves' ideal chattel of pliable humans and their haughty high-born kin. However, even after years of this brutality the orcs still haven't slowed down and it's beginning to make the dark elves restless.

Some have proposed going to war against the orcs as a display of power and superiority, although many feel that is unnecessary and would put them at a disadvantage if the surface races recover when the greenskin horde is pushed back. Despite the divide among her people, the Matriarch has sanctioned a few scouting parties and raids on the surface. One such ranger is eager to hunt on the surface beyond their twilight home and soon becomes the scourge of the orcs. She has become more bold in her attacks and even goes out alone to wreak havoc through their scattered camps, securing information as she goes.

Over time she finds herself less revolted by the surface races and is even eager to assist when a captured human is found in an orc camp.

Taken - A Fitting Prize
Sword & sorcery - Mercenary x ?? - Mythology

Your character is an infamous mercenary whose roughness belies an unexpected code of honour. Although whatever tenets the merc holds now won't be able to excuse their purported nefarious past, whatever that may be. Through the course of their sellsword adventures, the mercenary comes upon a young woman who becomes their travelling companion. She could be a priestess commissioning the mercenary's service to ensure safe travel through the war torn land and reach a holy site. She could be rescued from bandits that planned to make some coin selling her as a slave in the next city over. Or, she is a slave who is gifted to the mercenary as a reward for helping an affluent noble and must begrudgingly travel with her as a life-debt.

From there, the pair might embark on some fantastical adventure across the land to reclaim a stolen artefact, wrestle the ghosts of their past, or a little bit of both. All the while they may be plagued by the whims of the gods, benevolent and capricious alike.

Historical - Craving

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Sacramentum Gladiatorum - Taken
Gladiator x ?? - Taboo - Exhibitionism - Violence - Role reversal

My idea revolves around a gladiator who is a recent acquisition in a ludus run by an esteemed lanista. Or, he's a veteran fighter who has risen to become a Champion, a celebrity of the bloody arena. Regardless of his status as a fighter, he has built up a fearsome reputation due to his ruthless efficiency in battle. In his past life before he may have been a noble Gallic warrior taken prisoner after a skirmish where he alone did not die - marking him as unique and entertaining enough to be kept alive - or a Roman who put himself into servitude to repay a debt.

Whatever the case may be, his is dangerous and exotic. Roman ladies might fawn over such a delight and the slaves would be wary of him, but forced to serve him none the less. In particular, I would like to play a woman born into slavery or forced into it young enough that she's known no other life. Her dominus may want to put her to work appeasing the Champion as one of the few unspoilt slaves of the household. It could start lighter of course with the expectation of helping him after arena fights, stitching up wounds or washing him down and the like. There's something primal about that kind of closeness and I'd love to capture the dichotomy of two slaves with different perspectives; one as a source of entertainment for his masters which grants him the fleeting illusion of freedom, and the other being a tool to serve.

An alternate idea could derive from the dominus being known to bed the slaves. His jealous wife, wanting to curtail the behaviour, coyly suggests during a party that her husband should give the slave to one of the most ferocious gladiators in their ludus, or to a rival's gladiator as recompense for losing a bet. Will the gladiator accept her into his bed, and is he truly as beastly as they say? Or will the two complacently play their parts while plotting revenge on their masters together?

Glorious Horrors
Gothic romance - Servant x Noble - Mystery - Bloodplay?

The stillness of the quiet English countryside is shattered as a series of grisly murders start cropping up with no tangible clues or lead. The terrible act repeats itself on a monthly cycle during the week of the full moon, leaving many of the small folk whispering about something evil behind the act.

A poor workhouse girl recently lost her employment as a ladies' maid in London. Returning to Belfast isn't an option so she scours any promising lead that comes to her way so long as it gives her a bit of money and will help her flee life on the streets. In her search she is surprised by an offer for to take up residence working for a reclusive nobleman whose staff has dwindled considerably over the years. None of the local women will so much as consider the job and she is quickly accepted. The home has a beautifully haunting allure that the young woman can't resist, and her servitude isn't even particularly difficult. There are a few strange rules to abide by and more strangely, her master rarely makes his presence known. Yet she is blinded by the quiet comfort of the lonely manse and does not consider leaving.

After some time she finally meets her Master and discovers his true, monstrous nature.

Rebellion of the Heart
Arranged marriage - Dub-con - Light bondage - Courtly intrigue

Our story revolves around the daughter of an wealthy Lord. A sacrificial lamb signed away in a political marriage to ease tensions with their would-be enemies unless they can be placated first (situation negotiable). She vehemently opposes the match, believing the man to be brutish and uncivilized which makes her quite the handful for her husband-to-be. Surprisingly, despite being rough around the edges, she soon catches herself watching him occasionally and finds him to be handsome and charismatic - not that she'll admit it. The Lady continues to keep her guard up out of stubbornness, a sense of pride, or both. Fortunately, he seems to like her fiery attitude quite a bit...

Alternatively, this might begin as a kidnapping attempt by a rebel who opposes the King her loyalist family supports, or your character could be the younger brother of MC's would-be husband who she has much more electric chemistry with, if you're inclined to a taboo affair. Whatever details we settle on, I want to play a young woman who must assimilate into a group she's unfamiliar with and possibly opposed to. I would love the chance to write a slow burn romance where they have trouble admitting their attraction - causing even more frustration - which eventually culminates into a passionate consummation of their desire.

Light bondage and dubious consent / coercion could be fun to explore in this story but I draw the line at non-con and pain. I want this to be consensual. Deep down, she can't resist, and those reluctant no's will be coaxed into moans of delight. Any roughness should come from a place of reckless passion, the kind where they can't keep their hands off each other, not sexual violence. The main thing I want to focus on is the initially strained relationship between two seemingly opposite people who are thrown together by chance, with the inclusion of a bit of bondage or dub-con to go along with our bodice-ripping fun!

Taken - The Kingmaker
Dub-con - War and politics - Impregnation?

We begin with a bloody succession. A man (the estranged relative of the late King, a foreigner who desires glory?) takes the throne by force. After seizing power, the usurper is without one important thing: a wife of noble blood, who he needs to cement his rule with a male heir.

MC is offered up. Perhaps the pretty spoils of his siege or via an arrangement to end to the carnage, with the ulterior intention of reining him into a King who can controlled. As expected, she thinks he's cruel and won't have him, so there may be the opportunity for NC or dub-con, unless she angrily hikes up her skirts and demands he get it over with to release her from her duty. Would he take that opportunity, or a more slow burn approach? Maybe there's mutual dislike between them, and while nice to look at, he's sure she's a snake in the grass waiting to stab him when he lets his guard down, ie. in bed. So he bides his time to test her loyalty.

I'm torn between playing a fiery woman who won't submit willingly, or a demure creature who can temper the storm of his anger through her kindness. Do their personalities begin to rub off on each other, where he is less quick to end an argument with bloodshed, and she in turn gets a taste of the power she's been denied her whole life? Regardless of how our characters grow, I want us to reveal more complex layers of the usurper King and to see how their relationship evolves if/when she falls pregnant, into a more loving dynamic.

Whispers Over Silk
Romance - Light bondage - Class difference - Gentle dom/sub - Shifting power dynamic

This story is set in the 18th century or up to the Austen vibes of the Regency. Beautiful dresses (bodices to be ripped!), courtly intrigue and a healthy dose of sensuality scarcely hidden behind the pomp and grandeur of the times.

The idea is such: a young woman's dusty old Keeper passed away. She is a rather wilful, independent creature - defiantly unmarried noblewoman of leisure or a courtesan - whose wit and beauty has won her a fair bit of admiration around the courts. As a noblewoman, while her Keeper bequeathed her a nice sum, she might be happy to remain independent despite suitors at her doors, only to find herself breaking her vow of detachment when he interferes in her life. Maybe he's an aloof man of higher station who has a hard time reconciling his feelings for her after she bruised his ego, indirectly or otherwise. They could avoid each other relentlessly in public and maintain a brisk acquaintance, but eventually, they realize they can't wait to get some alone time.

If she is a courtesan, she needs a lord and master for security and is not at all concerned with feelings. Yet when she meets a wealthy man in need of inspiration, she becomes the fiery muse who coaxes him out of his shell toward greater things... and unexpectedly propels herself fully into wanting him for something more than the comfort of a vast inheritance.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You Only Live Twice - Taken
Vampire x ?? - Blood play?

Inspired by True Blood, the Originals, and Vampire: the Masquerade, where monsters are integrating into society. Werewolves, witches, vamps, fae - you name it.

Our focus could be on a cut-throat vampire hierarchy, and the sensational media storm that covers these night walkers who are trying to reintegrate into society. Obviously, some people are sceptical about this - why now? - they should still be considered dangerous. But others have jumped on a bandwagon that greases its wheels on sexy, sexy profit. A few elder vampires are quite happy to inflate the human economy as they bring their species into the 21st century. After all, hunting has changed. Their prey has changed. Vampire-centric clubs sprang up across the country where people can meet these immortals. Some people are looking to become the pet of one of these beautiful deadly creatures, or to be reborn themselves, while others just want an unforgettable fuck.

For the pairing, I envision a somewhat world weary vampire (among other supernatural creatures) trying to find that spark again. They encounter a human who they are inexplicably drawn to, and whether it's pure animal attraction or something deeper than that like a fae bloodline, we can decide together.

Alternatively, I'm open to playing a different pairing so long as it has a heavy dose of the supernatural. A vampire or werewolf paired with a hunter from an ancient order, for example. A modern spin on Red Riding Hood, etc.

Taken - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
Lycanthropy - Crime drama - Secrets - Size difference

You know how it goes: Woman meets man. Man is actually Wolf. A strange yet invigorating relationship ensues.

Is he a grizzled detective and she's a journalist trying to scoop up some juicy info in noir fashion, which causes her to stumble upon his moonlit secret? Is he just the guy next door who happens to catch her eye while she's coming in from a long day at work? Are they star-crossed lovers a la werewolf and hunter? I would like an element of mystery and grittiness to their budding relationship along with the fluff.

Either way, there's no denying the raw attraction between them despite their secrets, and soon she has to juggle having a werewolf for a boyfriend plus all the complicated territory that comes with it. This scenario can lead to some rather fun morning after situations...

A Lovely Surprise!
Seduction - Light bondage - Intersex / Trans - Mistaken identity

It begins with a wonderfully wrong impression. MC meets YC in passing or through a group of friends and decides she absolutely has to have her. She's smitten and in lust. The thing is: YC is actually not a cis-woman contrary to what MC assumed. YC is extremely feminine and dresses to accentuate that. Of course, the truth will eventually come out when things get... heated between them, but how they get there and what it'll take is entirely up for discussion.

Does YC know she's being pursued or does the romantic attention come as a complete shock? Is YC timid and unsure how to handle the attraction she feels for MC, also assuming she is female, or is she a little minx who plays hard to get? In this world futas could be common so MC doesn't hide her nature, unless my partner prefers that MC has a secret of her own to share.

Red Strings + Broken Things
Organized crime - Sex & Violence - Macbeth levels of scheming

A twisted romance between a member of an organized crime family and one of the women sold into a life of sex and servitude who does what she needs to survive. She could be an escort purchased as a gift of good will to your character, possibly with the ulterior motive of killing him or acting as a spy. Maybe he has a secret of his own that she discovers - an undercover cop? or he wants to kill his boss and take his place? - and the two begin to hash out a plan to rise to the top together. Plain slice of life doesn't interest me in the long term so making your character into a vigilante or giving this some kind of twist would be great.

A Killer Affair - Taken
Assassin x Handler - Espionage - Blackmail

Being a handler at an Assassin's Guild is a stressful job. There are dozens of applicants every year who are either genetically modified or have innate talents the Guild wishes to harness. She has to oversee physical examinations, conduct quarterly psychological testing, distribute missions and track the contract killers, among many other jobs. Seeking a night of distraction, she decides to take someone home. The next day when a new hitman enters her office she's taken aback to see her lover from the night before. Can they put aside their little tryst and function professionally, or will growing feelings create tension with the Guild's strict policy of no attachment as her superior senses something between them?

Way Down We Go
Angel x ?? - First times - Monster hunting

(note: While kinks are not the focus of this story, a must-have is exploring our male angel's humanity and his first time experiencing intimacy. It would be hilarious if he's indifferent to his nakedness (ex. walking around after a shower) because he doesn't understand it's taboo, or that he's attractive, which could lead to some interesting situations.)

An angel is cast down from paradise and finds himself bound to present day earth. Suddenly, he has to cope with the strange new needs and desires of his partly mortal body, as his power was almost completely stripped away during the fall. He wanders, lost and vulnerable, seeking purpose on earth among the humans he once dedicated his existence to protecting. Alternatively, in a twist of fate, he could have been an arrogant angel who thought himself and their Creator above these messy mortals and fell from grace unwillingly.

Along the way, the angel meets one of a few people (flexible on characters and motives): a human who may be part of an ancient prophecy and the key to unlocking hell on earth, making her the prime target of demons; a taciturn huntress who lost her faith a long time ago but might begin to see things differently with her new charge; or a demon in disguise who's eager to take advantage of the naive creature - at least that was her initial plan.Depending on the circumstances behind his expulsion, and who we pair him with, one of his righteous siblings could be sent to bring him home or kill him upon discovering his "corruption".

Cloak, Dagger and Dinner
Double life - Super powers - Power play

He's immensely wealthy and charismatic, and every bachelorette in the metropolis wants him. She's the iconic socialite: graceful, witty, talented in many ways. Yet she's got a mischievous glimmer in her eye that lured him in when they first met, and that one look resulted in a spark that burned hotly into a passionate whirlwind of a relationship. At first.

After some months, their relationship settled into a comfortable plateau as their personal lives and schedules occasionally conflicted. Over time, excuses and no-shows for their plans start to pile up as the glaring differences in their lifestyles begin to catch up with the once smitten couple. But they really can't explain away the sudden departures and absences when they each moon light as their alter ego, one a villain and the other a hero.

Eventually, their lives are turned upside down when they discover what's been lurking just beneath the surface of their partner's identity the whole time.
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Fandom Plots
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2015, 09:38:20 am »

【 fandoms 】

Below are a slew of ideas for original characters (I'm only comfortable involving canon characters from Mass Effect and Dragon Age). Let me know what catches your eye and we can go from there!

Firefly, Star Wars (Old Republic era), Mass Effect, Borderlands, Westworld, Mas Max, The Walking Dead, Blade Runner, Altered Carbon, Avatar: TLA / LoK, Dragon Age, the Witcher, the Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Outlander, Penny Dreadful, Assassin's Creed, Vampire: The Masquerade / the World of Darkness, Marvel & DC, Supernatural, True Blood, the Vampire Diaries, The Boys, Destiny 2, the Expanse, Castlevania, Carnival Row & more

Warcraft - Craving

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Marked by the Wild
Cross-faction - Enemies to allies - Hatesex?

The Cenarion Circle tasks one of their promising druids with a quest to investigate the pervasive corruption encroaching along Ashenvale's southeastern border. Suspecting dark orc magic is at play, and not having the resources on hand to send a full scouting party, the Archdruid advises caution. The skilled young elf agrees and leaves at once and swaps her beautiful dark forests for the oppression of a much harsher landscape. During her mission she might pass through a sentinel camp housing an orcish prisoner who claims to be wrongfully imprisoned because he hails from the Earthen Ring and was only passing through to investigate a similar corruption. In need of an ally for her mission, the druid persuades her sisters to free him in exchange for aid, so they become compelled to help each other based on their mutual respect for the balance of nature.

A handful of other scenarios might be post-battle where a POW is captured and turned into the other's ward (or slave). The softer side of this might be finding one or other in dire need of aid and in turn, the person who's rescued incurs a life-debt that they are honour bound to fulfil.

Crystal and Contracts
Transformation (if playing a worgen) - Bondage

Dalaran, the city of magic, is home to all manner of spell casters from both the Horde and Alliance. Ancient tomes of immense power line every shop along with reagents of exceedingly rare and high quality which will suit the needs of any mage, druid or priest. However, if one seeks a less conventional solution to their problems there is another option in the Dalaran sewers. She is rumoured to be many things. A warlock of such depravity that not even her peers could stand her. A priestess who embraced the shadows with all of her being. A mage irreversibly corrupted by the void.

Whatever and whoever she really is remains a mystery as being granted an audience with her is quite difficult. Though, the determination of one particular worgen may win out. She is his last resort in his desperate attempt to lift his curse. The Gilnean's have long since come to terms with their peculiar moonlit heritage, but for some reason this worgen has not. Could it be that he's stuck in his worgen form permanently? Is his inner beast a hard creature to control? After following many leads, and exchanging plenty of gold, he's directed to a hidden area in Dalaran's underbelly. There dwells the infamous woman who doesn't ask questions. So he goes to her seeking a remedy and she accepts the challenge... for a price.

(Alternatively, this could be a priest or paladin seeking a mentor who becomes seduced by her dark ways. I'm open to all kinds of suggestions here)

Must Love Demons
Magical bondage - Servitude

While out collecting reagents in a treacherous area of the Broken Shore, a blood elf warlock comes across a strange sight: a demon hunter stuck in a magical trap. While exceedingly proficient at hunting demonic entities, each morsel of darkness a demon hunter absorbs makes them a little bit more tainted, which in turn causes some physical manifestations to occur. Demon hunters over time become susceptible to the same magic which affects their hellish prey but in a different way.

At first the warlock agrees to free the demon hunter without anything in return, until a different idea pops into their head. Among the most prestigious warlock clans, one's familiar is regarded as a visible sign of the warlock's power and aptitude. The more large and danger the demon, the more impression. With the key to rising the ranks quite literally trapped in front of them, the warlock decides a new unconventional familiar will surely impress their capricious peers! So they offer to help the demon hunter one simple condition: become bound together for a time as the warlock's familiar.

But what begins as an experiment between a wilful and caustic demon hunter, and their calculating master, may become complicated by feelings and adversaries along the way.

Grave Whispers
Mind Control - Corruption

The Lich King was defeated and with his final death, the knights under his command were released from being enthralled. In the year following Arthas' demise, former Death Knights scarred both mentally and perhaps physically by their servitude begin to reintegrate back into society. A delicate tolerance passes over Azeroth, for the most part. Yet even bound as they were in undeath, some people are still distrusting and afraid, and not all homes can be returned to. Outcast death knights seek new lives elsewhere away from the family and friends who have shunned them. One such dubious knight returns home believing there is nothing left there for them as well. Until, of course, an old friend recognizes them and is unafraid of their new form. Perhaps with some link to their former life they can forge a new, better existence?

The Lich King was defeated, they said. But something else began to stir in the icy darkness. With Arthas' mantle undone, someone saw this as an opportunity to fill the void. Reports spread through the cities like vicious wildfire. Former Death Knights who have begun living peaceful lives again are turning rabid, enthralled, and those who resist this change do so painfully. Some say the Lich King never truly died, while others suspect another dark magic user has taken his place and reached into the minds of his army to put a leash on the undead once again.

As of yet unaffected by this new Master or Mistress, the former death knight feels duty-bound to assist. This time with an old friend by their side.

✦ Additional plot seeds
- Finding a POW who was left for dead after a long and tiresome battle...
- Horde and Ally ambassadors try to 'play nice' during a summit...
- Something to do with the San'layn (vampiric blood elves)...

The Elder Scrolls

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Kissed by Hircine
Werewolves - Curses - Restraints - Adventure

An adventurer goes to one of the bustling cities in Skyrim to find a hired hand to aid in their quests. A warrior out to seek their own fortune catches the adventurer's eye during one of these visits, and they quickly forge a friendship through shared battles and tribulations. The warrior swears to protect the adventurer and if need be, give their life as well. However, after an otherwise normal encounter with the Silver Hand which turns sour abruptly, the adventurer wonders if their partnership (or more) will remain strong when a secret comes to light: the warrior is cursed by Hircine for past misdeeds and is far more than they appear to be.

Alternatively, this prompt could involve a warrior of the companions who the Silver Hand mistakenly take for somoene in Kodlak's inner circle. The Companion is imprisoned at Gallows Rock, only for one of the members of the Silver Hand to take a liking to them...Or, perhaps a Silver Hand mercenary is bitten by a werewolf during the attack and their brethren in arms turns against them, forcing them to seek refuge with their former enemies in Whiterun.

How to Make Friends and Annoy Daedra
Teasing - Cat and mouse - Rival-mance

A stoic assassin runs into a fiesty thief when they run into each other on an apparently mutual, unaware that their benefactor made the contract open to all - putting both their lives at risk. Quickly realizing the deception, the pair realize their best chance is to work together to lead their treacherous benefactor astray before striking. It was only meant to last as long as the job and then they vowed never to see one another again or else duel to the death. So, they help one another in what should be a one-time occurrence. Yet when the pair run into each other a second time, the mutual threat falls flat and, a bit reluctantly, they agree to meet again.

Her charisma wears through his reclusive and wary personality, and the assassin finds some happiness. This leads him to question his contract with the Dark Brotherhood. As for the thief - well, she already sold her soul to Nocturnal. Daedra don't take kindly to breaking pacts.

✦ Additional plot seeds
- The Arch-Mage's studious apprentice has been trying to delve the local ruins significant to her research. However, she lacks the firepower to go in alone, and hires help for her expedition.
- A talented but narcissistic mage practices forbidden magic in secret against the advice of their mentor, and they end up summoning a dremora.
- An adventurer comes across the impossible: a snow elf, the last of their kind.
- A diplomat from Cyrodiil goes to one of Skyrim's courts under the guise of aiding relations during the civil war. However, your character realizes she may not be all she appears. An Imperial spy? A Thalmor loyalist? Both or neither?

Star Wars

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Light in the Darkness
Conflict - corruption of morals - Forbidden romance - Possible incest

Two padawans who grew up together on Tython were inseparable, and engaged in a forbidden love affair which even their astute masters were not aware of. When they came of age they went down separate paths. She became a Consular to uphold justice and peace. He became a Knight to vent his frustrations. Years later they are brought together again for a matter of great importance - treachery among their order. As the pair reunite it becomes clear that one of them has changed. Soon the truth is revealed that their torrid romance caused one of them to turn from the Code.

Heirs of Revan
D/s themes - Reincarnation - Experimentation

A Sith Lady is given a bodyguard by her master upon completion of her trials; a slave/prisoner who proved too talented for acolytes to kill. Her master senses the untapped potential of the Force in this new bodyguard and the stirrings of something far greater. Due to his arrogance and paranoia, the Sith's master wants to use the bodyguard as a final test for his former apprentice, hoping to gauge just how formidable she will become. However, the master has an ulterior motive for the bodyguard which is connected to his fascination with ancient datacrons, artefacts, and rituals. It doesn't take long for the newly minted Sith and her companion to become very aware of this twisted plan.

Passion Shall Free Me
Love/hate - Servitude - Coercion

A Sith kidnaps a powerful padawan to turn her into his dark apprentice. Despite the tumultuous and intimidating start to their relationship, in time the Sith becomes more lenient with his protege as she grows in power. However, she has her own agenda and may be using him as a means to an end in order to take revenge upon the Sith who killed her family. When he makes contact and taunts the pair, the young apprentice turns to her master for guidance and a lesson in other manifestations of the Dark Side.


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Guiding Light
Destiny - Action - Various light kinks

I want to pair my female Awoken warlock with another guardian of any kind. Maybe they're veterans of a long running Fireteam and have history together, considering they fought side by side through a lot of harrowing situations, or they decide to blow off steam during a boring scouting mission and it becomes something more. Alternatively, they could be a couple of newly risen guardians Zavala throws together for one of many tasks from stealthy reconnaissance to a bloody assault on a Cabal base where they have to get along or die trying as bits of their past start to glean through the cracks.

Cerberus' Collar
Mass Effect - Genetic experiment - Organised crime - Indoctrination

A trained genetically modified Cerberus agent goes dark. It takes a few years but eventually the operative is found via a reliable source on Omega. To make the 'transition' smoother, Cerberus sends an old friend and colleague to the location in question. They are tasked with bringing the agent home by whatever means necessary as a lengthy absence increases the risk of exposing the organizations secrets. Secrets which happen to be modded into the agent and running through their veins. Turns out, they've become someone infamous in lawless space as leader of the Hyperion gang, one of Aria T'Loak's top competitors. And they aim to keep it that way.
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