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Author Topic: Seeking detailed, plot-driven stories [ M, Futa, F ♥ ]  (Read 10842 times)

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Seeking detailed, plot-driven stories [ M, Futa, F ♥ ]
« on: August 13, 2015, 04:09:14 PM »

Status: Selectively available | Medium: Threads | Response time: 1-7 days

Hello lovelies! Feel free to call me Andro or Alex. I'm a fairly literate, plot-driven writer who plays female or intersex characters in any pairing but M/M. I encourage you to read my O/O page for an in-depth look at my story and kink preferences to make sure we're compatible. Now, as for what I want in a writing partner, the answer is short and sweet: I welcome creative RPers of any gender who can write 2-5 detailed paragraphs and reply at least once a week to keep the story moving. Regular communication is also a must. Keeping an open dialogue to discuss suggestions, kinks, and future plans makes for a better story!

There are a lot of ideas below for you to browse through, though if you think we're a good match but nothing really jumps out at you, you're more than welcome to charm me into exploring different characters / genres! :)

Current Interests

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Idea Repository
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2015, 09:38:20 AM »
Quick Connections & Developed Ideas

Everything is negotiable as long as the core idea remains. My plot seeds are a great way to test out new concepts or scenes without too much brainstorming. More structured plots are further down.

[ M/F noir crime drama - inspired by Punisher & Daredevil and the song Arsonist's Lullaby (Hozier) ] A romance between a vigilante and journalist set on the backdrop of NYC, Chicago, or a generic crime infested 'Metropolis'. After trying to get information on a local crime syndicate for her story, a young woman finds herself in too deep with a gang member and is afraid of what will come next. At the same time, a local mysterious vigilante storms the bar/club and gives her an opportunity to escape.

[ M/F, F/Futa, F/F - inspired by Assassin's Creed ] After watching the AC movie, and with AC Origins out, I'd love to play around in a historical era with some assassins and/or Templars. As a heads-up I've played up to Ezio's triology but I'm familiar with the current state of events in the games up to Syndicate. This story could take place only in a historical setting or we could include an element of time travel where we split between playing our characters in the modern world experiencing flashbacks through the animus, and their ancestors centuries before that. Any era from the games (or times and places that haven't been explored yet) are welcome!

[ M/F, F/Futa, F/F - inspired by Westworld ] A guest visits a theme park resort (Western, Feudal Japan, etc) and goes through one of the narratives with a synth host who they end up falling in love with. They might try to buy the synth from the company if they're wealthy enough, or they attempt to steal the synth instead. Alternatively we could go with an engineer who works for the company falling in love with one of the synths they routinely do maintenance on in-between narratives.

[ M/F, noir, dystopia - inspired by Blade Runner and Almost Human ] The AI rebellion of 2105 was put down ten years ago by Arsec Industries. They destroyed all the remaining AI models and started from scratch to ensure obedience. The new generation now holds various roles in the bustling mega cities ranging from manual labour to pleasure, but they are looked down upon as second class citizens - "skinjobs". One of these AI, a detective, has a seemingly simple murder case fall into the lap and he must team up with a human to find the perpetrator (another detective, a suspect, the murderer's next target? Or vice versa where a human cop works with an AI). I really want to explore both the game of cat and mouse between the killer and detective(s), as well as how their relationship evolves with the AI having to tackle some existential issues.

A beautiful businesswoman has a hobby of collecting exotic, unique things. She works for some very high profile people and has her hand in all the right pockets. Rewarding as her job is, she's a bit lonely at home, and decides to branch out her collection. After hearing about the organization through a friend of a friend, she discreetly purchases a new "pet". (I'm thinking some kind of supernatural creature or AI would work here, which she may even use for protection. I'm not into hardcore pet play but a little dominance and kink to the relationship is always welcome.)

♦ Inspired by this picture. In a dystopian, science-fantasy future the genetically modified 1% rule over the rest of the population similarly to how Lords of old had vassals, and vied for power among each other. Maybe one of these 'perfect' women falls for a man she shouldn't? Maybe a mysterious stranger appears one day and sweeps her off her feet, but he spent his life under the oppressive heels of her caste until he found a way to erase his previous identity. He created a new identity for revenge.. which becomes complicated when she, someone he should hate, turns out to be very different from what he imagined.

♦ In the future, androids become very popular and affordable. A human purchases a domestic service AI companion to help around the house due to their busy schedule - and maybe they're just a little bored. Over time the once unattached human owner begins to see AI in a different way and a strange yet exciting relationship starts. But things get complicated when the AI has an 'awakening', much to their owner's shock and surprise. Will they try to nurture this new personality as the AI essentially becomes human? Will the corporation who created the AI find out what happened and try to take it back?

♦ I love anything involving werewolves, be it a twist on Little Red or Beauty and the Beast, or something more original! For example, a studious witch living in London who researches and sells magical items finds herself in a dangerous situation as her client turns the tables, but is saved by an unlikely ally (a werewolf) who knows about her work and is searching for a cure for his lycanthropy.

♦ A Game of Thrones AU that follows Daenerys, or a male / female OC Targaryen, who seeks to claim the Iron Throne. I'm open to pairing my character up with a Dothraki Blood Rider, a noble in some kind of mutually beneficial political marriage, a rebellious bastard trying to usurp their parent, or we can pair her up with a devoted servant and confidant like Missandei. There are lots of options in terms of characters and storyline.

♦ A roleplay inspired by the song Madness (Ruelle). It makes me think of a dark urban fantasy where demons, witches, werewolves and other supernatural beings - even gods - are all vying for power. They hide in plain sight among mortals as titans of industry, celebrities, etc. This song also gives me huge femme fatale vibes so anything related to that would be awesome!

♦ Inspired by the song Horns (Bryce Fox). A modern day warlock/witch tries their hand at summoning a familiar but they get a lot more than they bargained for when a demon answers the call instead.

♦ What happens when a dangerous forbidden romance sparks between a half-elf and an elven woman of higher rank?

♦ When her homeland is attacked, a woman dons some armor to help the war effort. This could be a Western or fantasy retelling of Mulan where my character attempts to hide her gender and befriends the Captain of her unit, or she could be captured by the enemy.

A paladin renowned for hunting demons and sorcerers faces a new challenge when she becomes the very thing she hates.

♦ After finishing the Netflix series Marco Polo, I'm eager to try out a story about a warrior or traveling merchant who comes to the court of a warlord and meets a beautiful princess. She's essentially a prisoner in a gilded cage but that doesn't stop them from being drawn to one another, no matter how dangerous the consequences.

♦ In a Firefly-inspired story, I played a Companion who took refuge with mercenaries and became their match maker. She struggled with feelings for a crew member who was hesitant/unable to return her affection, for whatever reason. I'd love to reprise that role in another space western or possible a historical Wild West setting.

♦ The daughter of a crime lord has a rude awakening when she's suddenly given a bodyguard. He seems perfect, so something can't be right. (Probably the most slice of life idea I have, but it could easily fit into the Marvel/DC-verse or have a low fantasy twist to spice things up)

My Partner, My Lover, My Worst Enemy
Concepts: Smuggler x bounty hunter, Star Wars Fandom

Sacramentum Gladiatorum
Concepts: Gladiator x Roman, Gladiator x Slave, D/s, role reversal, exhibitionism, gore, revenge, degradation
The new gladiator in the ludus evaded death against near impossible odds. He's strong willed but appears loyal. The domina sees him as a blunt instrument, an assassin to kill her enemies and possibly even her overbearing husband. He sees her as a way to gain freedom. Their arrangement goes awry when the city falls to rebelling slaves and the domina learns what it means to lose her position of power.

Another idea that could be added to the first or combined: a woman born into slavery is the secret lover of her master for many years. His wife becomes suspicious of their tryst, and despite not loving her husband, his wife is a jealous and manipulative woman. In an act of revenge she coyly suggests during a party that her husband should give his favourite slave to one of the most ferocious gladiators in their ludus.

Concepts: Dark elf x ??, racism, slavery, romance, hurt/comfort
Inspiration: Dark elf picture (NSFW)
Varon, the city of dark elves, felt and heard of the orc invasion sweep across the realm. The brutes invaded the surface dwellers land and the resulting  caused heavy casualties to the drow's ideal chattel, and the orcs still haven't slowed down. Not wanting to see humanity suffer any more, a ranger takes matters into her own hands and tries to fight for the humans and other surface races even though the Matriarch has threatened her with exile

Safe and Sound
Concepts: Survivor x Survivor, zombie apocalypse, gore, possible incest
For two years since the dead started coming back, a small town in the US held its own with generators, running water, and enough food to go through the winters without starving. A pair of residents who scavenge together start to become close, but something is in the way. Are they childhood friends? Siblings? Or is one of them is in a relationship with the town leader? Eventually a catastrophe befalls the town that causes them to flee. They decide to stick together to find a new home - if they can live that long. Alternatively, one survivor can be found by the other and is brought back to their town.

Cloak, Dagger, and Dinner
Concepts: Superhero x Villain, romance, betrayal, game of cat and mouse
She seems like your average socialite from Metropolis. Graceful, witty, talented in many ways. Yet she's got a mischievous glimmer in her eye that lured him in when they first met. The apparently normal relationship soon becomes strained as their schedules conflict. Excuses and no-shows for their plans start to pile up - mostly because they each have alter egos as a superhero and villain. Eventually, their lives are turned upside down when they realize that something about their partner is a little off and it all comes to a head...

The Eye of Horus
Concepts: 'Concubine' x Assassin, adventure, bondage, time travel
Inspiration: Assassin's Creed
A concubine and assassin embark on a journey to uncover relics that the Templars have been searching for in nearby lands. Their journey seemed hopeless until a terrible sandstorm reveals a previously hidden set of ancient ruins. An even older surprise awaits them inside: the priest of a long dead cult, who wished to negotiate for his freedom. Blinded by their eagerness to use the power against the Templars, the snake-tongued priest managed to trick thee and used a ritual to bind himself to a corporeal form and disappears. In the future, the descendants of those assassins finally have a lead to fix the centuries-old mistake.

A Tale of Silk and Steel
Concepts: Samurai x Assassin, Feudal Japan, deception, romance, action-adventure
During the transportation of a Shogun's new bride, a group of samurai are attacked and the woman is taken. The only samurai to survive becomes a ronin. To regain his honour he decides to hunt down the attackers and rescue the Shogun's wife, but discovers that she - a kistune - is leading the bandits and the attack was all part of her plan to find a worthy champion. The kitsune sends him on a mission to kill the demonic Shogun. At the palace the samurai meets a concubine, enslaved during the latest raid. However, the concubine is actually an assassin who also plans to kill the Shogun.

Glorious Horrors
Concepts: Servant x Noble, Gothic romance, monsters, possible bloodplay and darker themes
The stillness of the quiet English countryside is shattered as a series of grisly murders start cropping up suddenly each month, with no tangible clues or lead. A workhouse girl from London is surprised by an offer to take up residence working for a reclusive nobleman whose staff has dwindled considerably over the years. The home has a beautifully haunting allure that the young woman can't resist, and her servitude isn't even particularly difficult - however, there are a few strange rules to abide by. After some time she finally meets her Master and discovers his monstrous nature.

Through the Looking Glass
Concepts: Detective x Monster, noir, supernatural
Inspiration: The Wolf Among Us
A secret organization dedicated to monitoring the "Other"  has existed for centuries. There is a supernatural world within our own that's shielded from human eyes, running things from behind closed doors in competition with human organizations. A human officer stumbles upon this secret world by accident. Rather than have their memory wiped, the human opts to be transferred and partnered up with a supernatural companion to solve crimes in both worlds.

The Smuggler's Prize
Concepts: Companion x Smuggler, space western, secret love
Inspiration: Firefly, Steampunk beauty
Everything he does is for the money. Not for a good cause, not for every bleeding heart that needs charity. He used to have a soft spot but it was exploited, so the only choice was to become hard and uncaring. Though the smuggler's resolve tested for the first time when he's tasked with escorting a beautiful Companion into the hands of a man who desires nothing short of perfection. Will the smugler's loyalties be swayed by her charm and the cause of the Rebellion she supports?

Deus Ex Machina
Concepts: Agent x Cyborg, corruption, crime drama, dystopia
Inspiration: This picture, Ghost in the Shell, Almost Human
During the Cold War era the government began funding a eugenics program to create superior humans. In the future, these cybernetic enhanced humans have evolved dramatically and now compliment every agent who works in law enforcement. One of these agents receives a supposedly new model for testing. Slowly, hidden memories begin to come back to the cyborg and reveals something very sinister lurking beneath the surface of The Program. Just how far have these experiments gone, and what's planned for the new line of agents?

A Killer Affair
Concepts: Assassin x Handler, espionage, action, blackmail
Inspiration: Assassin's Creed
Being a "handler" at an Assassin's Guild is a stressful job. There are dozens of applicants every year who are either genetically modified or have innate talents the Guild wishes to harness. She has to oversee physical examinations, conduct quarterly psychological testing, distribute missions and track the contract killers, among many other jobs. Seeking a night of distraction, she decides to take someone home. The next day when a new hitman enters her office she's taken aback to see her lover from the night before. Can they put aside their little tryst and function professionally, or will growing feelings create tension with the Guild's strict policy of no attachment as her superior senses something between them?

Crystals and Contracts (Warcraft)
Concepts: Blood elf Warlock x OC, bondage, transformation, seduction
Inspiration: Blood elf warlock
A powerful warlock (female or futa) practices her dark arts in the sewers of Dalaran to escape interference from the disapproving magocracy, who have sent a paladin to hunt her down. One day your character seeks her out for a particular problem - or simply out of curiosity. A worgen wants to lift their curse, a Death Knight looking for redemption, a priest intrigued by the shadows, etc. Whatever fits the story, really.

Spirits in the Steam Age (Avatar)
Concepts: Firebender x OC, secret identities, adventure, kidnapping
While minding their own business in Republic City one day, a firebender hiding a secret quite literally runs into someone who might be able to help her. She appears to be in trouble and of course, your character is obliged to help as long as she provides some answers after they dispose of the thugs. She's the heir of a noble Fire Nation family. Recently their rivals, loyalists from the days of Ozai, have been trying to coerce her into returning home to wed their son and return honour to her family.

Cerberus' Collar (Mass Effect)
Concepts: Genetic experiment x Cerberus Agent or others, organised crime, experimentation, indoctrination
A biotic trained by Cerberus goes MIA. After many months/years of searching to no avail, Cerberus sends her old friend and colleague to her last known whereabouts: Omega. He is tasked with bringing her back 'home' but this mission becomes very complicated when he arrives on Omega. The biotic creates a new identity and becomes the leader of a prominent gang known as Hyperion, one of Aria T'Loak's top competitors.

Light in the Darkness (Star Wars)
Concepts: Jedi x Dark Jedi, conflict, corruption of morals, forbidden romance, angst, possible incest
Inspiration: Bastila Shan
Two padawans who grew up together on Tython were inseparable, and engaged in a forbidden love affair which even their astute masters were not aware of. When they came of age they went down separate paths. She became a Consular to uphold justice and peace. He became a Knight to vent his frustrations. Years later they are brought together again for a matter of great importance - treachery among their order. As the pair reunite it becomes clear that one of them has changed. Soon the truth is revealed that their torrid romance caused one of them to turn from the Code.

Heirs of Revan (Star Wars)
Concepts: Sith x Bodyguard, D/s, reincarnation, experimentation
A Sith Lady is given a bodyguard by her master upon completion of her trials; a slave/prisoner who proved too talented for acolytes to kill. Her master senses the untapped potential of the Force in this new bodyguard and the stirrings of something far greater. Due to his arrogance and paranoia, the Sith's master wants to use the bodyguard as a final test for his former apprentice, hoping to gauge just how formidable she will become. However, the master has an ulterior motive for the bodyguard which is connected to his fascination with ancient datacrons, artefacts, and rituals. It doesn't take long for the newly minted Sith and her companion to become very aware of this twisted plan.
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In Limbo
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2017, 10:59:29 AM »
Closed Ideas

Here is where I store ideas that are currently in play, or ideas that I haven't been interested in for a while.
They are not completely off the table though - I'm willing to pick them up again (or do multiple versions of the same concept) for the right partner! Just ask. :)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
TAKEN Temper the Storm [ M Sith x F Jedi ]
Themes: domination and bondage, light pain, power struggle, opposites attract, redemption, obsession, hurt/comfort
I want to write a dramatic action-packed storyline with a partner who isn't afraid to get a bit angsty. This would center around a dark and light side Force user who have a conflicted relationship (cliche, I know, but I love a bad romance). They are enemies, yet time and again they're flung into situations where they have to rely on one another to survive. Realizing they share an undeniable connection, a dangerous game of intrigue ensues as they try to win the other over to their side. Eventually, hate and distrust erodes into advantageous partnership, friendship... then more.

TAKEN Red Strings + Broken Things [ Modern crime drama - hitman x escort ]
A twisted romance between a member of an organized crime family and one of the women sold into a life of sex and servitude who does what she needs to survive. She could be an escort purchased as a "gift" of good will to your character, possibly with the ulterior motive of killing him or acting as a spy. Maybe he has a secret of his own that she discovers - an undercover cop? or he wants to kill his boss and take his place? - and the two begin to hash out a plan to rise to the top together. Plain slice of life doesn't interest me in the long term so making your character into a vigilante or giving this some kind of twist would be great.

"If you live an ordinary life, all you'll have are ordinary stories."
Inspired by Passengers, Mass Effect, Elysium & others.

Possible kinks include: teasing, seduction, heavy foreplay, exhibition, voyeurism (either out of curiosity before they get together or for a darker, obsessive twist on the relationship), toys and restraints, most vanilla sex acts. If it suits the story I'll consider it! Just no pain/mutilation, bathroom play, or things like that.

Scenario: I'm seeking a strong (not aggressive) male character to join my charismatic female in a somewhat romantic 'opposites attract' story about two volunteers going to an earth-like colony, Haven, for a fresh start. Our characters probably wouldn't have met under normal circumstances due to their conflicting lifestyles. Despite the culture clash, they get to know each other and eventually enter an unlikely yet happy relationship. Conflict is a must to keep things interesting but I do want to focus on building the relationship first. Once everything seems perfect we can pile on the action and thrills. ;)


"I've been feeling old, I've been feeling cold
You're the heat that I know
Listen, you are my sun"

I have an itch for a modern supernatural story that takes place in a world like True Blood where monsters have recently gone public. I can play a lot of supernatural characters or the human role depending on your preference, and I'd like this to be either an F/F or F/Futa pairing. The circumstances in which our characters meet, and all the other juicy details, can be decided together via PM. I have a couple ideas on hand if you want more direction, too.

Possible kinks may include: D/s, romance, bondage, blood play, mind control

Taken Inspired by the song Way Down We Go (Kaleo). An fallen angel suddenly has to cope with the strange new needs and desires of their (mostly) mortal body. While wandering, the angels meets a human who shows them kindness. Or maybe a demon takes the fallen angel under their wing and eagerly shows them all the good and deliciously bad things they can divulge in, with the intention of corrupting the angel. One of the angel's righteous brothers could be sent to bring him/her home, or kill the fallen angel otherwise.

Taken Knowledge of the show Supernatural is preferred. A hunter strikes a deal with a demon, with the intention of killing the demon later to avoid losing her soul. However, something goes wrong during the ritual to seal their contract and the pair are bound together for the duration of the deal until they can find a loophole.

TAKEN Treasures of the Horde
Concepts: Warlord x Captive, non-con, political intrigue, manipulation, love/hate
A warlord attacks the borders of an empire mercilessly in revenge for the sacking of his beloved village many years ago. Fearful that things will escalate, an ambassador contacts him to meet at a border town and work out an agreement to prevent further violence. The warlord demands tribute but all the jewels and silks he's offered are not enough. Instead, he wants the princess as leverage. Another variation could be the capture of a high priestess, Empress, etc.

TAKEN Valley of the Wolf Queen
Concepts: Druid x Warrior, transformation, power play, D/s
Generations ago a chieftain made a pact with a goddess of the hunt to grant his warriors unmatched ferocity on the battlefield. The spell worked but instead of using it to keep his people safe, the power hungry leader used it to conquer and enslave. Seeing his greed, the goddess cursed the chieftain and his men. Now, the strongest and most cunning warrior plans to overthrow the wicked Jarl with the help of a druid recently captured during a raid.

TAKEN Veins of Blood and Lyrium (Dragon Age)
Concepts: OC Templar/Cullen x Mage, addiction, abuse, war, forbidden love
A bright young mage in the Kirkwall Circle has lived there all her life. She befriends a kind Templar and they eventually plan to escape from the Circle with him when the time is right. However, a sudden attack on the Chantry and the chaos that ensues knocks their plans off track. They escape separately, believing their friend to be dead. Instead they have a surprising reunion a year later at the Conclave.

Kissed by Hircine (Skyrim)
Concepts: Adventurer/Dragonborn x Follower, curses, restraints, action-adventure
Inspiration: Shield maiden
An adventurer seeks a friend to aid in their quests. A lone shield-maiden catches his/her eye while visiting Solitude and they quickly forge a friendship through shared battles and tribulations. She swears to protect the adventurer and if need be, give her life as well. However, after an otherwise normal encounter with the Silver Hand, she wonders if their partnership (or more) will remain strong when her secret comes to light: she's cursed by Hircine for past misdeeds and is far more than she appears to be.

TAKEN How to Make Friends and Annoy Daedra (Skyrim)
Concepts: Assassin x Thief, teasing, cat and mouse, competition
A stoic assassin runs into a thief while they're both out on assignments in the same area. They help one another in what he believes is a one-time occurrence, yet the pair keep running into each other during missions and end up going on adventures together. Her charisma wears through his reclusive and wary personality, and the assassin finds some happiness. This leads him to question his contract with the Dark Brotherhood. As for the thief - well, she already sold her soul to Nocturnal. Daedra don't take kindly to breaking pacts.

TAKEN Passion Shall Free Me (Star Wars)
Concepts: Sith x Padawan, love/hate, indentured servitude, cruelty, coercion
A Sith steals a padawan to turn her into his dark apprentice. Despite the tumultuous and intimidating start to their relationship, in time the Sith becomes more lenient with his protege as she grows in power. However, she has her own agenda and may be using him as a means to an end in order to take revenge upon the Sith who killed her family. When he makes contact and taunts the pair, the young apprentice turns to her master for guidance and a lesson in other manifestations of the Dark Side.
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