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May 25, 2018, 08:10:04 AM

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Author Topic: Body Control, Not Mind Control [M/M Sub Wanted]  (Read 241 times)

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Offline XurtanTopic starter

Body Control, Not Mind Control [M/M Sub Wanted]
« on: August 13, 2015, 03:03:23 AM »
Hey all!

Thanks for stopping in. As the title says, I'm looking for a roleplay with body control as a main feature. What that basically means in this case is that your character will obey every command given him by my character, and be unable to himself. Whether it be something as simple as "Take your shirt off.", or more word based such as "You will only call me Master." He will act, unable to refuse. No matter how much he might rant, rave, and generally hate it. ;) After all, he has full control of his thoughts. He'll be free to act the majority of the time, except against a command. Although he's certainly free to struggle!

I'm looking for a defiant, mouthy sub in this case. I think it will make it all the more interesting! Of note, I'm not seeking full smut, either. I like plots, and I like world building. A 60/40 or 50/50 smut/plot ratio is preferred.

I generally prefer fantasy based settings, and I think we could do some interesting things with it. Maybe I'm the "hero" of the story, in need of a protector.. And you're a mouthy criminal about to be executed before I step in. Of course, once I step in you're stuck with me, forced to obey - the only reason the tribunal let you live. Or perhaps you're a villain of the story, a 'second in command' sort of thing to the Big Bad. I capture you, or find an artifact that will force you to help me defeat your boss. Either way, my character makes great 'use' of you. So definitely non-con, at the very least.

Bonus points if your 'uniform' is a tight bodysuit or latex.. Lots of embarrassing or inopportune erections, exhibitionism, and more than a fair bit of precum ensues. Or perhaps I give you a slightly slutty outfit, forcing you to put it on? Hm. Ideas. I'm also open to various fantasy races, monster races, anthros/furries, scalies, demons, etc.

Anything along those lines sound interesting? Plot wise I'm definitely not sold on any one story, so if you have any ideas or thoughts please don't hesitate to toss them my way!

Hell, if you wanted to turn it into a system game I would be up for it. Although I don't have much interest in DMing, myself. I'm better at refining ideas or being a sounding board than pushing the plot along. In that case I'm not huge on 3.5/PF, but 4e or 5e, or any other system outside of D&D would certainly pique my interest! I love system games.

Beyond that, feel free to check out my O&Os. I'm pretty open to trying almost anything. Everything from relatively vanilla, to causing pain and branding. If you don't see it listed, ask! I'll probably be curious and up to give it a shot. I'm a relatively active poster, and usually post as frequently as I am able if there's a back and forth going on. Usually a minimum of once a day, but real life comes up occasionally - as I'm sure it does for you. I'm rather long winded, and tend to write long posts when possible. I prefer the same in my partners, but I don't expect a thesis or anything. :P 3+ paragraphs is ideal, but write as much as you like and I'll do my best to mirror you, even if it's twelve paragraphs a post.  ;D

Either way, thanks for your interest! Please send me a PM with any questions or comments, and we'll go from there.