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Author Topic: long-winded fantastical often dominant and plot-focused M for F  (Read 736 times)

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Offline jvj9000Topic starter

This will not be a technically impressive request thread because I am frankly quite bad at making these things pretty.  I would love to include some links to show you the few things I've written here but I am, as I said, the worst.  You're clever people, though, and can likely navigate your own way. 

What you'll find is some notion of how I write with others, I hope, and between that and what I put here you will, with any luck, decide that I sound like a really amazing person to write with. 

So first of all, I'm particularly good at writing men, but I'm told I do equally well writing women if the occasion calls for it, but since this is an adult site and we're all grown ups and our stories are likely to lead to some sexual, I'll be direct:  Writing as men or women or even (if you are very convincing) something else is all possible, but I have a hard time getting motivated to write a character with an attraction to anything but women.  I suppose my flexibility has that limit.  Whatever character I'm writing will be attracted to the fairer sex, I'm afraid.

That's really the only hard and fast way to get me not to write with you, however.  There are other things that can get you disqualified, too, though.  Ideas that aren't appealing to me typically are most canon things and most things that I would describe as "purposelessly dark."  What I mean by that is things like rape and abuse and kidnapping and other things that are, you know, criminal sorts of behavior happening in a story without a good reason.  I'm not, for example, interested in a story that's all about rape and corruption -- but if the story is about a, I dunno, spy who kidnaps and corrupts and rapes and torments an opposing agent to ultimately make her into a tool to serve his organization...  well, that might just be okay.

Clearly, then, plot is more important than smut.  Or, honestly, AS important, sometimes.  Smut can be really lovely.

A word about canons - there's a short list of them that I'd consider (Batman, James Bond, Sherlock, maybe), but I'd much prefer something original but similar.  AUs are a different story. Settings can be cribbed from with abandon.  An original Star Wars story or something set in Gotham could be a blast. 

As for originals, the sky is really the limit. I admit that I'm a bit of a harder sell on totally realistic stories, but that's no reason not to try me.  I not-so-secretly like the idea of being flexible and talented enough to be something of an RP genie for the right partner.  If there's an idea that you're really craving, I imagine that your enthusiasm for it will be infectious and I'll become just as excited to start as you are by the time we finish discussing the preliminaries.

Conveniently, this gives me the perfect excuse not to put any plots here just now.  Not to worry, I'm sure I'll throw a few ideas onto this thread later.  For now, though, I'm open and interested in trying to grant some wishes.

**oh, and about that subject.  I am always kind of long-winded.  Usually I play stories that are somehow fantastical -- sci-fi or fantasy or magic or something outside the norm -- but not always.  I also usually play dominant characters, but by no means does that mean I insist.  Doing away with that whole dynamic or playing a switch or a sub can and is welcome.  I'm also usually plot-focused, but good smut is good fun.**

Offline jvj9000Topic starter

Re: long-winded fantastical often dominant and plot-focused M for F
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2015, 01:51:46 PM »
As suggested, here's some ideas or story elements of interest to me just now, or, at the very least, to give some notion of what you might be getting into with me. 

something involving a curse seems like it could be fun.  Not the standard werewolf curse, really, but something more subtle or even some cliche curse from a fairy tale taken into a modern setting.  It could be something as simple as a compulsion to act and could even be purely sexual in nature if we wanted to go that route...  it could also lead to a quest to lift it or perhaps even pass it on (ala It Follows).

Ghosts or haunting or possession.  I had an RP some time ago that never quite got off the ground along these lines.  The basic premise was that a character moved into a house and bonded/fell in love (or lust) with the ghost already there.  No physical body of it's own, the ghost could start to possess whatever body they agreed on, which could lead to a dark and tragic sort of romance or just an excuse for one character to have lots of sex with different people while being totally faithful.  Note that I'd be all for hearing other ideas that play with the ghost concept, too.  A specter helping solve his/her own murder?  Another possibility is something involving a medium and a victim of a haunting with the ghost as more of a minor presence in the story.

A variation on the teacher/student thing.  I know, I know...  really common.  Bear with me, though.  The first twist I have in mind is that the student is the one who's making this happen.  Yes, not that big a twist.  Hold your horses.  So the student is taking the initiative to get with his/her hot teacher (college, preferably) and the way it's going to happen is via blackmail.  The teacher has a secret that the student discovers, and if that secret's going to stay a secret, well...  teacher better play along.  So the second twist would be that the secret the student discovers is the tip of the iceberg.  Example:  Student finds out teacher didn't really earn that Ph.D.  What student doesn't find out is that teacher faked that credential as part of an escape from a life as a mafia hitman...  So what happens is that teacher plays along cautiously and eventually the teacher's past catches up to both of them.  Possible secrets could be supernatural or science fictional in nature, too.  Teacher's a witch, a demon, an alien! 

Assassins.  Going along with the trope I seem to love of upsetting expectations, the idea is that one assassin is new and young and thinks he/she is really badass.  He (I'll stick with he for this character for the sake of ease, but gender roles reverse very easily here) found out the temp job he had was a front and they were all, "you passed the test, awesome work, want to be a cool hitman?" Of course he did.  Training and an easy kill and a massive paycheck and he was convinced he was the next James Bond.  He gets his next gig, take out this rich business woman who is the main force behind a bill to legalize child labor or kill puppies or something.  She lives alone and is the worst.  He goes in, ready to spare the world this awful woman, but the target is not, actually a rich terrible businesswoman.  She's an assassin... a great one.  Way, way better than him.  So much better that she doesn't just kill him -- he's no threat -- instead she wants to know who's behind it.  And he's perfectly willing, once he realizes that he was sent here to be killed, to help her figure it out and take down the organization.

I imagine that's enough for now.  Write me.

Offline jvj9000Topic starter

Re: long-winded fantastical often dominant and plot-focused M for F
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2015, 09:14:04 AM »
I outlined this idea the other day and thought it was worth sharing here -- either to find a partner to try it out with me or to give further evidence of how I approach stories, this time one with the sex/romance front and center.  Sort of.

There's a place called Heaven.  It's not that place, oh no...  it's a realm of angels of a different sort.  The angels here are young women, usually recruited with a very promising offer when they're as young as ten and certainly no older than 20.  The live a life of luxury in the top half of tall building, all rooftop gardens and learning languages and mastering esoteric skills.  Tango and karate and social graces and marksmanship...  to say these women are well rounded and skillful is an understatement.  They are also lovely, enticing, skilled in seduction, even trained somewhat in the more private arts of the bedroom.  All this is not free, of course...  the agreement is this:  a life of protected opulence and a world class education for as long as you remain a virgin (they are angels) and then five years working in the lower half of the building as an equally pampered but sexually available (and very expensive) working girl.  After five years, many stay around for another year or two, keeping most of the proceeds, and then they go out into the world aged, perhaps 30 or 35, with six figures in their pocket and the tools to rule the world in their background.  Many become CEOs, Models, Assassins...  almost all are successful beyond any possibilities foreseen for them when they were first recruited -- at least that's the belief.

It's all backstory, though.  Our story involves one of these young angels who's particularly suited to helping my character. A Bond-esque spy, he needs a "wife" for an infiltration of a very fancy weekend retreat.  His people believe that the purpose is an auction for various extremely dangerous black market items, and having secured the invitation for him they are loathe to send him in without someone to watch his back.  The ideal partner is going to be distracting and gorgeous and charming, she's going to seem innocuous, but she's going to have skills to aid him in his more covert activities -- hacking or martial arts or lock picking or picking pockets...

There's no one quite like that at the agency, but there are angels who fit the bill.  The added benefit of an angel being asked to fill the role is that our hero will have to keep his hands (or at least some other bits) to himself.  Taking her would be a costly mistake, since it would literally cost the agency a fortune, but it would also make her off limits for future operations.  The arrangement is quite clear -- after she loses her virginity, she is no longer permitted to operate outside the grounds...  and this operation could require his "wife" being around in the future assuming they keep their cover through this first weekend.

Though they won't be able to keep that cover if they don't play the part of newly weds convincingly, at least when someone might be watching.

Offline jvj9000Topic starter

Re: long-winded fantastical often dominant and plot-focused M for F
« Reply #3 on: August 21, 2015, 04:21:21 PM »
Recently I was thinking about something involving dark noir sort of themes.  Blackmail, coercion, manipulation, murder...  that sort of thing.  My inclination to blend some fantasy or sci fi into things is always present, but I'm not opposed to playing something more grounded in realism, either.

gender issues - the notion of a cross-dressing woman in a man's world being caught has some serious appeal.  This could be a military sort of setting or perhaps simply an elite sort of school setting.  For a fantasy take on things, perhaps she's attending an elite men's school of magic or technology in a steampunk setting; maybe she's enlisted in a company of Tolkien-style rangers; could be she's come to train at the all-male training station where men (and women?) are engineered into the perfect agents of intergalactic war.  Maybe she's disguising herself simply to escape...  and of course there's potential for this beyond the obvious.  I get it, this is that sort of website, but the man who learns her secret could actually be nice about it, maybe even be relieved that his confusing attraction isn't actually all that confusing...  There could be adventure and world-saving afoot, too...  or we could just have her roommate figure out her secret and take full advantage.  Who knows?

another random idea - I don't quite know if this is likely to be much of a story to work from, but here we go.  They were fooling around online when they shouldn't have been.  Dirty chatting at work, maybe, and his working late -- well, he wanted to celebrate after he finished his brief.  Alone in the office he convinces her to jump on video chat...    Things are fun, breathless, enticing...  and then he sees her killed.  Right in front of him.  Murder.  A masked man in the frame as he scrambles to put his cock away and switch off the feed.

The man holds up a piece of paper with HIS name on it.  DON'T SAY A WORD it says.  The man takes it down, jots something else.  It's HIS address.

Days later, maybe weeks, and he's kept quiet.  On the street he sees your character -- it's her, the woman from the chat room.  But...  but she's dead.  And that's when he gets the first phone call.  "take her."

I THINK that this would lead to a sort of 3 Days of the Condor vibe, with him kidnapping her and being her nominal antagonist while he's actually trying desperately to get her to help him figure out what the fuck is happening.  The calls keep coming, and maybe she's the actual woman or maybe there's something else going on here.  (She's in on it?  Clones?  I dunno...  let's talk about it.)

Offline jvj9000Topic starter

Re: long-winded fantastical often dominant and plot-focused M for F
« Reply #4 on: October 16, 2015, 03:23:06 PM »
It's mid-October.  That means that it's time for ghost stories.

I'd love to play something involving a medium and a non-believer who is in desperate need of some help with a haunting. Maybe a mystery and some dark, cthonic powers and, you know, a few sparks... 

Offline jvj9000Topic starter

Re: long-winded fantastical often dominant and plot-focused M for F
« Reply #5 on: November 07, 2015, 11:21:08 AM »
The term Indian Summer seems incorrect for a number of reasons lately.  For one, "Indian" as a reference to Native Americans is, I'm pretty sure, politically incorrect; more relevant to this post, however, is that it's November now.  In years past there would've been frost on the ground by now and yet yesterday where I live it was 80 degrees (that's nearly 27, my Celsius friends).  This calls for some RP set somewhere cold and snowy, I think. 

Perhaps even something with a supernaturally cold element at work -- an ice planet; a Game of Thrones-esque long winter (in a modern setting?  Something more specifically historical than just that vague 'medieval'?) 

Along those lines, you know a place that benefits from bad weather an awful lot?  Gotham City.  An opportunity to play Batman or some variation thereof in a snowy cityscape could be great fun.  Also, perhaps a werewolf story in a cold urban setting.  It seems that lately I'm craving the notion of playing some variation of a hunter in a snowy setting.  If that or anything else strikes your fancy, we ought to talk, you and I.