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Author Topic: A really...unique pokemon craving ( Pic inside)  (Read 637 times)

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Offline Winds Of LustTopic starter

A really...unique pokemon craving ( Pic inside)
« on: August 11, 2015, 05:00:13 PM »
I came across this image a while back, and I don't know why but I can't get it out of my head and I simply have to see if anyone wants to do something like it with me

I am primarily interested in playing the robot-limbed girl for this game.

Potential Ideas:

Solo Adventure ( I play girl, you play pokemon. )
A girl who lost her limbs in an accident many years ago has decided to go on her own pokemon journy with the help of cybernetic prostetics. Problem is her family isn't exactly rolling in money and all they could afford were the animal prostetics. But she is already well past the normal age one begins a pokemon adventure and refuses to wait any longer. She gets her starter and sets off. Problem is, she has trouble keeping command of her pokemon. Seems with how she looks they think of her more as a fellow pokemon than human and seem rather interested in asserting their dominance over the would be trainer.

Kinks could include but not limited to:  Bestiality, non-con, semi-con, humilation, gang-bang, multiple partners, ect

Double Adventure ( I play girl, you play male/pokemon.  )
You are finally setting out on your pokemon adventure. You've got your starter, your route, and your ready to go. But you have an unexpected tag along.  A Child-hood friend, who had the unfortunate fate of losing her limbs as a young girl, wants to come with you. While she can get around fairly well thanks to dog-like mechanical limbs her less than rich family manage to procure for her; they refuse to let her really go anywhere un-attended, much less on an around the world adventure with powerful dangerous monsters everywhere. But they did say she could go along side you, trusting you to keep her safe. You are reluctant to have to play baby-sitter. But...well maybe having a lovely girl who would do practically anything to get to travel on a pokemon adventure would be rather handy for killing time in those long lonely stretches of roab between cities?

Kinks could include but not limited to : Pet play, Bestiality, non-con, semi-con, Dom/Sub, exhibitionism, humiliation, teasing, orgasm control, ect.

Working at the Daycare ( I play female, you play pokemon/family )

Your family owns a daycare, a business that has been passed down for generations. Your a little out of the way but you're well knowen as one of the best pokemon-daycares around.  Well, as you'd expect with the games themes so far, there is a girl who has lost her limbs. The family replaces your limbs to give you mobility and independence once more and your detirmed to continto your work on the daycare. From here we can go a couple of ways. She keeps getting used by pokemon and keeps it a secret as she becomes addicted to it, or her father, brother, sister, mother, or all of the above even not only forcible us her to relieve the pokemon's sexual stress/help get them in the mood to make babies with other pokemon in the daycare, but use you as well.

Clearly bestiality, humiliation, and incest are aspects of this set up. This one would clearly have something less like a longer term plot and more like a verity of scenarios. I mean yeah sure we could extend it out into something longer-form but my instinct it to suggest we do this one scene by scene.
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Offline Winds Of LustTopic starter

Re: A really...unique pokemon craving ( Pic inside)
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2015, 01:43:39 PM »
Added new scenario