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Author Topic: Literary Findings ( Looking for males)  (Read 5706 times)

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Offline Bekah BooTopic starter

Literary Findings ( Looking for males)
« on: August 11, 2015, 03:20:02 PM »
Why hello, thank you for stopping in do make yourself at home.

I was a bit embarrassed at how my old interest check had looked, so I thought a fresh new start would be the perfect start to recruit new partners as well as find new stories to sink my teeth into. After all I had failed to truly edit my last for nearly two years, so out with the old and in with the new I say.Much like my previous however I still have some guidelines I would like to follow, as although some has changed I do still find I have some demands that shouldn't be too out of the question. That being said let's get this started.

My name is Bekah, or you can call me Bekah Boo, Boo thing,Little miss, anything that really strikes your fancy as I answer to most anything now a days.

I have been roleplaying myself for about six to seven years as my style has grown along the time and can vary depending on what sort of genre and story.I myself tend to enjoy a story that is engrossing in drama, something that really tugs on the heart strings and is a very emotionally based if not tragic battle of sensations and mind waging war;in blunt terms I enjoy a story that is more story based than simply sexually satisfying. Not to say I don't enjoy erotic scenes, far from it really, more so I won't just throw a sexual scene into the mix without a rhyme or reason. If the story calls for it then of course it's all fine and dandy, but especially in recent times I am yearning for something a bit more satisfying than the fluff of sexual conquest.

With that said I prefer more long term stories, ones that have a combined effort of brainstorming from both partners as I will not participate if I am the only one trying to carry the full weight of the story. To build a story with a partner takes time and communication, something I enjoy as I enjoy bouncing ideas off of one another to see how we can develop our story further. So if you are simply looking for a quick session of mindless fucking, this is the wrong place.

My schedule has allowed me to be online much more than I have recently, as being a night owl it tends to make things a bit easier, which means I can reply multiple replies in a day depending. I work mornings so I am most active in the late afternoon, though I often leave my page up so if I do not reply instantly it doesn't mean I am ignoring you. That said please do not spam me constantly asking for a reply, it is perhaps the quickest way for me to get annoyed and I will drop if I am constantly badgered; sorry that's just how it is folks.

Also please do not get offended if I decline your offer to roleplay, I look for partner compatibility as well as writing styles. If we can't mesh together it is quite impossible for me to write, as my style is quite detailed and lyrical in a way that some either are turned off by or simply can't match or work with. I tend to reply with more than three to four paragraphs depending on the story or scene itself and to get only one in return is frustrating not only due to my own ability but rather I spend time working on my replies and to get little in return is frustrating.

Here is also my Ons and Offs as well, just so I can keep everything on one thread.

Now that we have all that out of the way, let's get to the fun part; Bekah's ideas and even more rules!

I tend to only play female with the occasional male second character every now and again, as I can play multiple characters I enjoy having my main be female.
Being a straight female I also enjoy playing heterosexual pairings, with the every so often male on male action that may occur. I don't have many stories that request M/M though it can happen if I am talked into it. I have no problems with any other pairings I simply enjoy male on female pairings is all, so I have to decline any F/F or anything else as I have little to no interest or experience as I would no doubt fail miserably.

As I said before I enjoy story over smut, though the quickest way to my heart is anything romantic or even tragic romances. I love the fluff of sweet love, young and carefree as having the object of your affection near is the only way one can survive. On the end of that spectrum however I do enjoy a darker sort of romance as well, something that tips along the lines of insane and reasonable, something that perhaps is a bit dangerous if not unsafe. I love tragedies and helpless love trying to save one another is certain up my alley, something that is so beautiful yet almost unreachable as the depths of one's soul cries out to either be torn to shreds or unheard.

Now onto ideas!
These are just the bare bones so in all they will all be further discussed and such as well as can be changed if need be.


Monster Heart
Human girl/ Monster
Monster Heart

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This one would need some help in developing a bit more as it's based off of a short little comic panel but I fell in love with the idea of this monster whom has always been in a girl's shadow, never too far but close enough so he may gaze upon her throughout the years. The idea is interesting for something so dark to yearn for the life the girl clearly holds so dear, uncertain however to approach in his devotion and love for her from afar as during the years he has always protected and brought safety to her unnoticed by herself.Can a monster such as him actually convey his love for the now young woman? Or will she always shudder at his appearance? Let's find out ;3

Selfish One
Selfish One:

 What happens when one's entire life has been forged with that single word? To be told as a child that she was being selfish and to think of others before herself? A parent's divorce and attempt to rebuild their own lives their separate ways leaves a void within the girl they had created together, not belonging to either new and forming worlds her parents have made for themselves as she is left within the narrow and lonely space between. Neither wish to include her for their own reasoning but rather find it much easier to cite that she is the selfish one and not they, that all the misfortune and heart ache she feels is her own creation and she is cause of her own demise. What would happen if within her grief of her changing life this girl would find a voice that would speak so soothingly to her in her time of need?Her single wish being that her parents would return back to their once happy life once more, that this voice could grant such and more, that all it would need is her permission and all would be hers?

In desperation the young child hastily agreed to the unknown and seemingly powerful voice to make her dream a reality, far too naive and thoughtless to think otherwise as her loneliness and sadness had consumed her at such a tender age; she merely wanted the pain to end, to make life as it should be.The voice did just that but in a turn of fate it would also twist those innocent words to it's own purpose and create an event within the girl's life the which would forever alter.
That fateful night the voice would lure the parents to it's fold and massacre them both where they stood, the last moments of their lives the sight of their own daughter's sobbing face as small hands continued to plunge the dagger deeper still into their screaming bodies, their own child slicing down their existences with little effort; the voice spoke the truth, it made the pain stop.

This story would be the somewhat bizarre and odd relationship of the demon and girl now young woman, living life with an vengeful and merciless monster deep within her as it had found a proper home within the permission given by the girl at a young age.That while that fateful evening had long tarnished the young child she found the demon to be the very thing she had always desired, a companion of sorts, as he would continue to reside within her so long as she drew breath.For years he would watch over the now orphaned child as he became her protector of sorts, though not all of those feelings were so pure, as at times he would find himself bored and cause the child to act out irrationally or for more sinister occasions. Life became a hardship that the girl found her only comfort to be the demon within her, living with such chaos warping her mind and innocence to a degree though the demon would not fully corrupt her, at least not yet.

As they grew together the demon found himself able to project himself out of her body for limited times, resuming a less frightening appearance for her sake of a young boy to match her own age, but he would normal reside within her ever watching and able to feel every waking thought and presence as her eyes were his and vice versa. The rose colored glasses had long been smashed as she found the world to be hardly worth living, now a young adult and making it through life as best as she could, the demon begins to grow restless. Over the years he has found himself troubled with feeding off of the girl's soul, finding himself protectively attached and developing feelings with no real name he can recall, but after so many horrific and horrible events he has put her through how could he begin to show his affection?

This is where the story would start, the demon coming to grips with his tender feelings while trying to understand them in his anguish, while the young woman simply tries to live her life to the best of her abilities. The demon is possessive and guarding, so what would happen if a young man begins to approach her in romantic intentions? What would he do? Would he kill again? Would he make her kill once more? This would be a battle of emotions and wants, desires and affection all under the guise of anger and possessiveness. A sort of slice of life meets a dark evil in a way.

Mr. Pickney's Hellish Freakshow
"Mr.Pickney's Circus of Freaks"
Freaks/Abnormal Humans/Gifted on the run

Bare with me on this one, this is probably the darkest of ideas that I have as there is torture scenes, abuse and sexual themes that are not for the light of heart. This idea was made up with a fellow writer on a site that is sadly no longer available, and I have tried to recreate it numerous times but sadly have not been able to continue it.The basic idea follows the story of a pair of humans who are the literal property of an evil man named Mr. Pickney, he is a cruel man and a show man as well using his riches to create a circus of sorts to showcase what he deems are freaks. While they can vary from the traditional side show affliction such as the smallest woman in the world, to literal fire eaters, this is where you can be creative in coming up with a character who is different from society and being held against his will and made to preform. Mr. Pickney revels in abusing his little freaks whether to get a reaction from the crowd or otherwise he sees them only as a means to an end as he gets secret enjoyment from their suffering.

Living day in and day out under his rule is no way to live, the freaks are hardly treated as humans as they were constantly chained and beaten, starved and abused in every unimaginable way, as what fight or hope had long been beaten from the freaks. That is until one day where two freaks seemingly can not bare it any longer, as in the secret of the night they formulate a plan to finally escape, to find a future away from those who have treated them so poorly. The circus draws in many who are curious of the marvelous and sometimes disgusting display, the world truly as cruel as Mr. Pickney himself, as a life away from those who see them as nothing but objects to gawk at is all they seek.

The story would revolve around these two characters and their attempt at escape, though if they are to succeed Mr. Pickney is determined to find them not allowing his money making profit to slip from between his fingers. This story I am looking for a male to play a fellow freak, his gift your own choice as I am open to most anything.

Why are you crying, I love you!

"Why are you crying, I love you!"

It was the song Animal by Maroon 5 that caught my attention, and because of this I have this craving for a story that takes place as such. We see a lovely young woman who is beautiful and endearing, as a man is instantly smitten to lengths he has never felt before. He can be an outcast or a menial worker, whatever the case he doesn't dare approach his love as she is unaware of his even existence. With each day he watches her he yearns for her more, growing more desperate as he begins to follow her and learn her habits. It is love for him as he preys on his woman, as soon it is too much for him to endure as he must have her.

He sneaks into her home when she is sleeping, admiring get and dares to come closer. He smells her, tastes her, but yearns for her more when her clothes and brush is not enough. He then abducts her, trying to make her love him as he tends to her, abuses her sexually and keeps her captive as his own personal bride to love. This will be something fun to develop, seeing how mad he is to want her and how confused he becomes when her rejection and tears continue.I see it playing out perhaps at a later time she somewhat submits, a sign of his love returned though it would be quite the strange if not bizarre relationship that many others wouldn't understand.

Beauty and the Beast Inspired
Beauty and the Beast inspired-

A bit predictable but a tale as old as time, always a favorite really. I'd like to explore the idea of a girl being sold off or putting her own life on the line in some way or fashion to a brutish beast of horror, it's origins and history completely up for brainstorming as well as the notion that there is a curse that ails him. Perhaps there is no curse? What if the beast has long lost any sense of civility and emotions and can't help his ways? Just how far can the maiden's patience and innocence last? To be found out of course ;3

Clashing Fates

"Clashing fates"
Demon/Human female

The basic idea is a lesser known demon reeks havoc within the world, doing what he knows and causes chaos and somewhat mild accidents such as cutting the street lights to cause car pile ups, a fire raging through a building, etc. It is what he loves, it is all that he knows until one day he finds himself all but at ends with himself; here this mortal woman stands, about to be sliced down by an approaching car out of control, something he caused and would never regret to end a puny mortal's life. Yet she captivates him for some unknown reason, as going against his nature he saves her, withdrawing in confusion as he is summoned back to hell still reeling in what he had done. He saved a was against the rules.

For his good deed he is banished from hell to live with the humans he seemingly adores, as the demon is cursed for the rest of his days to live like a human. Angry, distraught, he searches for the woman he saved only to find when he faces her once more the similar feeling is back. There is an unnatural pull to her he can't explain, and he soon finds himself staying with the mortal if only to find himself tamed.

The story from there would dive into the dark secret the woman holds, as well as other twists and turns that would take place as I tend to keep most in the dark as a surprise.

Cant' you see I won't hurt you?

"Can't you see I won't hurt you?"
Human: Abused female/ Male 'friend'

My muse had been a bit of shifty little vixen at the moment, as I've been craving a bit of a tragic love story. We have a story unfold of two friends who had grown up together, otherwise appearing more like siblings to themselves but to the rest of the world they were truly perfect. Even during their highschool years their classmates were all but certain they would end up together, despite how they protested; even if deep down they felt it true as well. Though crippling fear of loosing their friendship, as well as gripping shyness kept the two apart as far as romantically. In their final year of high school the girl is courted by a seemingly wonderful boy who sweeps her off her feet, much to her friend's dismay as he finds himself jealous as well as sad as their time together begins to dwindle.
After nearly a year the former friends all but have been completely separated, school the only true place they had been able to occasionally see one another though it soon ends.

The boyfriend had wormed his way into his girlfriend's life, as before she can realize she finds he has cut all connections with anyone else in her life, keeping her in a possessive grip. Yet she loves him, as no one had even treated the woman in such a way, the years no doubt only making their seemingly perfect life all the more powerful. Though it is a complete shamble. Behind closed doors the once hopeful prince had turned into a jealousy fueled and hatred monster, as the woman is unable to break away after being completely sequestered by his challenging ways to isolate her in her own life. No friends, no family, she is alone as she suffers in silence all while putting on a brave face less she be shamed further. The man is a cut throat executive who revels in absolute power, though he is smart as well as cunning, not showing this darker side of himself to those less he stain his own image.

Life she thought would be wonderful and worth while had become nothing but a shallow and saddened existence for the woman, as a sudden marriage proposal was at first excitedly accepted though now she has doubts. He wouldn't let her go even if she denied him, as she mentally prepared herself for a lifetime of misery. Upon a day of errands the woman is nearly thrown to the ground by a passing man, as she picks herself up she finds those same eyes she had once gazed into so caringly; the eyes of her former best friend, the very same that had made her life so happy. Excitement soon turns to dread as he curiously asks if they could meet again, as she knows how her fiance' would all but forbid it. That putting on a fake smile she promises they will catch up, only to find this not so much a problem as her former friend is hired by her fiance' to do some yard work.

The story would be a struggle for the two, as the woman no doubt finds herself thrown back into the warmth and care of her former friend, the boy who had made her heart race so long ago. Can she reveal how her life had truly been taken from her? Would she reveal how he actually makes her feel? Her fiance' would begin to grow quite deranged upon seeing the two work together so carefree, perhaps even begin to systematically ruin the friend's life just to get back?

Lots of details to be discussed as well as brainstorming ahead.

Not what she seems
Female vampire in disguise/Vampire
A bit of a rough draft but I have been craving a vampire theme as of lately, and this one is somewhat inspired by a recent animation I came across and love to see it's initial idea branched out a bit more. It would start with a young woman stumbling upon an ancient building or castle of sorts, her obvious presence not fitting into it's rich Gothic archetype as from all appearances she is nothing but a young girl who wishes to find a safe place to read in complete peace. Settling herself she however finds she is not alone within the castle as a dark shadow begins to lurk upon the girl, as a delectable morsel like herself has not been seen in eons to the darkness.Here we begin to see the actual owner of the castle emerge as a famed creature of the night, a vampire lord, whom has set his sights upon the girl and will stop at nothing to make feast upon her intoxicating blood and make her a creature of the night like himself.

Through a series of coaxing and attempting to draw her, willing or unwilling, the game of cat and mouse is set as she attempts to flee for her life until at long last she is cornered and finds the vampire looming closer, his hands beginning to unfasten the dark gown he had magically transformed her within in an attempt to swoon her in her fright, his fangs drawing ever close before she makes her move. The 'helpless' victim manages to wretch his magical staff from the vampire but also best him as she quite nearly destroys him with the shinning warmth of sunlight having been torn open by her quick thinking. Wounding the vampire he retreats into safety yet the girl still remains as now in possession of his staff she acquires not only the power she ultimately sought, but the fact she too is a vampire is revealed. Here would begin a power struggle of two undead beings as they constantly fight and quarrel of who is the superior of the two, the girl seemingly content in driving the vampire mad as who comes out on top is to be decided.


Alice in Wonderland theme- Perhaps a much crazier world than she remembered as a child, the ideas are limitless.

Zombie Apocalypse- Because who doesn't love being chased by the undead?

Musician/Muse- Open to many possibilities, a more slice of life idea.

Model/Photographer- Who says that a model's life is perfect? Under the perfect hair and makeup there is a sadness that perhaps one photographer can't shake from him and must find out why.


My Friend is a Succubus?!

"My friend is a Succubus?!"
Half succubus/ Male friend

I previously played this story with another partner, as sadly it came to an end but this idea was so much fun to play out I'd love to continue.
The basic idea was two childhood friends who for the most part are simply friends, best friends in fact as they know nearly every aspect of one another; except for one. The young girl he knew and played with was growing up, as by high school things indeed had changed. Unknown to even herself she was finding she had a new craving, an obsession growing inside her that ached to be released. She was a succubus, her powers soon blossoming with her growing body as she is consumed with the desire to devour souls...starting off with strangers as this new side is like a split personality. Yet her friend, when he is given this information, isn't horrified but rather he wants to help his friend..perhaps in more ways than one as he tries to help ease this monster, training her to not leave him a hollow husk like all the others...

And perhaps finds himself falling for her in the process, or maybe the feelings had always been there?

These Big Eyes Aren't for Seeing you Better

[b[These Big Eyes Aren't for Seeing you Better[/b]
Fairy Tale-esque

Recently I've gone back into my childhood and found my love of fairy tales something I wish to explore more in the literary world, building on them as well as perhaps adding to them in certain ways.
One of my favorites has always been Little red Riding Hood, as a video inspired me to think of ways to develop this idea further.

The story starts off the same, little Red scurrying through the forest to take her sick grandmother some baked goods and medicine as she often does and therefore has little fear in traveling at such a young age within the darkened forest. Talks of tales has brought new worry however, the forest growing in the magical wealth of myth as Red is warned of the dangers.Unphased the child is quickly on her way, only to discover she truly is not alone as she finds a pair of eyes following her every movement as she makes her way to her destination. The child however is soon faced with a new danger however, as a hungry monster soon pounces upon her and intends to make the tasty looking girl his next meal as she lets out a scream. Before the final blow is delivered she is saved, the surprise puzzling the child as she glances around only to find the same pair of eyes that had watched her now settled on her trembling form; having been saved by a boy who was more wolf than human.

She is safe and returns home to deliver the news, only to find no one believes her wild tales of a savage beast boy who had come in and saved her, making Red question even herself. The girl would return to the forest each day with a basket of goods, in hopes to see the boy as for weeks she is left disappointed as each time she simply leaves the gift behind in hopes he would return. Yet upon her return the goods would be moved if not eaten slightly spurring on her belief despite the lack of seeing the boy, as it makes her more determined to find him once more to give him her gratitude for saving her. One fateful day she finds her will buckling as she begins to cry, as only at the sound of her tears does she finally come face to face with the boy, as the odd relationship is soon struck. She reads to him, teaches him as he does her, as their friendship grows stronger with every passing day.

Red's parents grow worried of their wayward daughter spending so much time with this imaginary child of the forest, as soon she is forbidden to enter alone as it breaks her heart. Search parties are soon sent out in order to put a stop to this growing myth, as the villagers return empty handed despite their persistence. Sneaking out one night Red is startled to find no sign of the boy, heartbroken she is left alone once more as years go by without another sight nor sound of the boy who had saved her all those years ago.

Now grown herself Red has become a woman of great knowledge and grace, her shop on the edge of the forest selling potions and medicines she creates despite how the village grows weary of the strange woman and her stories. They talk of witchcraft and devil worship, as their fears soon lead them to seek her out in order to stop her, as in a desperate flee she runs into the forest once more, desperate for escape at the hands of the vengeful town folks who wish to end her life.

It is here she comes across the boy of the forest once more, only now he too is grown as he protects her, as well as comes to find himself in awe of her grown form. The story would be somewhat of a tragic tale of misunderstood beings trying to find solace in another, all while trying to escape those who wish to not understand them.

It's a lovely idea, as I'd love to see how it could play out.

The Pure Blood

"The Pure Blood"
Human female/ Mythical creatures

So I've had this idea for a while, and while I wanted it more in a group setting I can manage to chip it down to a one on one without too much difficulty.
The idea is that in the growing chaos and turmoil of the world it becomes apparent there are more creatures than mortals once knew of, that in the darkest shadows there are monsters of myth and legend; the end of time bringing forth a war unlike any other though it has yet to happen. It draws near as vampires, werewolves, demons all the like come forth to try and stake a claim in the change of times when the mortal realm is at it's weakest.

That hidden in the world of mortals there is a woman, a woman of great power though she is not aware of. When the earth was young the clans of all classes once ruled the land in harmony, until a dark day when demons came to cause an uproar and break the balance that nearly destroyed the world. The clans agreed such a thing would happen again eons and eons later, but until then they would lay dormant in order to save humanity. Before this however they blessed one single child with pure essence, the light that would bring great power to those who controlled it and could either save the world or bring it to it's knees as only fate would decide this. This pure bloodline flourished, unknown by time as many heard the myth yet it still remained only as a story. Those who were pure held only one indication of difference, the vivid hue of violet eyes that signaled the utter power they held deep within. As time wore on the myth was lost as well as any who carried the blood line as in the modern age it was unheard of.

But upon a being who held this pure blood's 18th birthday the power would show itself, revealing a beacon that called out as it would bring upon change in the world. There are many forces who wish to use the pure blood for their own sake, to render the user by claiming a stake and taking the power for themselves. Their blood holds the secret, but even more so if a child were to be born of pure and creature there would be little doubt the product would be the most powerful lineage.

The story would focus on a young woman who is a pure blood, perhaps the last in her line as upon her birthday she finds her once simple and mundane life turned upside down by forces who wish to use her, own her, or perhaps even love or protect her. So it would involve a lot of brainstorming, but I am craving this story.

Smile for me?

"Smile for me?"

Mourning Loner/ New Student

This one is based off of a comic I found and I absolutely love the idea of it and how it could progress. This one would need brainstorming past the last panel but I see the boy struggling to show feelings as well as trying to come to terms with his loss.

Wrath of the Authority

"Wrath of the Authority"

Gifted/Non con/Violence

So I started this story on another site some time ago, needless to say I adored it and was sad my partner could no longer continue.
Basically the idea is in this world there are beings of gifted natures, they hold power in this otherwise normal world and thus they are to be feared and wanted. In this world however there is a growing army called the Authority, one that is powerful and consuming the lands day by day. The way they have sought this power is from hardening their soldiers, but also recruiting gifted folks in the process to become even more powerful; with or without their consent. Most are taken against their will either as children or men, trained hard and made to fight. The women however serve a different purpose, as they are used to breed more soldiers for the cause. The story would begin with a soldier who is seeking out a gifted woman nearby, as something compels him to not turn her in, but rather protect her and try and find a freedom for the creature that has captured his soul. This would involve the soldier changing his once hardened ways, feeling emotions he has long been told don't exist or was needed as the process would be slow but perhaps she can give him the heart he lost long ago.

The Drug Dealer and his Prey

"The Drug dealer and his Prey"
Drug dealer/ Old Friend

I am a huge fan of character development as well as their reactions both mentally and emotionally; it is a subject I have found myself craving as of lately and although there is a good hand of smut involved it is not the main focus of this story. It revolves around a drug dealer within the city limits, the man hardened by the years of misfortune and woe as the very lifestyle of the illegal parties has all but consumed him, in a way turning him into the very thing he could have never imagined. His once bright future had been stripped from him (As for backstory it can change though something quite dramatic is usually the stepping stone.) as his life now a days is nothing more than the end game of money, drugs and watching these poor saps loose their minds literally at his own hands.

In his past there had been a shinning light that may have once saved him, a childhood friend that meant so much more to the man that with her departure he was left with nothing but darkness to fill him. What happens when his seemingly angel is now one of his clients? What could have happened within her seemingly perfect life to make her turn to man made euphoria just to get an escape? It is a struggle to see her like this, but at the same time she keeps coming back for more as his desire to have her near clouds his vision of what is truly happening to her.

I want to play the childhood friend who is diving deeper and deeper into the realms of drugs as a means of an escape, her first adventures rather light but progressively will become so much more as desperation may sink her deeper into the depths of insanity just to make the pain stop.

Naive Author
The Naive Author-

What happens when a well known author finds herself at wits end with her publisher? The demands for newer more edgy material on the rise and yet the author admittedly has little idea in the idea of erotic passion, her own brushes with anything resembling a social life rather mundane and little to write about. Though with the mounting pressure she finds herself attempting to learn of a culture seemingly alien to herself, her first task at hand a rather embarrassing mishap with a sex swing that leaves the author bound and helpless as she dangles in the air completely alone. Though someone does appear and it would so happen to be a man whom secretly has been amerced in the culture of  BDSM for some time, the man perplexed but after helping the recluse of the apartment complex as well as an explanation he finds himself willing to teach; for research..
Though for how long it remains as purely educational it is hard to tell.

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Re: Literary Findings ( Looking for males)
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2018, 06:13:51 PM »
Interest check has been weeded and all plots have been sorted, a few also added to fluff everything up.
Though if there is a plot that is listed under the unavailable slot and someone is interested simply message me, while I may not have the drive for it I can be coaxed if given a fresh angle on them.
So enjoy the nice clean list ;3

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Re: Literary Findings ( Looking for males)
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Quick update:

I moved a few stories into the unavailable category, and at the present moment I am only accepting two more stories until I am unable to take anymore.

My current cravings are for Monster Heart as well as The stalker plot listed, though if anyone cares for any that are unavailable do simply send me a message and we may be able to work something out.

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Re: Literary Findings ( Looking for males)
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Added new vampire plot: Highly craving!

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Re: Literary Findings ( Looking for males)
« Reply #4 on: April 17, 2018, 08:41:30 PM »
Current Cravings 4/17/18:

Mr. Pickney's Hellish Freakshow

Not what she seems

Zombie Apocalypse


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Re: Literary Findings ( Looking for males)
« Reply #5 on: May 10, 2018, 08:46:58 PM »
Accepting only two new partners at this time! Get ‘me before they’re gone!

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Re: Literary Findings ( Looking for males)
« Reply #6 on: May 14, 2018, 01:27:20 PM »
Plots currently unavailable:

Selfish One

Wrath of the Authority

Current Cravings 5/14/18:

Mr. Pickney's Hellish Freakshow

Monster Heart

Can't you see I won't hurt you?

Zombie Apocalypse

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Re: Literary Findings ( Looking for males)
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New light plot:

My Protector

In the far off lands of Wysteria lives a kingdom nestled in the foot hills of the western world, a place that has known peace and serenity for centuries and has thrived in prosperity due to their loyalty to their foreign allies. The royal family are dedicated to their subjects and provide the peace that they have enjoyed for so long, their greatest gem the young princess Arina, whom all that gaze upon her fresh beauty instantly become captivated by the lovely jewel of a loving kingdom. That for a time all was well, until the fateful day in which a hand delivered letter came to issue a plea in which the strong king of Wysteria had hoped would never come in his time; a letter in request of aide from a neighboring kingdom in the form of a arrangement of his lovely daughter to help uphold control over the throne in a different land.

Our story would begin with the princess confiding in her most trusted and loyal knight, a man whom has been with her to protect since she was but a child, their lives having been tied together as they grew into their respected roles and one who knows the princess's most dire concerns over the arrangement. She would share her entire life with the knight as they only continue to grow closer as the years passed, the one person in whom she trusts above all and perhaps feels overwhelmed with the struggle of voicing her mind over the marriage to a prince whom she has never met. The idea is that the two would go about their lives as he watches over her, doing what he can and stealing what precious moments he can to soothe not only his longest friend, but perhaps along the way discovers the possibility of loosing the beautiful princess too much.

Tons to brainstorm about and such, so if interested do message me ;3

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