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May 25, 2018, 12:29:26 AM

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Author Topic: A Submissive Boy and what D/s Romance should be.  (Read 281 times)

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A Submissive Boy and what D/s Romance should be.
« on: August 11, 2015, 02:59:20 PM »
Hello everyone! I am your local sex addicted SUBMISSIVE! femboy Rper!

I am always looking for Doms both female and Futa who can be played by any gender player. Though usually it's a lot easier said then done.

Another problem is that it is so hard to communicate what you really love you know? You fill out your k-list, you talk for hours in PMs. Yet still sometimes it just doesn't make sense. This is both a request and a statement to show what i really love. How i love, whom i love, and what i do when i fall in love.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Not my art.

This picture is what i would like to use to illustrate how i think and feel about sex. Lets get started:

See her body....oh god is it perfect. SO sexy and smooth curvy with enough padding to really fill your hand. THat is both what i love in a partner and at least how i like my own character to be in his thighs and ass. Now look at her arms, They are nice but for my taste they need a good bit more muscle but thats just what i prefer. Look at her balls....mmm tasty!!! Though i wouldn't mind if they were bigger. Her shaft is particularly nice very thick and moist, though i wouldn't mind it a few inches longer, or maybe with a knot at the base. Oh god how her back arches and her curves turn to just a hint of a fold, while her body remains so perfect and rounded. Look at those breasts so big and full so taunt yet soft. Heh and who doesn't love thigh highs am i right? particularly how they compress her juicy thighs and her flesh bunches just a bit. Though for my taste i would prefer if all together she was a good two sizes bigger, not fat just another foot taller so the boy was that much cuter and smaller then her his owner.

Now thats enough of the physical enjoyments. Now lets move on to the real bigger picture.

What is going on here? A couple? Older Futa and much younger boy. See how she kneels there writhing in pleasure while he goes at her ass and lovingly strokes her? What do you think is going on? Passion? Lust? fear? NO....

This is love. True love between a Dom and her sub. She owns him, loves him, cares for him her little pet. Now he is finally getting the opportunity to give back, to service and please her like she can't believe. Look at her face, blushing and moaning while looking back, so impressed and so touched by just how much her boy loves her and not to mention the intense pleasure he is giving her. Now look at him and what he is doing. His eyes are closed blissful and so excited and happy as he does something many people find very unappealing to say the least. See how much he loves it? loves her taste? But more importantly how happy he is to be pleasuring her even in such a dirty way. Not only that, is he touching himself? No... he is using both hands not just to pleasure her shaft, but to hug and worship her ass, to love and pull her against him not ever wanting her to pull away. He looks like he could do that for hours... jsut lovingly stroke her to multiple orgasms while making out with her lovely ass. He loves her so much he probably didn't have to be told to do this...he probably was begging her to do this. To pleasure prove his love. They look so happy. Him servicing her and her receiving his love and cumming hard from it.

Probably after this as a reward she is gonna pin him against a wall and plunge herself into his rump while gripping his throat in one hand and his hip in the other. Thats what he loves. Thats what i love too. This is what a relationship should be lile. A Dom who loves her sub and lets him serve her...then Dominates him and pounds him into submission. She makes him feel so loved and wanted, and sexy when she Dominates him. He probably can't keep his hands off her. She becomes his whole world, all he ever wants is to be in this position or a similar one servicing her, filling her with pleasure. Because being her lover, her Mate, her Pet and slave fills him with so much pleasure he can never repay it all. He doesn't know that when he does things like this she too feels an immeasurable amount of pleasure she feels she can't repay which is why she dominates and pounds him so hard, till he cums five or six times. Its all love....thats what it's all about. Everything else is just an expression and extention of this scene and the massive love in it.

Every relationship has to start somewhere. Maybe he was scared at first, or sad...or too shy to ever submit. So she had to be the bigger start things off. To free him from himself by claiming him as all her own. Maybe kidnap, rape, or buying him from worse people. Then breaking him...into her little slutty pet. Because she wanted him...wanted this for herself...this relationship...for him too. Because she knows him inside what he really needs. She can see it in his eyes. Thats why she breaks his will and tears away all the mislabeled morals, and restraints to free him in his slavery to her. Let him be carefree and happy while she knows whats best and takes care of him like a mother would, so protective and careing. Only then can this relationship be achieved.

This is what i want. This is my permenant Rp request. Everything else is just a new skin, style, interpretation, of this relationship. Sure the players may change, the setting, the species, or positions. But this is what the end goal should be. Rather it's two humans, brother and sister, mother and son, alien and captive, Dragon and sacrifice, Plant Girl and researcher, Goddess and slave, CEO and secratary. A million variations....but this in some form is what i need.

SO if this sounds even a little interesting to you please Pm me. Im open to revision and changes... any sort of extreme. Please come to me and we can brainstorm. If you don't have an idea or are just curious lets chat i have a million of them. Please. Im sad and lonely and i want more friends and lovers to share my dreams with. I promise i am very very very flexible just come give me a chance. Please. I love you all. Thank you for reading.

Part 2!!!! Tongue jobs, ball worship, and public play.

A friend was in an Rp with me and i was doing my characters first ever blow job. He is a young guy... just kidnapped and sort of smuggled through several false adoptions into the hands of his current "owner". So that it would be "legal". SO anyways.... he woke up..rules were set yada yada. She starts to turn him on a lot... then she strips and orders him to pleasure her with his mouth. I decided that he was a bit to scared to dive right in to deep throat so i worked my way up to it. Lots of sexual licking and nuzzling his face into her balls, his mind being driven crazy by the sexy musk filling his nose and mouth. Then worked her over with his tongue... both bathing and worshiping her balls and her huge shaft.

Then her character decided she wanted to throat fuck him. Which is fun but it made me think about this wort of fantasy. He was worshiping her. She was his whole world... just those big balls and that cock, He was drugged on her musk and in a licking trance as we all know puppies can get into which he is one.  An anthro husky. SO this is what i said to my good friend.

 Honestly for me.. i think it would be sexier to have a little pup like him,  licking your cock for god knows how long perhaps hours...and have an orgasm that rips your soul into confetti its so amazing. Then to just rush into throat fucking. Not that i mind just for future reference. Think about it...i bet it was pretty fucking sexy to have this new slave boy you just worked so hard to get...having his first sexual encounter with your huge cock and balls... using his little tongue to worship and lick you while he gets high and addicted on your sweaty balls and their musk.... his little moans. Just to see him curled up so tiny between your big thighs... lost in the pleasure of your shaft.. worshiping it and your balls like they are his whole world. Hehe.... then imagine doing it out in public... his eyes glazed almost drugged looking as he worships your shaft for an hour in the middle of a crowd or on a park bench kneeling between your legs. Ignoring the rest of the world because all there is to him is your shaft and balls. So entranced...someone could come by and sit right next to you and he wouldn't even flinch... or have someone scream fire and he would just lick have your shaft and balls be his whole world for as long as you want. Watch him kneel there in a trance his head turning back and forth as he laps at your shaft dragging his tongue around and around, then moving up and lapping at the underside of your cock head, only to sink back down and start from the bottom again sucking and nipping at your balls and working his way back up.

Hows that for a fucking sexy wet dream right there? lol

More art that I like.

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