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September 25, 2021, 01:07:18 am

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Author Topic: Story, Smut, and Substance [MxM, MxOther] [Literate, Long-Term]  (Read 294 times)

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Offline Here Lies the AbyssTopic starter

Greetings! Thanks for stumbling into my request thread. Let's not waste each other's time - I'll go ahead and get into the meat of things.

☩ I'm mostly interested in MxM pairings, but I'll play a male character against a transsexual, cuntboy, or what-have-you.
☩ I'm looking for long-term roleplays, with private messages or Skype IM being my preferred methods of communication.
☩ I prioritize story over smut, though I do enjoy having a good deal of both.
☩  I prefer roleplaying with lords and lieges, simply because I've had better experiences with them in the past.
☩ I consider myself pretty literate, and I'd like to roleplay with folks who'd consider themselves the same.

With that nonsense out of the way, if you're still interested, take a gander at my Ons and Offs.

For those of you too lazy to scroll through them, the gist of it:
☩ Very fond of BDSM and power dynamics
☩ Likes dubcon/noncon (and consensual, as well)
☩ Plays doms/subs/switches
☩ Romance is very much enjoyed
☩ Fantasy, in all its forms, is a preferred setting

Now, the plot bunnies I know you've all been waiting for:

☩ The Dangers of Apprenticeship ☩

A young, aspiring mage who happens to be a member of a prominent and wealthy family is sent off to begin tutelage under a renowned sorcerer. Renowned, that is, for being reclusive and incredibly difficult to get along with, despite his incredible talent for the arcane. His tower is a comfortable distance away from the rest of society, and it's here that the fledgling mage is sent with all of his belongings to begin his apprenticeship. As the two struggle to get along for various reasons, the city where the apprentice hails from suffers a sudden attack. What first seems like an out-of-place occurrence soon becomes something much more serious, and the young mage is forced to put his new skills to the test when his master drags him out to investigate. [Open to playing either role, with slight preference for the master.]

☩ Court Intrigue ☩
Having newly secured himself a prominent place in the king's court, a nobleman believes his life is finally falling into place. But it's not long before he begins to relax into his position that a newcomer suddenly arrives, causing a great stir. Charming, witty, and quite the sight to behold, the stranger quickly becomes the talk of the court, stealing all of the attention away from the nobleman, and soon even putting his position in jeopardy. The stranger's only ever been polite and eagerly friendly to the nobleman, but soon the angry young noble confronts him in a burst of anger. They begin to grow close, but soon the nobleman realizes there's something not-so-normal about his new friend. [My preference is to play the newcomer to the court in this plot.]

☩ A Strange Protector ☩
Summoning demons rarely tends to go exactly as planned. That's something a naive wizard doesn't fully realize until he invokes a powerful fiend, partially due to talent, but mostly due to sheer luck. And even more luckily for him, the demon isn't of a mind to smush him into a stain on the ground. Instead, amused by the mage's antics, he makes a deal with him - to protect the frail wizard and serve as his bodyguard, in exchange for the mage's help in hunting down and capturing both rogue demons and troublemaking seraphim who are causing troubles in the mortal plane. [I'd play the demon in this one, and likely most of the side characters who the two would encounter.]

☩ Your Holy Servant ☩
A young man who pledged himself to priesthood is living a happy life serving under his deity. His days, while calm and thoughtful, have been uneventful - at least, until he befriends another man, one whose interests seem entirely benign at first. Then, the priest learns that his friend happens to be not only a member of a feared and powerful cult, but its leader in the city they live in. Furious, he intends to cut off all contact with the other man, only to wind up captured by the cult and taken to a different place. It turns out to be an order not by the priest's friend, but by a much more powerful entity... [I'd be happy to play either role.]

Canon Pairings
I'm not usually a big fan of playing canon characters or in canon settings, but here are some I'd consider:

☩ Castlevania
☩ Dragon Age
☩ Game of Thrones
☩ JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
☩ No Game No Life
☩ Mirai Nikki
☩ Game of Thrones
☩ Lord of the Rings

If any of these ideas sound like they'd be of some interest to you, let me know! I'm also more than willing to brainstorm up something entirely original, or tweak one of my existing plots. Just let me know, and we can probably work something out.

Also, apologies for the horrible formatting, but graphic design is sadly not one of my fortes.