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March 25, 2017, 01:10:23 AM

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Author Topic: Piltover's Finest [M seeking F]  (Read 144 times)

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Piltover's Finest [M seeking F]
« on: August 09, 2015, 07:56:59 PM »


If you are familiar with the game League of Legends then you should have heard of Piltover, a great technologically advanced city. I'm looking for someone to role-play Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover. Caitlyn would be on a wild chase for a criminal who is said to be the boss of a large smuggling syndicate. He was single handedly responsible for robbing the city of a great deal of money in the form of oils and blueprints for great weapons being sold off to enemies of the state. After years of searching and investigating, Caitlyn found nothing. Even worse she has been demoted due to her failure and will be left dead in the water by her superiors. She has been denied any more resources to chase him down and some even speculate that it was all made up and she had gone crazy. Despite all the shortcomings and lack of faith in her, she continues the search, which was allowed so long as she didn't cost the city more money. Approaching severe desperation she finally played all her cards and went to the city's dungeon cells. It took Caitlyn a great deal of convincing her superiors to release a renown criminal into her custody. A man capable of killing the entire royal family in a blink of an eye, Talon the Blade of Noxus. The Noxian assassin had been in Piltovers custody ever since he first entered the city, hidden away in a cargo ship three years ago to the day. His purpose was never of their interest but assuming it was for the worse as he was of the rival faction. Caitlyn believed she would need a man who was born into a life of crime and excelled at it to help her unravel and stomp out the syndicate.

The role-play will start with Caitlyn first coming to his abysmal cell beneath the city. Caitlyn commands his release with official paperwork but immediately faces retaliation from the guards who thought she was a lost cause, as does most of the city, Talon furthermore tries to hard ball her and get something out of it himself. Throughout the role-play Talon will be the typical emotionally distant/messed up guy who hides behind a wall,a shield, of confidence and a almost smug attitude. I will try to maintain that attitude with him whilst being charming at times. Caitlyn despises men like him even though throughout the story he manages to charm and undeniably she wants him in every way. I haven't quite figured out everything but I feel it has tons of potential.

What I need from my partner.
I always partner with people who can as a minimum give me a post every two days. Ideally I'd like one everyday as it's something I'm capable of, I understand there are unforeseen circumstance as I'm victim to them often where you can't post - I'm understanding. It would be great if my partner was somewhat independent and can push the story forward without needing me to hold their hand, go wild and be creative. Touching on that last point, I like to discuss things but it's just a vague idea of where we are going with it, surprise me with things as I'll try to do with you. As always I'd like someone who can write well and more than a paragraph. It's not a requirement that you know league of legends but it's a strong bonus. It's not a lore heavy game however if you don't know it at least look up Caitlyn, our character stories are for ourselves to decide. We are simply using the world and character images, we'll create our own unique personalities.

Character points.
Some basic things I'd like for Caitlyn is for her to be borderline hopeless. She has a flicker of determination left but it shouldn't be much of a secret as to how desperate she is, even when she tries to hide it. I don't like the idea of her being the constant "do it myself" nor the "I'm capable of taking care of myself" sure she is but not from every possible threat, always something that people can't protect themselves from - everyone has fears. At first she can resist his advances and shitty comments etc. but eventually she'll be drawn to it. It's just broad brush points, I'm open to discuss anything.

I'd like to think it would be a love hate kind of relationship, even though they anger each other they still have sweet moments of laughter. When it comes to sex I'd say Talon would be quite dominant, it can be anyting from as soft to as rough as you'd like, rough would probably suit this a lot better.

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