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Author Topic: Lady Seeking M/M and F/F Rpers  (Read 206 times)

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Lady Seeking M/M and F/F Rpers
« on: August 09, 2015, 03:07:19 PM »
I have lots of ideas for same sex pairings in rps so I am going to post them here :D
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1)  A young woman who is a botanist meets a pair on Naga twins in the jungle. One is interested in pleasure and a meal, the other wants pleasure and a constant companion. First she meets the hungry twin, only to be saved at the last minute by the other twin, thus starts a sibling rivalry over their prey. (can be F/F/F, F/M/M or F/F/M)

2)A woman washes up on a beach after she falls off a boat in the middle of the ocean in a storm. She washes up on an island that is inhabited by primitive peoples (no electricity but intelligent and fairly advanced, like the Aztecs). Their religion includes the worship of a deity who is in reality an hypnotic creature who has taken control of them to make them her worshipers.

It is a sort of Succubus Idea I guess, have her feed off of their energy and stuff. and when this outsider arrives the creature immediately wants her for herself and does everything she can think of the trap the stranded woman on her island and in her power.

 I would play the victim for this one (the stranded woman)

3) A young Mermaid is exploring far from her home and ends up lost deep in the dark part of the Ocean.  Lost in the dark with no idea which way is up she despairs in ever finding her way home. In the dark lurks a lonely individual with a most intriguing gift.
Basic idea is that he (or she) is an Angler Fish. So they have the power to create a light. The idea is that the light is hypnotic and draws our young innocent mermaid in to become an intimate companion for the lonely angler fish person.  <-- like this

4) This is a song inspired rp

I had an idea for a secution RP while listening to this song on my ipod the other day. I just had to share it.

Anjulie - Boom 2009 (with lyrics)

i was thinking it could be like the school bad boy brags that he could make ANYONE fall in love with him, man or woman (he is bi? Or Gay and just arrogant you pick  ) so his friends tell him to prove it and point out one of the best students in school and dare him to seduce the innocent and oblivious party.

Will also work with two ladies :D

I think it could be lots of fun. We could have a night club dance scene, Pinning to the wall, teasing, all kinds of stuff ^^

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1) Another new Idea. This one is vague so there is plenty of room to work out the details. It takes place in a forest nation where the humans and centaurs have been at war for a very long time. Alice (my character) is the daughter of a village cheiftan and a total tom boy. Despite her father trying to make her a proper woman she continues to lead their village warriors. Until during one battle she is captured by the enemy and taken as a prisoner/trophy.

2)An Amazon tribe is at war with another tribe, not amazons. One of their top warrior  is captured by the enemy and is brought to their great marble city to be offered as a sacrifice to their god. Dumped into a deep oubliette and left to die, or so she thinks. But in these strange lands and tales there is no telling what or who may lurk in the shadows~

3) Mowgli's daughter has been tutored in jungle survival by her father since an early age now at eighteen she is ready to test her own skills, convincing her father to let her camp alone in the jungle for a week. Mowgli is not the only one who has reproduced. Kaa has also had a daughter. (we can add the daughters of other characters if we want to make it an all female orgy Smiley )

4) (fem) Anthro Shere Kahn and (fem) Anthro Kaa - post jungle book, pre second jungle book. Shere Kahn retreated deep with in the jungle to lick her wounds and heal her pride after her defeat by the despicable man cub, she never expected to run into a certain serpent in her place of retreat.

5)In a jungle inhabited by lust hungry anthros, Miranda a single, wealthy independently wealthy an stubborn young woman has crashed her small plane, and now she is stranded and must try to survive the jungle to reach civilization, but once she meets the locals the question is, will she ever want to go back?

6) A Private all girls college deep with in the european mountains. A young woman begins her frist semester there and is surprised to find that the school caters to more than the usual rich clients. The school is also a safe harbor for the daughters of many high ranking members of other races that most humans have no idea even exist. (Orgy: many different creatures, Lamias, Alura Unes, Syrens, Vampires, whatever you please)

7) A powerful sucubus runs a night club, a cover for her to find young spirited women to make into her thralls to feed her intatiable appatite for the sexual energy of mortals, nothing brings her more glee than seducing and corrupting young women, drowning their wills in her tidal wave of lust and desire.

8) A young woman walking alone at night comes across a shadowy figure, the next thing she knows she is waking up in the Vampire underground, merchandise of one of the many vendors there.

9)A vampire Countess captures a young Huntress and rather than use her hypnotic powers to enslave the young woman she decides to slow, tease and break down the huntress's defences through the art of pleasurable torture, and the addictive nerve tingling bite of a vampire.
10) A Naga has been captured and is kept in a private collection by a millionaire. A tragedy strikes and his young neice, orphaned by a car crash comes to live with him, one night while her uncle is at a fancy party she stumbles across a secret passage way leading to her uncles collection of mystical artifacts and the lamia, the centre peice and crowing jewel of his collection.

11)Two best friends have grown up together, their birthdays only three days apart, but one has a secret that she has kept her whole life, she is a lamia, and she has always desired her best friend as more than just a friend. On the eve of their shared 18th birthday she cannot hold back her need any more. ( could do a sort of natrual instincts taking over thing too Smiley )

12) A woman is filming a survival reality show where she is dropped off on a newly discovered uninhabitted jungle island, but it may not be as uninhabited as she thought.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1) Kaitou Kid ( ) is a Phantom thief in search of a very special gem called Pandora. It is supposed to grant immortality and his father was murdered trying to destroy it so it would never fall into evil hands. Now Kaitou has taken up the mantle. The RP could consist of Kaitou breaking in and the gem being guarded by one or many creatures that he must by pass, or is enslaved by as he tries to steal the gem.

2) Gabriel Van Helsing is a monster hunter who knows nothing about his past. His only hints about his past life came twenty years ago on a mission to Transylvania where he met Dracula. What past does he share with the powerful vampire king and is he willing to risk it all to find the answers he seeks now that Dracula has returned to the undead.

3) After years in the man-villiage Mowgli wanders back into the jungle to reminisce about his childhood. While there he catches the eye of our favorite wily serpent (or naga) kaa who is determined that this time the man-cub will not escape.

4) A young innocent (18 of course) Fox Boy (kitsune) is wandering through the deep forests of his home where he was warned never to go. Told stories of the monsters that lurk with in it. Now as a boy coming into manhood he wants to test himself. But was no one ever told him was that monsters can be charming as well as terrifying. (supernatural being here. Charming/seduction, could throw in a little hypnosis for effect.)

5) A handsome male model is invited to a special show to audtion as a companies new underwear model.  The auditions are private and what he doesn't know is that the business tycoon has and eye for handsome men. Invited to stay after the audition for a few drinks  he has no idea what he is in for. (NOT RAPE)

6) Ouran Highschool Host Club; Kyoya has been watching the two of them ever since they joined the club and now he cannot stand to wait another moment, he must make the Hitachin Twins his. He will show them the advantages of letting someone else in.

7) Dracula seduces the son of Gabriel Van Helsing. (I know I have a version like this with his daughter but this one I am thinking of as more smut than having Dracula with a change of heart). Dracula knows that if he is killed any vampire created by him will also die if he turns Gabriel's son into a creature of the night how will Van Helsing stand against him?
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