The New Blood [M lf F, Semi-NC, Semi-Extreme, Vampires]

Started by TheVillain, August 08, 2015, 02:43:35 PM

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Something weird is going on in Opal City. Something horrifying and nightmarish that strikes fear into the hearts of the citizens everywhere.

There was a murder, utterly bizarre too the point that it's hard to believe. A woman was found in her apartment, no signs of forced entry but she was found on her bed nude with a gaping wound in her neck. Forensic analysis discovered clear signs that she had been sexually assaulted just before she died but with no signs of struggle, and the vast majority of her blood was just missing. A little spotting on the sheets of the bed but in the body was clearly low a couple liters of blood instead of the about 5 liters she should of had.

The weirdest part of all though was that three days after the murder, her body disappeared from the morgue. Someone broke into her house and killed her without leaving any real evidence, then managed break into a city morgue to steal her corpse the same way. There was a witness, but he was useless - he claims to have seen her walk out the door which was clearly impossible.

Then a couple weeks later there was another identical murder, a woman found in her own home nude on her bed with signs of sexual assault but no signs of struggle, break-in, with most of her blood missing, and a gaping post-mortum wound on her neck. And again, it looks like whoever killed her stole her corpse three days later in an another impossible crime.

If you believed in Vampires you'd almost think there was one that was wounding his victims further to cover up the puncture marks - but that's impossible. Right?

Eric Bowman is happily making Opal City his bitch. There's a joke among Vampires that if even half of the vampires that claim to have been at the crucifixion actually were there, it would of been a vampire Woodstock. Eric laughs at that, no qualms with admitting that he was an astronomy professor that was turned back in the 70's.

Meaning that he's actually one of the youngest Vampire-Lords on the planet. Normally a position reserved for vampires centuries his senior, Eric Bowman surprised them all when it was discovered that he is immune to the Rotschreck, the Red Fear. Eric Bowman has no irrational fear of Fire, the Sun, or Holy Imagery. Sunlight and Fire still hurt him, sure - but he doesn't have the instinctual need to flee like a frightened beast and the Cross doesn't frighten or burn him at all. Eric Bowman is the Rotfurchtlos, the long prophesied Red Fearless.

So the other Vampire Lords, usually so quick and strict in maintaining the laws as to when a vampire can turn a human into another Kindred, have given Eric permission Opal City and permission to create a whole harem of vampire brides, because the prophesies of the Rotfurchtlos say something else about what he can do...


So this one is a bit dark. The basic premise is that I'm playing a vampire immune to religious imagery that's attacking the attractive women of his city. Why he's immune to crosses and such nobody actually knows, some other vampires think he's a prophesied figure that will change the balance of power between vampires and humans forever. He thinks its just because he was an atheist back when he was alive.

Normally vampire society keeps strict laws for their protection but he's been given permission to make as many "brides" as he likes. Done so by using his powers to break into the homes of, sexually use, bite his victims to fatally drain them of blood, then put some back so that three days later they will rise from their graves as new female vampires under his sway.

Rated as Semi-NC (Possible use of Mesmerism) and Semi-Extreme (victims will die by vampiric exsanguination but will frequently be ressurected as vampires themselves). Needless to say, this isn't Twilight.

Needless to say, looking for victims, mwahahaha!
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